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Thread #3 below about the @cityofwinnipeg “Corporate Advertising Policy.” A 🧵 - the epilogue.

See the start of the second thread here:

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli
"#People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

@energy106fm & Evanov tried to make me feel like I am disposable.

Does @cityofwinnipeg define them as reputable?

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 46/3🧵
#winnipegpolice makes me feel like they will only and always be #Winnipeg's fascist brotherhood.

@themarugroup tried to make me feel like I am insignificant to their global worldview.

Does @cityofwinnipeg define @wpgpolice and Maru as reputable?

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 47/3🧵
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Thread #2 below about the @cityofwinnipeg “Corporate Advertising Policy.” A 🧵, the story.

See the start of the first thread here:

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli
3.2.e: "Only appear in reputable publications." How is it defined? Opinions: not part of #diversity & inclusion. Reputable is an opinion.

Ex: @energy106fm affirmed values & visions to be “one of the strongest media allies to the #LGBTQ community."

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 24/2🧵
Before that, #Energy hired Dave Wheeler, a host released from his last radio position. The release was due to #transphobic #comments after receiving suspensions for racist comments.

Does @cityofwinnipeg define @energy106fm as reputable?

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 25/2🧵
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04/28: I spoke to the @cityofwinnipeg supporting the SPIRIT of the "Corporate Advertising Policy.”

A randy night at the senior's centre has more teeth than this #policy.

It took #Winnipeg months to put "We prefer #kindness" in print.

This is long. A 🧵 …
(Actually, 3 🧵’s)
Watch -

Our elected officials are tone deaf to harm corporate #Winnipeg enables. Context is key to understanding and interrupting my presentation proved that.

Including #wpg22 for candidates. Please address this in your campaign.

#wpgpoli #mbpoli 02/1🧵
@ShawnNason moved, @KevinKleinwpg seconded.


I didn't get to finish my presentation. I’ll share my notes here.

(Could have finished in ~9 mins, in full, with all relevant context 🤷🏼‍♀️)

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 03/1🧵
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Even before the pandemic hit, the MB PCs have been cutting and privatizing healthcare. Here is a thread about some of those changes. The tl;dr version is in the article below. (1/15)

The devastation of Manitoba: An autopsy of Pallister’s austerity regime…
Privatization and cuts go hand in hand with the MB PCs. The architect of many of these cuts was Kelvin Goertzen. After slashing healthcare, he moved on to ed and tried doing the same with Bill 64. He said that he isn’t sure if the state should be paying for such services. (2/15)
In 2019, before covid, 3 out of 6 ERs in Winnipeg were closed (the Vic, Seven Oaks and Concordia). 5 out 6 Quickcare centres were closed. Misericordia Health Care Centre was also closed in 2017. The latter had a huge impact on inner city residents. (3/15)…
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1/20🧵 I have some pretty big news to share #Thread #CDNpoli

I finally have all my specialized test results & it's much worse than anyone hoped or predicted. My life is going to be cut rather short due to physical complications with cancer & political complications with #Covid19
2/20 🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In the past 2 months, my lung cancer tumor has already grown. But yesterday we finally learned why I was falling & what injured my leg & back to make them so painful & too weak to walk anymore

I don't just have lung cancer. There's more...
3/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In addition to the lung tumor, my left leg & hip are riddled with cancer. It began in my right leg too. All lymph nodes have cancer. Two spots in my spine have cancer (T5 & T12). Cancer in my left rib & right shoulder. 3 tumors in my liver as well
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Sam Unrau in his testimony at the Manitoba Legislature on Tuesday night spoke about the challenges the legislation puts on people in relationships with people with disabilities. He gave many examples.

#Bill72 #mbpoli

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Sam Unrau spoke of the paperwork requirements for a common-law partner and the expectation that the government has for a partner in terms of financial support. Example one is the determination of financial resources (clause pictured).

#Bill72 #mbpoli

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Tongue in cheek, "Now that we are living together, could you fill out this form with your salary? Oh and by the way, I am now a dependent of yours."

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Yesterday, Inclusion Winnipeg submitted the following presentation to the Manitoba Legislature as part of the discussions on Bill 72 - the Disability Support Act.


1 of 4

#Bill72 #mbpoli
A number of questions were raised by presenters last night including;


1/ How will severe and prolonged disability be defined?
2/ What about the people who fall “outside” the criteria?

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#Bill72 #mbpoli
3/ How will this impact assets such as RDSPs, gifts and trusts?
4/ Someone might have a severe and prolonged disability, but be able to earn an income. How will this be addressed?
5/ And, most importantly, how does Bill 72 move people out of poverty?

3 of 4 #Bill72 #mbpoli
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Alex Lytwyn presenting now on #Bill72. Wow.

Speaking to the coldness of the system. He has never been contacted by anyone at EIA to see how are you doing? Do you need help finding a job?

#Bill72 #mbpoli
All we need is a little help. We are labelled as something we are not. We have something to give to society. We may not be able to have a regular job like a politician, but we all matter.

#Bill72 #mbpoli
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Inclusion Winnipeg made a submission the Manitoba Legislature on Bill 72 - the Disability Support Act and Amendments to the Manitoba Assistance Act. It is before committee TONIGHT.

#Bill72 #mbpoli

1 of ? ImageImageImage
From our discussions within the community, some questions have been raised as to how Bill 72 and subsequent regulations will impact people.

#Bill72 #mbpoli

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1/ How will severe and prolonged disability be defined?

#Bill72 #mbpoli

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PC leadership candidate Stefanson accuses rival Glover of threatening to defeat or fire sitting MLAs | #mbpoli…
Stefanson's claim about Glover:

"I think if she ends up being our premier, how does she get along with all the caucus colleagues that she's told actually she's going to run someone against them in their nominations, that she's going to fire them?"
Stefanson can't say where or when this was said - or to whom.

"I think it was a statement that was made out there or something, though."
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The Conservative Club of MB is hosting a PC leadership forum at the Norwood Hotel.

It's sold out. Everyone here is fully vaxed. At least a dozen PC MLAs in the room. A few police officers. Former mayor Susan Thompson.

Also Coun. Nason, whose party membership has lapsed #mbpoli
I canvassed the crowd, looking for undecided PC members. Didn't find many. Found more observers than undecided.

Most members here already support Shelly Glover or Heather Stefanson.
Susan Thompson, the first woman to be Winnipeg's mayor, notes she celebrated her 1992 mayoral election victory in this very room at the Norwood.

She congratulates Glover and Stefanson. One will be the first woman to serve as Manitoba's premier.
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A question everyone should be asking: WHY has #cdnmedia failed to report on one of the biggest political scandals in decades. O’Toole & #CPC colluded w/ #Conservative premiers to delay implementing covid measures until after #elxn44vote. People died as a result #CovidInquiryNow
The very next day after #elxn44vote, #JasonKenney shuffles Shandro, #ScottMoe flies under the radar & the UCP sends an official request to the Trudeau gov’t for help. (Because of jurisdiction the feds must be invited). Something UCP could’ve done weeks ago. #CovidInquiryNow
I’d just like to underscore this point. The letter sent by Ric McIver the day he replaced Shandro, is extremely revealing. A “State of Public Health Emergency” was declared on Sept 15, but no formal request was made to the Trudeau gov’t until immediately after #Elxn44. #ABleg
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The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba will choose a new leader on Oct. 30, the party says. #mbpoli
"The election will select a new party leader and the next
Premier of Manitoba via a one member, one vote process."
The election will be conducted by mail-in ballot.

Votes will be counted in Winnipeg.

The deadline for nominations is Sept. 15

The cut-off date for new memberships is
Sept. 30.
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Stefanson’s leadership campaign launch shows she has a lot of support among caucus.

MLAs Schuler, Johnston, Johnson, Helwer, Reyes, Cullen, Guillemard, Friesen, Morley-Lecomte, Micklefield, Smith, Teitsma, Lagasse, Smook and Guenter among others. #mbpoli
She starts her PC leadership launch with a treaty land acknowledgement.
Stefanson says she has resigned from her position as health minister.
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Let's be 100% clear: the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is only apologizing because they were caught hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on Manitoba's Chief Justice. They knew exactly what they were doing. Any attempt to save face is just damage control.
And today is a great day for journalists and the public to ask who exactly these folks are and who funds them. #mbpoli
Most non-profits don't have 10 staff lawyers. So let's follow the money.
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It’a time to take notice of what’s happening in Nova Scotia.

“[Anti-maskers are] nothing more than an alt-right group that wants to protest things like science.”

@IainTRankin, Premier of NS.

Why are other leaders hesitant to say this?


On May 14th, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court granted an injunction to "prevent Freedom Nova Scotia and similar groups from staging illegal gatherings in defiance of Nova Scotia's public health orders."

I'm so envious. 😭

#nspoli #cdnpoli #COVIDIOTS…
Yesterday NS was arresting people FOR ATTENDING an anti-mask rally.

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Manitoba says it's awarded a tender to Xplornet to provide internet to 125,000+ properties without internet access or underserved by existing access. #mbpoli
The province says in a press release this will serve "nearly 30" First Nations and ~270 rural and northern communities.
The deal will utilize infrastructure owned by Manitoba Hydro.
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“As Nova Scotia reports *38* new cases of #COVID19–the largest single-day case increase in nearly one year—NS's premier announced tighter restrictions in the #Halifax area...”

**cries in Alberta**

#nspoli #cdnpoli #onpoli…
For the record, “Alberta reported 1,699 new cases of COVID-19 [yesterday]” more than 10x the per capita infection rate of NS.

#ableg #nspoli…
Yesterday, as cases rose again, the Premier tweeted about how great this summer will be.

Over 2,000 Albertans have died from #COVID19AB with just 10 people being allowed at their funerals. #ableg #FiretheUCP

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Don't assume parents are writing open letters, or expressing their concerns about these changes having not read the (sparse) information provided. WE HAVE READ IT & still have very serious concerns. /1 #MBED #MBPoli Stop insulting the intelligence of Manitobans, @CliffCullenMLA
In schools that have PACs, they are primarily made up of white, higher-income Moms who have the resources, the time, & the privilege to volunteer at their children's schools. This is in no way to devalue their hard work. However @BrianPallister's comments made nasty assumptions..
@BrianPallister made comments insinuating that parents who have to work 2+ jobs to provide for their families aren't "making sacrifices" for their children's education. Their sacrifices are just different from those of the parents who can afford to volunteer on PACs #MBEd #MBPoli
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As long as we can see that the political disruption in Canada is less about the mobilization of the radical right and more about the demobilization of the Centre, the sooner we can correct this mess.

And what is democracy but a method by which mistakes are corrected. #cdnpoli
*center ...wth☹️

The lack of a functioning center-right has allowed polarization of the liberal prog left.
And what is Canada but a big ole giant liberal-center-left success.
It’s obvious now why the right-biased media would engage in liberal bashing—and this is where we resist.
Here’s how the Libertarian Revolution disables democracy, as per Nancy MacLean: #cdnpoli

First, it would break down citizens’ expectations of government, and their habit in believing it offered them something of value in navigating their lives.
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🧵 Far-right, anti-choice #Conservatives in public office.

This is Michael Barrett, #CPC shadow minister for “ethics”. Barrett routinely sends profoundly dishonest mail-outs to his constituents, which only occasionally get challenged by the targets of his disinformation #cdnpoli
Barrett is cut from the same broad cloth as #PierrePoilievre, Derek Sloan & other #Conservative members across 🇨🇦. All of them helped into power by far right anti-choice organizations like Campaign Life Coalition & “RightNow”. #cdnpoli #CPC
Both CLC & RightNow are far right disinformation dispensing anti-choice groups whose members oppose abortion even in the case of rape & incest. Their extremist positions even target #Conservatives with less extreme views. #cdnpoli
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.@MOFA_FAPUM is right about the Pallister PCs using a Corporate-driven US legislation mill for their agenda - but it is much worse than they say. @MBLiberalParty first flagged this last June. #mbpoli #cdnpoli 1/17
Last spring, Kelvin Goertzen met with a who’s who of the global alt-right-Ted Cruz, Betsy Devos, Russian Oligarchs, a German party w/ holocaust denier neo-Nazis & Reps from Bolsonaro’s brazil. The NDP did not think this was a problem. #mbpoli #cdnpoli 2/17
One of the people on that call was WV State Senator Patricia Rucker, who is a state rep for ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council. Some say it drafts “corporate-friendly" bills. That is a massive understatement. They undermine democracy. 3/17
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1) Conservative Premiers & #cdnmedia are blaming PMJT for vaccine delays & want to see Pharma contracts.

Some are accusing PMJT for taking vaccines from poor countries (COVAX) which is not true.

#abpoli #skpoli #mbpoli #qcpoli #onpoli #qcpoli #cdnpoli…
2) Vaccines coming thru COVAX were always meant to benefit Canada & poor countries. We're also one of COVAX's top donors so that poor countries have access to vaccines.

PMJT "...encouraged premiers to tell their constituents ... that weekly disruptions in supplies are to be
3) expected, but that he has been assured by the CEOs of both Pfizer and Moderna that they will meet their contractual obligations to Canada to provide a combined 6 million doses by the end of March."
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