A misguided friend sent me a document supporting #45Regime allegations that he won reelection in November. Among the allegations is that in #Nevada "in an effort orchestrated by the Biden campaign, Native Americans appear to have traded their votes not for pieces of silver but
rather for Visa gift cards, jewelry, and other 'swag.'"

Here's the link to the Nevada Supreme Court's decision in response to the Biden delegates' request for the Court to expedite a squashing of the Trump delegates' attempts to forbid them from voting democracydocket.com/wp-content/upl…
I'm no lawyer, but this sounds to me like Mike Tyson pulverizing a boxer seconds after the bell of the 1st round is rung:

"The district court held not only that Contestants failed to prove each and every ground for contest asserted, but also that they failed to establish any
elements of these grounds, as a matter of fact or law, under any applicable burden of proof, let alone with the clear and convincing evidence required for an extraordinary judicial intervention into the democratic process. Indeed, despite the soundness of the district court’s
factual findings and legal conclusions, and the utter paucity of compelling evidence Contestants have amassed to support their implausible claims, Contestants press on with this appeal—a decision that can be considered frivolous in light of the thoroughness of their defeat and
the extraordinarily high bar they must satisfy to overturn the district court’s fact-bound determinations."

This article describes the district court decision the SC of Nevada affirmed.

Here's some excerpts regarding the alleged bribery
It seems that #45Regime supporters believe #voterfraud happens whenever non-white people vote.

• • •

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5 Nov
The biggest crime of @TheDemocrats is allowing #USA's citizens to become believers in #fascism & #misogyny & Ayn Randian #socialdarwinism by neglecting to defend #humanrights & #genderequality & #socialjustice & pursing corporate $. Biden might sneak this one out, but @Gop won
seats in House of Representatives & will likely retain control of Senate. So Biden may choose to use Executive Orders to roll back reimplement some of the 2nd Term Obama EOs which Trump reversed. But Biden won't be able, even if he wanted to do much to challenge oligarchy or
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Herbert Hoover's promise to keep #USA out of #WW1 likely won him 1916 presidential election. 1 year later, he broke that promise. Activists for women's suffrage opposed him & his Democratic Party because of their failure to support women's suffrage. Will Trump's disingenuous
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expansion of the global assassination program via drones & special forces? Is it because the DNC supported HRC in 2016, who voted for #Iraq war & pushed military intervention in #Libya? Is it because Obama, the most popular of these centrist democrats, increased the deployment of
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After watching "Planet of the Humans" @PlanetHumansDoc, I got "Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism" (2012) by @OzzieZehner. I've finished the first 2 chapters, which claim that both solar cells & wind turbines are inadequate
replacements to fossil fuels. Having been around Sierra Club types most of my adult life, I had always assumed that these technologies could replace fossil fuels & we could more or less maintain our current level of consumption. Zehner's book & the movie are critical of this view
I haven't gotten far enough into the book, but I think a key concept Zehner is attacking is "productivism." Our consumption is a function of energy we produce. Because we're so committed to consumption, we view our energy policy as a production issue.
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29 Sep
Every 4 years we scour the land
to find the most sure, safest guiding hand
No expense is spared, the wise sit in council
All views are entertained, if they find a sponsor
Two factions emerged, each with a champion
Other parties were told to shut up & listen
The criers and heralds on every corner
regaled the people with tales of their man's valor
"He killed those savages in a foreign war,
he made Christians ashamed of Christmas no more"
"He politely served and loyally did support
his boss, the first Black leader we did appoint."
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20 Sep
The @rolandgarros #FrenchOpen2020 #tennis on the men's side is as open as it has been in many years. So many variables have changed. Will this be the year that the King of Clay, @RafaelNadal, is dethroned?
The changes:
1) Change in season from late May to late September. Average temperatures for May & Sep are comparable, but this is the first time that the weather should become colder as the tournament progresses (final is Oct 4) rather than warmer. Cooler temps = less ball bounce
2) Playing at night
Many courts now have artificial lighting. Will Rafa be scheduled for high profile night matches when temperatures will be cooler? Imagine him playing @StefTsitsipas or @ThiemDomi where his ball isn't jumping up on them.
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15 Sep
People who claim that #RankedChoiceVoting is too confusing to implement don't seem to care that in many complicated transactions of everyday life, individuals are pitted against corporations & the governments they own.

The elderly have to navigate "Medicare Advantage" plans.
Renters have to navigate contracts with landlords.

Pension fund managers of unions & municipalities are hearing pitches from hedge fund managers.

You are shopping in the grocery store & the only info, for the most part, you have on the products is companies advertising.
You buy a house & it turns out that environmental changes elsewhere are going 2 eventually cause your property to be in a flood plain.

You are supposed to figure out which health insurance plan best meets the medicines you need.

In all of these things & more, it's #caveatemptor
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