1/20🧵 I have some pretty big news to share #Thread #CDNpoli

I finally have all my specialized test results & it's much worse than anyone hoped or predicted. My life is going to be cut rather short due to physical complications with cancer & political complications with #Covid19
2/20 🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In the past 2 months, my lung cancer tumor has already grown. But yesterday we finally learned why I was falling & what injured my leg & back to make them so painful & too weak to walk anymore

I don't just have lung cancer. There's more...
3/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In addition to the lung tumor, my left leg & hip are riddled with cancer. It began in my right leg too. All lymph nodes have cancer. Two spots in my spine have cancer (T5 & T12). Cancer in my left rib & right shoulder. 3 tumors in my liver as well
4/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

The wonderful & compassionate oncologists at #RVH will buy me as much time as possible, but like thousands of others, I was diagnosed too late due to the pandemic to be able to save my life. Provincial govts chose instead to prioritize antivaxxers
5/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

It was ironic the Truckers Convoy (aka #TruckersGoHome, aka #Omnicronvoy, aka #Freedom2Kill) alt-right & antivax protestors vandalized the #TerryFox monument in Ottawa, because I need the same surgery he had... but I can't get it because of them
6/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

To buy me any real time I need a prosthetic leg (+ radiation, chemo, targeted immunotherapy), but the #ONpoli govt & CMOH Kieran Moore forced Ontario hospitals to prioritize surgeries

Since it would only prolong & not save my life, I'm outta luck
7/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

So with respect to Premier Ford, he can lightly scold protestors for vandalism, but it's the #ONpoli govt & CMOH that betrayed #TerryFox & incited this depraved behaviour by favouring antivaxxers over all cancer patients, regardless of age
8/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

Because provincial politicians (especially in #ONpoli, #BCpoli, #ABleg, #SKpoli, #MBpoli & #polQC) catered to partisan interests over science & public health, it's causing thousands of children to lose their parents

For example, I'm a single mom
9/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

I will now undergo massive radiation in the effort to shrink my cancer, just enough so I can sleep, hobble to the bathroom, put clothes over my head, & talk lovingly with my son for as long as possible without the pain causing my body to shutdown
10/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

Don't know how much longer I have. Could be as short as a few months, or possibly a year if I respond well. But cancer has a huge headstart & it's spreading at warp speed, as everything the doctors needed to save me is held hostage by antivaxxers
11/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer

As CMOH's from several provinces deny & defy the expertise at @WHO by prematurely declaring #COVID19 endemic & lifting public health restrictions, I'm further warned that if I catch even the so-called 'mild' #Omicron variant, it will definitely kill me
12/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

So to the self-righteous minority of antiestablishment truckers, their wealthy far right & far left backers, & the provincial politicians who take their advice from anarchists, its the #Freedom2KillConvoy & many of us can't learn to live with it
13/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

The savage entitlement from 10% of the population has managed to kill public healthcare for those who need it most. I never dreamed I'd live to see that destruction of our country, but here we are & perhaps democracy will be buried beside me
14/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In the meantime & as the 10% of misfits throw millions of dollars around to terrorize cancer patients & prevent them from receiving healthcare, I now have a few months to pay off my mortgage so my son won't become homeless when I die prematurely
15/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

I now need another $25,000 on top of the $10K I originally asked for, if I'm to write a Will, Power of Attorney, take care of my palliative needs, & save my son's home before I have to leave him behind. And no, we don't have family to support him
16/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

Needless to say, it's been the worst week of my life & this Trucker Convoy is not a peaceful protest. If anyone was honest, it's killing thousands of innocent people & breaking families by killing kids &/or parents to create orphans #RealityCheck
17/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

Least they could do is not make the children homeless, unless that's another libertarian 'freedom' that trumps my Charter right to live & my son's to have a mother. Gotta say, I'm having a hard time grasping how that qualifies as 'family values'
18/20🧵#CDNpoli #COVID19

Thanks from the bottom of my ♥ to everyone who's contributed

Due to my drastic #cancer prognosis, we now need $35,000 & it would be nice if the Trucker Convoy could spare that much from its $10 million fund to torment everyone

19/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

I also appreciate that many of you will comment & I like to read your sentiments. It's just that it took everything out of me to write this & I require rest before I sit up for another session. Know you're in my heart & I'll respond when I can
20/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

PS. If any of my friends would like to visit & say their goodbyes... it's probably best to schedule before the season changes. I'm on a tremendous amount of medication & I can probably do an hour at a time

Love to you all,


• • •

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Dec 12, 2021
1/16🧵 A #thread on how badly #CDNmedia is crippled by substituting journalism with public relations amid concentrated, consolidated, & political ownership

This isn't just about revenue, though the Canada Revenue Agency (#CRA) will serve as this week's textbook example (con't)
2/16🧵 #CDNmedia #CDNpoli #CRA

Yesterday you might've seen this vanilla story about Revenue Canada taking its site offline for some miscellaneous 'global #security vulnerability'

It was a whole lot of 'everything's fine' & 'nothing to see here' #InfoSec

3/16🧵 #CDNpoli #CRA

That story was written by Canadian Press, that now funds reporters via Facebook corporate sponsorship in an official & ongoing #CDNmedia alliance

It was published without a byline at 11pm on Saturday night (when few would see it) & syndicated by Global News
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Oct 22, 2021
1/9🧵 It's grievous #CDNmedia won't do its job so it appears I'm betraying my gender for contributing the facts

But problem with this narrative is they're omitting the part where Chu met the girl at a bar & that's what everything hinges on due to Supreme Court precedent #Thread
2/9🧵 Reason it matters that Chu met her at a drinking establishment is because Supreme Court ruled it's reasonable to ascertain someone is an adult, due to the pub's legal onus to check IDs to permit entry. Chu can't be prosecuted for luring a minor since she misrepresented age
3/9🧵 Now, with the amount of people who don't know the first thing about #CDNlaw + #CDNmedia failing its due diligence to inform, everyone is hopping on a political bandwagon to seek vengeance & claim the system is completely broken

💥This discourages women from reporting💥
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Sep 30, 2021
1/17 🧵#CDNpoli #InfoSec #CDNmedia

To friends, a cautious warning; to nefarious actors, you're put on notice & the radar of #NatSec

During the writ my bank account was hacked repeatedly, likely to gain insight RE who might be paying me

On #Elxn44 day, $3,000 was stolen
2/17 🧵#InfoSec #CDNmedia

Soon after the #Elxn44 writ dropped, multiple IP addresses began #hacking my bank account

According to bank security (that happens to be the HQ for all #CDNpoli banking #NatSec security), every attack arose from @Rogers/@RogersHelps accounts
3/17 🧵#CDNpoli #InfoSec #CDNmedia

And by no means was it even typical hacking. It's the type that put #NatSec on full alert because it compromised bank security as well as my own security & overrode all the safeguards that banks have in place

Please let me explain...
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Sep 25, 2021
1/24 🧵#CDNpoli

Expect this news will make most of you uncomfortable. Plz let me begin with a declaration that the #ClimateCrisis is real & requires immediate action

But you've also heard me address conflict of interest in #CDNmedia & this #thread has serious legal implications
2/24 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia

It's outrageously serendipitous that #Huawei's Meng Wanzhou signed a plea deal today, the #2Michaels are coming home from China, & that Grimes is reporting marital troubles with Elon Musk

Could've never imagined those topics would intertwine like this
3/24 🧵#CDNpoli

When it comes to conflicts of interest in #CDNmedia my criticisms are not partisan

For #J_school legal reasons it has always been imperative for journos to decline reporting on people or matters that involve them & to ethically disclose when that isn't avoidable
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Sep 17, 2021
1/34 🧵#CDNpoli #SLAPP

I've received a threatening letter from lawyers on behalf of @MercedesGlobal & @GlobalNews to prevent me from speaking about Stephenson's role in #CDNmedia as the wife of Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole's #Elxn44 director

This #thread is my response
2/34 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn44

I will not comply with demands made in bad faith by @GlobalNews & @MercedesGlobal, nor will I shrink from unfounded #SLAPP allegations that are libelous against me. I ask that you cease & desist with this harassment. Here are my reasons (con't):
3/34 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn44

On the 1st page of your error-laden defamation notice, you claim that I've caused @GlobalNews & @MercedesGlobal "serious damage" but fail to state any negative consequences & fail to provide evidence of damage

Is Elections Canada investigating?
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Sep 15, 2021
1/9 I've had enough of #Elxn44 depravity. A death threat was broadcast about me by a podcaster you all listen to. Daily there are men on Twitter #SnitchTagging me to gun nuts to spark confrontation

#FYI I've already been shot by a 357 Magnum & I will not be intimidated by anyone
2/9 Most of you want the difficult reporting on dangerous topics that keep you up at night. But on social media, there's this trend where some of you (too many of you) throw female reporters at your enemies, as if we're virtual human shields you've nominated to fight your battles
3/9 But as you 'get your popcorn' to spectate at the events you've chosen for us to do battle, against the very entities you're afraid of, some of them try to track us down in our communities. I've had calls to my home from Yellow Vesters, Wexiters, Qanons, you name it
Read 12 tweets

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