1/10🧵 - Tragically, a lack of understanding isn’t the only reason @Conservatives are so #antimask.

YES, some have made ludicrous statements about only STRANGERS being a #COVID risk, including our Secretary of State for Avoidable Ill-Health @sajidjavid ….

2 - Remember this car crash👇🏼interview on @SkyNews last month @sajidjavid ?

Shall we run that particular bit of public health advice past genuine experts like @trishgreenhalgh @dgurdasani1 @chrischirp @devisridhar @martinmckee @GabrielScally & all those at @IndependentSage?
3 - ….and how can we forget @Jacob_Rees_Mogg ‘s hilarious explanation yesterday for the lack of 😷s on the #Tory benches.

@LindsayHoyle_MP @OliverDowden @JonAshworth @AWMurrison
(As an aside, could it be time to introduce IQ tests into the application process for MPs 🤔?)
4 - @conservatives pride themselves on FREEDOM, LIBERTY & taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

What does the FREEDOM to infect others, the LIBERTY to take #COVID anywhere & to anyone you please & the option to take as much or as little PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY as you fancy feel like?
4 - But putting those CORE #Tory VALUES to one side for a mo…

WHY would you introduce 😷s right now if THE PLAN was to CRASH the #NHS, CRUSH the staff so you can privatise it without resistance AND provide a smoke-screen for the ongoing #BrexitDisaster?
Seriously, you wouldn’t!
5 - The details of delayed cancer care, postponed urgent surgery, 12 hr waits in A+E, a crisis in primary care, stress & burnout in HCPs…..are merely that to them!

Unimportant, irrelevant details!

Remember… @BorisJohnson DOES’NT DO DETAIL…EVER!
6 - And if we think the desperate please of ordinary drs, nurses, #NHS staff of all types, @TheBMA @CNagpaul, @NHSConfed @ChrisCEOHopson et al are going to make a blind bit of difference, we must think again.

@danielgoyal @rupert_pearse @sbattrawden @JujuliaGrace @doctorshaib
7 - The #PM is taking us on a one-way trip to US style privatised healthcare, via a cover up of the biggest act of national self harm imaginable, #Brexit!

He doesn’t care HOW it happens OR HOW MANY “ordinary people” get sick/die of ANY CAUSE..

8 - In the meantime, please be assured that every one of us will do our absolute best to try to provide you, your family & friends w/ the care you need at the time you need it!

We know it won’t always be possible, but any anger should be directed at the door of @10DowningStreet.
9 - Assuming #COVID19 or the stress of it all don’t get to me first, I hope I live to see the #PrimeMinister & his cabal of entitled scythe wielding MPs behind bars for their abject failure to protect the nation during a pandemic & make a fortune on the way!

😬….making a fortune along the way!

• • •

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More from @AlisonGeorge10

22 Oct
1-Hey👋@GillianKeegan yep, I know 😷s aren’t v comfortable when you wear them for hours - WE DO EXACTLY THAT DAY IN DAY OUT!
If you lot would stop behaving like spoilt children those of us trying to keep the #NHS going would have a better chance!

#COVIDisAirborne - oh yes it is!
2-I’ve just finished my 8th day of working out of 9…Not all were full days & yes, I know this is nothing special.

My point is, every single hour was spent wearing a 😷!!

Are you suggesting those of us in healthcare DON’T #WearAMask because IT’s UNCOMFORTABLE?

3- For the millionth time - #COVIDisAirborne (shouting now😬) - unless we all start accepting this FACT & behaving as if we care… A LOT OF PEOPLE are going to die unnecessarily….!

@Jeremy_Hunt - please can you point your party towards #airborne viral transmission reduction!
Read 6 tweets
21 Oct
1/10👋Morning @krishgm, a number of issues are being completely missed out of current #Covid19 discussions.

Despite protestations from @sajidjavid & @Conservatives to anyone who knows anything about healthcare, this is no longer just about #Covid_19.

2/Everything from cancer care to care for non-urgent but life-affecting conditions is already being affected & will inevitably be more effected if we continue with the current #DoAlmostNothing approach.
@doctor_oxford @doctorshaib @dgurdasani1 @Zubhaque @Dr2NisreenAlwan
3/When the entire system is under such extreme pressure, as it is RIGHT NOW, there is nowhere for ppl to turn.

Across the UK, ppl are waiting for advice, for appointments, for treatment, for ambulances, for therapy, for help RIGHT NOW!

@theAliceRoberts @chrischirp @martinmckee
Read 12 tweets
21 Oct
1/8 What ppl need to realise now is that @sajidjavid & @BorisJohnson have made it crystal clear that they’re absolutely cushty w/ AVOIDABLE PREVENTABLE DEATHS & SUFFERING OF ANY KIND - #COVID & non-#Covid.



@10DowningStreet @Conservatives
2/ To completely ignore the desperate pleas of so many clinicians & healthcare leaders about the situation ON THE GROUND IN THE #NHS NOW…shows a level contempt for our expertise & professionalism that is hard to put into polite words.

@ShaunLintern @NHSConfed @rupert_pearse
3/ The really frightening thing is that unlike @sajidjavid & countless @Conservatives repeating ad nauseam the “We are watching the figures very closely” b*ll*cks, we know exactly what such grotesque #WilfulNegligence will actually lead to.

@HZiauddeen @DrNeenaJha @drmeenalviz
Read 8 tweets
20 Oct
There are many layers to the #Covid19UK human catastrophe but IMO it’s all DELIBERATE @mrjamesob

Not even @BorisJohnson is so ignorant that he can’t understand the seriousness of what is currently unfolding.

The crux is - HE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN!

@sajidjavid @JonAshworth
If you were looking for the perfect foil for the #BrexitShambles & #NHSPrivatisation in one fell swoop AND you wanted to divert attention from the cronyism & corruption being uncovered every single day….you’d create as much chaos, fear & desperation as possible….
….carefully positioning your scapegoats (the EU/drs/nurses/teachers/refugees….

You’d allow #COVIDDisinformation to run riot, including from the @UKHSA (& conveniently replace #PHE), whilst churning out a #COVIDisOver narrative through a compliant media.
Read 14 tweets
19 Oct
Is anyone at @thismorning interested in knowing that #BeverleyTurner is advocating the use of #Ivermectin for “home based treatment” of #COVID19?

Not satisfied w/ the relentless spreading of #COVIDDisinformation she’s now pushing a drug that has no benefit.
Anyone would think the #WorldCouncilForHealth had a vested interest in promoting it’s guide and the use of Ivermectin?

@Ofcom @ITV @Matthew_Wright #ThisMorning #BeverleyTurner
And imagine my surprise when I saw the list of Steering Group Members included @AnnadeBuisseret - a prominent #antivaxxer who has been inciting HATRED & VIOLENCE towards HCPs?

@karamballes @_johnbye @NafeezAhmed @BylineTimes @KatyMcconkey @mariannaspring @doctor_oxford
Read 5 tweets
18 Oct
Well this is interesting…

I didn’t know that @richardm56 was a signatory on this letter👇🏼 from #UsForThemUK to the then Education Secretary @GavinWilliamson regarding the use of 😷s in UK schools?

@susannareid100 @DrHilaryJones @benshephard @GMB

Would one expect someone with a record of being a #COVIDMinimiser & of spreading #COVIDDisinformation to be presenting a daily breakfast programme with such a large audience?

IMO it’s a question @GMB & @richardm56 must answer!

@SunderlandLolly @mariannaspring @ITV
The list includes some of the usual suspects of course ….@hartgroup_org members - no surprises there!

@DrHoenderkamp & #AllisonPearson obviously wouldn’t have wanted to miss out.

I almost smiled when I saw the name of my old friend #FrancisHoar - such a nice chap!
3/ ImageImageImage
Read 9 tweets

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