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The 2nd day of the @aces_for conference organised with #InDivEU and @dice_h2020 is starting now!

#Zoom in to join our first panel of the day on experimentalist governance

As always, we'll be live-tweeting all the best bits below!

The first panel is an #InDivEU extravaganza! Jonathan Zeitlin, Bernardo Rangoni, and @Maria_Weimer are representing the project

Jonathan Zeitlin from #InDivEU is the first to present

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This morning @vonderleyen will give her first "State of the Union" speech to the European Parliament.

Admittedly, even as an EU nerd I have yet to get attached to the tradition. I would struggle to name a single #SOTEU speech that made a lasting impact.
Could this year be different? Expect a positive outlook after a difficult year, with a focus on Green Deal, digitalisation, the EU coming together over the recovery fund, migration and a touch on European strategic autonomy.
#Brexit will likely not be a major issue, besides a call to the UK to keep its commitments and a declaration of willingness to strike a strong partnership.
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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.@foederalist over at @IEP_Berlin has hosted 3⃣ contributions on the subject of #CoFoE

To celebrate our daily #PublicationOfTheDay📚 series, we're showcasing all three

Here's @JPlottka, who argues #CoFoE should start on #EuropeDay2021…

In the second contribution to the @foederalist series on #CoFoE, Axel Schäfer argues that this should be "a conference of citizens and parliaments"

Check it out!


Here, Gustav Spät argues in his contribution to the @foederalist series on #CoFoE that broad participation is required for the conference to be effective


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A few thoughts about the 🇩🇪 Council Presidency starting today. The months ahead will be busy - and pretty interesting. /1
The expectations are high, maybe a little too high. And there is little time: #NextGenerationEU & #MFF are the priorities (phase 1), then comes #Brexit & 2021 budget (phase 2) & AOB - #migration, #China, #CoFoE (phase 3). /2
It will be a huge challenge for 🇩🇪: Before the crisis, the #MFF & #Brexit deadlines were already set. Now additionally #NextGenerationEU & crisis recovery. Germany can push for ambitious agenda & move forward on points, but don't expect final compromises on everything. /3
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Ambitionierter Plan für herausfordende Zeiten: nach den Prioritäten letzte Woche hat heute 🇩🇪 das Programm zur Ratspräsidentschaft #EU2020DE vorgestellt. Freue mich, dass Kernelemente der @NetzwerkEBD-Politik aufgenommen wurden. Doch eine wichtige Prio fehlt. (Thread 👇)
💶 Im Fokus #EU2020DE steht natürlich das Geld: #EUHaushalt & #RecoveryPlan. Sondergipfel im Juli muss Einigung herbeiführen. 🇩🇪 muss darauf achten, dass #MFR mit wichtigen Programmen wie #Erasmus+ nicht zu kurz kommt.
👍 Neben Herkulesaufgaben wie #MFR- und #Brexit-Verhandlungen, bleibt Stärkung europ. #Werte und des #Rechtsstaat|s Prio. Sehr gut. Denn wir brauchen eine Rechtsstaatsverknüpfung im #MFR & Rechtsstaatsdialog im Rat
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Here, we will be collecting some key quotes from this afternoon's parallel roundtables ⤵️

For our panel on "European Social Cohesion and Social Security", we welcomed four expert panellists from across Europe to give their insights

.@IainBeggLSE from @LSEnews started proceedings, contributing that "we expect and require cross-border solidarity, but social Europe is something the Member States have been reluctant to cede"

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The first panel of the day and third of #PPCBerlin is starting: "Must the EU Learn to Speak the Language of Power?", moderated by @SenemAydnDzgit from @ipc_ipm, featuring:

Stefan Frölich from @UniFAU
@planungsstab from @GermanyDiplo
@NicolePirozzi from @IAIonline

We start with @planungsstab from @GermanyDiplo, who opens his contribution by declaring that the EU is in the "Champions League of world powers"

"There is more work to do to make the EU a strong strategic power: #EU2020DE aims to improve CFSP and CSDP by introducing Qualified Majority Voting"

@planungsstab from @GermanyDiplo expands on the second point of his presentation

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Our first panel at #PPCBerlin is opening: "Youth Ideas: Shaping the Future of Europe", featuring contributions from:

We welcome Werner Hoyer, President of the @EIB, to open proceedings on our first panel, who uses the opportunity to highlight our partners in #PPCBerlin:

@EU_H2020 #EuropeforCitizens @MercatorDE @GermanyDiplo #InDivEU @TRACK_EUCO

"The Green Recovery is the right way forward for Europe for several reasons: fighting #ClimateChange is an obligation, 93% of people want it, it makes sense economically: this market will grow 10% every year"

Werner Hoyer from @EIB outlines the importance of #GreenRecovery
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When @Europarl_EN adopted its position on #CoFoE, the @EPP, @TheProgressives (S&D) and @RenewEurope all supported treaty change. Now the @EUCouncil, dominated by these parties, is trying to bury it.
What does this say about #Europeanparties?…
Some figures. EP votes in favour of treaty change were 163 for @EPP (1 no, 2 abst.), 134 for @TheProgressives (1 no, 3 abst.) and 98 for @RenewEurope (3 abst.). That's 97% minimum.
The @EUCouncil is 44% @EPP, 22% @TheProgressives and 22% @RenewEurope. Close to 90%. #CoFoE
Clearly, EU citizens' directly-elected rep. overwhelmingly support the possibility of treaty change at the Conference of the #FutureofEurope.
And, clearly, national leaders fail to understand this reality, proving once more the detrimental impact of the @EUCouncil. #CoFoE
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Today, once again, the @Europarl_EN expressed its strong support for a Conference on the Future of Europe (#CoFoE) to be organised as soon as the health situation permits.
Once again, the leaders of the Member States (@EUCouncil) are holding back by not having a common position.
Close to a year after the 2019 European elections, this campaign item is still nowhere near agreed upon and, once again, European citizens will blame EU institutions for their inability to act. Member States leaders must meet their responsibilities in the interest of citizens.
In a timely fashion, on the same day as #MEPs confirmed their vision for the Conference on the #FutureofEurope, our national Ministers for European Affairs failed once again to agree on a common position. We need a better #Europe, this one isn't working.…
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New 🇫🇷🇩🇪 proposal for 🇪🇺 #COVID19 recovery published yesterday: This is an important & long-awaited step w/ several important proposals on #health, Recovery Fund, #GreenDeal & #Digital. This will help COM have political backing for ambitious proposal. /1…
Some first thoughts:🇫🇷🇩🇪understanding is necessary, but not sufficient for European Council compromise. And it won't be a walk in the park: Expect opposition from "Frugals" (e.g. 🇦🇹 opposed to an increased #MFF & wants loans.) But positive signs: 🇮🇹 &🇪🇸 on board. /2
On #MFF: question whether 500 bn will be sufficient & how the fund will be used (who gets what, how & when?) - Devil is in the details. Interesting link between #GreenDeal & #Digital. Strong emphasis on #strategicautonomy & #sovereignty in #health is rather positive. /3
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We'll be picking some choice quotes and insights from our TEPSA Debate hosted with @IAIonline

Stay tuned for more from @Poli_Eleonora, @NicolePirozzi, @carolinaplescia, and @ilketoygur

"The idea that Europe is not solving domestic problems is nothing new - we've been seeing it for decades"

- @carolinaplescia from @UniboMagazine, our first featured speaker, on growing Euroscepticism in Italy since the early 2000s

"The rhetoric on the EU has always been different between government and opposition, but now the government is talking more about the EU negatively"

- @carolinaplescia on changes to 'blame shifting' in Italy in recent times

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The long-term consequences of #covid19 are far-reaching & touch upon several policy areas. Whilst the obvious ones are healthcare, econ & empl, #democracy, #RoL & #solidarity in the EU will also be affected. Here's a brief summary of the challenges ahead. THREAD 1/8
1) Taking the looming danger of further autocratization seriously. In #Hungary, emergency measures have been taken that are likely to be kept after the crisis. It includes rule by decree, Parliament suspended, no snap elections/referendums.… 2/8
2) Ensuring #RoL stays on top of the EU's agenda despite the crisis: In #Poland, #muzzlelaw has come into force and the independence of the judiciary is now officially gone.… 3/8
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Since you asked @aidanosullivan @paulwujek
Here is my take on why the European Parliament lost the #Spitzenkandidaten-process [or why did @vonderleyen become Commission President instead of EPP lead candidate @ManfredWeber?]
+ what to make of it
Thread 1/6
Lisbon treaty 17.7 defines election of the Com Pres as ‘ping-pong game’ between EP and Eur Council:
1) EP elections indicate political direction
2) Eur Council nominates candidate on that basis
3) EP elects
In line with 2 channels of EU democracy: EP and member states (Art.10.2)
With Spitzenkandidaten, EP tried to force the Eur Council’s hand & exclusively claim process
This worked in 2014 with Spitz Juncker:
a EU party-groups were taken by surprise
b Juncker was credible candidate
c Soc-Dems/Schulz were willing to concede
d Eur Council was divided

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When comparing positions of #EP / Commission & Croatian non-paper on #CoFoE one can identify a number of open questions & points of contention. Here thread with a non-exhaustive list of 14 main issues/questions that still need to be addressed/settled:
(1) How exactly to involve citizens in #CoFoE? Citizens' Agoras, Citizens' Dialogues, Citizens' Assemblies?; (2) How binding are results of citizens involvement for deliberations in Conference Plenary? (3) How to (actively) involve/include citizens in (final) plenary meetings?
(4) Are there basic common rules for citizens deliberations at national level? And is there a mechanism to monitor & improve national debates/deliberations? (5) How to foster national debates & how to structurally link them to transnational debates in #CoFoE?
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Friday night rant: Having researched several policy areas for a briefing on the priorities of the new Commission this week, I have to say I am absolutely underwhelmed by the lack of intelligibility & translations of the @EU_Commission's website. /1
Many pages (eg on Rule of Law!) aren't even available in German, even though it's one of the largest EU country. Important Communications & Strategies haven't been translated, or if they are, they are not available on the website. /2
In addition, it's close to impossible (at least for everyone who is not an absolute EU nerd) to differentiate between statements, strategies or actual policy proposals - and to understand what has happened to those legislative proposals and where they stand. /3
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How the Conference on the future of Europe will look like? And what will it actually do?

After months of speculation, it's the European Parliament – not the Commission that first initiated #CoFoE – to offer 1st blueprint.

Here’s an initial analysis THREAD @threadreaderapp
(Spoiler): The Conference is in essence a Constitutional Convention model PLUS, but whose 'plus' is so tiny that fails to capture the unprecedented vivacity of EU civil society and mismanage expectations after #EP2019 #CoFoE
Despite its constitutional ambitions, #CoFoE won’t be a grandiloquent Convention entrusted to draft Constitution for EU. Yet a closer look suggests it'll play a similar role: to prepare a set of “concrete recommendations” that may be turned into legislative and/or Treaty changes
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🇪🇺@AdeMontchalin réunit et remercie les organisations impliquées dans les #ConsultationsCitoyennes, pour dresser un bilan sur l’utilité des contributions et penser ensemble les prochaines étapes de la participation citoyenne à la construction du projet européen.

📸J. Sarago/MEAE Image
🌱« Les citoyens ont été entendus. Leur priorité écologique est celle de l’Union européenne :

✅ Urgence climatique @Europarl_FR
✅ Pacte Vert (Green Deal) @UEFrance
✅ Neutralité carbone dès 2 050 @EUCouncil »,
📸 J. Sarago / MEAE Image
Démocratie participative : « Nous devons aller plus loin pour délibérer et prendre des décisions avec les citoyens, par le biais de panels tirés au sort et représentatifs de la diversité, en vue de la Conférence sur l’Avenir de l’Europe », @AdeMontchalin

📸J. Sarago/MEAE Image
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