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Oh wow!

Is the @Alberta_UCP paying back political favours again?

This is not a very good look at all.

It certainly raises some important questions about how this massive contract was awarded!

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #covid19
And as a follow up, look who is Facebook friends with who!

Think it’s any relation to the owner of the company?

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Image
And the masks won’t even be made in Alberta?

Or Canada?

Something something jobs?

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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I never thought I would leave Alberta. I’ve lived in the US,Australia & BC but Alberta has always felt like home.Yes, even a minority immigrant female can be a prairie girl at heart. Under the UCP, my husband and I are seriously considering leaving. We are both physicians. Thread
My sister is a physician. My brother in law is a physician. My sister in law is a physician. We all live in Alberta and we are alarmed by the rapid dismantling of our health, education, and social systems. The UCP values profit over people,
Corporations over community, and autocracy over discourse and collaboration. And it’s not just our leadership - how can we live amongst UCP supporters that espouse these values? We want to raise our children in a community that values diversity, inclusivity,
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I think above everything else the UCP has done, I’m most upset about the curriculum rewrite. Not only is their stance insulting to teachers, but more importantly it is putting our kids at a disadvantage. An update is long overdue yet they have delayed it for what? #ableg #abpoli
The Minister cites bias in the curriculum but can’t give a single example. Instead she points to ONE assessment as evidence. This is the assessment that she referred to today in her press conference.
You’ll notice “against oil sands development” is highlighted. This is presumably because she thinks that those are the politics espoused by teachers as a result of curricular bias. This genuinely makes me wonder if our Minister could pass a grade 10 reading comprehension test.
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It is mindblowing that on the day of the release of @AdrianaLaGrange 's new order for Ed, the UCP has been delivering a full smear campaign against professional teachers, curriculum, methodology, and even Albertan students.

This is what oppression of dissent looks like. #abed
Good plans can stand up on their merit. They win the support of the people and the experts. They don't require bully tactics

Instead, the UCP must point to being elected as an umbrella permission of anything they proclaim

This is not transparency or consultation.
#abpoli #ableg
Seeing their vitriol on my timeline is crushing.

I am a person who believes in lifelong learning. Students are not assembly line drones. Dignity comes from contributing to society in multiple ways, not just the narrow UCP definition of "work".
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I have been chatting with people about the embarrassing excuse of a conference by @AdrianaLaGrange this morning. In response to a friend on FB, I ended up writing an unintentionally lengthy response and thought it might serve well as a Twitter thread.

#abed #abpoli #ableg
This press conference, in my opinion, was a pledge to indoctrinate Albertans with the conservative ideology that school is to produce workers, period. Any inability to work or failure to meet expectations means that you are not a good, hard-working person.
This is very black and white, simplistic thinking that is typical of alt-right groups who want to maintain white privilege (systemic racism) and socioeconomic gaps. It doesn't account for the many factors that go into developing a full grown adult like-
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As of today, we have 3410 responses to our survey we released over the weekend.

The respondents included teachers, other education workers, parents, and concerned citizens.

Below is a thread of some of our early takeaways based on the responses.

#AbEd #Abpoli #AbLeg
Most of those surveyed (86%) were uncomfortable with Scenario 1 of Alberta Government’s Return-to-School plan, with most (61%) preferring Scenario 2 (attending part-time in cohort groups with additional health measures; e.g., staggering the start and end times for the school day)
EPSB is implementing some of these additional health measures, but School Trustees have noted the need for reduced class sizes in order to make schools safe.
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Today was really tough for me. My 4 year old started exhibiting symptoms last night (runny nose) and so we prepared ourselves for the idea he may not be able to go to daycare today. When he woke up, he was sniffling, so we quickly coordinated a plan of action:

My husband would take him for a drop in covid test because I was already past the cut off for being able to call in for my shift. They left at 730 am, and I began work at 830. By 11 AM, they were back, and I got to hear how incredibly brave my son was getting his throat

Swabbed and how he “listened to the lady so good and opened his mouth like AHHHHH!” Given that B is autistic, this was even more impressive than usual. My husband went into work, while I hurriedly prepared a nuclear option for B- snacks, water, smoothie, books,

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Official statement of the Wall of Moms and Dads on @AdrianaLaGrange announcement of new measures for Covid safety.
Like a kid starting his term paper the night before it’s due, surprised to get an F, the Kenney Government has wasted FIVE MONTHS of time that could have been used to safely reopen schools.
Buying more cheap Chinese masks, getting some more tequila vomit hand sanitizer (ask AHS) won’t stop the spread of this virus in our schools.
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Memorable Quotes from Today’s Presser: A Thread, by me: #abed #ableg #abpoli
“Masks are mandatory” class size limits are not, unless you teach spec. ed, in which case, you and your students are just going to have to accept a greater level of risk. 🤷‍♀️
“Children sitting quietly at their desks” only happens during provincial exams. And what about schools that don’t actually have desks? 🤔
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With all this talk of civility and political discourse on #ableg, I feel inspired to share!
A few years ago, I lived in the same building as Jason Nixon in Edmonton. One night, I was in the elevator and he entered. He was very drunk. When he noticed me, he must have realized he didn't look very dignified, and said to me, "Uhh... I'M AN NDP MLA."
He didn't realize I had reason to know him: I grew up in the area he represents. A few months before, he wrote a column in the Eckville Echo railing about out-of-province NDP "mercenaries" ruining Alberta. Who did he single out, by name, as an example?
In my hometown paper.
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I’ve had it with all the sanctimonious gaslighting spewing from Alberta conservatives about a damn mug. And the false equivalence! Here’s a thread giving examples of what UCP supporters have done to “political discourse” in our province. #AbLeg #abpoli
Unprecedented number death threats against a sitting Premier. Targeted not only because she was NDP, but also because she’s a woman. Image
Here’s a particularly awful one... Image
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Privilege and Rape a thread:
As most of you know yesterday Matthew McKnight received an eight year sentence for the rape of five women. This equates to 1.5 year per rape. Initially the combined total of his sentence was 16.5 years but the judge chose to reduce it. #Yeg #AbLeg
The reasons for reducing it included the belief that it was “disproportionate” This being a rationale never applied to people of colour or indigenous offenders. Because in that case one never hears a judge concerned that the sentence might be too harsh.…
Then we have the unwillingness of the judge to consider the victim impact statements in her sentence. She claimed that they basically “mirrored their testimony” so it wasn’t relevant. As is often the case in sexual assault cases this kind of victim blaming or othering is the norm
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room is trying to make sense of reducing our already low employment standards! Our standards are so low they are almost nonexistent. The best roundup is here. #ABLeg #AIMCOfail #milburned…
In pension news Travis, who as one commentator put it, was supposed to be the adult in the room among cabinet ministers (thanks Daveberta). Well, not so much. Travis, in an email to concerned constituents, has doubled down on his pension delusions. #ABLeg #betheadult
To quote Travis: "Government has no intention of changing its policy of consolidating investment management under AIMCo. This policy will reduce costs paid by pension plans."

As I have shown so many times before, demonstrably false. #ABLeg
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My friends with kids're now beginning to express their fears about schools opening up in just over 4 weeks time. I don't know what to tell them other than I don't see how it can be done. Safely? No way. For the first time in this whole coronavirus era I'm absolutely terrified.
I'm of the mind no generation of parents have been forced to make tougher decisions than you are now currently being asked to make. If you're feeling overwhelmed, understand you're not alone & that's probably the most normal and rational feeling you could possibly have right now
For those of you based in Calgary that are able to contemplate keeping kids home for schooling I've attached a link from the Calgary Board of Education @yyCBEdu outlining a program for that. I hope it's useful to you #yyc…
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As doctors across AB have responded to months of attacks from @shandro & UCP w/ notice of withdrawing from hospital service, he's tried to minimize concerns, claiming there'd be no loss of services as AHS would maintain full coverage.

Today those claims are proved hollow. #ableg
Despite being given 3 months notice from doctors in Pincher Creek, AHS was only able to cover two weeks of shifts at the local hospital w/ no guarantees for ER coverage, surgeries or obstetrics.

In other words, @shandro & AHS utterly failed to fill the gap. #ableg
Mayor Don Anderberg & Council reached out to their local doctors to ask them, for the sake of the community, to cover for the failure of @shandro & AHS by delaying their withdrawal of services for 90 days.

Out of compassion & concern for the community, the doctors agreed. #ableg
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I totally understand wanting to keep kids at home this fall! I’m worried about my son in a school with 3000+ people! But PLEASE remember that next year’s funding is based on how many kids are officially part of the count THIS fall. This is probably part of UCP’s plan. #ableg
UCP is counting on parents homeschooling in the fall.
On Global yesterday, in response to a question about parents concerns with their plan, Kenney said, “We also have the most generous rules to support homeschoolers—people who decide to educate their kids at home... #ableg 2/8
There is funding available for that, for costs related to it, as part of our approach to school choice. So those are options that exist.” 3/8 #ableg #abed Image
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Jason Kenney may think he has vanquished unions with Bill 32, but he is about to “reap the whirlwind.” His arrogance and his radicalism is uniting Albertans in opposition to his dangerous agenda. Get ready for a “harvest of protest.” #AbLeg #canlab #abpoli…
“Jason Kenney is afraid of me; but even more importantly, he’s afraid of what I represent: and that’s the power that ordinary working people can wield when they act collectively through their unions.”
“Premier Kenney has a plan; a plan to transform Alberta in the image of a backward Republican American state...he wants to turn Alberta into Alabama North.”
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Courage my friends ‘tis not too late to build a better world.

#AbLeg thread:
The UCP want you to be discouraged. They want you to feel you have no power. They want you to believe they can do whatever they want with absolutely no consequences.

Mostly - they want you to shut up. To feel there is no point in calling them out because you can’t win #ableg 2/
Opposition in the #AbLeg is a weird job in - you can’t win votes, or move policy - all you can hope for is to raise enough public concern to alter the government’s direction.

And with the UCP - and thier amazing arrogance - you can rarely do that. 3/
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BREAKING: Alberta Medical Association votes overwhelmingly that they have no confidence in Minister of Health Tyler Shandro. #ableg
Dr. Christine Molnar says the province needs to pay attention to this, and it reflects how they feel contract negotiations have not been done in good faith.
When asked about this potential vote, Premier Jason Kenney said there would be no chance that he tells Minister Shandro to resign.
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A government that is proud of its legislation does not pass bills while most Albertans are sleeping. They also don’t use procedural tricks like time allocation and closure to force through an unpopular agenda they didn’t even campaign on. 1/x #ableg
The UCP does have a majority government, but that is not a free pass to do anything they want until the next election. They have a responsibility to listen to all Albertans, not just those who voted for them (although there is no shortage of now-former UCP voters). 2/x #ableg
Democracy does not happen once every four years – it is an ongoing process of advocacy, decision-making, and respect. Instead of being a government with honour, the UCP have decided to act as rulers of Alberta, thinking they are too good for criticism and above the law 3/x #ableg
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It always makes me laugh when I hear the UCP refer to NDP supporters as the “over caffeinated Twitter left”, suggesting that the issues we are raising on social media aren’t genuine.

You know how many times I posted on Twitter prior to 2019? Zero. When the @albertaNDP were
In office I didn’t need to worry about late night omnibus bills being rammed through without debate, I didn’t have to see women of the legislature being demeaned and berated by their coworkers, I didn’t have to worry about my kid’s education funding, FSCD funding or

The ushering in of private American style healthcare. I was able to focus more on my own life, without being frightened into political activism by a political party was doing everything it could to destroy what makes Alberta a great place to

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In the late hours of the night, Jason Kenney and the UCP used the heavy handed #ableg measure known as time allocation to stifle debate and force through final passage of their Bill 30, which opens the door to privatized for-profit big corporate healthcare in #Alberta.
Now they have done the same thing to halt debate on #ableg Bill 32, their new labour law which attacks every worker in #Alberta on many fronts. The UCP's Bill 32 attacks workers in both unionized and non-union work environments.
For unionized shops, Bill 32 silences the union's voice by introducing new rules that will make it impossible for unions to properly collect and use dues. This change will have many terrible effects, including the removal of unions abilities to support charities and causes.
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Rachel Notley is now responding to Kenney’s “demonstration of pontification” and his ‘circuitous, ranty thing’ about the ‘justification of private funding’ and how it will lead to two-tiered health care and queue-jumping. #ableg
She says Kenney was blaming her government for the drop in the price of oil that was somehow NDP’s fault. UCP embarked on an economic strategy that was failing and losing jobs, but not at the gargantuan level we’re seeing now. She says UCP also doesn’t control oil prices. #ableg
She points out the massive contradictions in what Kenney said, talking about both wanting and NOT wanting doctors to make a profit and claiming to respect doctors. #ableg
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Kenney speaking now about Bill 30 and about how all the NDP does is try to scare people. I guess it’s not like everything they warned about has come true so far, right? #ableg
Kenney is shocked—shocked! that NDP would accuse UCP of seeking to introduce profit into the healthcare system. He takes a stab at the socialist NDP and the ‘angry specialist minority’. #ableg
Kenney says “I admit it with pride” that the pursuit of profit is an incentive that ‘leads to a more prosperous and generous society’. 🤢 🤮 #ableg
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