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Nasira Javed Iqbal daughter-in-law of Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal and retired Judge of LHC
I'll tell you what crime you committed Dear IK.I've been asking why IK had to be removed immediately rather than wait for 16 months to complete the term. So here is the answer. Image
To understand this first let’s cover two concepts

1) What is Petrodollar. It’s an agreement signed between King Faisal and President Nixon in 1974.

Saudi responsibility was to convince all OPEC countries to sell oil in US dollars and not accept any other currency or gold.
All proceeds from sale will be deposited in US banks or Federal Reserve. (Then there is a lengthy formula how the OPEC county do withdrawals. We can go over it some other time) This increase the demand for USD because for any country to buy oil they first have to buy USD. This +
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I have a few words to say:
I unreservedly and unqualifiedly support #BalochRights and hope to continue doing so.
That I comment on what happens here is because I live here and I sink or swim with all; I intend to stay here regardless.
That the #PTIGovernment
was ousted is something to be happy about because it wasn't an individual but a cabal of arrogant incompetents who played with lives and futures of all and deserved to be ousted the way they were.
That said, the new isn't new but the old and should be assessed not on what
it says and promises but see what it does for there have been too many unkept and broken promises to take them at their word
کویئی تمہاری تم یوں جوٹھے وعدے کرتا
تم ہی منصفی سے کہدو تمہیں اعتبار ہوتا
There so many issues which demand immediate attention which among others
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1/20🧵 I have some pretty big news to share #Thread #CDNpoli

I finally have all my specialized test results & it's much worse than anyone hoped or predicted. My life is going to be cut rather short due to physical complications with cancer & political complications with #Covid19
2/20 🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In the past 2 months, my lung cancer tumor has already grown. But yesterday we finally learned why I was falling & what injured my leg & back to make them so painful & too weak to walk anymore

I don't just have lung cancer. There's more...
3/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In addition to the lung tumor, my left leg & hip are riddled with cancer. It began in my right leg too. All lymph nodes have cancer. Two spots in my spine have cancer (T5 & T12). Cancer in my left rib & right shoulder. 3 tumors in my liver as well
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Safeguarding Women’s spaces and Sexual Predators: Answer to @GreenJennyJones… Also… Thread follows.
Thank you for your question:

“When I ask Trans activists if it's wrong when males *falsely* Self ID as female, gain access to female spaces, assault and rape already vulnerable women, they say, well rape is wrong. So ... why not put in safeguards?” (Twitter, 20/09/21)
This is an important question for everybody with a stake in fairness and safety, all of us. Trans people are also failed by manipulators who would abuse policies put in place for them, whether amongst their midst or not; but so long as people do lie then safeguards [needed].
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Negative campaigns come and go, right? I'm responding again, round two of something started as a Young Greens motion supported by "93%" (21 members) & ended up with member trying to get extra ammunition from GMC, who have now weighed in for me:… patient-centred care
Also available as pdf… Summary here: Recently a Party member wrote to the GMC in an attempt to undermine the position I took in a statement of 19 July 2021, about maintaining professional boundaries in patient care settings.
I distinguished between the expression of general solidarity with LGBTIQ+ community through wearing of a rainbow lanyard, say, and sharing of personal data about one’s own sexuality in a patient-care setting (also to express solidarity).
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Voting for @TheGreenParty leadership ballot closes in just few days! Vote for #RealityCheck on
✳ Climate Emergency
🗽 Women's Sex-based Rights
🎓 Free Speech
Vote @ShahrarAli for Leader #1. Vote Shahrar Ali for Leader...
Best reason to vote for @ShahrarAli?
Worst bad reason you may have heard not to vote for @ShahrarAli? Here are some, despite fact he can define woman, got 24% last year & already deputy before.
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One of the most striking features of name-calling & bullying are the number of things that would need to have been false to make them true. That a lifelong campaigner against discrimination suddenly became a bigot overnight or that they never really were good. #RealityCheck
Or that people, so many of them, really are that hateful, spiteful & deceitful as their accusers would allege. We must say NO! to these smears, their perpetrators & enablers who damage the very causes they claim to represent.
We must all, in wherever small way we can, find courage to do this. Else we may just wake up one morning to find we don't know what to believe or what to stand up for. If we were to lose our sense of justice that would be some loss.
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By popular demand, my closing speech to Greens of Colour hustings.

CW - initiating a difficult conversation around whether the Party has a problem with very idea of an ethnic minority leader. #RealityCheck
I think that in politics as in life, it's important to have a proper sense of your own worth. I hope nobody would dispute that. I see great confidence in the candidates before me for good reason. I share that confidence in myself.
Let me show you a couple of things that I've done during my time in the party [picks up and shows two bestselling books in green politics]. I know policy inside out, I've given lots of talks and I've represented the party in the media.
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This is America’s leverage over Taliban & also loans to Pakistan thru World Bank/IMF. Fool are those who think DC doesnt call the shots in Af-Pak, its going per their script broadly !
Those who think Goras dont have leverage should read about City of London & Britain’s Financial Empire thru which Anglo American establishment still rules the world. The CCP (a western implant) is Pygmy in front of them. The sun never set on British Empire it still exists.
This is how Anglo American Establishment still rules the world. And you think Pygmy’s like ISI defeated them. Ha Ha Ha 😈
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Eve of Leadership Ballot: Open Letter from Shahrar Ali (personal not official GPEW) to Siân Berry. A courteous appeal to Siân on her Negative Voting Announcement, Resignation Letter & Fostering Active Debate. #RealityCheck @sianberry
Can also be read here… Open Letter from Shahrar Ali to Siân Berry - Page 1 - NegatOpen Letter from Shahrar Ali to Siân Berry - Page 2 - your Open Letter from Shahrar Ali to Siân Berry - Page 3 - FosteOpen Letter from Shahrar Ali to Siân Berry - Page 4 - unsol
PDF statement also here…. Edited thread follows. #RealityCheck
Negative voting in Leadership elections

I was disappointed and upset to see you (Siân) actively campaigning yesterday (31 August) against three of the leadership candidates, including me, by publicly advocating that members should place RON ahead of us.
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Watch: Shahrar Ali on necessity for fostering mature debate on women's sex-based rights - for its own sake & to help make us credible political force on climate emergency. We need to be reality-based in all our policies. #RealityCheck 👇
One of key planks of my campaign, as some of you I hoipe will have noticed, is women's rights. And I deliberately talk about it as women's rights. This party has become hostile to women who want to talk about the threats that they feel towards their single sex or same-sex spaces.
We have to be at the forefront of politics in this increasingly hostile environment, to say no, we can have a mature debate. There's nothing transphobic about talking about the protected characteristic of sex as enshrined in the Equality Act.
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REALITY CHECK: Shahrar Ali standing for Leader of @TheGreenParty to prioritise
✅ Climate & Ecological Emergency 💚
✅ Debating Culture - internal & external 👏
✅ Welcome Women Back! 💚
#RealityCheck #WelcomeWomenBack Join 👉 by 27 Aug to Vote ❎ Shahrar Ali standing as Leader of Green Party of England & W
@TheGreenParty "I’ve been political for as long as I can remember. As a child, when I’ve asked my parents why people in faraway lands fought with one another it must have been out of incredulity that a planet, which bore such riches, could be cause for any kind of disharmony."
@TheGreenParty "Why didn’t people just get on? Though older and wiser about widespread inequality, this question still bugs me today – whether in awe of the mechanics of our planetary ecosystem or fascinated by human nature and motivation."
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(Toxische) Männlichkeit als Risiko für #Innovationen: am Beispiel des Rollkoffers – Thread, weil muss.

Der Rollkoffer soll in den 1970ern erfunden worden sein. Durchsetzen konnte er sich lange nicht, was den „Erfinder“ verzweifeln ließ. Weil: "Koffer werden getragen. Punkt." 1/9
Und noch wichtiger: "*Richtige Männer* tragen die Koffer ihrer Frauen eh!“ Es war „unmännlich“ einen Koffer zu rollen. Und die Industrie einfach nahm an, Frauen würden nicht alleine reisen. (🤯) Also keine Daseinsberechtigung für den Rollkoffer – bis ein Pilot... 2/9
Ende der 1980er Gefallen an einer rollenden Cabin Bag fand. Kein *Rollkoffer*, sondern *Teil des beruflichen Equipments* von Piloten… 3/9 #nowyouknow
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#RealityCheck | PKD Nambiar, Political Analyst, on the government's decision to continue with the #CentralVista project amid a surge in #COVID19 cases. Image
.@OnReality_Check | Gurdeep Singh Sappal, National Spokesperson, Congress and Former CEO, Rajyasabha TV, on the #CentralVista Project. Image
.@OnReality_Check | Nalini Singh, Senior Journalist, on the government's decision to go ahead with the #CentralVistaProject. Image
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Die Antworten auf diesen Tweet bestätigen meine Mutmaßung:

Es gibt bereits eine "#ChurchOfElonMusk!
Ich würde mir wünschen, Leute würden auch nur 1% der Zeit und Energie, die diese in's #verteidigen eines #Wanker|s & #Milliarär|s wie @elonmusk versenken in sinnvolleres investieren...
z.B. #TransRightsArehumanRights oder ne Spende an @TransEmigrate oder was mit Tieren oder im @Hambacherforst abhängen oder so...
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JM KARIUKI parliamentary ideas (1969-75 Hansard) show a vision for egalitarianism - warned of Kenya of "10 millionaires and 10 million beggers". 1968 he sponsored HIRE PURCHASE ACT that to-date helps many access goods to uplift lives. Enabling proPoor policies, ending graft key.
2007/8 PEV was mutating to class warfare esp in hotbeds. Today, many leafy neighbourhoods are isolating and many kids from these rich estates don't know of "others". Often TV comedies feature these differences firming the contemptuous demarcations. We have a very serious problem.
Solution to redress marginalisation is to end corruption. When thieves are protected by those with influential power, then creation & spread of criminal enterprises and mass grievances will grow, thrive. But to expect culprits to end vice is to be naive. Looting sadly now 'legit'
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The #deficit #myth #deficitmyth by @StephanieKelton #MMT modern monetary theory
Myth N. 1: The #state should budget like a #household
#RealityCheck : unlike a household, a #SovereignNation, which owns its national #centralbank, issues the #currency it spends
Myth N. 2: #deficit is evidence of #overspending
#RealityCheck: look to #inflation for evidence of over spending
The purpose of #taxes is not to pay for #government expenditures but to help rebalancing the #wealth distribution #MMT
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How was your #cruise

6,000 young cows drowned at sea. SIX THOUSAND🐮
Image the terror .@AustraliaUN
These #cows were exported by #Australia -headquartered #AustralasianGlobalExports, 💀specializes in live #animalexports, aka torture, abuse
#auspol 👎…
2/ This is on you #Australia gov AND ppl who continue to eat the flesh of others

The #LiveExport 🚢aka #DeathShip departed Napier in #NewZealand w 5,867 #cows passengers
bound for Tangshan, #China
The journey= 17 days no food/water🐮💔
If you're shocked by this incident - maybe it's time to stop supporting it
If you still eat other animals, drink their #milk (#AnimalAgriculture ) THIS is a #RealityCheck

These young #cows were vomiting, deficating in #Terror as they slowly #drowned
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Per the book Rigged, Russia cld have changed some vote tallies in 2016. Per @SenBlumenthal, Russia's current attack on the US makes 2016 look like "child's play." Trump's lackeys have canceled classified briefings. This is a cover-up.-@jennycohn1… 1/
I now have a regular segment w/ @onwurd to discuss election-security issues! Wednesdays at 9:25AM PST. Listeners can tune in at LIVE stream or on the videos page. TY. @ellisonreport @troywilmore
#RealityCheck 2/
3/ Tips to Mitigate Threats to Our Votes and Voter Registrations Before November - by @jennycohn1…
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If u vote in person, ask to vote w/ a ballpoint pen. If u must use a touchscreen (early voting often uses them), compare ur completed sample ballot 2 the machine-marked printout to verify that down ballot races weren’t deleted or changed. - @jennycohn1 1/…
I now have a regular segment w/ @onwurd to discuss election-security issues! Wednesdays at 9:25AM PST.
@ellisonreport @troywilmore
#ProtectOurVotes #RemoveTheModems
#TransparentChainOfCustody 2/
Listeners can tune in at LIVE stream or on the videos page. TY. #RealityCheck 3/
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THREAD 1/7 #readercommunity

#Readers who justify #bookpiracy because THEY are poor i.e can buy the latest tech, fashions, daily coffees but cannot 'afford' books, we need to have a talk, and #RealityCheck ...
1. Those who download from #pirate sites wouldn't buy the book anyway.

To justify theft by saying that the thief wouldn't pay for what they stole is ridiculous. Clearly, they wanted the product but didn't think it was 'worth' $4 because they can steal it without consequences.
2. Authors earn lots of money, they're just being greedy.

In the latest @ALCS_UK research "“The median annual income of a professional author is £10,500 (US$11,300), which is well below the minimum wage."

1% of authors earn huge sums, most of us barely scrape a living.
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Will uns #Kurz für dumm verkaufen? Was er heute an PR-Parolen von sich gegeben hat, hat nichts (!) mit der politischen Realität des letzten Jahres zu tun. Die Bilanz #365Tage klammert beinhart aus, was #ÖVP und #FPÖ treiben. Hier ein #RealityCheck (Thread)
Real: PflegerInnen, die 24/7 für unsere Eltern, Großeltern, Tanten/Onkel da sind, wird die Familienbehilfe gekürzt, wenn sie aus dem 'falschen' Land kommen und von dort zu uns zum Arbeiten pendeln. #Kurz unterdessen munter von "mehr Unterstützung" redend. Von wegen!
Jungen Menschen ü18, die eine Lehre in einer überbetrieblichen Ausbildungseinrichtung machen, wird die Ausbildungsbeihilfe gekürzt. Sie kriegen im 1. und 2. LJ nur noch 325,80 Euro. Aber klar, ich glaub dem Kurz, wenn er sagt: alles tippi toppi für die Jungen in Ausbildung!
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@PMOIndia #NAMO #RealityCheck
Everything just on papers!
So #Reasonable menu but the mentioned items not being sold! Image
Salesman: Asheeesh when asked for Rs.15 #JantaKhana told: "Itne mein kya aata hai saab, ye item hum nhi bechte (not available, we don't sell this item)"
When asked for Standard Tea @RS.5/- as mentioned on irctc menu displayed on counter, they said:
"Its not being sold (Hum ye nhi bechte..), only Dip Chai(Tea) @RS.7/- available or take Masala Chai @RS.20/-"
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