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1/3 Re/ #MotherAndBabyHome regarding overseas #Adoption of Irish Children (dated 31/5/1951) twenty months before law was in place (Jan 1953) to allow for adoption. This correspondence relates to #Castlepollard “home” and contact with American Embassy with regard 2adopting a child Image
“It was our opinion that the mother of the child could not alienate her natural right to bring up her own child, that her surrender of her child to a convent .. + was alright as far as it went but that if she was to take it back the Court in this country would uphold her” 2/3 Image
The author of this Memo Joe Horon explained that a “foreign decree of adoption valid in the country where it was given would be recognised as valid by our courts in the same way as a valid Decree of Divorce”

It’s clear the State knew it was the mothers right to rear her child /3
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Carnage @NYCACC
ACC released videos saying they are in Crisis

But most of their issues are lack of planning, foresight, accountablility & experience

@NYCMayor @NYCComptroller @nypost @ABC7NY
It is time to admit the problems, replace the directors
Solve the issues Image
Take for instance $5 #Adoptions
In theory it is a great idea
And it would be if there were #Adoption Counselors
to help everyone understand the rules of decompression & adjustment

If pychos did use the animals for torture & fighting
If people didn't "rent" them ImageImage
Horrific history of drug abuse, disablement & death

Why does ACC have a higher percentage of "behavioral" dogs then the national average?
I believe in part it is the drugs: Trazodone, Gabapentin, Clonidine
Non are approved for veterinary use
Yet prescribed to all Image
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Have you ever come across an innovative project that pushes the boundaries of the blockchain world?

Look no further! Today, let's dive into the captivating world of @0xbath and explore the remarkable rise of their native cryptocurrency, $BATH. 🛀⚡🚀 Image
Bathtub, a DeFi protocol on the Arbitrum network, is a brand new addition to the growing list of innovative DeFi solutions.

Aiming to offer novel ways of generating yield and build a sustainable protocol treasury that benefits it’s community.💼💱 Image
Their goal is to incentivise liquidity to the top players in the Arbitrum ecosystem and pull liquidity from mainnet and other ecosystems into Arbitrum.⚡🔥

They do this not only by insentivising user to farm LP for $BATH, but also to receive real yield in the form of ARB.
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#BombayHighCourt sets aside order disallowing a divorcee from adopting sister’s child on the ground that she was a SINGLE WORKING WOMAN and wouldn’t be able to give personal attention to the #child.… Image
“Generally, a single parent is bound to be a working person, maybe with some rare exceptions. Thus, by no stretch of the imagination, a single parent can be held to be ineligible to be an adoptive parent on the ground that he/she is a working person.” - #BombayHighCourt
The comparison done between the biological mother being a housewife and the prospective adoptive mother (single parent) being a working lady reflects a mindset of the medieval conservative concepts of a family...
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$DAG Nodes are the workhorse of the entire @Conste11ation HGTP ecosystem from L1 networks (dApps) to Global validation nodes.
Next few days I'll cover each different type:
L1 nodes
Hybrid nodes
Validator nodes

Today I'm going to start with L1 or dApps building on the network 👇
🧵1/ (L1) Nodes 🌐💻: A deep dive into the unique nodes within individual L1 Networks, their role, and how they contribute to the overall Hypergraph ecosystem.
#L1Nodes #DecentralizedNetwork
2/ L1 nodes are specific to their respective Networks, allowing them to support a wide range of applications and use cases. They differ from Global Validator Nodes, which focus on maintaining the global network.
#Networks #Scalability
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The Future of Money is Happening Now: Why You Need to Get Involved in #Crypto Today

$QUACK #RichQUACK #Crypto #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews

-THREAD - 🧵👇 Image
1/ It's 2023, and some people still think it's too late to get into crypto. But the truth is, we're still in the early stages of this technological revolution. As the latest Consensus Magazine article shows, there are many reasons why we're just getting started. $QUACK
2/ For one, the #adoption of cryptos and blockchain technology is still in its infancy. While some businesses have started accepting crypto payments, there are still many more that haven't even dipped their toes in the water yet. This represents a huge growth opportunity. $QUACK
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The #russian embassy in 🇬🇧 tried to mock @RishiSunak for legislation that prevents migrants from crossing the Channel on small boats.

They didn’t mention that 🇷🇺 is responsible for the largest European conflict since WWII that caused immense suffering and destruction in 🇺🇦.
The russians are responsible for 14,000 Ukrainians #killed in 2014-2022 and 8,173 more Ukrainians killed since 2022 (@UN_HRC). No one knows how many Ukrainians were murdered in #Mariupol, #Volnovakha, and other occupied cities, towns, and villages. 2/5
The russians are responsible for 8,104,606 #refugees (@UNRefugeeAgency) and 7 million internally displaced people (@Kabmin_UA_e).

So far, the russians have #destroyed 2,660 and 1,200 #education and #healthcare buildings and facilities (@MoH_Ukraine, @MON_UKRAINE). 3/5
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Mar. 1:
1/ #Deportation of #Ukraine #Children

[♦️Figures reported here are drastically higher than previously reported.]

List of #Kherson #Children in the #Yolochka #Children's #Home ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Abducted .@lubinetzs .@ZelenskyyUa…
Mar. 1:
2/ #Deportation of #Ukraine #Children

..#Children's #Home in #Simferopol, #Crimea
[♦️Previous figures 6,000–14,000.]

In the photo Volodina Anastasia.

According to our source, they brought ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Abducted #WarCrimes…
Mar. 1:
3/ #Deportation of #Ukraine #Children

..brought about 30 #Children from the #Kherson region, but only those on the list remained in the #Orphanage itself. All the rest were sent to #Russia...continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Abducted #Missing #War…
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@ryskfinance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that offers uncorrelated, competitive yields in all market conditions through its innovative financial engineering solutions. #RyskFinance #DeFi #crypto #blockchain #Staking Image
The platform leverages the power of its Dynamic Hedging Vault (DHV), a self-governing #options vault, to generate delta-neutral #yield for its liquidity providers.
With its clear #transparency on the risks involved, @ryskfinance enables its users to access high yields with #confidence and clear boundaries, how much you can lose and how much you can earn.
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Our focus for 2023 is #adoption.

Here is #Nimiq’s 3-step adoption process:

Step #1: Develop the lowest barrier to entry solutions.

#Nimiq is working towards making NIM the #1 payment cryptocurrency on the planet, offering users of all technical levels a worry-free access a global decentralized payment ecosystem.
Step #2: Build bridges to traditional finance.

#Nimiq is building solutions and entering partnerships to deliver bridges with traditional finance and payment networks while creating interoperable on- and off-ramps. This creates a foundation for a comfortable transition.
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“I applied for adoption when I was 21. But Renee was handed over to me when I turned 24, " recalls actress #SushmitaSen, an independent adult.

#Inspiration #SingleMother #Parenting #Motherhood #Adoption #Children #FatherDaughter Image
She started the adoption process, yet the judge hesitated to grant her permission on the grounds of #marriage.⁠ Sushmita fostered her elder daughter Renee for 6 months before the final adoption hearing.
Upon being asked by the judge, if he worried about Sushmita’s marriage after adopting a child, her father replied. ⁠

"While no father would be okay with that, he was sure he never raised her to only be some worried.
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Only 2 Dogs in #RockyMountNC Shelter. Skinny little Clarence and Unlisted Peanut Butter 😞They will still kill them 12/19‼️🤯 Death by heart stick in an empty shelter without #adoptme $45 #FostersSaveLives #URGENT #RESCUE #Pledge 🔥🆘🆘
Clarence and Peanut Butter #Christmas #Rescue #DogsofTwitter #Adoption #NorthCarolina #Pledges #RockyMountNC 🎄🎁⛄️🐾💔🙏
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#VLRM look to get final confirmation of the #GSX deal, morphing from basically a Spac into one of the world's first fully regulated exchanges crossing the digital divide, between #fiat & #crypto!
So for under 12 Million MCAP what's currently not priced in & what can we expect...
🔥The #GSX is a regulated exchange market (Tier 1 exchange) which also holds an Multi-Lateral Trading Facility ("MTF") licence for the listing of specific forms of security under MiFID.
#markets #StocksToBuy #stockstoinvest #Aquis #aim
🔥#Juno - 3 areas of licensed operations cover the formation & management of trusts & similar entities, the administration of funds, a broad range of activities, like fiat & crypto currencies & the formation & management of companies in #Gibraltar / jurisdictions worldwide.
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Well positioned since 2018 thanks to a comprehensive legal framework, Gibraltar is attracting many players in the blockchain and crypto world wishing to get out of the blur by anchoring itself to a clear territory and legislation. @NigelMFeetham @GibraltarGov
Daring, this bet to transform this tip of the peninsula of 6.8 km2 into an international cryptohub could lead to the creation of the first hybrid Stock Exchange in the world.

Through his company @ValereumPLC , @RPoulden is finalising here the creation of the first stock exchange
in the world which will make it possible to invest in traditional assets - stocks, derivatives, currencies... - by paying for them in Bitcoin, Ethereum and maybe even in Dogecoin.
#btc #Ethereum #Dodgecoin
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#NFT market well-positioned to grow 35% into a $13.6B industry by 2027
For the next five years, trends tied to the global NFT boom continue to factor in the growing involvement of influencers, gaming communities, rising demand for artworks & real estate
@ValereumPLC @mattereum
Interestingly enough, research firm MarketsandMarkets envisions several other factors that will contribute to the explosive growth of the NFT market, including its increasing use cases in supply chain management, retail, fashion and Regulation.
#NFTsCommunity #btc #adoption
NFT marketplaces — platforms that allow investors to purchase and sell NFTs — are currently expected to contribute the highest to the growth of the NFT ecosystem. @FrontierFinance
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Wenn Dein Geburtstag Dich daran erinnert, dass Du nicht gewollt warst, sondern ein „Unfall“ von 2 Teenagern…. Wenn Du weisst dass nach Deiner Geburt Deine leibliche Mutter Beruhigungsmittel gespritzt bekomme hat, weil „man das so macht“ bei Babies, die zur Adoption freigegeben
Wenn Du weisst dass diese Mutter Dich nur einmal kurz gesehen hat- heimlich- bevor sie entlassen wurde- und nachdem sie, noch im Dusel der Spritze,illegaler Weise die Papiere unterschreiben musste….

Wenn Du weisst, dass Du 7 Monate im Heim in einem Bettchen lagst, weil
die Familie, die Dich bekommen sollte, Dich dann doch nicht wollte, weil die Frau unerwartet schwanger wurde- oder weil Du deutlich dunkler warst als das Deutsche Durchschnittsbaby?

Wenn Du das alles weisst, und auch daran denkst dass Du auch Jahre später nur Verletzungen
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When they pull this off let me assure you "The #GSX will be the world's first exchange to create a seamless and fully regulated bridge that links the fiat and crypto markets,"
The prize, of course, is juicy business.
Valereum targets a cryptocurrency sector worth, according to its estimates, approximately $3.5 trillion.
This deal has the attention globally with countries such as Russia, China, USA watching closely as are the likes of #Binance
This will give listed instruments on the GSX access to a regulated pool of crypto capital that is not available anywhere else, and it will give crypto currency holders the ability to have a direct, verifiable holding in fiat securities."
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Hello #Crypto Twitter!

Waiting for #blockchain #adoption to simply materialize is not good enough.

In this 🧵, I offer some thoughts on how to onboard people to the opportunities of Web3 and why a small chain like #Elrond might be uniquely positioned to do so.

@egld_initiative Image
While an overwhelming majority (93% of Americans, according to a recent @HarrisPoll) have heard of #Cryptocurrencies such as #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, few are familiar with the foundational blockchain technology that they are built on.
Of all its applications, from supply chain management, voting & governance mechanisms, peer-to-peer marketplaces to secure data handling, crypto finance is just one use case of blockchain technology.
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Once regulatory approvals have been confirmed by the #GFSC on the purchase of #GSX & #JUNO, further news on #NFT open market place, update on market listing & partner news. I'm expecting a fabulous run for #VLRM.
With a 20Mil MCAP, 22p sp - x5 from here in the interim!
Long term - this could be eye watering and is dependent on adoption. I am looking at anything between £200m and £800m!

Currently nothing is priced in and we should be at 50p with a fair value of £1.37 sp pricing in potential deals if not more!
#blockchain #NFTsCommunity #AQUIS
The sector & this space is getting hot and regulation will only help regulated exchanges thrive and consumer confidence return! #VLRM aim to access multiple #Trillion dollar markets!@DavidLenigas
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"Argument-Making in the Wild"

Today's SFI Seminar by Simon DeDeo (@LaboratoryMinds), streaming now. Follow our thread for pull quotes and slides:

First, let's divide human history into three eras, or regimes of #knowledge #production and #consumption:

• #premodern/#archaic
• #modern + #postmodern
• the #egregore (online content sharing)

• The premodern era is defined by caloric restriction.
• The modern era is characterized by a small number of sellers of #information vs. a large number of consumers (see also #HerbertSimon's remarks on the "poverty of #attention")

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@skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial and @cryptpad could be the next #Gmail alternative in the #web3 space and here is the big WHY

#web3community #web3ashewovibes #Crypto #Crypto #BTC

A thread
While #Gmail and #Proton is currently the most trusted of all communication apps based on their past records, @skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial @cryptpad are not doing bad with their development in few years,they are Innovations that have credible usecases and possible adoption
@skiffprivacy is a privacy first end to end encrypted and open source collaboration mail with massive development going on the project .

Here are some of the #usecases, limitations and possible adoption level I can spot ,there are may be more

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LGBTQ+ Adoption: a 🧵.

In 2018, when I rang the first adoption agency - a major, central london-based charity with an “outstanding” Ofsted rating - we spoke to, I was asked what age of child we anticipated adopting.
“We were thinking of around about 18 months,” I said.

The Duty Social Worker laughed, and said:
“Older children with more problem tend to be placed with gay couples. Younger children with fewer problems tend to be placed with heterosexual couples.”
I asked her to repeat herself.

She did.

After our conversation I emailed her to triple check.

She emailed straight back saying she’d been “referring to ethnicity.”

I pointed out we hadn’t discussed ethnicity by that point in the conversation.
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Adoption: a 🧵.

It's exactly three years since our daughter's social worker told us that they couldn't provide us with a passport for her, because it turned out (despite their previous insistence otherwise) that she wasn't a British citizen.
The background: every UK local authority pledges to provide every child taken into their care with citizenship. However, because the UK govt charges more than £1k per application, local authorities routinely let that issue slide.
This leaves the most vulnerable children in our society stateless unless - and until - they are adopted. White baby girls are most likely to be adopted (you can work out the rest), so this disproportionately affects Global Majority boys who are in the care system.
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