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🕵️ Why are they cool?

· Perceptually uniform
· Perceptually ordered
· Colour-blind friendly
· Readable as B&W print
· Highly compatible
· Versioned & citable
🧑‍🎤 What‘s new?

· #glasgow, #lipari, #navia & #managua
· Improvements to existing palettes
· More formats (e.g., .pal for ODV)
· Colour hand-picker for discrete & categorical palettes

See details about all new additions:… Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...
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I would really like #MicrosoftLearn to update #accessibility learning courses to include cognitive dysfunction from #LongCOVID. This is going unrecognized in classrooms and should span #SEL and approach to learning design and applicaiton of #AI.
#ShowcaseSchool #MIEExpert Image
For those dealing with #LongCOVID, even if you're not in edu, you can sign up for free for Microsoft Learn, get information on free tools that can support you with accessibility. Medical providers, let your patients know these resources exist. #MedTwitter… Image
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Revolutionizing the World: 20 AI & Machine Learning Startups You Need to Know. 🧵...
1/20: In this thread i will try and explore the fascinating world of AI and machine learning startups! Discover some of the most innovative companies pushing the boundaries in this space. #AIStartups #MachineLearning
2/20: First up is @OpenAI, the team behind the groundbreaking GPT series.

With GPT-4, they're developing even more advanced natural language processing capabilities to revolutionize human-computer interactions. #NLP #OpenAI
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At 4pm EST, the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science & Technology will hear testimony related to Bill C-22, including comments from our EVP @KristaCarrNB. #cdnpoli

We'll be live tweeting throughout the committee meeting.

Tune in here:…
@KristaCarrNB Session is starting now - first up, introductions from the committee members and an overview of the #accessibility features adopted by committee.

Panel 1 opens with remarks from @CQualtro.
"This poverty finds its roots in historic and ongoing discrimination, bias, and exclusion face by #pwd. These barriers exist because our systems, laws, policies, and programs were not built with or for #pwd." Image of Minister Qualtrough appearing in Senate.
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Folks--here's my semi-regular call to use alt-text in your social posts. It's good to include your low-vision friends & your friends whose bandwidth doesn't allow them to access pictures via the internet in your posts.
Here's a good explainer from @GendoWasRight:…
Here's a wonderful extension from @ActiveB1t that will show you what's alt-texted on twitter and what isn't:
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We are thrilled to present Virtual Volunteer™, a digital visual assistant powered by @OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model. Virtual Volunteer will answer any question about an image and provide instantaneous visual assistance in real-time within the app. #Accessibility #Inclusion #CSUN
@OpenAI #BeMyEyes’ Virtual Volunteer™ is already available for a pool of beta testers. Join our waitlist in the Be My Eyes app!
And to read more about Virtual Volunteer, visit our new blog post:…
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@twitter can be such a great accoutre to discuss so many important social imperatives yet we squabble over the most abhorrent issues. For example #DigitalInclusion. Today there are close to 1 bn people with #disabilities globally. How many of those are in India? We don't (1/2)
(2/n) know because we have been so frigin busy with discussing Modis suit or @RahulGandhi s trip to #CambridgeUniversity we ran the last census in 2011. Tax payers are paying truck load of money to sponsor a government department called The Department of Empowerment of Persons..
(3/n) With Disabilities. I am thinking why the bastions of morality & righteousness like @MahuaMoitra @ShefVaidya @derekobrienmp @RanaAyyub @BDUTT @RShivshankar @fayedsouza @UnSubtleDesi @ARanganathan72 @sagarikaghose @sardesairajdeep @KarunaGopal1 et al never discuss how we can
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Day 2 of Research Profile Bootcamp. Today is all using about #SocialMedia to promote your research. 📣 We'll be tweeting tips from workshops with @DrHilaryYoung @448Studio this morning, and @RuthWinden from @UniLeedsODPL this afternoon. ✔ Research Profile bootcamp 6-10 March 23. Tuesday Day 2: usin
@DrHilaryYoung @448Studio @RuthWinden @UniLeedsODPL This morning's workshop starts at 10:00 and is on Social media essentials and strategy for researchers new to #SocialMedia. We're delighted to be hosting @DrHilaryYoung from @448Studio.🤩Watch this thread for tips🧵
It's fascinating to hear the different motivations for learning more about using social media for researchers: public and policy engagement, finding participants, outreach, finding collaborators, building networks and learning.
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My latest project files are now up on @printablescom. They are simple brackets for shelves. I generated a lot of files for my pages and also included a @RealThunder12 @FreeCADNews file that uses parameters to customize shelving to fit your needs.…
I made a separate page for the files that contain magic measurements. Since there are over 500 files between these two pages, I figured it made sense to separate them i to make it a little easier to navigate.…
I wanted to keep this project hardware-free, because I wanted to make it as accessible as possible. My fine motor skills in my right hand have gotten a lot better in the past years, but I still struggle at with small objects. #accessibility #3dprinting
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#Zionist-#Leyen's Revenge:
#EU #Ombudsman - page down at least since Feb 14, 2023, 8:22pm CET.
EU institutions and bodies profiles | #EuropeanUnion!btCjND ImageImage
#Zionist-#Leyen's harsh #revenge:
#Ombudsman's last webpage saved Oct 7, 2022
The European #Ombudsman, Emily #OReilly, works with the institutions, agencies and bodies of the @europeanunion to achieve the highest standard of #administrative practices… ImageImageImage
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Now we’ve talked about the value of #ResearchData and #RDM, let’s get into the #FAIRData principles! These state that research data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.
Let’s start with #Findability! We can only use #ResearchData if we know how to look for them. This means that data (& metadata) not only need to be registered in a searchable database, but also to be indentified in a way that is clear, consistent and unique. Text: "Findability means putting data in a library and
#Accessibility requires that the protocol for finding (meta)data using this unique label is standardized, free and open. Different people and machines should have the same opportunity to search for and access the data!
#OpenScience Text: "Accessibility means everyone can retrieve data u
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Purch It will be a helpful tool for older people who want to shop online, as it simplifies the process of finding products they see on TV shows and movies.
The image recognition technology of the app makes it easy for users to find products by simply taking a photo or video, which can be beneficial for older individuals who may not be as comfortable with traditional online shopping methods such as typing keywords into a search bar.
Additionally, the app can provide a friends and family curation system to ensure that what you are buying is the right product.
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#PostNews is ableist by intent. When I made my first post I was astonished that I couldn't add an image description to an infographic.

It turns out this is not an oversight. It's intentional. #Accessibility. /1 Post by Taylor Lorenz November
The founder of Post says "We want to do it all but first, let's get everyone in."
Well, everyone in who is sighted, that is.
If #accessibility is not part of the design from the start, it won't be easily added in the future. /2
Post is excluding smart people like @DavidLepofsky, a lawyer who was responsible for forcing the Toronto Transportation System to add stop announcements. Which of course helps the sighted too. /3
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🧵🧵 THREAD: 9 tips for successful #bioinformatics #projects 🧵🧵
1. Start by defining the aim, scope, and objectives of your project, and by identifying the #biological and #computational questions you want to answer.
2. Identify the #data sources, types, and formats, that are relevant and available for your project, and evaluate their quality, quantity, and suitability.
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Dear friends, welcome to today's episode of #navigatewithidy brought to you by @c_shepherds. Today, we have a special guest on the show in person of Prof Oritsejafor who will be joining Mr. @IdyEnang to discuss on the topic "Indigenous Knowledge Leadership."

Indigenous knowledge (IK) is the value of knowledge that has been used over time, over centuries & centuries. They have been proven to be very successful & sustainable.

#navigatewithidy #Leadership @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
Indigenous knowledge is not just unique to one particular cultural context, they are also very dynamic as you can find it being used in North-West America among the indigenous people.

#navigatewithidy #Leadership @IdyEnang @LagosTalks913
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For many filmmakers and talent, their workspace is on set. For disabled representation to be increased both behind and in front of the camera, Hollywood needs to make sets accessible. It’s not that hard, it just takes intention.
If sets aren’t accessible, disabled talent can’t be included. If they’re not included, their stories and point of view are not told. If their stories are not told, culture does not change. Add the A. Make your set accessible.
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A mirror selfie of me wearing a button down, pants, suit jac
I went to a film festival tonight. The website page for the showing said the film is captioned, and the theater has the captioning device. I was excited to catch it!
And off I went, and inquired with theater staffers about the device 30 minutes before the film. I talked to three people and they told me the film had subtitles (like translation) but not captions for all of the dialogue.
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CO2 monitors are a great tool for managing indoor air quality. <3

ASHRAE Position Doc on Indoor Carbon Dioxide (2022):…

My Canadian source for Aranet4 is @Prescientx1:…

Rebreathed CO2 decal is by @amandalhu:… Photo of Aranet4 CO2 monito...
#COVIDisAirborne #BringBackMasks #CleanTheAir #engineering #IAQ #SARSCoV2 #humanrights #COVID19 #VaccinesPLUS #DisabilityRights #inclusion #accessibility

Shared spaces with mandates for clean indoor air as per ASHRAE & high efficacy masking are safer and more accessible for all. Photo of Aranet4 CO2 monito...
On @DonateMask's store, you can find CO2 monitors under $100 and support a good cause at the same time.

#COVIDisAirborne #CleanTheAir
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A little thread for folks who are new to the #a11y field in light of the news, as LinkedIn and Twitter is full of people talking about the alleged atrocity of firing all of the @TwitterA11y team. There are several assumptions being made and myths I'd like to bust. 🧵
First, I'd like to say that this absolutely abominable, just not the atrocity people are making it out to be. My favorite boss led the @TwitterA11y team, and it is awful that they were fired without proper notice, and I hope the class action about the WARN Act wins.
Myth 1: Twitter is the only tech company with 3,500+ employees and no #accessibility team.

I've been working in #accessibility for over a decade. This isn't just untrue now, but it's been untrue. Lack of jobs is one reason I've been underemployed for nearly a decade.
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Planners, #policymakers, #gis and #dataviz people of twitter, @TrivikV @mikhailsirenko and I released a new #opensource project: CityAccessMap. It's an open source #webapplication that visualizes urban #accessibility insights for almost every city in the globe 🌐.
The web-app uses #OpenData to visualize access to a variety of #essentialservices. By considering where people live, CityAccessMap measures how much of a city's population has access to things like transit/bus stops or health facilities. The app is entirely customizable.
The user can switch services on and off. Here's an example of accessibility to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and other health services in Lima, Perú.
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I was fortunate to be invited to @WhiteHouse to engage in an event called “Communities in Action: Building A Better Michigan” put on by the @WhiteHouseOPE46

While I’m honored to have been invited, it started off with an incident that, I feel, justified my very presence…(1/5) Tabletop name tag saying Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami : Univers
We were directed to an address to have a COVID test before entering. As we approached, it was apparent that there was no wheelchair access. I was w/ state rep from Kalamazoo, Julie Rogers, & she went in to let them know I was waiting outside and couldn’t get in. (2/5) A brick building with stairs leading up to a door. A sign sa
Once inside @WhiteHouse, I used that as an opportunity to talk about how we can implement wonderful policies, but if the very people who are intended to benefit from those policies can’t even physically access them, all we are doing is further exacerbating this disparity.(3/5) A black man in a long white coat seated at the head of a lon
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1/ As if the #opioid crisis and the pending #ONhealth ED collapse weren’t enough, @OntariosDoctors section on Addiction Medicine warning OAT clinics across Ontario could see service disruptions as of Dec 1, 2022 (ironically #internationalaids day)
2/ At issue is the implementation of the new virtual care codes which will slash fees for video consultations with new patients— patients in rural or remote areas without access to specialists are likely to be most impacted. #onpoli #onhealth
3/The irony is that #mentalhealth in #ontario was pioneering in establishing the virtual care capacity that got us through #covid. Many community-based #buprenorphine programs in rural and remote areas operated virtually prior to the pandemic, increasing #accessibility to OAT.
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I'm so curious, what the
@CityOfVictoria ballot will look like for #YYJElxn, with 37 candidates for councillor alone (+ mayor +school trustee) #VictoriaVotes2022 #YYJPoli Image
2/ Are you registered? (are your friends/neighbours registered, or do they need help to do so?) #VictoriaVotes2022 #YYJElxn #YYJPoli
Check here:…
3/How are you planning to cast your vote
#VictoriaVotes2022 #YYJElxn #YYJPoli
in person? in advance?
or by mail? To receive a mail ballot, you need to complete and submit an application form.… You can also request a mail ballot by calling 250.361.0571.
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