Air siren wailing in #Stepanakert. Video taken from the open-air cafe, I always go when visiting #Karabakh.
Streets empty, people are in basements under air strike.
This woman's father, husband, brother and son are at front line. They are safe and brave. It's a war. We are going to win like in previous war, she says.

After another shelling of #Stepanakert by #Azerbaijan army.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes ImageImageImageImage
#Turkey attacks on its neighbors.
Turkey claims territory from 5 of its 8 neighboring countries - #Greece, #Armenia, #Iraq, #Syria, #Cyprus.
Erdogan's goal is recreation of Ottoman Empire and a Pan-Turkish state.

Hi-res file for print:…

#StopErdogan Image
Chevron of #Turkey military in Ganja today. Turkey is still involved in #KarabakhWar.
Via Hovhannes Nazaretyan Image
Official of #Azerbaijan complains of #Karabakh strike, that eventually hit also civilian district near Ganja airport zone - hypocrisy, considering days long heavy shelling of #Stepanakert, #Martakert, #Martuni, #Hadrut - lots of other #Karabakh settlements by #Azerbaijan army. Image
A fake from #Azerbaijan says, Ganja is away from war zone, must not be targeted.
Guys, #Karabakh is away from Azerbaijan, has nothing to do w/ Azerbaijan, and must not be targeted first of all. Or you want war, but complain it eventually targets your cities too? Weak point. Image
#Artsakh President @Pres_Artsakh says, he commanded to hit several missiles against military objects located in Ganja, #Azerbaijan. Now fire is stopped to prevent casualties among civilians.

#KarabakhAgainstTerrorism Image
#Karabakh President #ArayikHarutyunyan says, people of #Azerbaijan will face the consequences of #their govt aggression. Our war must be not against people of Azerbaijan, but their government. Wake up before it's too late.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
Edgar Markosyan told his parents he's in the rear, but today his name was announced by #Artakh President, awarding him Artsakh hero - highest title in #Karabakh, for hitting 10 #Azerbaijan tanks attacking Talish. He is doing his Master's in #Yerevan Polytechnic University. Image
Sources in #Karabakh say, #Azerbaijan requested a temporary truce for taking corps out of the front.

#Karabakh soldiers from Marvel :) ImageImageImageImage
Video from #Stepanakert after another shelling.

As I understand from this, #Armenia|ns from rooftop recognize music turned on by organizers of demonstration supporting #Azerbaijan. Armenian song w/ words "God almighty, give us strength, let us get stronger, become powerful Armenia" :)
I recall the song, don't know the author
#Armenia applied to European Court of #HumanRights against #Turkey.

#KarabakhStrong #ArmeniaAgainstTerrorism Image
Dashcam video of #Stepanakert under #Azerbaijan fire. Area turns into mess in seconds.
According to Azeri officials, this shelling is ok, shelling civilians is ok - any ethnic #Armenia|n is a target.
Via @AmAysor

#Aliyev claims they captured Jabrail. #Armenia|n side denies it.
No matter what, intense attack in South is I think the main objective. We must prevent them advance to reach #Armenia border. My point - #Karabakh is just a pretext to unite w/ Nakhichevan & #Turkey for #Azerbaijan
Along w/ dozens of media reports, footage, people killed & wounded resulted by #Azerbaijan shelling civilian areas across entire #Karabakh, Azeri defense ministry says, their do not target civilian areas. They call on ppl to leave. They need to have Karabakh w/ no population. Image
#Artsakh president speaker says, there are civilians killed in #Stepanakert and #Shushi after #Azerbaijan shelling, using heavy missiles.

Video published by @ShStepanyan showing #Azerbaijan troops escaping #Mataghis, #Karabakh.

Fully agree with @Ashotyan - #Armenia must initiate mechanisms to investigate war launched by #Azerbaijan to execute investigative mechanisms of Council of Europe.
#Artsakh Parliament @Artsakh_Parl calls on Parliaments of the world to recognize independence of #Karabakh, amid #Azerbaijan breaking ceasefire & launching full scale war.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
#Aliyev opens criminal case against Karabakh President @Pres_Artsakh , and urges #France president @EmmanuelMacron to apologize for confirming #Syria mercenaries are deployed to #Azerbaijan to fight against #Karabakh.
Sick bastard.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes #KarabakhAgainstTerrorism Image
Media in Iran says, #Iran is deploying tank along Armenia and Azerbaijan. Need confirmation.

Thank you @jackblack for your support! It's very important for the people of #Karabakh and #Armenia, who are now under attack of #Azerbaijan and Turkey!

Jack Black shows his solidarity with #Armenia|ns.…

#ArmeniaIsNotAlone Image
#Artsakh #HumanRights Ombudsman @Artak_Beglaryan reports, 4 civilians killed and 10 wounded in the result of shelling of #Stepanakert and #Shushi by #Azerbaijan army.

Another video from front line - #Karabakh army hits 2 vehicles allegedly transporting #Azerbaijan soldiers.
Via @ShStepanyan

#Armenia National Security Service arrests foreign nationals, suspected of espionage.
2nd espionage revelations since #KarabakhWar erupted.
.@arcrunmod posted a photo of a man, taking old tires to our troops at front-line (very useful in building barrier structures) by his Soviet 2108, captions - This nation can not be defeated:)

For Telegram users - Follow NewMag for fresh news from #Artsakh… Image
Yesterday #Azerbaijan declared capture of Mataghis, which was really possibly taken, then retaken again by #Karabakh army. Troops were heading to Mataghis, but were destroyed. I assume each truck can carry ~50 troops.
#Artsakh Television video from capital #Stepanakert under shelling today.

* #Azerbaijan intensely shells #Stepanakert & #Shushi civilians to spread panic. To neutralize press, they staged rocket, nicely inserted into asphalt to say #Karabakh does the same to them. I'm we wouldn't waste rockets to shoot strategically unimportant areas
* We must prevent arms sales to #Azerbaijan by all means. Support of our diaspora is of greatest importance here. Key players here are #Turkey, #Israel and #Georgia.
* Support to Azerbaijan must be condemned at all governmental & NGOs levels. Use all ways to help. Image
This is what's happening in #Karabakh now. A precious illustration by John Tiedeman.
Article on this here - Massacres echo across Nagorno-Karabakh as Turkey eggs on Azerbaijan…

#KarabakhAgainstTerrorism Image
Names of 21 soldiers killed in battles defending #Karabakh.
Total number of soldiers killed is 209.

#KarabakhAgainstTerrorism Image
Posters w/ #Azerbaijan confirmed losses in battles against #Karabakh
Via #HerbiMedia ImageImageImageImage
Posters number 5, 6, 7, 8 with #Azerbaijan losses in battles against #Karabakh. ImageImageImageImage
Need to note, #Azerbaijan mostly blocks internet and doesn't publish data on their soldiers destroyed in #Karabakh. And these lists I think are singles that the sources were able to reveal.
Another one. Image
Smerch 300mm missile hit the asphalt 3 meters away from civilian house.
#Azerbaijan is shelling #Karabakh civilian districts with heavy missiles.
A kindergarten and school in #Karabakh after #Azerbaijan|i attack.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes ImageImage
Video of #Azerbaijan shelling shows blinking after 1st blast.

A cluster bomb: powerful 1st blast, also a container of hundreds tiny bombs, uncontrolled targeting anything in wide area. Prohibited by @UN.
How it works (Youtube GIF)

Poster number 10 w/ #Azerbaijan soldiers destroyed when attacking #Karabakh. Image
Screenshot from allegedly pro-govt Turkey outlet, reports #Turkey-backed Syrian National Army chief confirm they sent troops to #Azerbaijan to fight agnst #Armenia & pay their dept to Turkey.
Article was deleted after Azerbaijan denies claimed of foreign mercenaries in the troops Image
Another one - poster number 11 of #Azerbaijan troops destroyed attacking #Karabakh these day by #HerbiMedia.

Reminder: #Azerbaijan Defense Ministry refuses to publish names of their soldiers lost, serving on Aliyev's purpose. Image
Head of #Azerbaijan propaganda Hikmet Hajiyev claims, their cities are shelled from #Armenia, while at Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan, foreign military attachés are shown maps with directions of shots, arrows from #Karabakh to North.
Another #Fail by Hajiyev.
Via @razminfo Image
Armenia #HumanRights Ombudsman @atatoyan publishes preliminary report on #Azerbaijan drones attacking civilian population of #Armenia & #Karabakh.…

#ArmeniaAgainstTerrorism #AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
Ruben Vardanyan calls on #Russia President to interfere into the conflict in #Karabakh, says it's a time bomb, that will blow in Russia after all.… Image
And #Armenia Prime Minister's son enlisted to join #Karabakh troops. Image
Number of civilians killed in #Karabakh these days - 19. Via @AmAysor Image
#Azebaijan media spreading video of #Karabakh soldiers loading bodies of #Azerbaijan soldiers into truck, kicking several times half-naked bodies, pulling up an ear to show face. All the action is disgusting sure, but need to note:
* No mutilation of bodies occur,unlike… Image
when in 2016 #AprilWar dozens of Armenian soldiers were beheaded, ears cut and so on. Fact presented in #Artsakh Ombudsman report…
* Action takes place without knowledge of commanders, just three soldiers in the truck, dragging the bodies for some time,
* Bodies have been lying here for days, since Azerbaijan failed to provide truce, for sides to take their bodies from battlefield, hasn't stopped attacks around the front-line, though formally both sides declared readiness for a short break. Now as I see that, Karabakh side has
to pic up & take away all the semi-decomposed bodies somehow, and that's what they do here.

Anyway, I believe every single soldier in the army has to be trained how not to treat a dead body of the rival. And commanders has to do that asap.
Last news:
* Russia MFA suggests meeting of Armenia & Azerbaijan MFAs in Moscow,
* #Russia & #Azerbaijan MFA phone call,
* Pashinyan & Putin phone call,
* Azerbaijani media says, Wagner Russian Private Military company says they're gonna be in Stepanakert tomorrow

Documentary from #Karabakh [in Russian]

#KarabakhWar Image
Source of info for Wagner joining Armenian forces in #Karabakh - Reverse Side of the Medal channel w/ Wagner team members inside

Via @RubenWKn

If so, Russia seriously interfered to stop the war at this stage. ImageImage
The most peaceful night since #KarabakhWar erupted 10 days ago. I think, a temporary truce was achieved, after Russian interference yesterday. No terms are revealed yet.

#Armenia #Karabakh #Azerbaijan
The most beautiful city on earth - #Stepanakert. Empty streets, and air siren is wailing again.
Wonder where my Tumo students are at the moment, are they save, where Donara is, who's making the best "zhengyalov" hats on earth, what kids are doing from Wikiclub.
And a pic from RSOTM group from Wagner troops, wishing good morning to all, showing mountain panorama.
Yesterday, group announced they are heading to Stepanakert. Image
Shelter in #Stepanakert, #Karabakh.
With years I'm becoming more sentimental. I can watch videos w/ rotten corps w/ no emotions, but begin to wipe the tears from my eyes seeing children in war zone. Image
This is precious :)
Elements from heavy missiles, used by #Azerbaijan against #Karabakh civilians districts, are used by locals as a tray in shelters, to serve coffee :)

#KarabakhWar #AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
#Russia Foreign Intelligence Service head says, terrorist organizations members are deployed to #Azerbaijan to fight against #Karabakh…

Telegram channels says, he mentions #JabhatAlNusra as one of them. Image
Russia Foreign Intelligence Head Sergey Narishkin says, #AlNusra, #AlKhamsa, #SultanMurad and others are sending their troops - hundreds and even thousands terrorists are heading to Karabakh to earn the in new #KarabakhWar.
Amid break in #Karabakh battles & Russian interference, #Azerbaijan Defense minister orders to continue attacks.

If the truce is really achieved, then this is for local ppl to show readiness to continue. Otherwise they keep on resisting, sending messages to Moscow.
Report as fake, please!
Fake page of #Artsakh defense army commander Jalal Harutyunyan registered in Twitter. Image
Meanwhile, #Azerbaijan Defense Minister says, he ordered to continue attacks.
Turkey says, they are ready for talks w/ Moscow over #Karabakh.

I.e. they involve Turkey as full scale party in talks, playing good & bad officer game. Like Aliyev refuses to stop fights, Turkey not.
Russian Vesta war journalists group, allegedly tied to Russia govt, reports of planning a massive attack on terrorists camps in Syria, recruiting them to #Azerbaijan for war against #Karabakh. Locations were revealed after Russia announced reward for any info. Image
About Jabrail:
* #Azerbaijan said, they captured Jabrail 2 days ago.
* Aleksander Kots says, Jabrail was neutral zone in the morning, than recaptured by #Karabakh army.
* Artsakh Defence Army now reports, #Azerbaijan with additional reserves launches attack in South direction.
Organization of American States note of protest to
#Azerbaijan Amb. in US on armed aggression against #Karabakh.

Lots of statements straight to the point w/ no diplomatic blabla: "There are clear evidences of your full responsibility in aggression… etc"
#WarGonzo sources in Istanbul, whose claims of #Syria mercenaries in #Azerbaijan were finally confirmed, now say 2 groups of mercenaries are gonna be sent to #Azerbaijan from Afghanistan & Pakistan, to join troops instead of the destroyed ones. 1/2 ImageImage
Source also says, new troops are required because of disappointment in Erdogan, after Aliyev failed to fulfill the promise to complete the operation rapidly with blitzkrieg in a couple of days.

#Stepanakert is under shelling again.
7 missiles in half a minute, war journalists from #Karabakh report.
People in shelters.
City under fire.
Minutes ago, several #Azerbaijan cluster bombs hit area right near @ICRC HQ in #Karabakh. Image
Murad Gazdiev on #Russia Intelligence head reports of AlNusra islamists in #Azerbaijan:
"Nusra was when Christian villages in Syria were devastated in a night, when 60y.o #Armenia|n woman Suzan Der Kirkur was raped by group of militants for 9 hours, then stoned her to death…" Image
What I don't like in this war is
1. Threats like we can destroy this or that in an hour. Go & destroy, if you have military task. If not, stay calm & drink Coca Cola.
2. Ppl at homes, calling army to hit this or that location. Like calling guys in your neighborhood how to fight
w/ other guys, while watching all thru your window. Go to General Staff, share thoughts there if they are that valuable. If not, let armies do what they are meant for. Both sides are ready for war, though we don't obviously want that, unlike Azerbaijan. If war, than let it be so.
Syrian fighters in #Idlib expressing dissatisfaction of others leave for #Azerbaijan, while they as they claim it, have a lot to do there. They are also sorry for some 50 of them killed.

Another 40 bodies of mercenaries killed in #Azerbaijan, are taken to Syria. Other 50 were taken on October 4.

Another Il76 heavy cargo jet of Azerbaijan #SilkWay company, is right now flying over #Georgia on its way from #Turkey to #Azerbaijan. And I guess what they have in it. Several plains per day like this.

How can it be monitored by the country they pass?

#KarabakhWar Image
This time I got to post dead bodies, b/c of #fakenews: Azeri #OXUAZ website says, 2 Syrian mercenaries in #Karabakh army are killed.

It's from 2 days ago video taken by an Arab speaker in #Azerbaijan army, and the killed are Armenian troops. Original vid:… Image
#HaqqinAz publishes same pics, presenting the killed #Armenia|ns soldiers as if Kurdish mercenaries in #Karabakh army.
Original video shows it's the one who makes the video is an Arab speaker in #Azerbaijan army…

One of 2 #FakeNews by HaqqinAz today. 1/2 Image
Today 2nd #FakeNews of from #HaqqinAz:
They claim Pashinyan's assistant says "Our task is to hit civilian population of Azerbaijan". No video attached.

In original video, Pashinyan's assistant says "THEIR task is to hit civilians to spread panic" Image
My favorite from #HaqqinAz: in 2016 #AprilWar claimed letter appeared online (!), as if Karabakh MoD letter to ArmMoD w/ 7 mistakes (!) on official letterhead (!), says Armenians in panic flee from advancing Azerbaijan army:)
And they think it doesn't affect credibility in future Image
Culture and Youth Center of Shushi, rebuilt in 2017, is currently destroyed by #Azerbaijan heavy missiles.

#KarabakhWar #AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
#Stepanakert and #Shushi are under attack again.
Feels like the cargo airplanes from Turkey have arrived.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes #StopErdogan
Another 4 posters w/ revealed names and data about #Azerbaijan losses, by Herbi Media.

These are single examples of the data revealed. Young men who die, because their leader want to recover their Soviet map. Official data is not published by Az Defense Ministry. ImageImageImageImage
RSOTM mocks my & many other tweets quoting their yesterday's message about Stepanakert burning & them flying on the plane.
Well, if they are not flying there, then I don't get the point of that post. Anyway. ImageImage
Results of the shelling of #Stepanaker civilian districts by #Azerbaijan artillery.
Another residential house looks like almost destroyed.
Via #AnnaNews

#Aliyev aide #HikmetHajiyev shows image of Israel|i-made bombs, as if shot by #Karabakh agnst them.

Identical to ones found in #Stepanakert after shelling by #Azerbaijan, delivered by Lora ballistic missiles.

Karabakh has no Lora.
3rd #Fail by Hajiyev on my mind these days. ImageImage
Yesterday's video from Sputnik Armenia in #Stepanakert w/ cluster bomb that failed to blow.
Footage of cluster bombs in action & video from #Stepanakert dashcam during shelling by #Azerbaijan army.
Another #fail of HikmetHajiyev was beautifully installed missile w/ no damage to asphalt as if shot from Armenia

And he tweeted pic from Ganja w/ a Turkey military w/ chevron identical to GreyWolves, that he deleted afterwards
.@MuradGazdiev identified the fake too in his Telegram channel. The bombs were identified by Amnesty Intl. as M095 DPICM, delivered by Israeli LAR-160. Azerbaijan purchased them from his Israeli partners. While Armenia don't have such type of weapon.

#Azerbaijan #KarabakhWar ImageImage
#Azerbaijan recruited hundreds #AlNusta terrorists to fight against #Karabakh. When confirmed, accused other side in doing the same, while only Syrians who according to videos joined are some Armenian refugees from Syria war, once migrated to Armenia, now joining homeland troops.
Then #Azerbaijan started using cluster bombs against civilian population of #Karabakh. And when confirmed, accuses Armenia in doing the same,while #Armenia|ns don't even have the Israeli bombs they show.
It's good they have such "propaganda Gods" in service of Aliyev's ambitions.
Even after Russian Intelligence head accusations of Jihadists fighting in #Karabakh, they try to present it like "He didn't mention which side jihadists fight".
It's marvelous to watch ppl who may believe just 1% possibility that jihadists may join Christian Armenian troops:)
2 news from Europe:
#Netherlands parliament adopts resolution calling to end fire in #Karabakh, otherwise calling on govt to sanction #Turkey & #Azerbaijan…

And Dutch parliament announces to sanction #Aliyev family unless immediate ceasefire is achieved. Image
Night, 2AM and another cluster bomb attack on #Stepanakert.
#WarGonzo reports.

Arina, music teacher from #Stepanakert in shelter: "Not a single mother brings up kids to die. From both sides. We just want to live in peace"
Video by #WarGonzo [in Russian]:…

#Karabakh civilians under permanent #Azerbaijan shelling.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
Screenshots from #Artsakh Defense Army says, at 6:30AM Azerbaijan troops were targeted, 60 soldiers killed, 22 military vehicles destroyed, a lot more were left fully operational.
#KarabakhWar ImageImageImageImage
Morning news in a pic.
1. Capture of strategic height in North, where at first #Aliyev claimed advance, then destruction of #Azerbaijan troops was implemented, but I feel too complicated to keep any position for long for both sides.
2. Azeri military base was blown up w/ large… Image
distance missiles, was a base for 250-300 troops & D30 battery & oil storage
3. In South 6:30AM Azeri troops were targeted with #Karabakh artillery, damaging 22 military vehicles & capturing several dozens.

Meanwhile, #Azerbaijan continues attack on civilians w/ drones & shells.
Meet Anna, sister of Rafik Hakobyan - hero of #AprilWar who died in 2016. She enlisted as volunteer to join #Karabakh troops these days.

#KarabakhWar #ArmeniaAgainstTerrorism Image
#Syria|n Jisr Press, which published videos of Syrian mercenaries bodies return from #Azerbaijan, confirms that besides Sultan Murad & Al Khamsa, also members of Feylak Al-Sham are recruited. 250 fighters from there departed to #Azerbaijan yesterday.

#Aliyev, who involved #Turkey military w/ their aviation, drones, commanders & BozKurd fighters, who recruited hundreds of #Syria mercenaries from various terrorist groups to fight for #Azerbaijan, accused #Armenia for trying to "internationalize #KarabakhWar".
#Clown Image
⚠️آرتسرون هوهانیسیان، نماینده وزارت دفاع ارمنستان از حملات گسترده جدید نیروهای مسلح آذربایجان به جناح جنوبی نوار مرزی آرتساخ و آذربایجان با به کار گیری حجم عمده نیروهای انسانی ذخیره و تانکها و توپخانه ها، خبر داد. امنیت مرزی جمهوری اسلامی ایران هم توسط آذربایجان نادیده گرفته شد.
I deleted tweet with Turkish accent guy in Azeri army, because lots of native speakers say, it's not that clear, lots of arguments.
Sorry. Too much news flood these days.
BREAKING: #France MFA says, #Karabakh talks will be held in Geneva tomorrow and in Moscow on Monday - 5 days later.

#KarabakhWar Image
It's just madness what is going on. Just madness. I'm now crying, watching photos of our college w/ her kid in his childhood, then photo of him a 18 y.o boy in uniform. And today news he is killed. Just unthinkable. It's just wrong.
Hundreds and hundreds of young people capable
of reaching for the stars, capable of making world really better, now dying from all sides. Because some ppl want new lands? No leader's revanchism is worth a life of single man, of a single mother's tear. It's our home.We have no way back. But war is a tragedy no matter who wins

• • •

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More from @517design

Oct 16, 2020
#Armenia says, #Azerbaijan shelled #Stepanakert & outskirts.
Then Azerbaijan says, Karabakh shell #Ganja.
Then Armenia says, Azerbaijan shells Khnatsakh, Artsvanik & David Bek (Armenia). 2 drones are downed in Armenia.

No shelling for some days. So who started this now?
#Azerbaijan media shares vid of #Armenia|n Grad in action, claim Armenians target Ganja & Mingechaur.
Armenian Grad has 20km range.
Distance to Ganja: 40km, Mingechaur: 50+.
I trust @ShStepanyan. And there are more important targets, than civilian houses.
One of the most dangerous aspects of war - is endless cycle of revenges. Murder, and revenge, and revenge for revenge, w/ no end. Previous war revenges had already passed away in 30 yrs. No we are gaining new ones. And why is this for? For #Aliyev revanchism?
Read 4 tweets
Oct 15, 2020
#Azerbaijan killed 2 #Armenia|n captives, likely #Hadrut district. Video shows an old & a younger man are ordered to approach to Azeri soldiers w/ hands in the air. Next video shows both, old man face covered w/ blood, but moving. Then soldiers gunshot them.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes ImageImageImage
First part of the video was originally published by TheTagiev blog, that shares videos made by #Azerbaijan soldiers in #Karabakh.

Army commanded by #Aliyev, who says, that both ppl need to learn to live in peace in #Karabakh, but kills prisoners of war.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
#Azerbaijan troops are inhuman bastards.

I thought after #AprilWar 2016, they prohibited own troops to mutilate bodies. Until now.

Azeri soldier cuts off a #Karabakh soldier's head & shows off. Because it's a matter of honor to behead the rival's soldiers.
#AzerbaijanWarCrimes Image
Read 9 tweets
Oct 15, 2020
A valuable evidence from a Syrian mercenary, who returned from #Azerbaijan.

#KarabakhWar is actually now the most intensive war actions that took place in the global region for decades.
"Families gathered at #Syria-#Turkey border, waiting for drivers to dispense 52 Syrian men bodies, killed in war 600m away. They were mercenaries, recruited by Turkey-backed militias to fight on behalf of #Azerbaijan against #Armenia, relatives said"… Image
And another flight route to Baku from Bagram, #Afghanistan these day. Afghanistan is very likely provides mercenaries/weaponry to #Azerbaijan.

#ArmeniaAgainstTerrorism Image
Read 4 tweets
Oct 14, 2020
Michigan State passes resolution condemning #Turkey & #Azerbaijan aggression against #Armenia & #Artsakh.

#Austria parliament unanimously adopts motion (…) & Flemish Parliament of #Belgium adopts resolution (…) condemning aggression of #Azerbaijan & #Turkey against #Artsakh.

#ArmeniaIsNotAlone #StopAliyev #StopErdogan
21 deputies & 15 senators from #Spain call on intl. society to #RecognizeArtsakh.…

#ArmeniaIsNotAlone Image
Read 6 tweets
Oct 7, 2020
News of the upcoming meeting in Genera is false, #Armenia MFA says.
Russia MFA says confirms part of the previous news - Armenia MFA heads to Moscow on Monday to meet Lavrov. 5 days of fighting are ahead.

Read 13 tweets
Oct 1, 2020
Post of the day - amid drone hunt near Yerevan :)
Good night. Let God be with our soldiers today. Image
Tadiran radio equipment captured by #Karabakh made by Israel's Elbit company, also providing drones to #Azerbaijan .
#Turkey provides drones & mercenaries. #Israel provides drones & equipment. Am I getting it right - their interests meet in fight against first Christian nation? Image
Read 82 tweets

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