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The #CzechPPC is starting NOW! As always, we'll be highlighting the best bits here on our Twitter account 💪🇨🇿

@IIR_Prague @dice_h2020 @EUROPEUMPrague @CEI_Secretariat @CzechMFA

TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim and IIR Director @oditrych are currently opening the #CzechPPC

"We are part of the same family. We are diverse, but we are part of the same family, and we have a shared European history"

- @CloosJim, TEPSA Secretary-General in his remarks to open the #CzechPPC

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Batteries Li+: le mur des matériaux pour 2025. Les prix des métaux ont explosé au cours de cette dernière année, entraînant à ce stade une augmentation directe du prix des batteries de 15%. Comment la situation va-t-elle évoluer ? 1/n
Pour le lithium, il va falloir en priorité ouvrir 50 mines à travers le monde, avec un temps avant l’entrée en production de ces mines est de 10 à 15 ans. Il faudra donc compter sur les mines existantes d’ici là. 2/n
Les mines de matériaux critiques existantes sont essentiellement en Australie, Congo, Indonésie & Chine, mais le reste de la filière est essentiellement contrôlée par la Chine, qui produit 75% des batteries Li+ dans le monde. 3/n
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Transport drives EU oil demand, so a Russian oil embargo would massively affect transport. But crude is fungible and the EU refines 500 million tonnes annually. The real problem is diesel dependency, which demands EU action beyond switching crude suppliers. A short 🧵.
The EU consumes 3.6 times more diesel vs petrol. The glut of EU refined petrol means it's a net exporter, while diesel demand exceeds refined output. So we import an extra 10%, almost all of it from Russia. This is not easily replaced.
The post-covid recovery appears to be complete. Projecting Q1 2022 data, diesel demand has rebounded. Without measures to reduce demand, it's likely to be higher this year than in 2019 - unless there's a recession. This will make Europe’s diesel problem worse
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Netherlands has "the ambition" to end all imports of Russian gas, oil and coal by end of the year. @MinPres "This will require hard work, both on energy saving and on LNG".
Indeed, 8 months is not a lot of time; good to hear energy saving mentioned first now! Happy to help.
@MinPres Reading Dutch govt's letter to parliament on "independence of Russian oil, coal, and gas while maintaining security of supply". You can find it here:…
1) Firstly, we aim for energy conservation and accelerating the energy transition
2) In the short run, we need fossil-for-fossil too.
- Importing Russian coal will be completely ended within 4 months, thanks to the 5th EU sanctions package.
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1/9 Dedicating #RenewableElectricity to #Hydrogen cannot free the EU from #RussianGas.⚠️ What can, is using renewable electricity efficiently.
📚Read what #REPowerEU gets wrong and how to make it right.
#REPowerEU #RenewableHydrogen #Fitfor55 #REDII
2/9 How we use each TWh of electricity has a huge impact on whether we break free⛓️ from #RussianGas.

Using it in #HeatPumps displaces three times more fossil gas than using it to produce.👇
3/9 #REPowerEU foresees the total installed wind 🌬️& PV ☀️capacity to increase from today’s 360 GW to almost 1000 GW + 80 GW of renewables earmarked for #H2.

This will produce over 1000 TWh of electricity⚡️ per year. That’s the 🇫🇷 & 🇩🇪 demand combined.
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Politique antinucléaire de l’UE: incohérences et effets dramatiques pour l’industrie. Le grand remplacement du thermique par l’électrique dans l’automobile, voulue par le #fitfor55 de l’UE, induit une augmentation de la consommation d’aluminium de 40%. 1/n
A l’échelle européenne, cela représente 17 millions de tonnes d’augmentation de consommation d’aluminium jusqu’à ce que le parc soit électrifié (280 millions de voitures x +40% d’aluminium x 150 kg/voiture). Or, La production d’aluminium en Europe …2/n…
…est de 2,3 millions de tonnes / an. Donc l’Europe devra produire ou importer 60% de sa production actuelle en plus si elle veut sortir du thermique en 2035, objectif de #fitfor55. La production d’aluminium se fait par électrolyse, consommant …3/n…
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Komissio julkaisi tiedonannon toimista, joilla EU voisi vähentää riippuvuutta Venäjän energiasta:…. Siinä on kiinnostavia avauksia, joista osa voisi johtaa aika isoon mullistukseen Euroopan energiamarkkinoilla.

Katsotaan vähän lähemmin.

Tiedonanto lähtee liikkeelle kuvaamalla EU:n energiariippuvuutta Venäjästä. Luvuthan ovat tunnetun karuja: 27 % öljyn, 45 % maakaasun ja 46 % kivihiilen tuonnista tulee Venäjältä. Tiedonanto keskittyy kaasuun, koska öljyä ja hiiltä on helpompi ostaa vapaasti maailmalta.

Komissio muistuttaa oikein, että ilmastotyö on samalla tehokas keino vähentää Venäjä-riippuvuutta. #Fitfor55-valmiuspaketti tuottaisi tai säästäisi energiaa 2030 tasossa määrän, joka vastaisi ainakin 270:tä mrd. kuutiota (bcm) maakaasua. (Venäjän tuonti on 155 bcm.)

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Nikos, I don't know you. Twitter is a horrible place to do this, but lemme take your thread and respond 1 by 1:

Yes, it's tough. Of course.
LNG alone won't do. That's clear, too.

Ramp-up possible? Sure. Not everything (of course).

So yeah, it's stuff other than gas, and it's demand...
European gas is ~⅓ buildings, ⅓ industry, ⅓ power. Need it all. And yes, lots of differences across countries. *Not* easy (almost) anywhere.
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1. Kogo winić za podwyższoną #inflacja ? Rząd mówi, że to wszystko wina zagranicy, a opozycja, że to wszystko wina rządu. Prawda jest pomiędzy (chociaż niekoniecznie po środku)
2. MFW w swoim grudniowym raporcie twierdzi, i ma rację, że większość podwyższonej inflacji pochodzi z zagranicy, ale nie--jak twierdzi rząd--że wszystko.
3. Inflacja importowana z zagranicy to, upraszczając, mniej więcej tyle, co inflacja w strefie euro (5,0% w grudniu i 5,1% w styczniu). Polska inflacja 8,6% w grudniu jest więc o 3,6pkt proc. wyższa.
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.@EU_Commission proposed a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (#CBAM) as part of #Fitfor55. Aim: carbon leakage protection. Our Impulse shows how to tweak the proposal to create an effective CBAM & how #climateclubs & CBAM can work together to accelerate #industrytransition. 1/9 Our new impulse is out: Getting the Transition to CBAM Right
1️⃣ With higher EU climate targets, free allocation of CO2 allowances in the EU ETS is not a sustainable solution to solve #carbonleakage problem. #CBAM is the most credible alternative to free allocation. 2/9
2️⃣ With right objectives, #climateclubs can complement an EU #CBAM - climate clubs cannot replace EU carbon leakage tools as vast differences in climate ambition and policy are likely to prevail among potential climate club members, not to mention non-club members. 3/9
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🧵 I volenterosi carnefici.

La transizione ecologica porta con sé un carico di conseguenze che andrebbero attentamente valutate prima che possano provocare danni irreversibili. Ma a quanto sembra l’euro-Titanic, ancora una volta, è lanciato a tutta velocità e non ha intenzione
di arrestarsi né di cambiare rotta, illudendosi che l’iceberg si sposti (o si sciolga) prima dell’impatto.
Lo scorso 14 luglio la Commissione Europea ha presentato un corposo pacchetto di norme, il #Fitfor55, che nelle intenzioni dovrebbe abbattere del 55% le emissioni di CO2
generate in Unione Europea entro il 2030. In sintesi, è un insieme di norme che faranno aumentare il costo del consumo di energia, comunque inteso (dai trasporti al riscaldamento). Un salasso epocale che è persino difficile stimare nell’entità.
Arriverà pure un momento in cui
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The focus of Europe’s gas supply crunch has mostly been on storage levels, Russian imports, and LNG. That makes sense, because the crisis is an acute one, and is mainly due to supply problems. But what about the longer-term? What can be done to reduce future vulnerability? 1/10
Recognising the importance of storage is of course crucial, and supply diversity is likewise essential for security of supply. But demand has been less of a focus, except when we hear about curtailed factory output or gas-to-coal switching in the power sector.
Insofar as we talk about the medium-term, it's mostly about gas' essential role as a dispatchable, flexible source of power generation (esp. as renewables grow and coal/nuclear come offline)
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Was bringt das #Klimajahr 2022? Hier ein kleiner Ausblick auf #IPCC Bericht Teil 2+3, #G7 & #G20, Klima-#Sofortprogramm, Bericht des Expertenrats @ERK_Klima, EU-#Fitfor55, #COP27, und, und, und...
Es gibt wieder viel zu tun! Ein 🧵1/n
2/ Das Jahr startet mit einer kritischen Bilanz für 2021 durch @AgoraEW: Der Anteil #Erneuerbarer am Stromverbrauch sinkt auf 42,3% und fällt damit zurück auf das Niveau von 2019. Die Emissionen stiegen ggü dem Corona-Jahr 2020 um 4,5%…
3/ Die offiziellen Zahlen für die Emissionen 2021 kommen am 15.3. vom @Umweltbundesamt und werden bis 15.4. durch den #Expertenrat für Klimafragen @ERK_Klima geprüft. Dann ist auch klar, welche Sektorziele verfehlt wurden und wo Sofortprogramme notwendig werden
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The source for that story on German Lufthansa carrying out 18,000 unnecessary flights to protect its landing rights: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 23 December. Thread.…
Lufthansa CEO Spohr: in our winter timetable, we had to cancel 33,000 flights due to lack of demand. "But we have to carry out another 18,000 unnecessary flights this winter, just to keep our start and landing rights. ..
While climate-friendly exception regulations have been found in almost all other parts of the world, the EU does not allow this in the same way. That's bad for climate and the opposite of the aims of the EC's #Fitfor55 program."
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I'm told 7th Jan is the last day you should say 'happy new year'. Not sure that's true, but it's the end of the 1st full week of the year & I wanted to take stock of 2021 & my team's work on climate, sustainability, policy and business leadership. So a thread... #2021highlights
Obviously #COP26 was the natural culmination of the year. A huge range of new commitments announced, a plethora of discussions and activities, all around a negotiation process that was inclusive and made progress but felt terrifying slow Image
But undeniably the activities at and in the run up to COP will have delivered more climate action so our task is to further accelerate that progress. Image
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Wer mich kennt, weiß 🇪🇺 liegt mir sehr am Herzen. Deshalb heute zum europäischen #JahrderJugend ein 🧵zum Beitrag den #Jugendverbände für ein friedliches, demokratisches, nachhaltiges, soziales und vor allem jugendgerechteres #Europa leisten. /1
Kein Europa ohne Europäer*innen, keine Europäer*innen ohne Begegnung. Jugendverbände in 🇩🇪 & ganz🇪🇺 sind organisieren seit Jahrzehnten #Jugendbegegnungen. Im Gegensatz zu Schulbegegnungen liegt der Fokus nicht darauf etwa eine Sprache und damit dann seine Noten zu verbessern /2
Vielmehr geht es darum einander auf Augenhöhe zu begegnen. Aus der Neugierde heraus ein neues Land, eine neue Kultur kennenzulernen. Einander zu verstehen. Vertrauen zu schaffen & Freundschaften zu schließen. /3
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Sinds wat weken voert een groep alumni van de @tudelft een hetze tegen hun alma mater en diens rector, omdat de universiteit Frans @TimmermansEU een eredoctoraat wil geven. Zoals hier in @ADnl.
Als actieve TU-medewerker kan ik het niet meer aanzien en moet ik wel reageren. 1/19
Allereerst: de TU Delft verleent elk jaar een of meer eredoctoraten (drie in 2022), gekoppeld aan een thema. Soms zijn die voor mensen die hun sporen in de wetenschap hebben verdiend, soms is het eredoctoraat voor iemand die maatschappelijk belangrijke dingen bewerkstelligt. 2/19
Het lustrumthema van de TU Delft (we worden komende week 180 jaar) is energietransitie. Binnen de EU is Frans Timmermans, met aan zijn rechterzijde TU Delft-alumnus en kernfysicus @diederiksamsom, hard bezig om de ingewikkelde verduurzaming van Europa een zet te geven. 3/19
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@EU_Commission presented its #ownresources proposal today. It lays out 3 new revenue streams to:
- repay EU debt #NextGenerationEU
- finance the #SocialClimateFund

A short thread on what it means for #EUETS contributions based on some initial rough calculations 🧵1/13
First things first. 3 proposed new revenue streams are:
- 25% ETS (1+2) revenues: ~12.5b/y
- 75% CBAM revenues: ~0.8b/y
- 15% residual profits from large, profitable multinational enterprises: ~2.5-4b/y

On #CBAM, this was obviously expected; still disappointing. Many (including @e3g) argue that revenues should flow back to vulnerable #LDCs through adaptation and mitigation finance.
@Europarl_EN also seems keen on this @MChahim @kvanbrempt @MalinBjork_EU @KarinKarlsbro 3/13
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📺We're publishing a #EuropeChats recap for 2⃣0⃣2⃣1⃣ TODAY‼️

Be sure to watch our LIVE @YouTube Premiere as we consider Europe 2021-2022: "Looking Back and Thinking Ahead"


We're LIVE!🔴 This will be the last #EuropeChats episode of 2021 but be sure to stay tuned for new episode coming next year too!


This episode is an end of year recap of challenges faced by 🇪🇺 as well as its main achievements - but we'll also be taking a look forward to 2022


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Our take on the @EU_Commission’s second part of the #Fitfor55 package aimed at re-designing the EU’s internal #gasmarket rules and governing a future European #hydrogen pipeline network. 1/12
1️⃣ gas market: The proposed revisions to the internal gas market rules do not address that Europe’s #climatetargets imply a rapidly shrinking market for #fossilgas use already this decade. 2/12
The need to scale down #fossilgas and replacement by #electrification and only partially by non-fossil gases must become the underlying narrative of the gas market rules. Here is why! 3/12
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#PPCParis is about to begin! If you can't join us live at @SciencesPo_CEE then make sure to check out our Twitter highlights!

Welcome to DAY 1⃣ of #PPCParis! Florence Haegel from @SciencesPo_CEE is opening the conference now: "The overlapping of #EU2022FR with the #FrenchElections of 2022 will frame the agenda of the French Presidency to a great extent"

As part of these welcoming words to #PPCParis we thank Florence Haegel for her warm words and short analysis of the upcoming French Presidency of the @EUCouncil

We're about to hear also from TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim

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Now starting: Webinar on scaling up biomethane in Europe. With an impressive line-up of companies across the value chain, and participation of European Commissioner for Energy @KadriSimson
Supported by my colleague Daan Peters. Image
.@KadriSimson: In the medium and long term, we'll need to replace unmitigated natural gas and reduce methane emissions. Biomethane can play an important role here. With the second part of our #Fitfor55 package, due mid-December, we will promote biomethane production and use. Image
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Pour tout savoir sur la future Présidence Française du Conseil de l'UE #PFUE2022 c'est par ici : 👇…
Qu'attendre de ce RDV incontournable pour la 🇫🇷 et l'🇪🇺 d'un point de vue de l'ambition climatique #Fitfor55 ? Rapide fil à dérouler: 1/5
@DelorsInstitute Parmi les priorités, le MACF, appelé -à tort- taxe carbone aux frontières en 🇫🇷, doit permettre de renchérir le coût des importations de certains biens (acier&fer, aluminium, élect, engrais, ciment) afin de tenir compte du CO2 émis lors de leur production dans des pays tiers 2/5.
Ce MACF s'inscrit dans une logique plus large, celle d'un paquet législatif dédié au climat dit #Fitfor55. La #PFUE aura pour obj. de faire avancer ces négociations dans une logique d'ensemble afin de conserver l'ambition générale de réduction de 55% de nos GES d'ici 2030.
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We all ♥️ #Paris where were it took place 1st presentation of incoming French Presidency to @EESC_PRESS! #PFUE2022 @CBeaune underlined this rare & precious opportunity, highlighting France's ambition to mark progress on #EU legislation, #climate #digitalisation #socialpolicy 1/1
The red thread of #PFUE2022 would be "Recovery, Power, Belonging" (“Relance, puissance, appartenance”). France would not impose an agenda, but would serve as an accelerator for the way forward on ideas and dossiers. #EU #Europe 1/2
#Recovery”- in economic terms, after the Covid pandemic; "#Power" - in terms of #security, external relations, #defence, #migratory policy, climate; and "#Belonging" - feeling of being part of the common #European political project. 1/3
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