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9 Dec, 61 tweets, 61 min read
#PPCParis is about to begin! If you can't join us live at @SciencesPo_CEE then make sure to check out our Twitter highlights!

Welcome to DAY 1⃣ of #PPCParis! Florence Haegel from @SciencesPo_CEE is opening the conference now: "The overlapping of #EU2022FR with the #FrenchElections of 2022 will frame the agenda of the French Presidency to a great extent"

As part of these welcoming words to #PPCParis we thank Florence Haegel for her warm words and short analysis of the upcoming French Presidency of the @EUCouncil

We're about to hear also from TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim

"The traditional TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference is an opportunity for a very lively debate about the upcoming French Presidency of the @EUCouncil"

- @CloosJim, TEPSA Secretary-General opens #PPCParis at @SciencesPo_CEE

"You have to hope for the best, and then take what comes"

- @CloosJim encourages the French Presidency to take challenges head on, and not shy away from them

At this time, the first session of #PPCParis is opening!

Natasha Wunsch will be chairing the panel on the #TEPSARecommendations between @david_cvach and the TEPSA Recommendations Team including @NicolePirozzi and @IlkeToygur

. @david_cvach is heading the EU department in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs - there's no one better to react to our #TEPSARecommendations to the incoming presidency

"We don't want to use our Presidency to push our agenda down the throats of the other Member States. But Europe is about cooperation, about taking a higher view than the national interest"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo

"I firmly believe that every EU country sees the Union as a way to maximise their national interest. This is why I think the EU is resilient"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo

"If you approach the EU in an opportunistic way, opting in and out of certain elements, your public will end up wondering if there could have been a better deal. In the UK, this led to #Brexit"

- @david_cvach warns against imbalance between the national and common interest
"This being our 13th Presidency, France is well aware that the Presidency of the @EUCouncil is to be an honest broker between the EU27. We intend to play that role with a lot of ambition"

- @david_cvach described the "main role" of the Council Presidency

"Even when you put new ideas out there, you should consider its feasibility at the EU level: if we were to impose very 'French' ideas without considering this, they would quickly fail"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo

#ClimateAction, #DigitalPolicy and #OnlinePrivacy, #SocialEurope, and the #StrategicCompass will be among the key areas of work for the incoming French Presidency of the @EUCouncil, according to @david_cvach speaking at #PPCParis #EU2022FR


@SciencesPo_CEE @francediplo
"It is always useful to distinguish areas where the EU is a power, and the areas where it is not"

- @david_cvach echoes remarks made by @CloosJim in a recent episode of #EuropeChats 👉

Following initial remarks from @david_cvach on the upcoming priorities of the French Presidency of the @EUCouncil #EU2022FR, we turn to our TEPSA Recommendations Team (represented here by @IlkeToygur and @NicolePirozzi) to introduce the #TEPSARecommendations

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the #TEPSARecommendations you can read them in full here 👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

@NicolePirozzi @IlkeToygur @FundaTekin17 @IAIonline @rielcano @IEP_Berlin @SciencesPo_CEE @francediplo

If you want a bitesize taste of the #TEPSARecommendations to the incoming French Presidency #EU2022FR you can also check out our explainer video! @NicolePirozzi from @IAIonline introduces them in this clip

👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

.@david_cvach mentioned the #StrategicCompass as a key priority for #EU2022FR ➡️ in this clip @Florence_Schi from @dgapev introduces the #TEPSARecommendations on that subject, co-authored with @RoderickParkes and @SerafineDinkel

👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

.@CidobBarcelona's @solerlecha introduces in this clip the #TEPSARecommendations he makes to #EU2022FR along with colleagues Elisa Menéndez López and Héctor Sánchez Margalef

👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

.@MarcoSiddi from @FIIA_fi wrote about the importance of #ClimateAction and #FitFor55 ➡️ a topic also mentioned by @david_cvach

👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

"We believe strongly that if the EU remains weak, then the transatlantic relations is doomed. It is only by becoming stronger that we can sustain the transatlantic partnership"

- @david_cvach reacts to the #TEPSARecommendations on the topic of #StrategicAutonomy
"The Franco-German relations is unlike any other: I met the new German Foreign Minister this morning, and #OlafScholz will be in Paris soon for his first visit"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo explains the importance of the Franco-German alliance in Europe

"President #Macron deserves a lot of credit for building relations with a lot of countries within the EU. We have a variety of formats in the European Union as well, country-to-country and in groups"

- @david_cvach alludes to the #DifferentiatedIntegration of the EU

"One of your #TEPSARecommendations may actually prove to be followed by #EU2022FR"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo on #CoFoE

Do you know what recommendation he may be referring to? Take a read and find out! 👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

On this note we welcome some more detailed discussion of the #TEPSARecommendations: starting with @RoderickParkes from @dgapev, who along with @Florence_Schi and @SerafineDinkel focused on improving the #StrategicCompass

For an explainer, watch the clip by @Florence_Schi

"Our three #TEPSARecommendations are:
1⃣ Combine #StrategicCompass with civilian CSDP
2⃣ Focus on IMPACT and rationale
3⃣ Make the #StrategicCompass the focus of EU resilience efforts"

- @RoderickParkes from @dgapev
Read the full recommendations! 👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…
"You are quite right: nothing ever works exactly as planned. This applies to security and defense. PESCO was planned as an exercise in #Differentiation, but now we have all EU27 except Malta. That's fine, we adapt"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo on EU resilience

"The distinction between civilian and military missions within CSDP is a distinction to which very many Member States are firmly wedded. This is a difficult area in which to act"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo responds to #TEPSARecommendations from @RoderickParkes

Francesco Saraceno from @sciencespo is our next speaker on his detailed #TEPSARecommendations to #EU2022FR: "We are at a momentous moment. We have had two crises in ten years showing how old our macroeconomic institutions are"

If you want to read the relevant #TEPSARecommendations: "What fiscal rule is optimal depends on the existence of a central fiscal capacity", by Francesco Saraceno from @sciencespo you can! 👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

"This is a very tricky balancing act, it is extremely sensitive. I see a discrepancy in a debate between economists and between politicians: the latter are ten years behind"

- @david_cvach responds to Francesco Saraceno's #TEPSARecommendations to centralise EU fiscal policy

Héctor Sánchez Margalef from @CidobBarcelona will now present the #TEPSARecommendations he co-authored with @solerlecha, Elisa Menéndez López

Read the recommendations here: tepsa.eu/recommendation…

If you want a quick explainer on the #TEPSARecommendations on the Mediterranean that Héctor Sánchez Margalef is currently presenting, check out this clip we made for co-author @solerlecha


... and read the #TEPSARecommendations! 👉 tepsa.eu/recommendation…

"We are convinced our future relies on the EU-Mediterranean relations. #EU2022FR will have an EU-Africa summit in Brussels in February"

- @david_cvach from @francediplo responds to Héctor Sánchez Margalef's intervention at #PPCParis

On that note our moderator Natasha Wunsch thanks @david_cvach from @francediplo for an "open and honest exchange"

On to the next panel!

At this time during #PPCParis we are breaking out into parallel sessions. The first is about #NextGenEU and the #EUGreenDeal with @Gregoire_CLD (@EIB), @ThPellerin (@DelorsInstitute), and @LouiseVanSchaik (@Clingendaelorg), moderated by Charlotte Halpern (@SciencesPo_CEE)

We're also enjoying a parallel session on #NextGenEU and the #macroeconomics of Europe: Diane Fromage (@IMPACTEBU), Edouard Chrétien (@francediplo), @fsaraceno (@sciencespo) will discuss, with @michelemchang (@collegeofeurope) moderating

A third parallel session at #PPCParis focuses on #RuleofLaw and #Democracy: @GDelbosCorfield MEP (@GreensEFA), Petr Kratochvíl (@IIR_Prague), Lucia Mokrá (@ComeniusUni), and @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe) will discussion, with Natasha Wunsch moderating

If you want to meet our speakers in this panel and beyond then you can check out our handy guide 👉 tepsa.eu/wp-content/upl…

We've now moved on to TWO MORE parallel sessions!

One is on the topic of the EU as a Global Actor with TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim moderating the discussion between Lagdalena Góra, @ChristianLeque3, and @NicolePirozzi

Another parallel session at #PPCParis is linked to the #InDivEU project!

@dice_h2020 is taking a good look at the proceedings, so take a look it you want to discuss #Differentiatedintegration with @IvoBelet, Frank Schimmelfennig, and Donald Wertlen


In the parallel session "Next Generation EU and the EU Green Deal", @Gregoire_CLD from @EIB, @ThPellerin from @DelorsInstitute, and @LouiseVanSchaik from @Clingendaelorg discussed with Charlotte Halpern from @SciencesPo_CEE moderating

"The #EUGreenDeal was a great solution, but we already have a setup at the @EIB to be ambitious in #ClimateAction"

- @Gregoire_CLD from @EIB

"If we really want to change our economy in a way that avoids #ClimateDisaster. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5% every single year for 20 years if we want to achieve #ClimateNeutrality by 2040"

- @ThPellerin from @DelorsInstitute

“The Netherlands does not have the best record when it comes to green energy, but we’ve pushed very hard in favour of the current EU #climategoals"

- @LouiseVanSchaik from @Clingendaelorg

In the parallel session "Next Generation EU and the Macroeconomic Capacity of the EU", Diane Fromage (@sciencespo), Édouard Chrétien (@francediplo), and @fsaraceno (@sciencespo) discussed while @michelemchang moderated

"3 issues need tackling urgently: Democratic control, co-existence of Euro area and EU27, and parallel existence of EU law and intergovernmental agreements"

- Diane Fromage, @SciencesPo

"Important is to be quick, quick analysis form the commission and quick response from Member States to try avoid administrative burden. We also need to be sure all reforms and investments announced are really met and implemented"

- Édouard Chrétien, @francediplo

"All of these institutions built early 2000s are today completely unfit to be compatible with new sentiment that macroeconomics, policymakers ,politicians have on the role of macroeconomic policies"

- @fsaraceno, @sciencespo

In the parallel session "Rule of Law and Democratic Backsliding", @GDelbosCorfield MEP (@GreensEFA), Petr Kratochvíl (@IIR_Prague), Lucia Mokrá (@ComeniusUni), and @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe) discussed with Natasha Wunsch moderating

"The @EPPGroup showed a lot of courage when in 2018 they contributed to the success of the Art.7 resolution"

- @GDelbosCorfield MEP, @GreensEFA

"Hungary is primarily about state capture, corruption and predatory policies which are legitimised by an artificially produced ideology. In Poland on the contrary the starting point is a strong ideology"

- Petr Kratochvíl, @IIR_Prague

"We have very clear definitions of the rule of law from the legal point of view. What we currently have a problem with is enforcement of the rule of law, but to enforce the rule of law in the EU is a purely political decision"

- Lucia Mokrá, TEPSA Chairperson (@ComeniusUni)

"The Hungarian case goes even further the electoral perspective: even if Orban lost the election, by now he has created a system whereby even with a new government he and his people would still be in charge"

- @_PaulSchmidt, @oegfe

In the parallel session "The EU as a Global Actor", Magdalena Góra (@JagiellonskiUni), @ChristianLeque3 (@sciencespo), and @NicolePirozzi (@IAIonline) discussed with TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim moderating

"If you look at populist foreign policy their prime interest is not Foreign Policy. It’s almost like the collateral damage that happened is Foreign Policy is calculated on what happens domestically"

- Magdalena Góra, @JagiellonskiUni

"Autonomy means reflecting on relations with those new powers, how to behave with China in particular. Do we have to follow US way of doing things or should we reflect our EU way of doing things?"

- @ChristianLeque3, @sciencespo

"We have this tendency especially in the defence field to take a responsibility when there is no common position. You risk having an actor that is not fully in power that takes decision on behalf of principal actors"

- @NicolePirozzi, @IAIonline

If you want the highlights of the #InDivEU parallel session IN FULL check out the great coverage from our friends over at @dice_h2020 💪


That brings to an end DAY 1 of #PPCParis
Thanks to @SciencesPo_CEE for co-organising, and see you all tomorrow for more!

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We're back at @SciencesPo_CEE to speak about #StrategicAutonomy in Europe!

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"Solidarity is typically understood as solidarity among EU Member States. This means the concept is filtered through the lens of national politics, which to a large extent defines how #solidarity takes place in the EU"

- Petr Kratochvíl, @IIR_Prague, opens the event

.@CatSorensen from @thinkeuropa has extensive experience in EU affairs from the Danish perspective and authored the relevant chapter in "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals"

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Welcome to Day 2⃣ of the #InDivEU Final Conference!

As always we'll be highlighting the best bits from today's panels and you can also watch LIVE ON STREAM! 👉

Check out the agenda for today! We're discussing the perspectives of different political actors on #DifferentiatedIntegration, the #SingleMarket, and Experimentalist Governance!

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While we're on a break from the #InDivEU Final Conference, let's return to our upcoming book "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals"

Yesterday we heard the 🇸🇰 perspective, today we're teaming up with @oegfe for the continuation
We're broadcasting LIVE on Facebook, so go follow along there!

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"I see an overall danger. We have so many influences from outside: Russia, the USA, capital, and many more who invest so much in splitting society [...] No society can work if you have such divides"

- @Evelyn_Regner MEP on the dangers posed to Europe in 2021

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The #InDivEU Final Conference starts TODAY! Welcome to Day 1 - we've got a bunch of great panels on #DifferentiatedIntegration and the #FutureofEurope so make sure to tune in to our 📺 LIVESTREAM 👉
Today we're highlighting the key moments of the conference right here on Twitter, but you can also follow our livestream if you want to tune in to our agenda!


We're currently having some brief words of welcome from Lucia Mokrá, Chairperson of the TEPSA Board, and Frank Schimmelfennig, #InDivEU's Scientific Lead

If you want to learn more about what's coming up today, read our event agenda 📖👉 tepsa.eu/wp-content/upl…

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“European Solidarity: (Mis)interpretation in Slovakia” is about to go LIVE on #zoom! Make sure to tune in while you still can for the views on European #solidarity from 🇸🇰

As always, we'll be highlighting some key moments


@ComeniusUni @SLOVAKIAinEU @SlovakiaMFA
Lucia Mokrá, Chairperson of the TEPSA Board gives a presentation of the 🇸🇰 chapter of "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", which she co-authored with Andrea Figulová, this event's moderator

👉 tepsa.eu/tepsa-books/
We welcome @koztoma, Director-General for Europe at
@SlovakiaMFA, who speaks about defining solidarity, interpreting solidarity, and Slovakia's experience with solidarity

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