-#Agni5 Decoded
-Successful user trial test which was postponed due unknown reasons in Sep
-#DRDO initially named it Agni-III+
-1st Test 2012
-3-stage solid propulsion, 1st 2 stages same features as Agni-III
-Declared range 5000km actual 8000km extendable 10000km

-Nuclear Capable
-Payload 1650kg
-2012 1st flt test
-Subsequent tests in 2013, ‘15 ‘16 ‘18
-Cannisterized” road-mobile launch missile
-Edge of quick launch from different locations
-Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle
-Up to 10 warheads
-Maneuverable #technology Business Insider
-#China including #Beijing covered
-#Pakistan worried about 2 things: Cannisterized #technology & #AgniPrime
-Just imagine 10 nuclear warheads racing dn from #Agni5 MIRV towards 10 different targets in China
-That would be real #Diwali2021

@China_Amb_India @ChinaSpox_India

• • •

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20 Oct
-#Pakistan & its #Navy becoming butt of jokes for its ridiculosity
-It regularly finds submarines at high seas & that too #IndianNavy submarine
-Finding enemy submarines in real-world situation is like finding needle in haystack
-This clearly shows unprofessionalism of Pak Forces Naval Post
-I hv flown enough missions to debunk claim
-At times finding surface ship becomes Herculean task
-Submarines can be found using physics & array of hi-tech sensors
-Acoustic sensors look for sound pr waves under water
-Electromagnetic sensors identify various parts of spectrum Military Leaks
-Active sensors emit ping & collect returning signal that has reflected back from submarine
-Passive sensors listen noise in environment & hope like hell that it is from the target
-Sonobuoys with hydrophoneare dropped in sea
-They look out for noise & transmit it to aircraft
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15 Oct
-Latest info indicates massive infrastructure drive along #China coast facing #Taiwan
-#Chinese air force bases in Fujian province undergoing major upgrades
-Military expert Antony Wong: Airbases will play major roles in PLA’s plans in Taiwan invasion
#IndianAirForce #IndianNavy
-Reinforced air defence facilities at Zhangzhou airbase
-It is PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command air force headquarters also
-Ground-to-air missile defence site has also been added
-Longtian Airbase could be used as an alternate airbase after massive refurbishment
-4 new hardened aircraft shelters
-24 aircraft sunshade shelters can take a full Sqn
-Upgrades for air defence sites, runway, apron & bunkers

#IndianAirForce #IndianNavy @Chellaney @MD_Nalapat
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11 Oct
-2 days ago I gave glimpse of technological advances #India is making
-Those were part of my old article out of that many weapons are already in practical use
-Today I talk about advancements in the world #technology
-Some sound like science fiction
-Courtesy #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war we all know abt #drones
-Next in line r hypersonic Kamikaze Drones tested by #Pentagon
-Vintage Racer are low-cost
-Capability to stay close to target for 60–90 min
-Due to small size, it will have low radar signature making it more lethal
-Super Cannon being developed by #USArmy
-Fire rounds >1150 miles
-This distance is approximately same that is between Mumbai & Jaipur
-Complements coastal and other artillery defensive systems
-Utilizes low-cost ammunitions when compared with existing defense systems

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10 Oct
-History is full of situations in which smaller forces have won against larger Nos–#Hitler defeated #France in World War II
-There were many factors, but superior weaponry was 1 major factor
-Who would dominate future wars
-Question is fascinating

#IndianArmy #IndianAirForce
-Change in futuristic weaponry is driven by:
-3D #technology
-#India has largest pool of AI-ready talent in the world
-India ranks 3rd among countries with highest penetration of AI skills, among its workforce, after #USA & #China
-Futuristic weapon systems for #Indian Armed Forces:
-HAL’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
-Super-maneuverable multirole combat stealth 5th-generation ac
-Air superiority, ground attack, bombing, intercepting, strike
-Speed Mach 2.5
-Service ceiling 60k ft

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5 Oct
-We remember 1998’s #Pokhran #nuclear blasts
-But we forget acumen of PM AB Vajpayee
-He & his team took world by surprise
-No 1 expected #India to show political will
-Most devastated was #China
-China was still struggling with international image after #TiananmenCrackdown
-Letter to #USA Pres Clinton by Vajpayee gave #China as reason behind #Indian tests
-US leaked this letter to media tarnishing #Chinese image
-China had conducted 45 nuclear tests in Jul’96 just before signing CTBT
-Despite own tests China took it up itself to damage India
-In 2020 #China conducted low-yield underground nuclear test, which is in violation of CTBT
-1964 to 1969 48 #Chinese tests were carried out, 24 were in air
-China didn't care about safety of people since region was #XinJiang
-194000 ppl hv died from acute radiation exposure
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17 Sep
-#AUKUS & SEA1000 Attack-class future sub program Explained
-2016 #Australia DoD selected Naval Group #France’s Shortfin Barracuda 1A to replace Collins-class subs
-On offer were French Navy’s Suffren-class nuclear attack subs modified to SSK, 12 at A$90 bn
#IndianNavy @subnut Military Today
-Offer wasn't revolutionary
-No air-independent propulsion
-2019 Strategic Partnership Agreement signed despite Naval Shipbuilding Advisory Board‘s objections
-Board wanted extension of service life of Collins-class
-Finally extension program came through giving time till 2038 Transparency Portal
-2020 #Australian National Audit Office objected to non-futuristic nature of “Future Submarine Program”
-Difference of opinion was straining relationship of DoD & Naval Group
-DoD realized #French offer doesn't increase RAN capability needs until 2050s & beyond
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