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(1) Khalid bin Salman is Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US, and he's a full brother of Mohammed bin Salman.

(2) Now AFTER the ambassador's thread, we have two tweets.

First one.
(3) Second one.
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@HeshmatAlavi (1) As always, there's no mention of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

This tells me what will happen.…
@HeshmatAlavi (2) As powerful as the US is, @realDonaldTrump is doing as MIDDLE EASTERNERS ask.

So in a very real sense, the US doesn't have a say in what will happen.

We will HELP, but there's no way that Trump will "take charge."
@HeshmatAlavi @realDonaldTrump (3) After Trump became president, the Pentagon called him with a request by an America officer in Syria who wanted permission to advance.

"Who is this officer?" Trump asked.

"He's a West Point graduate with several years' combat experience in the Middle East."
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(2) Because professional internal-security forces and soldiers bring their knowledge to the other side, AND they are helped by OUTSIDE professionals.
(3) Defectors can meet with outside professionals and discuss the future of Iran as equals.

The dynamic of outsiders DICTATING to Iran disappears.
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(1) My friend @JulietteAkinyi said this, which echoes my own sentiments.

(2) I have several that I watch over and over.

Imagine what kind of father he is, given his reaction to his SON-IN-LAW returning.

(3) So let's talk about what I KNOW FOR SURE, and what I predict WILL happen.
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August 5- #Tehran, #Iran
South Karegar Avenue
Despite the crackdown & other limitations imposed by the mullahs' regime, protesters shaping for tonight's new round of anti-regime demonstrations.
August 5- #Kazerun, #Iran
voice says: Kazerun also join to the protests
First video of demonstrations & protests beginning this city.
August 5- #Kazerun, #Iran
Another videos of protests this city.
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(2) In Syria, emirs (commanders) of the Islamic State and other jihadist groups were killed effortlessly.

Some of the operations were almost impossible.
(3) Deir Ezzor, 2016.

The Syrian Arab Army surrounded the city.
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(2) "The Pentagon is reversing a decision to send mine-clearing equipment and armored carriers to Iraq, saying they are no longer needed for the fight against the Islamic State (IS)."
(3) "In a June 22 letter to Congress seen by Al-Monitor, Deputy US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan writes that more than two dozen armored carriers and equipment to clear mined roads..."
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(1) THIS is what happens when you PLAYACT instead of FIGHTING.…
(2) "Residents of Sweida began burying their dead on Thursday, a day after the worst Isis atrocity in recent months claimed the lives of nearly 250 people – a toll that may yet rise."
(3) "Dozens were kidnapped and wounded, many are missing, and the slaughter has upended the peace of the ancestral homeland of the minority Druze sect, which had so far largely escaped the violence that devastated much of Syria."
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(1) I found the best way to explain how @realDonaldTrump is our best president.

If you click the link, you WILL see an ugly bare breast.

But the fight is what I want to talk about.…
(2) The woman who got beat up is USED TO BEING BEAT UP.

She's completely expressionless.

You could knock her unconscious, and when she woke up, she'd come after you again.
(3) She lives in a sewer, where people fight all day and night.

Therefore no amount of NON-LETHAL physical violence will stop her.
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(1) Hat tip @Debradelai

Hey @HeshmatAlavi!

Looks like the mullahs were unhappy with the speed of their demise, so they're asked for #RegimeChange to take place much faster.…
(2) "Saudi Arabia has suspended oil shipments through Bab Al-Mandab Strait after Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen attacked two oil tankers, Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih said on Wednesday."
(3) This is the Bab al-Mandab Strait.
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(2) "IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani is also said to be sacked, yet his replacement has yet to be specified."
(3) Now, I never put people in the position of having to agree with me, so what follows is MY opinion.

No need to ask anyone if they agree with me.

I'm sure they DON'T, so I'll save you some time, and you won't force them to go public.

This is MY opinion:
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(1) (1) #RegimeChange in Iran.

I've had many theories, and all of them were wrong.

So what is actually happening?
(2) @realDonaldTrump is using all the leverage he can to drive the mullahs from power.…
(3) As @HeshmatAlavi reports daily, counties are cutting ties with Iran.

Trump is the first president to USE the fact that the world is dependent on us.

And he's using it to force the world to STOP supporting this murderous regime.
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This is something to hear from Sen. Robert Torricelli, a Democrat talking about standing alongside his Democratic allies AND Republicans, all behind US President Donald Trump for the destruction of the mullahs in Iran and #RegimeChange
June 30, 2018 Paris
Mayor #RudyGiuliani Giuliani presents the letter by 33 #American dignitaries & former U.S. officials in D Free Iran – The Alternative, Gathering - Villepinte,
@susanferrechio @mitchellreports @OliverMcGee @chuckwoolery @mrhodgey @DavidMDrucker
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#Iran Protests courtesy of the #CIA
Jun 25, 2009 After President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the Iranian Election, riots and protests erupted in #Tehran, The western media was quick to report on this #PSYOPS.
#US politicians, #Israel, #SaudiArabia & media dream of #RegimeChange in #Iran.
Jan 3, 2018 The more intense and violent demonstrations in Iran have given way to patriotic rallies with thousands of Iranians shouting pro-government slogans.
Jan 3,2018 Are the protests in #Iran spontaneous, or are they the result of another #RegimeChange operation?#TheCorbettReport James explores the past, present & future of #US and #Israel-i involvement in Iran, & the attempts to foment unrest in the country.
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Yesterday June 24 witnesses say that a group of about 100 people came into Tehran's Allaudin central mobile market and started calling for a strike.

They urged vendors to close their shops in protest to the quickly weakening Iranian currency, which has impacted mobile prices.
Here is a video of the event at Ala'udin market as you can see the group entering and chanting "E'tesab!" (Strike!).
This morning some sectors of Tehran's central market (Bazaar) joined the strike amid the falling value of the rial & closed shop.
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In June 15, 2018 Ryan Browne, published the following article on CNN:
Secretary of Defense James Mattis slams Russia, says Vladimir Putin "attempts to undermine America's moral authority"
Is Secretary of Defense James Mattis right? Let's investigate a little about this
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Join & Support the democratic alternative
Iranians To Hold Annual Gathering In #Paris Calling For #RegimeChange for a #FreeIran.
30 June 2018 villepinte Paris
#FreeIran2018 #IranProtest #MaryamRajavi…
100,000 Iranians and their supporters are expected to attend #FreeIran2018 Grand Gathering for a #FreeIran, and support #IranProtests in Paris on June 30th. Please join us
#IranRegimechang #IranProtests
Join the #FreeIran2018 campaign✌️

Be the voice of Iranians for a free & democratic #Iran…
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Hours after Trump announced the timing of his decision on the #IranNuclearDeal, @ntabrizy of the @nytimes very interestingly posts a video on the #Iran opposition group PMOI/MEK & the prospect of #RegimeChange.…
Very telling is how the likes of @ntabrizy, @ishaantharoor & @jrezaian (all #Iran apologists) are raising alarm bells about #Iran #RegimeChange & the PMOI/MEK.
I have provided more insight in this thread:
@ntabrizy continues:
“Many experts say [the MEK] has little support inside Iran itself.”
Former House speaker Newt Gingrich powerfully debunks such remarks:…
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In his take @SinaToossi claims the “Clinton and Obama administrations” thought about the Iranian people, conveniently forgetting how Clinton did nothing in the face of #Iran’s 1999 students uprising crackdown & Obama turned his back on Iranians in 2009…
@SinaToossi blows his cover by mentioning “regime change,” making clear his mission, being a Tehran apologist, of devoting his “journalism” to preserving a regime with a grotesque human rights dossier in power.
Over 3,000 executions under #Iran's “moderate” Hassan Rouhani.
@SinaToossi voices his main concern, being the #IranProtests, by attempting to downsize the 2017/2018 uprising to “parts of Iran.”
Reminder: Over 142 cities were scenes of unprecedented revolt, prompting the regime to kill more than 50 protesters & arrest over 8,000.
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When @JZarif says, "#Iran never raced towards a bomb, nor will it race towards a bomb," rest assured it is the exact opposite.
We will realize how Tehran sought nuclear arms for decades. For a country sitting on an ocean of oil & gas, a "peaceful" nuclear program is meaningless.
A very telling cartoon about #NorthKorea & #Iran, as Pyongyang signals indications to set aside its nuclear weapons/ballistic missile program. This is leaving Tehran as now sole target of the international community's soon-to-come pressures.
For those who describe #Iran's FM @JZarif as a "moderate" or "reformist"

"We will exit the NPT. / We will launch advanced enrichment," he says in response to Trump's May 12th #IranDeal deadline.…
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Khamenei Wild Animals under the name of Ethical or moral Police do like this with Iranian girls and women every day. What do you think the response of these criminals is?
Pls share
#FreeIran #Iran #HumanRights
A painful scene!...
The mullahs regime have turned Iran to a hell for Iranian women
These measures will lead to the Iranian Uprising.
#FreeIran #Regimechange
This is the regime forces brutal behavior with the people of #Iran
Accepting Zarif is tantamount to legitimizing the suppression of the #Iranian,s #women.
#IranProtests #RegimeChange #FreeIran
@realDonaldTrump @nikkihaley @StateDept @usmissiongeneva @statedeptspox
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For those unfamiliar with #Iran's regime, the sign reads:
"Shovel - Fighters used shovels to divert Malyutka and TOW wire-guided anti-tank guided missiles."

This is a "memorial site" of the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War & Tehran's propaganda machine at work.

You be the judge...
For those unfamiliar with #Iran's regime, this mullah says:
"If our football/soccer is not the first in the world, it means we haven't taught & promoted religion good enough."
The Iranian people are ruled by such individuals...
For those unfamiliar with #Iran's regime, this is Mr. Ahaki, a member of Tehran's City Council, seen throwing an object at a reporter doing his/her job.
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The title & first paragraph of this article indicates the main concern of this writer: #RegimeChange.
Q: Why would someone be worried about regime change in #Iran, unless they have interests in such a regime remaining in power. Interesting…
The term “anti-Iran” is interesting. Has #Iran’s regime left anything to be supportive of? Butchering innocent people across the #MiddleEast, gross #HumanRights violations back home, wasting billions on an unnecessary nuclear program, ballistic missiles & terrorism.
And talking about #NorthKorea being “disinclined” shows how #Iran is terrified of losing Pyongyang in its trek to obtain nuclear weapons & the ballistic missiles. Now Tehran is all alone. But why is this writer so worried about it? Again, a matter of common interest?
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March 31 - Kuy Alavi, Ahvaz, SW #Iran
4th day of rallies continue as protesters are furious about a recent state TV insult, regime crackdown & marginalization of minorities.
#IranProtests continue.
March 31 - Kuy Alavi, Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Activists report authorities dispatched to quell demonstration of protesters who are furious about a recent state TV insult, regime crackdown & marginalization of minorities.
#IranProtests continue.
March 31 - Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Farhani St.
Activists report authorities dispatched (shots heard) to quell demonstration of protesters who are furious about a recent state TV insult, regime crackdown & marginalization of minorities.
#IranProtests continue.
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