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Had Bing Thom not died prematurely, he would have gone after @AIBCconnected for its gentleman's agreement rule that architects can't criticize other projects. Reportedly a certain major arch'l firm in Vancouver reported Bing to AIBC for his letter opposing #105Keefer. #vanpoli
@AIBCconnected Bing Thom intended to go after AIBC's muzzling rule & publicly ask them:

"What is the point of architecture if there's no discourse? What is the role of the architect in society? Do we have a public responsibility or are we just hired guns?"

AIBC's rule is destructive.
@AIBCconnected Bing's death was a terrible loss for public discourse in Vancouver. BTW he also helped us with a fight I co-founded against the proposed downtown casino expansion (we beat the expansion partly thx to him). You could count on him to do the right thing. AIBC tries to block this.
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Unregulated toxic drug deaths are the leading cause of death for every age group from 10 to 59 in British Columbia.

Accounting for more deaths than homicides, suicides, accidents and natural disease combined.

How did we get here and how do we get out? 1/ #bcpoli
This overwhelming loss of life is a policy choice.

It is a decision made by successive governments to turn our social safety net into a high wire.

And by governments that say the right things but balk at doing what is necessary because it’s not politically expedient. 2/ #bcpoli
The conditions we see in British Columbia today can be traced back to the early 2000s when the BC Liberal (@voteBCUnited) gov’t removed a staggering number of social programs and social supports.

We are now downstream from those decisions and seeing the outcomes. 3/ #bcpoli
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My elderly family member, whom I kept free of Covid for 3+ years but who finally caught in in an unmasked BC hospital last week, is very sick on Day 9. Rapid test still shows a bright red line. For health issues she can't take Paxlovid. She's in a rage at you, @adriandix. #bcpoli
@adriandix "I'm furious at the hospital and at all the unmasked healthcare workers, but I'm more outraged by @adriandix and Bonnie Henry. The govt is ultimately to blame."
@adriandix She asks: "Why aren't they following science?"

"They kept taking my mask off for tests and procedures - and they weren't even wearing masks when they did it."
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The arguments for dropping mask mandates in hospitals are insane. The lack of logical reasoning & critical thinking is both astonishing & frightening. This is madness that will literally lead to continued mass disabling from #CovidIsNotOver & other airborne diseases. #AHS #Ableg
Covid causes brain damage. Repeat infections worsen the risk of long term harm.
#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
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I’m a rural BC hospital taking an elderly relative to ER. No masks on staff & visitors but aggressive efforts to make everyone sanitize their hands, despite the fact that the diseases helping to crash the health system are airborne. We are truly living in an age of disinformation
*I’m IN a rural BC hospital. I am not a hospital. But you got that
Look at the handwashing fixation of @IPACCanada & the blindness to airborne transmission & masking stretching back many years. Every year they suggest infection control is largely a handwashing issue. It's as if all the airborne diseases do not exist. Why?
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Today’s announcement from the Health Minister does not address the root causes of our broken healthcare system. Healthcare workers are stuck in unsafe workplaces, unable to provide the best care possible. (1/3)… #bcpoli #bchealthcare
Instead of improving working conditions and equipping healthcare workers with the support they need, the BC NDP is focused on expanding services that will be plagued by the same problems. (2/3)
We need to see real progress in improving hospital conditions. Announcements like today’s need a concrete plan and measurable results. The government must shift their priorities if they truly want to improve our failing healthcare system. (3/3)
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Canada is on fire from coast to coast.

413 active fires, 26 thousand people evacuated, and over 3 million hectares burned. And we’re only in May.

What can our provincial government do to keep people safe? ⬇️1/ #bcpoli…
2023 is on track to be the worst year for wildfires.

Smokey skies have become a staple of the summer months in BC.

Installing air filtration systems in schools and public spaces to keep us, especially our children, safe must be a priority. 2/ #bcpoli
The warmest May in 85 years for the majority of BC.

The 2021 heatdome is the most tragic example of what can happen if we’re unprepared for extreme heat.

Installing cooling units and fans in the homes of the most vulnerable can mitigate harm. 3/ #bcpoli
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Last week the @bcndp failed to put forward permanent, long-term solutions on the table to save #FairyCreek.

Instead they are kicking the can down the road, extending deferrals until 2025. 1/ #bcpoli #oldgrowth…
The @bcndp needs to put conservation financing on the table so that Indigenous communities receive the benefits of protecting old growth and are able to diversify their economies away from resource extraction. But so far we've seen nothing. 2/ #bcpoli #oldgrowth
What's worse is that the federal government in 2022 put forward $50 million dollars to permanently protect #oldgrowth on the condition that BC matches the funding.

Over a year later and the @bcndp remain silent . 3/ #bcpoli….
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A big @BCNursesUnion rally is kicking off in downtown Vancouver
Details here: @CTVVancouver #bcpoli…
This is a huge turnout
The @BCNursesUnion president Aman Grewal addressing hundreds of nurses gathered at Jack Poole plaza
Acknowledging dangerous, overwhelming working conditions and lasting impact on front line
“If nurse are healthy, the healthcare system is healthy” she says Image
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TODAY: our informative live interview on the risks of Covid & Pregnancy.

Please join us at 12:30 pm for an hour with Dr. Genevieve Eastabrook. Free livestream is here:

We will livetweet the briefing here, so please follow along.
Welcome to our live tweeting session. We're so excited to be joined by Dr. Eastabrook today! She is a Maternal Fetal Medicine subspecialist & will talk about risks to pregnant people & fetuses. We'll wrap up with resources to protect yourself.
"Often times conditions are unmasked in pregnancy. People can be vulnerable during this time, especially to respiratory illnesses."
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Oh goody, the opportunity to have my answers twisted to meet the BC PHO’s libertarian, Urgency of Normal agenda!
How exciting it’ll be to see that I have been determined to still be traumatized by BC’s non existent lockdown!
I’ll just put my comments in the text fields 1/ BCPoli Image
And it’s straight into the GBD bullshit.
Talk about telegraphing your intent…

‘Understanding the unintended impacts on the social, economic, physical health, mental wellness and resiliency of communities is important’

#BCPoli #SpeakSurveyBS Image
Extra points for the relentless negative framing to help you get in the proper doom mood to give preferred responses.
‘The Survey includes questions to guide decision-makers with regard to managing the ongoing pandemic disease burden, experiences and unintended consequences’
3/ Image
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Infants, kids, teens, young people, young adults, middle-aged with no conditions, etc. have zero to little risk,” July 4, 2020,…when data did, in fact, show risk. “So we use them to develop herd… we want them infected.”

Sound familiar BC?

#BCPoli 1/…
Remember when many BC kids were infected before vaccines were available to them, while Henry & the BC CDC did their covert mass infection study?
‘policy came to include vehement opposition to almost all previously accepted public health measures—…’
#BCPoli #MassInfectionStudy 2/
‘…targeted local lockdowns & social distancing, testing & contact-tracing, masking & indoor air changes’
This is exactly Henry/Gustafson/Daly.
‘any & all harm reduction merely delayed population-wide immunity. Against a backdrop of mass illness & death…’
#BCLTCDeaths #BCPoli 3/
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Thanks to @CHEOSNews for hosting today's seminar on the drug poisoning crisis in BC. Some major takeaways from what I observed below: 🧵#bcpoli #SafeSupply
1. There is no evidence that prescription opioids are causing more deaths in BC. None whatsoever. It doesn't matter what antagonizers like @PierrePoilievre, @ZivoAdam, @AaronGunn or @PJReporter tell you. #bcpoli Image
2. #SafeSupply works. In fact, as soon as prescription drugs were discontinued, the overdose risk increased. #bcpoli Image
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The @bcndp needs to back their rhetoric with action.

If they’re truly a "worker’s party" then they must stop contracting out the delivery of public services to for-profit corporations that nickel-and-dime workers. 1/ #FraserValley #bcpoli…
CUPE561 workers are striking for a pension plan, more regular scheduling practices & a 32% wage increase to put them on par with other transit workers in neighbouring areas.

If First Transit can’t “afford” fair compensation then they should not be operating in BC. 2/ #bcpoli
Delivery of a public service, fair compensation of labour, and making a profit run contrary to one another.

This is why government should not contract the delivery of public goods like public transportation, healthcare, or social work to for-profit companies. 3/3 #bcpoli
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"@CTVNews has spoken with some of the staff directly but agreed to conceal their identities for fear of repercussions, which has been a massive concern in the province: muzzled healthcare workers of all stripes describe a culture of fear"
"fear for speaking out about the failures of the system, even when they’re solely advocating for their patients’ safety and care. @Fraserhealth has repeatedly told ED physicians to not openly discuss our ‘challenges’ with the public,” the group writes in its letter."
Google's Aristotle project showed that high performing team have 1 thing in common: high psychological safety. "Teammates feel confident that no one on the team [or administrator] will embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a ?, or offering a new idea."
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It is shocking that the @bcndp is applauding sending BC cancer patients across the border for radiation treatment.

We used to be a leader in cancer care in Canada.

Today’s announcement shows that the system we currently have is failing to meet people’s needs. 1/ #bcpoli
While it is critical people receive the treatment they need.

This initiative to send people for radiation to the United States reinforces what former Premier Horgan said last summer, that the healthcare system is teetering. 2/ #bcpoli
There are serious questions to be asked of the Provincial Health Services Authority.

We see the challenges for people with cancer, the ongoing crisis with paramedics & ambulance services, and more concerns of children not getting surgeries on time at BC Children's Hospital. 3/
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We’re calling on the @bcndp to put an end to the outsourcing of essential public operations to for-profit corporations, and ensure that public workers in BC receive a #livingwage.

As things stand, workers are being nickeled and dimed. 1/ #bcpoli…
The ongoing transit strike in the #FraserValley is a reminder of the importance of government responsibility for public services.

When government hands over operations of a public service to for-profit companies, it's the workers who pay the price. 2/ #bcpoli
Bus drivers in the #FraserValley are paid 32% less than their counterparts in neighboring regions.

Working long standby hours for less than $3 an hour, with no pension plan.

They are underpaid and overworked, and they are now on the picket line asking for fair wages. 3/ #bcpoli
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"What the world’s governments have really learned from the pandemic is that they can ignore it. Many have simply stopped testing, stopped counting cases and deaths; after all, if you don’t count it, it doesn’t count." @TheTyee…
"Dropping non-pharmaceutical measures like masking may enhance the spread of COVID-19, but who will know without surveillance? "
#bcpoli @CDCofBC @adriandix @Dave_Eby
"Dr. Daly, CMHO for @VCHhealthcare, was on @bctoday on May 5, the day WHO declared the end of the emergency. She encouraged listeners to think of #SARSCoV2 “like other respiratory viruses,” especially the coronaviruses that can cause common colds."
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Transit staff in the #FraserValley have been on strike for 7 weeks.

These workers are underpaid & overworked by a private company the @bcndp have outsourced to provide an essential public service.

Their employer hasn't stepped up to negotiate & the gov't is silent. 1/ #bcpoli
Fraser Valley residents are frustrated, but they understand the plight of CUPE 561.

Drivers in the region make 32% less than those in neighboring areas.

They work long standby hours making less than $3/hour. They have no pension plan. 2/ #bcpoli…
This is what happens when governments outsource public services to for-profit corporations without safeguards.

Although the buses are owned by #BCTransit, they are in fact operated by a private company – and that company is nickel and diming its workers. 3/ #bcpoli @cupenat
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How many restaurants would still be open if they failed 4 food safety inspections? None.

The law should be applied equally. CGL has shown they can't be trusted to operate.

The @bcndp gov't must stop protecting #CGL and revoke its permit. 1/ #bcpoli…
Coastal Gaslink claims they are pausing construction in part of the project due to "the challenging terrain and the effect of climate change on watersheds" and “an abundance of caution”.

But their track record says otherwise. 2/ #bcpoli
CGL has demonstrated a reckless, spiteful and dangerous attitude towards laws and regulations. They simply absorb the costs of relatively small fines and continue to destroy ecosystems.

And the challenging terrain and impacts of climate change will not improve. 3/ #bcpoli
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Today the gov't released a report on @BC_Housing, uncovering significant conflicts of interest & financial mismanagement.

The @bcndp have committed to implementing the report's recommendations by Spring 2024.

But this gov't has a serious problem with follow through. 1/ #bcpoli
We've seen countless disturbing reports on gov't institutions.

Everything from lottery operators, to real estate, to environmental regulators have been exposed for criminal activity, misuse of funds & harm to public interest.

It's clear we're dealing with a systemic issue. 2/
For example an @RCYBC report found that only 14% of its recommendations had been implemented by this government.

In this case, failing to act has allowed hundreds of children to go missing each month, while hundreds more face trauma & abuse. 3/ #bcpoli…
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It gets exhausting, listening to BC Public Health get it wrong, again & again, putting people’s lives at risk.

Latest example, Dr. Patricia Daly, @VCHhealthcare on @bctoday show.

She’s wrong, as scientists at @JohnSnowProject prove. “C19 like the cold or flu” - NO!

2/ For a good start to how Dr. Daly, @VCHhealthcare, is wrong in her statements, see this thread. It has the source recording of her interview, too.

I’ll follow w/ proof from @JohnSnowProject.

@SKGandhiMD breaks down the main errors w/ the interview…⬇️
3/ Dr. Daly reassures BC that @WHO is correct in declaring the global C19 emergency is over, b/c of “high population immunity” & that C19 is like a cold or flu now.

@JohnSnowProject article, w/ studies in footnotes, proves her wrong. (See 1st tweet for link to article.) Screenshot of John Snow Pro...
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