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Day #5 of the #BannonTrial is set to begin shortly in the E. Barrett Perryman US District Courthouse in Washington, D.C. Prosecutors and defense make final arguments and the case then goes to the jury. That's the plan. #BannonTrial
Thursday's proceedings concluded with Judge Carl Nichols recessing to chambers to craft final jury instructions and ponder the defense's motion to dismiss the case. He will not rule on the motion until after the verdict. #BannonTrial
In response to Nichols' final jury instructions, which were emailed to all parties last night, Bannon's attorneys have filed a 10-page notice of objection. #BannonTrial…
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

47.60% BA.2.12.1**
22.33% BA.5^^
11.44% BA.2,
10.48% BA.4^^
3.61% BA.2.12,
1.08% BA.2.9 and
1.05% BA.2.3

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V

#OmicronUpdates 06/25/22 Image
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/25/22

Top 5 lineages:
BA.2.12.1, ↔️ (Spike: L452Q)
BA.5, ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)
BA.2 ⬇️
BA.4 ⬆️ (Spike: L452R)

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y and undesignated BA.2s Image
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Capital même si encore souterrain.
Ce soir, tout indique que #Trump a gagné l'essentiel du parti républicain à son mythe de l'élection volée en 2020 et que cette formation politique s'apprête à tout faire pour contester les prochains scrutins défavorables...#fil 👇 1/
D'1 part, le comité national du parti républicain finance et forme, pour traquer les fraudes, des milliers d'assesseurs et observateurs des futurs scrutins 2022 dans 16 Etats-clefs, parmi lesquels nombre de partisans de #Trump, négateurs du scrutin 2020...…
Bien sûr, le comité national républicain (RNC) assure que ses observateurs et assesseurs seront mesurés et raisonnables mais les visios de formation ont un tout autre ton: "une armée", "un combat à mener" autour des urnes...3/…
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So some interesting things have surfaced in the last few weeks that I want to share. Be patient with me, I’m slow & get interrupted a lot. But, I think it’s worth it to share this information before the mid-term elections.

😃 Please don’t forget to vote in November…💙
This article from 04/06/2022 has been weighing on my mind…it’s regarding the #RockbridgeNetwork, defined as a coalition.

What is a “political coalition” in the US?
Not much. It’s basically a verbal, non-regulated agreement to finance an agreed upon political agenda.
While #RockbridgeNetwork is being considered a “new GOP coalition”, it isn’t, think #CambridgeAnalytica. Plus, it is not the only “new GOP coalition” popping up before mid-term elections. #ChestnutStreetCouncil has been started by Matt Schlapp, think #KochNetwork
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6 y.o. Zyaire Bell from Las Vegas #Nevada underwent more than a half-dozen surgeries as doctors worked to save his life from multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children due to COVID. The medical bill is ONE MILLION dollars. #KidsLivingWithCovid
6 year old fights Covid due to MIS-C…
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🧵Nationally, COVID hospitalizations under insurance contracts on avg cost $29,000, or $156,000 for patients requiring ICU care. In the U.S. 29,000 children have been hospitalized for COVID. +1,000 died. COVID is not harmless in children. A few stories #TheySurvivedCovid 1/X
4 month old Grayson Perry is one of 279 children in Texas currently hospitalized for COVID #TheySurvivedCovid 2/X
4 month old, Hudson Hooten was coinfected with COVID and RSV and required intensive care for oxygen therapy at Children's Medical Center in Dallas Texas. #TheySurvivedCovid 3/…
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Former US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has died.
I covered @SenatorReid for years in #Nevada before he became a national figure. He lost his first bid for the US Senate and subsequently was defeated in the Las Vegas mayor's race. He then served as Nevada Gaming Commission chairman from 1977-81, which is where I first met him.
"You son of a bitch, you tried to bribe me!" Reid once yelled as he tried to choke Jack Gordon in an @FBI bust (which Reid had arranged). Gordon later would become husband of @latoyajackson.
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Loved ones buried 13 y.o. Jaheim Lambert who died from COVID at Union Cemetery in East Bakersfield #California this morning. His family calls him an old soul #SoulsLostToCovid…
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. A 9-year-boy old from Fremont is at Massachusetts General Hospital recovering from multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children due to COVID.…
Missouri mom urges parents to consider COVID vaccine after 10-year-old son Dakota nearly dies. “Doctors said we had to pull the plug or put him on the ECMO machine," said mom…
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The State Board of Health meeting is underway. The board is considering whether to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for public college and university students:… #nevada #nshe #lasvegas #reno
The proposed changes include a Nov. 1 deadline for proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to enroll.
If approved, emergency regulations would be effective for 120 days and would have to go through a more rigorous public process in order to become permanent.
Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Melody Rose: Nevada law is clear the State Board of Health has the authority to make the decision about vaccinations and the NSHE Board of Regents is “eagerly awaiting your direction.”
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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-08-07. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
#Python #USA #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-08-07!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-08-07!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
#Python #USA #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions and do sentiment analysis. Most positive state was #Utah according to an ensemble model! In the replies are the individual models.
#NLP #Python #ML
I analyzed the sentiment on Twitter for each state + DC from the last week using a pretrained #BERT model from #huggingface.
Which state had the most positive mentions this week? It was #Utah!
#NLP #Python #ML
I analyzed the sentiment on Twitter for each state + DC from the last week using a pretrained #VADER model from #NLTK.
Which state had the most positive mentions this week? It was #Nevada!
#NLP #Python #ML
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We’re seeing a rise in pediatric #COVID19 cases. Did we know this was coming? Yes, because: data
I stand by this statement from June 15th
🔥 Pediatric #COVID19 cases are rising. Delays in reporting from counties —> states —> CDC vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. So, if you’re looking at the national level, you’ll be *falsely* reassured. Examples from #Arkansas #California #Georgia #Nevada 👀⤵️

cc @PeterHotez
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🧵As coronavirus continues to kill thousands per day, it's important to humanize their deaths. This thread is dedicated to the 18-19 year old children that lost their lives to COVID. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid.
Follow the hashtags #SoulsLostToCovid & #TheySurvivedCovid for more stories. You can help end this pandemic by encouraging others to #GetVaccinated 💉
🇺🇸 18 y.o. Yasmin Pena from Waterbury #Connecticut passed away from COVID in April 2020. She was a senior at Waterbury Arts Magnet School, where she sang, danced & acted in plays. “Her eyes had a spark. And she had an effervescence." #SoulsLostToCovid 1/33…
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More evidence that vaccines work. Out of 245,932 fully vaccinated healthcare workers in Malaysia
🔹3,106 were infected
🔹3 required oxygen
🔹None died

Cat 1: No symptoms
Cat 2: Mild symptoms
Cat 3: Lung irritation
Cat 4: Required oxygen
Cat 5: Required ICU
In Las Vegas #Nevada 8 fully vaccinated healthcare workers who went to a Vegas pool party got COVID-19 with mild symptoms.…
Beginning May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring ALL reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections to investigating ONLY those among patients who are HOSPITALIZED or DIE, thereby focusing on the cases of highest clinical and public health significance.
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⚠️ Just so we're all on the same page: hospitalizations are also rising in states that hit the President's goal of 70% of adults w/ 1+ shot

🔸Only *fully* vax'ed persons are protected from #DeltaVariant
🔸Several states have large % of *partially* vax'ed + large % kids < 12 yo
#COVID19 hospitalizations are *rising* in #Florida, #Texas, #California, #Missouri and #Nevada

Percentage of adults w/ 1+ dose:
75.8% California
65.7% Florida
62.8% Nevada
62.2% Texas
56.6% Missouri
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Just so we’re all on the same page: Los Angeles County's #COVID19 test positivity was already rising when Gov. Newsom celebrated California’s reopening by visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

This marks the 3rd time the state ignores data for political expediency Image
#COVID19 hospitalizations in LA County are rising

both charts are from LA County’s Public health department, btw:… Image
#COVID19 *DEATHS* in LA County are rising
#DeltaVariant is not messing around

src:… Image
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Sgt. Tom Sawyer died from COVID on June 17, 2021. For 24 years, he served his country in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait & the Gulf War, and for the past 22 years, he was an active member of the Hammond Police Department in Indiana. #SoulsLostToCovid… ImageImageImage
Cautionary Tale: Joshua Garza, 43, from Sugarland, Texas previously declined vaccination then fell extremely ill to COVID requiring a double lung transplant in April. "If I knew what I know now, I would have definitely went through with the vaccination"… Image
Maria Elena Sifuentes, 57, mother of five, from Chicago was between vaccine doses when she contracted and died from COVID. She was a relentless advocate for health care and education, helping get new schools built in Albany Park. #SoulsLostToCovid… Image
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“Continents are plundered, criminal money is laundered, brutal wars are financed. All with the help of opaque company structures and the governments that host these structures.” 🎙️ @f_obermaier at launch of @KleptoCaucus. #KleptoMonth
The #PanamaPapers showed how offshore secrecy 🏝️ enables crime and corruption, but “there are countless other Mossack Fonsecas out there: financial service providers, consultancy firms and law firms helping crooks and criminals, autocrats and dictators hide their money.” 💸
“ “Corruption eats away at the foundations of democratic societies” @POTUS recently stated. And he was right. But this is not news: it is a fact known for decades. And yet not much has changed. Until recently.” @f_obermaier
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"As we gather tonight our country is being destroyed before our very own eyes," says Donald Trump, returning to the political stage, in a speech to @NCGOP. Image
"Bad, bad things are happening to us," says Trump, not surprisingly, in breaking with the tradition of ex-US presidents putting themselves above politics once out of office.
There are exceptions, even in modern history. Jimmy Carter, in 2007, attacked the Bush administration but that was 26 years after the one-term president left office.
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The daily #Coronavirus thread is underway.

If Friday turned out to be fearful, we can only hope it's not a shocking Saturday.

More and more countries and regions heading back into lockdown as #Covid19 spreads quicker then the vaccines.

And already today new record - read on..
The first record to report is from crisis-torn #Brazil

For the 3rd successive day over 2,000 deaths.
But it's new #Covid19 cases rewriting the record books today with 84,047 positive tests, that's 12% more than the week before

2,152 more deaths takes total fatalities over 275k
Almost a record for #Norway too tonight.

905 new #Covid19 infections diagnosed in the last 24 hours, just 25 below the national record. Today's total is 31% up on the previous week.

Over 300 more Covid patients have been admitted to hospital in the last 2 days alone.
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#Nevada @GovSisolak announces some easing of #COVID19 restrictions from next Monday. #CoronavirusUSA
Goal for #Nevada is that from May 1, #COVID19 regulations affecting businesses and activities can transition to "multiple authorities," explains @GovSisolak.
In #Nevada, from Feb. 15th, 35% capacity allowed for houses of worship, casinos, arcades, gyms, studios, race tracks, bowling halls and similar venues, announces @GovSisolak. Also: 50% capacity for libraries, museums and art galleries.
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THREAD: #Election2020 Results On The Statewide Level In A Whole New Light! Let This Guide All #Resisters In Our #Resistance To Trumpism In Future Elections!

#byebyetrump #BidenWon #BidenHarris2020 #ResistersUnite #BuildBackBetter #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica #DemVoice1 #FBRParty
I based the color scheme on traffic lights. Green is good, red is bad & yellow is something in the middle! Hope this is easy to follow for the remainder of the thread!

#GreenWall #GreenEnergy #BlueWave2020 #BlueWave #BidenWon #ByeDon #BidenCalm #BuildBackBetter #DemVoice1 #FBR
Michigan Headline: That’s A Bit More Like It!

2016: -10,704 -0.23%
2020: +154,188 +2.78%
Difference: +164,992 +3.01%

+16 Electoral Votes For @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris!

#Michigan #BidenWon #DemCastMI #ResistersUnite #Resisters #FBRParty #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica
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#Miseàjour La cour d'appel fédérale du 5e circuit (2 juges nommés par Reagan et 1 par... #Trump) a rejeté à son tour la plainte du représentant #Gohmert contre #Pence pour lui donner le pouvoir de choisir les grands électeurs. Un jour sans fin. #Verbatim…
2) Ah, et au fait, pour celles et ceux qui viennent rabâcher "Ah mais en fait la justice US n'a pas étudié les dossiers au fond, n'a pas jugé les preuves de fraude présentées par #Trump"...voici 1 petit florilège des jugements rendus "on the merits" (sur le fond)...
3) Au #Nevada, le 4 décembre, 36 pages d'arrêt du juge Russell rejetant une à une toutes les accusations de fraude faites par les plaignants pro-#Trump après 1 audience contradictoire de présentation des preuves et témoignages dans son tribunal...…
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