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🧵Last week in the economy of #Angola

👨‍🏫👩‍⚕️The unemployment rate dropped 4.1pp in Q3 2022, to a still very high level of 30.0%. Still, the largest drop since the statistical series began, in 2019.

Graph makes it look like decrease not as good as in prev. quarters, but this (+)
is because the labour market is seasonal. Unemployment always rose from Q2 to Q3, so a mild decline is good news. In fact, this is the lowest unemployment rate since Q2 2019 (29.0%).

🎓Youth unemployment rate still super high at 54.2% - a drop of 5pp from same quarter 2021. (+)
📍Interestingly, in 15-24 years old, unmployment is down 10.2% yoy, employment is up 9.9% yoy, and the inactive population is up 51.5% - lot of young people studying again.

🏙️Largest decrease was in urban unempl., to 37.6% in Q3 (-2.4pp yoy); rural unempl. rose 2.3pp to 16.6%.
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[Thread] Who is Igor Morozov, the man Putin has put in charge of facilitating Russian companies' access to African markets? How does AFROCOM, the body promoting Russian business interests in Africa that Morozov chairs, operate? Find out more in this week's investigative report🧵
Igor Morozov is known by every African ambassador in Moscow. The discreet senator and ex-FSB colonel has been AFROCOM's head since 2020. In his role, he makes ready use of his contacts in the intelligence services. Meanwhile, he is also making regular trips to Africa 2/9
In February, the Ethiopian authorities welcomed Morozov with open arms. This trip was also used to prepare the visit, 5 months later, of Sergey Lavrov. AFROCOM is at the heart of economic diplomacy in Africa, from #Sudan to #Uganda via #Angola and the #DRC 3/9
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Thread: andiamo al solo, senza fuffa:

Ma perché dobbiamo disimpegnarci dal #gas dalla #Russia se

1) Tolto un fornitore dal mercato, i prezzi energia salgono, e con essi i ricavi della Russia. Quindi il disimpegno finanzia la guerra
2) Ce lo avrebbero continuato a fornire in quantità se non avessimo, noi, prima minacciato e poi ritirato #Sanzioni
3) Non abbiamo alternative per 2/3 anni. Tutti gli accordi sono di carta:

3a) la #Libia ha gasdotti limitati per la Sicilia ed alzerà il prezzo (facendo guadagnare anche alla Russia che gestisce con #gazprom parte del gas della gioco dell'oca.
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🇦🇴Last 3 weeks in the Angolan economy (I was on vacations for a week 😅)

1. 📈Q1 economic sentiment improved, rising for the 5th quarter in a row.

Almost all sectors recorded quarterly and year on year increases, with the exception of 🏪Retail (-4 against Q4 2021).

🚍Transport sector again showed the largest yoy growth (+37 pts), followed by Tourism (+23pts), consistent with the trend of more relaxed anti-Covid measures in Angola.

Pieces of news reporting more buses have been a constant, by the way.…
2.🛢️TotalEnergies divulged a positive Final Investment Decision on CLOV Phase 3, a development in Block 17 (largest producing block in Angola) which could yield additional production of 0,03 million barrels per day.

It's small but it adds up to other recent projects in Block 17
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Numa realidade onde os mass mídia estão todos orientados “numa só direcção”, são sempre privilegiadas as “irreverências” momentâneas para que as coisas realmente importantes não sejam debatidas, questionadas ou escrutinadas. Por isso deixo essa thread sobre um assunto urgente 👇🏾
No início deste mês, a @_africamonitor noticiou que uma quantia de “2 milhões e meio de euros e mais 500 mil dólares” do Tribunal de Contas de Angola teria sido transferido para uma conta privada em Portugal. O que teria levado ao congelamento do montante por Portugal.
Dias depois, o @C_Angolense deu mais detalhes sobre o assunto. Mencionando, inclusive, o nome do alegado beneficiário da “transferência irreverente” do TC que seria o filho da sua presidente, como podem ler aqui:…
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Dispatch from the Catplomatic Mission to the @UN:

1. Demand #SuspendRussiafromHRC as the UN is voting on it today.

2. Tweet to at least one human mission to the UN with the above hashtag. Here is a list of all of them on Twitter:…

t. #LoveYouStepan
@UN Last month 141 out of 193 countries in UN voted to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Countries that voted against were: #Belarus, #Eritrea, North Korea, #Syria and ofc #Russia. The countries that abstained from voting were: #Algeria, #Angola, #Armenia, #Bangladesh (1/3)
#Bolivia, #Burundi, Central African Republic, #China, #Congo, #Cuba, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, #India, #Iran, #Iraq, #Kazakhstan, #Kyrgyzstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, #Madagascar, #Mali, #Mongolia, #Mozambique, #Namibia, #Nicaragua, #Pakistan, #Senegal (2/3)
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#Somaliland and #Taiwan: The benefits


1/14. S/land and Taiwan have a lot in common such as both being a fully functioning democracies with volatile neighbours. Both are striving for international recognition and will not budge to threats or diplomatic pressure. Image
2/14. Somaliland brings a lot to the table. S/land’s strategic location in the Horn of Africa will give Taiwan a gateway into East Africa and beyond. Landlocked countries in Africa can benefit from this diplomatic move such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda.
3/14. S/land will give Taiwan an important access to the Gulf of Berbera (Gulf Aden) where access to the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world can be established which will boost Taiwan’s export opportunities as well as a chance to make new friends in the region.
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Well, breaking news will now keep coming every day ahead of #COP26 but this one could have MASSIVE implications for global energy markets & #fossilfuel demand: #China announces first details of its carbon neutrality framework aiming at #netzero by 2060 1/5…
The document introduces several consumption "peaks": peak #coal by 2025, peak #oil during the 15th 5-yr plan (2026-2030). Food for thought for #China's largest oil suppliers #SaudiArabia, #Russia, #Iraq, #Angola, #Brazil; and coal suppliers #Russia, #Indonesia, #Australia. 2/5
Energy #efficiency is one of the highest priorities. 2025 target is to reduce energy intensity of GDP by 13.5% compared to 2020 (note, the baseline is the COVID year)! New standards and certification to be introduced for #steel & other energy-intensive industries. 3/5
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by
@StephDujarric (3 weeks in Greece) here's Assoc
@UN_Spokesperson Eri Kaneko- she's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #Nigeria Nnamdi Kano & #Igboho, Angola corruption #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below
Banned Inner City Press asked, YET *AGAIN* on N#igeria, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and DSG Amina J. Mohammed on that the DSS raided Igboho’s Ibadan home, just like security agents severally stormed Kanu’s country home in Umuahia?
Inner City Press asked, On Angola and corruption, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that an international court has ruled that Isabel Dos Santos must surrender oil and gas shares worth $500 million? And disclose Angola help to Guterres
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Os Egípcios "históricos" construíram as pirâmides ?
Há quem diga que não, porem isto nos diz algo sobre a história de #Angola, pois quando passei pelo QG da marinha vi a Sentinela no posto de pé depois de uma grelha com os números 1863, será que significa algo para ele ? Não.
Estava a procurar um lugar para almoçar e encontrei um simpático restaurante no edifício central dos correios de Angola, é o que era antes uma sala de caixas postais agora é um restaurante, não isto seja mal a nível de quem decidiu a conversão, mais em termos históricos
Quando um povo encontra infraestruturas que não construiu, especialmente quando não tem significado ou utilidade para si, pode as abandonar a decrepitude ou reutilizar para outros fins

Por isto tanto prédios Portugueses estão em ruína em #Luanda, #Angola.
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Maquetas de casas feitas pelos alunos do Colégio Católico Nossa Senhora da Anunciação, em #Viana, #Luanda, #Angola. ImageImageImageImage
O colégio tem muita iconografia cristã adornando as paredes, e tem como lema : Oração e Educação.

Nossa Senhora de Fátima. Image
A única arte pagã no colégio são dois vasos com figuras e letras "pseudo-gregas", ninguém sabe como pararam ai, suspeito que é legado do primeiro senhorio.

Alguém pode traduzir ? Image
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Fiquei positivamente surpreso pela entrevista do deputado Angolano pelo círculo de #Cabinda Bento Bembe na @tvzimbooficial , apesar do entrevistador ser um pouco repetitivo ao tentar fazer perguntas de esclarecimento

Falou do FCD, da guerra e reconciliação, e de #Angola
@tvzimbooficial O Bento Bembe esta longe da incontinência verbal e da arrogância infantil de um Bento Kangamba

Mede as palavras, tem um tom calmo e respeitoso, tanto de aliados e de inimigos

Usa um pouco tradição das parábolas dos BaKongo, sem a vulgaridade e exagero de Makuta Nkondo
Talvez por ter sido mais contacto com a morte o Bento Bembe tem uma visão mais realista da política, sendo que explicou o porque do FCD : Sem saída militar e diante da mão estendida do governo central assinou um acordo de paz, deixando para trás os que foram teimosos
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📣NEW📣 Our monthly #INFOGRAPHIC is here, with all you need to know about how #African countries are responding to #COVID19.

Our headline?

While deliveries are still far too low, #China has surpassed #COVAX as #Africa's top vaccine source. How and why? Read on 🧵👇🏾!

2/ The first fact to be aware of is that #Africa accounts for under 3% of global cases, under 4% of global deaths, and under 2% of global vaccines administered.
3/ African governments and the @_AfricanUnion have so far ordered doses to cover 50% of the population. But only 1.9% of the population could be covered right now. It's a huge discrepancy, because deliveries are too slow.
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#COVID_SSA Week 61 UPDATE to 8/5/21 – 36,291 new #COVID19 cases last week (-12% on Week 61) and 973 deaths (-4%). W Africa now -70% below peak for new cases, Central -5%, E -64% and Southern -89%. THREAD👉 for more details @NIHRglobal @AfricaCDC 1/10> 👉
39/ 46 sub-Saharan African countries have had a resurgent 2nd wave, which 28 have suppressed. #Congo #Kenya #Mali are in a 3rd wave.
#Botswana has yet to control W1
Last week
- the long 1st wave in #Togo peaked
- #Djibouti suppressed its 2nd wave
- #Congo entered 3rd wave
Seven countries reported >1,500 cases last week
#SouthAfrica 11,975 (+41%)
#Ethiopia 4,155 (-42%)
#Kenya 3,185 (-15%)
#Cameroun 2,696 (+20%*)
#CaboVerde 1,984 (-2%)
#Angola 1,622 (+23%)
#Madagascar 1,578 (-22%)
* Trend from 2 week rolling average (intermittent reporting)
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1.@wkamaubell @drdrew Unlike you I don’t have a @KeckMedUSC #MD but I’ve known that #Vaccines are needed to travel internationally since I was 4. In 1959 my father had several vaccines. These left scars which were noticeable until he died in 2009. I don’t have the records for...
2. these but I know how the #SalazarDictatorship worked. I’m sure that my father had to provide his vaccine records to leave #Portugal to go work in #Angola. His scars weren't enough proof. I’ve known about the #InternationalCertificateOfVaccination since I was 8 bc......
3. my parents, sister & I were each issued 1 to proof that we had gotten the #SmallpoxVaccine in order to immigrate here. We also had to have lung x-rays to proof we didn’t have TB. Here are pictures of mine from 1963:
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The Human Rights Council opens its 46th regular session with:
🔹 statements from governments and inter-governmental organizations
🔹a discussion on racism and #COVID19

🕘09:00 CET

President of the Human Rights Council Nazhat Shameem Khan opens the 46th regular session - the first to take place almost entirely virtually - running until 23 March.

President of the United Nations General Assembly @volkan_bozkir addresses the Human Rights Council.

"Sustainable development and human rights are symbiotic," he says.

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In 1626 the Cape Verdean woman Clara Dirks married Anthony Manuel van Malacken (Malacca). #blackhistorymonth #day21 #mixedmarriages
In January 1910, Marcus Johnson, with his wife and three children, James Liwes, John Johson and Abi Williams were photographed in #Amsterdam, they came from Sierra Leone. #blackhistorymonth #day22 #identification
In 1700 Frans Martijn, a sailor from Angola, boarded in 1700 as cook on the East Indiaman 'De Generale Vreede'. #blackhistorymonth #day23
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In Africa there are 54 countries , each one of them with unique architecture and design that represent the cultural identity and history of the people.

54 days , 54 projects one for every African nation .

I’ll start with Morocco I’ll ended in western sahara.

Enjoy Image
Day 1.

Morocco .

This 18th-Century Home renovated in the historical center of Essaouira it is an incredible example of traditional Moroccan architecture .

A traditional house renovated and decorated with a contemporary touch.

Between tradition and modernity. ImageImageImageImage
Designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle the garden was created over the course of forty years, and consists of a labyrinth of crisscrossing alleyways on different levels and boldly-coloured buildings that blend both Art Deco and Moorish influences.

An hidden beauty ImageImageImageImage
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#Bitcoin’s market value now $468 billion, bigger than #GDP of #Africa’s largest economy
The price of the world’s most popular #cryptocurrency recently surpassed $25,000, reaching a new milestone of $25,199.50 on #FTX exchange and surpassing the Gross Domestic Product of any country in #Africa
#Africa's largest economy, #Nigeria has a #GDP, valued at $$448.1 billion. At the time of writing this report, #Bitcoin comfortably outmatched #Nigeria’s #GDP with a market value of $468 billion
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🇨🇫🇷🇺 This is how they have finished one of the BRDM-2 donated by #Rusia to the #CentralAfricanRepublic. A truck was also destroyed by the "Coalition of Patriots for Change"
#WagnerGroup #PMSC
An-124 unloading 2 military transport helicopters Mi-8 at the airport in #Bangui, #CAR. Probably PMSC personal in the picture.
#WagnerGroup Image
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In 35 years in government, public policy, and industry, I've been bold but dedicated to truth.

In the mid-80s, I told you that our Reagan Doctrine initiatives in #Afghanistan, #Angola, #Cambodia, #Nicaragua, etc. would ultimately bring down the entire Soviet Union, and they did.
In the Bush 41 @WhiteHouse, I warned that betraying or deviating from the #Reagan #conservative legacy would lead to our defeat in 1992, which it sadly did.
In '09, as I played a leading and instrumental role in launching our national #TeaParty movement, I said that we were not seeking to merely tweak policies here and there. Our goal, I said, was to take back our entire government.

Cynics snickered, but we did exactly that.
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My grandfathers, their brothers, all saw active duty in a time of war and during other operations. Service helped them pay for medical school, law school, college but that wasn't why they served. They served because they love this country and it didn't come without sacrifice.

My family came to beautiful Monterey County for similar reasons. Community and further service. My grandfather's brother was here at the language school learning Portuguese. He was one of the youngest graduates of Iowa law school and rose to the rank of Colonel.

Their commitment to our Country always inspired me to do more - without fear or favor.

I've always been committed to the health of my home community because of the lessons I learned at the dinner table, or long conversations about the world and elsewhere.

Enjoy #VeteransDay
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