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New from me: Steve Allan tried to work for $1 for the last nine months of the inquiry into allegations of foreign funded anti-Alberta oil campaigns -- to keep the inquiry on budget: #ableg…
There are many interesting nuggets in this four-page report on the Allan inquiry's expenses: among them, the government says the inquiry was a bargain and should have cost $8.5 million, not $3.5 million… #ableg
The inquiry paid blogger and researcher @FairQuestions $35,000 for her work -- she handed over a decade's worth of material and met with inquiry accountants. #ableg
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#Ableg News 🧵

2022 is the year of “Really Bad News” for the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- Elections Alberta is investigating Kenney (AGAIN!) (Story #1)

🤫- UCP hide documents during FOIP Requests (#7)

👩‍⚖️- A judge warns Kenney about divisive language (#16)

Here’s 17 UCP Bad News Stories
#Ableg News 🧵

So It Begins…

1. Elections Alberta is OFFICIALLY investigating allegations of bulk UCP membership purchases made by Kenney’s camp right before this year’s leadership review

The investigation involves 4,000 new UCP memberships purchased by only 6 credit cards.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. 13 motions to improve accountability & transparency in Alberta’s Lobby Act, including several made by Alberta's Ethics Commissioner, were rejected by the UCP!

It’s noted Kenney has close, secretive “relationships with firms who regularly lobby his government”
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Re: court decision today. The thing that gets me about this is Bill C-69 is to ensure projects are evaluated to protect public health, the environment, and neighbouring communities. Who could be against protecting these things? 1/8 #AbLeg #anpoli #UCPCorruption
So when the UCP says C-69 will make sure there are no more pipelines built, they are saying that O&G production/shipping is inherently too dangerous for health, environment & communities to pass the evaluation process, right? 2/8
But if you look at it objectively, surely people's health, the health of the planet, is slightly more important than making money for Shell or Husky, isn't it? O&G provides jobs, but fewer and fewer the more automation takes over. 3/8
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BREAKING: Alberta’s Government wins court case on Bill C-69.

Today the Alberta Court of Appeal found Trudeau’s “No More Pipeline Law” to be unconstitutional. 1/3
Alberta has said since day one that this bill was unconstitutional, and this government committed to fighting it every way we could. We’re very pleased with the ruling today. 2/3
Alberta will continue to fight Trudeau’s unconstitutional laws and defend our province’s right to develop our resources. #ableg #cdnpoli 3/3
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#Ableg News 🧵

This was the WORST bad news week for the @UCPCaucus in 2022:

🤬- The UCP suddenly defund critical diabetic care (Story #1)

🤫 - Jason Nixon secretly removes park protections (#2)

🤐- Kenney’s silent on Women’s Rights (#7)

Here’s 22 (YUP!) Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Thousands of Albertans were SHOCKED after the UCP announced a plan to “improve” diabetes care…by partially defunding insulin pumps for diabetics

Sick Albertans may see expensive premiums, co-payments or they’ll be forced to abandon their treatments altogether
#Ableg News 🧵

2. 🤫 Shhhh….pro-coal UCP MLA Jason Nixon is AGAIN silently changing legislation to weaken protections of our provincial parks!

Critics say he is attempting to now allow activities in provincial ncisl parks and public lands that are currently prohibited ⛏
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#Alberta’s ‘Select Special Committee to Examine #SafeSupply’ is a farce. Political theatre with a foregone conclusion.

@jkenney and the #UCP are in the business of manufacturing consent and sentencing people who use drugs to death by toxic policy.


The authors of the unfortunately titled “A Public Supply of Addictive Drugs” need to be held accountable for their actions.

Their overt bias jeopardizes current and prospective #SafeSupply programming across the country and internationally.…
But what else would you expect from a government that vilifies science?

This gem from #Alberta’s ‘Minister of Mental Health and Addictions’ @MikeEllisUCP is embarrassing and all you need to know about #UCP public policy.

Shout out to @JanisIrwin for calling out this bullshit.
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A list of MPs who have received a green light from the Campaign Life Coalition for their anti abortion views 🧵
Niagara West @DeanAllisonMP
Leeds - Grenville - Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes @MikeBarrettON
Portage - Lisgar @CandiceBergenMP
Selkirk - Interlake - Eastman @jamesbezan
Carlton Trail - Eagle Creek @KellyBlockmp
Tobique - Mactaquac @RichardBragdon
Red Deer - Lacombe @BlaineFCalkins
Oshawa @ColinCarrieCPC
St. Albert - Edmonton @Cooper4SAE
Pitt Meadows - Maple Ridge @MarcDalton
Cariboo - Prince George @ToddDohertyMP
Battlefords - Lloydminster @rosemarie_falk
Provencher @MPTedFalk
Abbotsford @HonEdFast
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More than 50 research scientist and clinicians have signed an open letter expressing concerns with a report submitted to the Alberta special committee to examine safe supply. #abpoli #ableg
It says: "This report fails to adhere to best standards for evidence reviews... due primarily to its problematic search strategy, which resulted in the exclusion of key studies (and) a number of irrelevant studies being included. There are, however, many other shortcomings."
The report, commissioned by Alberta Health, can be found here:… It was assessed by experts at @BCCSU, who concluded the report's conclusion is not based on existing evidence. #abpoli #ableg
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This is your daily pension announcement: So the @ATRFPension reports that transferring the first 1/3 of assets to @aimcoinvests cost nearly $5 million. Currently, teachers will be on the hook for half.

(This does not include @aimcoinvests' transition costs) #AbLeg #handsoff
It would only seem reasonable that Travis and the GOA should cover the cost of transitioning to @aimcoinvests. After all, he legislated it. Teachers' should not have to pay for a transition they were no part of. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
It is curious that @aimcoinvests "business case" for moving assets does not address transition costs in any way. And, we are still waiting for $1 of savings. The 0.25% that Kevin promised is an absolute pipe dream. #AbLeg #dontholdyourbreath
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️declares it a wonderful day!
First, @aimcoinvests does seem to be finishing the "taking out the trash" period. Now I think they still have to hire a HR exec...but congrats so far. #AbLeg…
It is that day that we play "quote of the day".

First from Kevin Uebelein:
"I am grateful for the vote of confidence that the Alberta government has made in AIMCo."

Who can forget that great quote in the @edmontonjournal as he was gaslighting teachers all over AB! #Ableg
Kevin neglected to point out that the GOA may have confidence in @aimcoinvests but that they OWN ONLY A SMALL PART of the assets under management at AIMCO.

And yet the GOA continues to exert full control over the @aimcoinvests Board. Hmm...that seems wrong...

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#Ableg News 🧵

I told @AB_AgainstUCP it’d be a “quiet” week for the @UCPCaucus

I was wrong: it’s AWFUL:

🥊 UCP MLA Nixon Gets Away With Bullying (Story #1)

😨 Another UCP MLA Calls Kenney Out! (#5)

🏥 4 Major Health Care Crisis’s! (#7-10)

Here’s 16 bad news UCP stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. UCP MLA Jason Nixon will not be sanctioned for comments he made during an angry exchange that included him swearing at Speaker Nathan Cooper in the leg.

It is noted Nixon didn’t ACTUALLY apologize…rather an “I’m sorry” letter was read by another UCP MLA.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. UCP MLA Fir announced private schools, which receive 70% of funding from taxpayers, won’t need report how much they charge for tuition under a new bill. 

Critics suggest the UCP is hiding how much wealthy private schools make in tuition payments from parents
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Looks like it might be time for another chat about The Dorchester Review…

You know, the “magazine” run by the same guy who by some accounts wrote Jason Kenney’s Social studies curriculum?



#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #aber
The Dorchester Review has decided to again double down on “not all First Nations kids who went to residential schools were forced”.

Which is true, but like saying “Not everyone who ever stayed in a concentration camp at any point in history died”.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
It is, at best a pedantic & semantic argument.

The number of sources used in a article doesn’t speak to the quality of the info or how it’s used.

Don’t believe us?

Google “Hydroxychloroquine” or “Ivermectin”. You’ll find lots of source notes…

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli

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More UCP MLAs speak out against Kenney every day. They don’t like how they have been treated in caucus meetings. Fair enough. They are worried they won’t be re-elected. OK. It bothers them to have Albertans questioning their integrity. Just now? ‘Cause it’s been 3 years. 1/7
When they were elected in 2019, they thought they were back to the conservative glory days where all you had to do was win the nomination in your riding, and your career was set for as long as you wanted. 2/7
The main thing all of them are complaining about now is how *they* have been treated and how *they* might not get re-elected. What about what their party has done to politics and political discourse in Alberta since 2019? 3/7
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#Ableg News 🧵

It was a stinker of a bad news week for the @UCPCaucus

👩‍🎓- LaGrange’s education cuts create chaos! (Story #3)

😔- The UCP kick 40,000 vulnerable Albertans off health care plans! (#5)

🎭 - 5 UCP DRAMA STORIES!(#7-11)

👀 Here’s 16 bad news UCP stories this week
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Kenney is accused of hiding a report showing how Alberta auto insurance providers collected over a $1,000,000,000 more than they paid out in 2020!

Despite this: Auto premiums went up significantly over the past 2 years- after @jkenney removed the rate cap.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. The Alberta Ombudsman is calling out the Kenney gov’t to make MAJOR changes to the AISH appeal system

He ruled that under the UCP, Disabled Albertans wanting to challenge their provincial disability benefits are facing a system that isn’t fair and troubling.
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Our 7 year-old wanted to attend today's committee meeting on @DShepYEG's private member's bill, The Anti-Racism Act (Bill 204). So I took her. Here are her random reactions. 🧵#ableg
[Here's some background on the bill👇. Keep in mind: she's 7, and I had never once spoken to her about race-based data before the hearing.

I scribbled her whispered comments as the hearing went on, and a few as we drove to her Kid Ninja class. This is pretty close to verbatim.]
Why are most of the people of colour in the gallery and on the videoconferencing [instead of at the committee table]?

[Short pause]

How come they can eat and we can't?

[Long Pause]

I mean, there's plenty of room up there at the table. [Thank goodness my mask covered my 🤣.]
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@calgaryherald Jason Kenney has figured out the problem: He was too nice. He promises never to be too nice again.
Now go out and vote for him so that he can be a less nice Premier. That will make everything better.
Floggings will get much more severe and frequent until morale improves!
@calgaryherald #ableg #ucp In the early days of the Kenney govt they had a senior person in the Premiers' office in charge of caucus relations. That person talked to caucus and came back and told the boys and girls in short pants how caucus was feeling: disgruntled.
Kenney was not pleased. 1/X
@calgaryherald Kenney didn't want the caucus relations person to listen to feelings and report back. NO! Their job was to tell caucus how and what to feel. Worship the leader, never doubt the leader, never bother the leader. No one is smarter than the leader. He doesn't need your advice. 2/X
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🧵@jkenney is upset we ran an ad right after he was elected raising concerns about health care cuts.
We've been watching Kenney and the UCP for a long time.
Here’s what we’ve seen… #ableg #abhealth #abpoli
👎He signed a useless health care guarantee...

#ableg #abhealth #abpoli
👎Cut the lab upgrades already under construction...

#ableg #abhealth #abpoli
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#Ableg News 🧵

Despite it being “Good Friday”, it’s been a BAD News Week for the @UCPCaucus:

🧳- Alberta has the WORST job growth in Canada (Story #1)

🤦🏻‍♂️- LaGrange’s BRUTAL Presser (#8)

📈 - Alberta Insurance Profits Skyrocket (#13)

Here’s 13 Bad News UCP Stories
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Despite record job growth all across Canada - Alberta is being left behind under Kenney!

#YEG saw the unemployment rate jump to 7.1% (from 6.9%); #YYC saw a tiny drop at 7.7% (8%) — these are some of the HIGHEST unemployment rates among major Canadian cities
#Ableg News 🧵

2. In just 3-months in 2022, Alberta Health Services has posted 52 news releases alerting the public that Alberta emergency rooms and urgent care centres were closed or relying only on nursing staff because there wasn't a doctor available.

This is a crisis 😬
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I was shocked by the UCP's scandalous decision to fire Dr. Verna Yiu, but the truth is this is just the latest battle in their war on public healthcare.

Here's a brief summary (and buckle up, this gets wild) 👇🏼🧵 1/25 #ableg #abhealth…
First, know that @jkenney has supported two-tier healthcare for decades. This is from 2000: "A Canadian Alliance government would support the development of a two-tier health-care system... Alliance campaign co-chairman Jason Kenney says." 2/…
He only started to lie about his healthcare privatization plans when he jetted in to Alberta and realized that Albertans don't support two-tier healthcare.

That gave rise to his infamous, discredited "public health guarantee". 3/…
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Political fixer says he was hired by Jonathan Denis Q. C., former Conservative MLA & Justice Minister in Alberta, to get the phone records of Alanna Smith, a former Calgary Herald reporter now of The Canadian Press.

Elect Conservatives, expect corruption. #ableg #yyc
Political fixer David Wallace said he has had a 30-year career in political backrooms. He said he was lured to the West by the promise of lucrative contracts from people prominent in Alberta conservative circles.

Jonathan Denis Q.C. is a corrupt Conservative. Image
“Jonathan Denis, a former Alberta Justice minister, is being accused of interfering in the wrongful dismissal trial of former chief medical examiner Dr. Anny Sauvageau.”…
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The #UCP took the opinions of a physician and math researcher and turned it into the #AbEd math curriculum.

Literally the two in this article…
If you don’t know what an unbounded norm convergence in a banache lattice is then you now understand the problem with the #AbEd Math Curriculum.

It wasn’t made by primary education teachers, it wasn’t designed for our kids.…
Financial literacy that only introduces investing is harmful to our children.

There are many scams they will fall prey to if they can’t think critically about long-term value.

This is why investing requires more developmental growth. #AbEd
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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️ would like to discuss math today. Specifically, @jkenney's winning number for him to keep his job: 50% plus 1 of votes cast. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Please compare that "winning" threshold with the percentage of the pension contributions that teachers make: 51%🔥🔥🔥😬 Teachers who are apparently unable to make certain decisions around these funds. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension

Democracy for some, dictatorship for others?
Decisions like choosing a cost effective investment manager. Or, @aimcoinvests CEO. Take a look at the Chicago Teachers' pension fund if you want to understand what poor accountability can look like.
#AbLeg #handsoffmypension…
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Live Tweeting the UCP SGM?


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Meeting is starting with Cynthia Moore explaining the rules and opening ceremonies, explaining the agenda. Moore is making it clear that no other motions or resolutions are allowed.
Moore introducing Ashley Stevenson to sing the national anthem.

Which she does.

“In all thy sons command” btw…
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#Ableg News 🧵

There’s no “Good News Weeks” in Alberta; only slightly less awful weeks under the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- Kenney’s expensive referendum was useless (Story #1)

👨‍⚖️- Provincial Lawyers Threaten To Strike (#5)

📉- More Bad UCP Polls! (#X)

Here’s XX Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Despite spending $10,000,000 in taxpayer 💰, Kenney’s “Equalization Referendum” had 0 influence on Canadians' support for the program, revealed a new national survey

This 100% goes against Kenney’s claim his referendum sent a “powerful message” to Canadians🤦🏻‍♂️
#Ableg News 🧵

2. Dr. Verna Yiu was fired by Kenney’s AHS Board, shocking health workers who admired her calm, compassionate leadership

Critics say she stood in the way of Kenney privatizing health care + supported COVID-19 mandates. Multiple UCP MLA’s publicly attacked her
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