#CongressHearings: there was a third option between continous war and surrender to the #Taliban. Win that war, empower the people and reform the educational system.
There was no option to go in, defeat the Taliban in 2001, and leaving with no change in society. Like going to n WWII Nazi Germany, and leave without establishing a democratic republic.
In my view any #TalibanDeal is wrong, as would have been a #NaziDeal, or #FascistDeal. But the "deal" that was applied by the #Biden Adm on the ground, facilitated the rise of a #JihadiState. Reality on the ground.
The US have defeated the Taliban, AQ, allowed Afghanis to organize and establish their republic. It wasn't the most advanced institution. But to allow the #Taliban to crush it is irresponsible. The work was at its 75%. The collaboration with the Jihadists brought it back to zero
Trying to convincing Americans that "we can ask the Taliban to stop alQaeda and ISIS from conducting Jihad," is not just a fantasy but an insult to intelligence.
#AfghanistanHearings: so if the Taliban threaten US to resume attacks, if we don't leave on their timing, we actually withdraw on "their timing" and under their conditions?

Since when the US bow to Jihadi terrorists?
#AfghanistanHearings: the Biden Adm is strongly arguing that the #Trump Adm's deal "was very bad."

So why did you implement it? It was an executive order, that your executive order could have canceled. Why did you apply a worse deal based on an allegedly bad deal as you argued?
#AfghanistanHearings: the #Biden Adm argues that they allowed the Taliban to takeover "because the Afghan Army was losing!"

So why did we liberate France, Belgium, and Holland from the Nazis, after their armies lost the war?

Is that even a rational argument?
#CongressionalAfghanistanHearings Withdrawing at any date from Afghanistan without securing a plan, and solid defenses behind us, to insure the Taliban wouldn't takeover is irresponsible.
This would be planting the seeds of a more destructive and longer war for many generations.

The authority that ordered such pull out "in collaboration" with the #Taliban, is responsible for the catastrophe.
The US opposition should not fall for the Adm talking point that "we had to leave otherwise it would have been war." It was war and we had removed the Taliban and kept it that way with 2,500 military. The goal was to enable the Afghan Army to decisively end the Jihadists.
We were ending the war to our advantage & that of #AfghanDemocracy. The Biden-Obama Uturn ended patient US plans, cut a deep deal with the Taliban, claiming we were losing the war. Fallacy. Afghan civil society was expanding. We were merely protecting it - before we betrayed it.
Sec #Blinken said the "Taliban are the 'de facto govt of Afg & did not take power through a violent coup but rather 'won the upper hand in a civil war.'
Not true, the Taliban seized military barracks, Presidency, ministries, airfields, eco centers with no battles. That is a coup.

The Taliban have conducted a Jihadi coup. They themselves argue that they "toppled the Afghan Gov"

All US Adms for 19 years have asserted clearly to Congress, that the Taliban were defeated & are waging "terror operations." Like Jihadists in many countries.
No, the Taliban are not a "de facto Government" of Afghanistan.

They are the sitting militia coup. Still responsible for 3000 dead on 9/11 and 2000 US military since.

We shouldn't have signed any deal with them, empowered them and collaborating with them now.
What does "The #Taliban has committed to stop attacks by #AQ & #ISIS on the US" mean?

That the #TalibanRegime will incorporate the Jihadists in the Afghan State to become a #JihadiIRGC with greater weapons than ever, passports, airports, money & easy travel to the West? 🤨

#SecretaryBlinken, we did not end the war in #Afghanistan. We gave victory to the Jihadists...

Secretary Blinken, did the Afghan Government request US air support to stop the #TalibanBlitz? Did we respond?


• • •

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14 Aug
The fall of #Kabul is the fall of US foreign policy under the #Biden Administration.
The Administration that claims it defends women, youth, minorities & liberals and fights fascism and fundamentalism is the one that threw women, youth, minorities & liberals in poor #Afghanistan to the #Jihadi fascists.

Thinking of the scared and fleeing women of #Afghanistan.

Unlike men, they cannot hide from the #Taliban, they cannot camouflage.

They are trapped under the #Jihadists.
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14 Aug
President #Ghani pressed by the Islamist lobby in Washington to resign, while the #Taliban advance on Kabul.

Will join @alarabiya to comment on #Afghanistan
#Taliban forces invade the house of general Dustum in the north. Approach the suburbs of #Kabul.
Joined @AlArabiya on a panel to discuss the ongoing events in Afghanistan, for the next hours.
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13 Aug
Yes #Trump Adm envoys negotiated the #TalibanDeal in #Doha, fooled their own Adm, applied #Obama era pro Ikhwan agenda. But it's the #Biden Adm that has & IS implementing the surrender of #Afghanistan to the Jihadi #Taliban. The incumbent bear the responsibility of the disaster. Image
US and Western officials are "warning" that "a civil war could start in Afghanistan!"

No kidding! And what is that whole #Taliban invasion if not a Jihadi civil war on the people of #Afghanistan? Politicians are just unable to admit that NATO threw Afghanistan to the #Jihadists. Image
So much crocodile tears are shed in Washington DC by politicians, bureaucrats and media, about the "fate of Afghan women, youth and minorities."

A #TalibanDeal horror. Image
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27 Mar
A disaster thanks to the #IranDeal architects: Delaying changes in Iran, allowed the regime to sign a Soviet-style "25 year cooperation agreement" with China: strategic, military, trade etc. Tehran is now much better protected. This disaster is on the shoulders of Obama-Biden..
They knew about the #Iran-#China 25 years "Soviet-Style" Cooperation Agreement. Our intelligence, foreign policy teams, military, businesses, knew, yet the #Biden Adm was still racing towards the #IranDeal while #Beijing & #Tehran were producing their deal!

How can that be? 🤨
The @nytimes is "warning" that the #ChinaIranDeal will weaken US influence in the Middle East."

No kidding! The #NewYorkTimes was a major promoter of #IranDeal which allowed the #IranRegime to sign a deal with China. US "mainstream" media is morally responsible for the new axis.
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10 Feb
While the "impeachment trial" is hurdling and rattling on live TV, many foreign policy and national security decisions are being smuggled in the darkness of media night.
Gradually, the #Biden Adm is projected to start putting pressure on the perceived "conservative" Governments in Latin America, such as #ElSalvador, #Brazil, #Colombia & others.
Via grayish bureaucratic mechanisms, #Iran will be getting aid "due to the #coronvirus spread" thanks to #Biden Adm pushes, though #China has been supplying that type of aid already.
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7 Feb
Excellent @TIME piece to read about the mighty, impeccable & integrated political machine - I've cited in #TheChoice back in September- that defeated the #Trump campaign during fall 2020.

#Republicans follow ideals, their opponents organize. However..

The Time article is perhaps accurate on names, facts & very educative. But in the larger picture, it serves as a "mega decoy" to hide the wider more & deeper tale behind it. It's meat thrown to satisfy readers' hunger, filled with details, while the real dragon escape attention.
The writer(s) of the @TIME piece lionized the "actors" of the opposition & imputed all "victories" to their zeal to defeat the "imagined" hysterical "Trump threat." The actions by the players cited are apparently accurate, but the uber players & real timeframes were "redacted."👥
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