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"In Canada, socio-economically advantaged students outperformed disadvantaged students in reading
by 68 score points in PISA 2018. This is smaller than the average difference between the two groups
(89 score points) across OECD countries."

Why? Strong Public Education. 1/
Performance: Reading

Ok, we're doing well. Marginally better than our southern neighbors. But this isn't what interests me... /2
Equity in reading - Social Background

THIS is the graph that makes me proud. Do we really want to emulate the mediocrity we see to the south of us? Public education SHOULD be a great equalizer - this shows that we're doing a pretty darn good job at that. 3/
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Moody’s credit downgrade of Alberta today makes for some interesting reading. In a statement Toes basically blames NDP and pipelines — hey, that’s politics — but let’s take a look at some factors Moody’s cites as the reason it downgraded Alberta to Aa2... #ableg #cdnpoli
First up, Moody’s points to the “structural weakness” inherent in Alberta’s economy being overly reliant on oil and gas. It’s too volatile, they say — and yeah, the lack of pipelines doesn’t help. Moody’s also says debt burden will be higher than forecast #ableg #cdnpoli /2
According to Moody’s, that’s compacted by high environmental risk (because oil, also floods & fires). It also took into account social considerations including a health spending being too high in Alberta — a critique that’s inline with Kenney’s argument #ableg #cdnpoli
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Today I wound up talking to a nurse who is in favour of privatizing health care in Alberta. "Because then," she said, "at least those who could afford it could get hip and knee replacements faster." #abhealth #ableg 1/4
I asked, "What about those who can't afford it?" She shrugged. She also felt medical staff might be better paid and have more benefits working for a for-profit health corporation. They would have to compete to keep staff, you see... 2/4
I would be very interested in seeing how nurses and other healthcare staff are treated by for-profit companies in the US. I can't imagine non-unionized nurses doing better working for a corporation whose purpose is to generate profit, but I don't have much information. 3/4
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Brushing up on Alberta legislative history, like cool people do, and HOLY, WTF?!

Did you know the Government of Alberta FORCED ~ 4,739 “undesirable” women into sterilization?

Alberta has a history of using farming as an excuse to attack women.

<thread> 🧵👇

#ableg #cdnpoli
The United Farmers of Alberta enacted a law in 1928 called the Sexual Sterilization Act. You know, because it’s really important to the farming community to control women’s bodies.

They believed criminality was passed genetically, not unlike the NAZIs.…
Now, Albertans were NOT keen on this idea. In fact, quite a few Albertans fought it.

However, due to increasing tensions over Eastern Canada’s “liberal” immigration policies, and adoption of conservative American ideals, they dismissed science in favor of irrationality.
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1)At Resistance #yeg Townhall. Told deficit caused by over reliance on resource revenue, not overspending. We spend less of our GDP on services than other provinces. Before #UCP, economy best in Canada. Alta has the lowest debt to GDP ratio in Canada.
2) Public sector wages paid less than private workers. Reality public sector workers already shared the pain, not the gain. In Alta both private & public sector workers earn more than in other provinces. #ableg #abresistance #UCP
3) Corporate tax cuts do•not•create wealth & have•not•worked anywhere in Canada. AB has revenue, not spending, problem. If we taxed at rate of next lowest tax province, we would have $11.2 billion more in revenue & there would be no need to gut services. #ableg #abresistence
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Jason Kenney is Alberta’s “Gaslighter-in-Chief” ... and in this article, his gaslighting tactics are on full display. Follow this thread to see what I mean. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #canlab 1/x…
For those unfamiliar with the term, here’s a definition of gaslighting: “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.” #ableg
In this article, Kenney says anyone concerned about his cuts is “ridiculous” because the cuts are “modest.” The truth is, when you adjust for inflation and population growth, his budget will cut per capita spending on public services by 15-20 percent. That is NOT modest. #ableg
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Seems the UCP AGM was a bigger disaster for Alberta than thought. Kenney mocking media to applause. Kenney trying to take AB out of Canada Health Act. Kenney ‘studying’ an AB revenue agency. Kenney ‘studying’ its own provincial police force... Appalling. Thread. #abpoli #ableg
#UCPAGM2019 hate everything democracy stands for. They see equality as their enemy which makes women their target (and I think their #1 target since they are 50% of population), people of colour, LGBTQ+,
, Atheists - all targets. Autocracy and fear serve white male interests alone.
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I've successfully made it to Sunday. Almost. We're just waiting for this "bear pit" session to start. It doesn't involve any real bears that I'm aware of. But basically people from the floor can give ministers and Kenney a piece of their minds as they are on a stage. #ableg
They want people to keep it to questions and not statements. Premier Jason Kenney is taking the stage and receives a standing ovation. There's maaayyybe 800 or 900 people here today. #ableg
"This is an accountability session," says Kenney. He welcomes his cabinet and introduces all his ministers. #ableg
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This is your daily pension announcement, with a business case: Yeah, I was sent the business case today that the GOA allegedly used to support this massive multi billion-dollar shift of assets. #handsoffmypension #lies #ABleg #ABfin
I can't go through all of it today, but I will start with the biggest problems with this and then work my way down into the latrine of financial details. First, shout out to all of you writing letters and visiting your MLAs. #shitstorm
Some backbenchers are now openly (as they dare) questioning AIMCO's numbers and the whole strategy of dictating pension policy to jointly sponsored plans. Please, all of you keep it up! These letters and visits are turning the tide.
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Morning! I'm back at the UCP AGM this morning listening to some governance policies for the party. Up for discussion now: things dealing with inter-party regulations. There's going to be some protests here today as well, hearing it'll be in an hour or so. #ableg #abpoli
They'll get past these special resolutions pretty soon and get on to actual party policies. #ableg #abpoli
Right now they're talking about making UCP nomination contests "impartial and fair." Good goal, say "No" speakers, but the resolution is too vague. "Yes" speaker says they looked at the media reports from last election. They didn't look good. As media person: can confirm. #ableg
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I’m going to be super vulnerable for a minute. There is a very real possibility that I will be affected by these cuts. The environment at work has been extremely negative for months now and I am starting to feel completely drained. #ableg #canlab
It’s been very hard seeing what a fantastic job @jkenney has done convincing the public that somehow I’m less of a “real Albertan” than them thanks to my profession and that I deserve to lose my job so that it will miraculously bring back theirs. #ableg #canlab
Not only am I scared of losing a job that I love, I’m scared of a future Alberta where I have to send my kids to schools with massive class sizes that aren’t allowed to teach critical thinking. #ableg #canlab
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Look at the approved groups exhibiting at the UCP AGM. This should tell you EVERYTHING about where our province is headed. #ableg #abpoli
Wonder what “Take Back City Hall” is a front for? Wasn’t hard to uncover the connection.

Follow the trail and draw your own conclusions.

This is pretty damning evidence. #ableg #abpoli
To clarify, is a legit domain registry. The trail of crumbs follows right to Chandler behind Take Back City Hall. Remember him?
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Every Albertan - right, left, hanging upside down - should be livid about how the @jkenney govt is targeting healthcare to pay for its multi billion $ failed bribe to the oil barons. I have a personal story (thread 1/?) #ableg #abpoli…
@jkenney Nearly 2 years ago, my mother was dying of lung cancer in Calgary - first at home, then in palliative care at Rockyview Hospital #ableg (2/?)
The Alberta nurses & support workers that helped us care for Mom were absolutely phenomenal caregivers. We were so lucky to be able to count on them during that terrible time. They were also overstretched & overworked #ableg (3/?)
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I have been an RN for 37 years.
Today I learned on the news that AHS will be cutting 500 full time RN positions. I went through this in the 1990’s with Ralph Klein. Beds were closed. Entire wings of Hospitals were closed. We never recovered. I did not vote for UCP. When will it 1
2. Be enough? We are struggling to maintain what we have now in terms of Health Services.
They say that they will manage the layoffs “mainly by attrition” until March 2020. So up until March they will not post the positions that are left vacant when someone retires, quits etc.
3. After March 2020 it will be layoffs. My heart goes out to the New RN graduates who can’t find a position, and the couples who consist of a Teacher and an RN. I’m feeling completely defeated by all of this. #AbLeg . @RachelNotley
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While the NDP begin their next attempt to try and scare Albertans, there are a few things that are helpful to keep in mind.

First is that in the 2019 Budget, the Government of Alberta has budgeted roughly $300M more for Health than was spent last year. 1/x #ableg
What that means is that we are keeping our promise to Albertans to maintain or increase healthcare spending.

What we are also doing is keeping our promise to be responsible managers of taxpayers money, finding efficiencies and prioritizing front line services. 2/x #ableg
In fact, the Minister of Health has already begun a comprehensive audit of Alberta Health Services which will be completed in the coming weeks. That audit will provide a blueprint of where we can find efficiencies and move resources to help patients. 3/x #ableg
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@LaurieC_21 Sure. I'll happily conceded that point.

But let's talk about other ways we can evaluate speech. There are democratic norms that govern how we expect people to use their speech and their power. A premier who attacks a citizen in #ableg clearly violates those
@LaurieC_21 Does he have the constitutional right to do it? Sure. Does that mean he should? Certainly not. Even in private life, we accept the norm that ad hominem attacks are problematic and unmeritorious.
@LaurieC_21 Why should that be different for people in power, particularly when they are acting in their formal capacity as a democratically selected head of government, in a democratic political institution?

To suggest there is nothing wrong with this kind of conduct is just outrageous.
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On Monday, the premier of Alberta attacked me by name to undermine my credentials, research, and academic freedom on the floor of #ableg.

It's Wednesday, and the press secretary for the Minister of Advanced Ed has decided to argue that this simply = free speech
The thing is, when profs in #cdnpoli teach the Charter and its rights, the most crucial point is to identify the relationship the constitution defines: it's between us as citizens and the state or government. Most rights are typically framed in that relationship
So, when we talk about Canadians having free expression, it means we are free to express, within reasonable limits, without state or government sanction
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I’ve seen lots of people talking about how @UniteAlberta is catering to his rich pals and cutting red tape and easing regulations to make it easier for his rich pals to make money. And that is true. However, there’s something more insidious going on... 1/
...and you can really see it in the legislation that the UCP rammed through and/or has on deck. The goal of this new style of right-wing government isn’t just to create a favourable business environment. The goal is to make it nearly impossible for a progressive government... 2/ ever take power again. You can see it in the wholesale dismantling of checks on the government’s power. You can see it in the deep structural changes that they hope to bring to things like school divisions, curriculum, election financing, collective bargaining, etc. 3/
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Hmmm ... it's starting to look like Kenney will have a full on rebellion on his hands over #Bill207.…

I haven't had time to pull the logic in this apart, but I see several interesting bits of reasoning that I will address later.

#ableg #abpoli
Now, let's take a look at this in a little more detail, shall we?

West starts off by naming (and presumably shaming) the 4 UCP MLAs on the committee who voted against moving #Bill207 forward. I'm not surprised by this at all. /2
Other SoCon orgs have been threatening to go after anyone who dared challenge this bill, so West is just getting in line with them.

His critique of the logic of the bill is much more interesting... /3
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Okaaaay let's just go over this, shall we? Just your friendly neighbourhood politico over here, pointing out a few things Albertans SHOULD be awfully concerned about.

(TBH, there are MANY things you should be awfully concerned about regarding this UCP government.) #UCP #AbPoli
Don't get me started on Bill 22 and outrage fatigue. But TODAY, I'm just going to highlight TWO THINGS: 1) In case you didn't notice, last week the UCP voted (after limited debate, within four days, while the premier was off in texas so he didn't have to face critics) ... fire Lorne Gibson, the elections commissioner, who had -to date- issued more then $200,000 in fines to UCP folks for failing to abide by election laws. He was IN THE MIDDLE of an investigation. He has said his office had received more than 800 complaints about...
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This is your daily pension announcement: Crony edition!
The cronies seem to be back in town.

Travis still has not released the business case he used to make this ATRF decision. He promised to weeks ago.

My question of the day is what does this make him? #AbLeg @SPhillipsAB
I am shocked and disgusted by MLA Grant Hunter and the other arm raising seals' comments in the leg. Something along the lines of "the ATA and union bosses told people to protest" and the media had "mis-reported" events. #handsoffmypension #AbLeg
Well, Grant and Travis, nobody told me to do anything. Not 1 single thing. I can see that the public is misled all on my own. So can anyone else who can do math. In fact, I am so independent that you didn't even pay me when I was the Board Chair of the ATRF. #thanksfornothing
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Question Period in #ableg starts at 130 pm MST.

By 2 PM MST, I had heard that the premier of my province, @jkenney, suggested that my academic work as a political scientist, and any reflection it might have on politics today deserves to be dismissed 1/n
@jkenney Why? I decided to run as a candidate in an election under a party banner in June 2004, before starting my first graduate degree in September 2/n
@jkenney Today, when I first heard the premier's view, I had just come from an intense and productive meeting about a research project. I am currently wrapping up a year of research and scholarship leave at @ucalgary. 3/n
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NDP leader Rachel Notley is back in the house today. She withdrew her comment from last week in which she said House Leader Jason Nixon was misleading the house. #ableg Speaker "named" her last Tuesday and she was escorted out.
Question period time. Notley asks the premier to acknowledge that now Bill 22 is passed, has royal assent, that government fired the election commissioner. Premier Jason Kenney said the position will continue on underneath the chief electoral officer. #ableg
Notley asks Kenney what he has to hide that he had to push election commissioner Lorne Gibson out. Kenney quotes a Friday statement from the chief electoral officer Glen Resler saying all investigations will continue. #ableg
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To all #ableg centrists & progressives, in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Traditional Chinese begins.

#ableg #HongKongElections
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