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BREAKING: The B.C. government is halting fracking subsidies that have cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

Under a new royalty system, companies will pay more to the public to extract oil and gas starting this September. #bcpoli #climate #fracking
However, the province is still planning a massive expansion of fracking to fuel a global gas export industry.

Under B.C.'s new royalty regime, taxpayers will continue to subsidize new drilling, pipelines and well cleanup.
Today's announcement is a step in the right direction after years of public outrage over B.C.'s egregious oil and gas subsidies. "I believe the system has failed British Columbians," says Premier @jjhorgan. He promises higher revenues from publicly-owned resources.
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Today I stood to mark the one year anniversary of British Columbians and Canadians being awoken with the reality of the fate of thousands of Indigenous children who disappeared and never came home from residential schools. 1/ #bcpoli #EveryChildMatters #IndigenousPeoples
To all our relatives, all our elders, all our residential and day school survivors, to the generations of survivors of these genocidal acts perpetrated by this and other Crown governments, I raise my hands to you…
2/ #bcpoli #EveryChildMatters #IndigenousPeoples
...for your strength, for your resilience, for your patience, for your long-suffering, for your willingness to share your traumatic, tragic, and heartbreaking stories. 3/ #bcpoli #EveryChildMatters #IndigenousPeoples
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Today I write this thread to call in @girlguidesofCan; last week, after six years, I resigned as a leader with GGC, and have decided not to register my daughters in GGC programming for the foreseeable future, due to the lack of COVID safety at GGC meetings and events. 1/28
At the beginning of the pandemic, GGC took a very safety-conscious stance regarding COVID, and GGC activities were the one place my daughter and I felt safest because of that stance, including some in-person events; we were so grateful. 2/28
Unfortunately, as government messaging shifted toward "personal responsibility" to protect oneself from COVID, and protections were loosened, so, too, did the messaging from @girlguidesofcan change. 3/28
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This feels like it should be bigger news. More There have only been 4 periods in the history of the pandemic where more in #BritishColumbia have (officially) died WITH (yay, thanks BC for obscuring data) COVID than occurred in the first week of May (May 1-7).
#bcpoli #BCStorm
This is all because BC has intentionally distorted the data. As of April 2, all deaths where a positive test occurred within 30 days are being counted. Die of a car crash + covid test positive? Covid death!

Of course, CDCBC *COULD* easily go back &retroactively apply this definition to the start of the pandemic (this would help us understand what the increasing #'s mean in context), but of course that would severely increase the official count of COVID-19 deaths. Bad politics?
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Yesterday in question period Premier @jjhorgan was surprised that I “don't support investing in our collective history.”

The truth might be uncomfortable, but the history the Premier is celebrating is the graverobbing of our ancestors. 1/ #bcpoli #RBCM #Reconciliation
This museum has had no issue with its natural history or its settler-oriented exhibits. Its problem is how it relates to Indigenous people.

Whatever story the @bcndp want to tell themselves, we don’t need an $800 million new shrine to house systemic rot. 2/ #bcpoli #RBCM
.@jjhorgan and the @bcndp are treating our cultures as artifacts, while many of those items in their collections are relevant and important today. 3/ #bcpoli #RBCM #Reconciliation
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BC, Canada, & the world are falling apart. During several overlapping crises, @jjhorgan & @bcndp think it's time to spend $800 million to close and replace a still viable museum.

If the news and #bcpoli makes you want to live alone in the mountains, I have a new song for you!
This one is a parody of Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" 🙂

Sharpen up your knife
Find yourself a shack
Locate a few sheep
And some emus
Farming is your only saviour
This collapse is pretty major
Everybody will destroy the world
It could turn out fine
If you own a horse
Stock up on cowhide
Help you make some
Lovely throw rugs and some leather
Would you like to try my chevre
Everybody will destroy the world
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1/9🧵So, remember back when #DrHenry said she wanted to get out of the “order business?” Well, in her Mar10/22 Repeal of Face Coverings Order-like many of her PH orders-she left the door open for Regional MHOs to reinstate masks where they see fit…#bcpoli…
2/9 #DrHenry: “Recognizing that the risk differs in different regions of the prov & that MHOs are in the best position to assess local circumstances & to determine whether steps need to be taken to reduce the risk of the transmission of #COVID19…” #bcpoli…
3/9 “…this Notice does not affect the authority of a MHO to make an order requiring the wearing of face coverings in the whole or part of the geographic area of the Province for which the medical health officer is designated.”#bcpoli…
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BC CDC - Centre for Disease Collusion / Death Creation
May 4, 2022…

Are you fucking kidding me?!!!!

#COVIDisAirborne #bcpoli
Uh, BC Centre for Disease Collusion / Death Creation says you are infectious for 10 (TEN) days after onset of symptoms.

So we have a bunch of infectious people running around school & work. I mean, we do anyway, because no one can get tested 🙃…
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There is no healthcare without #Nurses.

Yet they are forced to work in conditions that aren’t safe or respectful.

Nurses want to keep going, but fear they don’t have anything left to give. 1/
#bcpoli #NurseStaffingCrisis #HelpBCNurses #healthcare @BCNursesUnion
Last night @AdamPOlsen and I attended a vigil to mourn the impacts recent years have had on nurses and our #healthcare system.

Today, alongside hundreds of #nurses, we attended their rally in front of the Legislature to demand action and respect. 2/ #bcpoli #NurseStaffingCrisis
Shift after shift, #nurses are providing care in packed medical units and packed ICUs.

Staffing shortages have resulted in unacceptable nurse-to-patient ratios, endangering patients, and over-burdening nurses.

All of this and nurses are being denied essential PPE. 3/ #bcpoli
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#BCCovid #BCEd #bcpoli
BC Covid Update
May 10, 2022

Dix is saying stuff.
Some numbers were said.
Here comes Henry! He is honoured to introduce her!

She is wearing a purple, orange, and pink shirt with flowers. Making her look extra soft.

She says the vaccines have continued to "change the game" for us.
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In Q1 of 2022, Telus Health increased their revenue by $17 million.

Should a for-profit corporation be generating substantial profits in BC’s publicly funded #healthcare sector?

Today I asked @jjhorgan exactly that. He did not answer. 1/ #bcpoli #Health…
Minister of Health @AdrianDix responded by saying healthcare in BC is more public than it was 5 years ago.

It’s hard to square the expansion of for-profit corporations in the #healthcare sector with “becoming more public.” 2/ #bcpoli #health
Telus has been actively expanding its healthcare business, charging thousands to individuals for access to primary care.

Access that is meant to be covered by our universal healthcare system. And it’s not just Telus. 3/ #bcpoli #healthcare #BCHealth
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"Dr Henry - there have been numerous research reports lately flagging very serious outcomes from COVID infection in children & pregnant people. Can you comment on the following studies?"
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Earlier today we posted this tweet - it was reductionist. Our Caucus apologizes for the confusion.

The low carbon fuel standard is a positive near-term policy to reduce emissions from fossil fuels as we look to eliminate their use. 1/ #bcpoli
Trust on #ClimateAction must be earned. This gov't is currently in court fighting to be less transparent & accountable on its emission reductions targets. 2/ #bcpoli
They still have not figured out how to meet our #CleanBC targets while subsidizing LNG Canada.

Nor have they ruled out expanding LNG Canada into Phase 2. 3/ #bcpoli
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It is #NationalNursingWeek - the @bcndp will take this opportunity to say they support #nurses.

But the reality in BC is that nurses are being denied PPE.

And staffing shortages are resulting in unacceptable nurse-to-patient ratios - actively endangering patients. /1 #bcpoli
In 2021, the @BCNursesUnion found:

35% of the #nurses they interviewed were more likely to quit in two years as a result of the pandemic.

82% of BCNU members noted a decline in #MentalHealth during the pandemic and 65% noted a decline in physical health. /2 #bcpoli #Health
.@BCNursesUnion President Aman Grewal has stated that nurses “are not allowed to share this reality openly.”

Today I asked the Minister @AdrianDix about this culture of fear preventing #nurses from speaking out and what he is doing to improve the situation. /3 #bcpoli #health
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Alarming/worrisome trend in BC, Canada.
New cases are 1/20 of the Jan/Feb peak.
👉Yet avg daily deaths are near that peak
👉The 14% unvax now represent new low of only 7% of daily deaths
👉The 51% triple vax are 76% of daily deaths, a new high
🤦‍♂️Media is silent.
1/4 #covid19bc
2/4 Despite new cases at 1/20 those in February, daily deaths are back up to the February highs of the Omicron wave, around 11 per day.
BC media and Bonnie Henry have gone to a quiet, weekly reporting only now. They no longer point out the vaccination status of the deceased.
3/4 Unvaccinated are 14% of the population (unchanged in months), but the vaccinated have hit a new high of 93% of daily deaths. Shouldn't the vaccinated be more protected from dying? And the numbers only go up every week.
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#EconomicProvincialRankings - How Canada Performs. British Columbia tops the provinces with an excellent overall A performance that ranks second only to Ireland. #bcfinance #bcpoli #bceconomy…
Ontario has worked its way up into second place among the provinces with strong growth over the past three years—the province ranks 6th among the 26 jurisdictions and gets a C grade.
Resource-rich Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador have tumbled down the rankings as a result of recent sustained negative commodity shocks and now get D and D– grades, as do Quebec and the Maritime provinces.
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Looking at BC's data for this week. I'm just going to type things as I notice them:

1) BC reported 2,283 new cases, but the total went up by 2,291.
2) This is slightly worse than last week, where the total went up by 2,268
3) Positivity continues to increase - 22.6% to Apr 16
4) BC reported 50 deaths in-week (vs. 42 last week).
5) The total death went up by 79 this week (vs 70 last).
6) Avg daily death rate is 11.3. Compares with the PEAK RATE at the beginning of Feb as we were coming down from the BA.1 wave.

7) BC reported 375 in-week new hospitalizations, but hospitalizations went up by 481.
8) This is better than last week which saw 529 new added to the total
9) This week's additions are 69 new/day, which is about where we were early Jan (going up) and mid-Feb (coming down).
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BREAKING: The B.C. government has responded to legal challenge by @sierraclubbc over its climate plan. SCBC are represented by @ecojustice_ca - here's my take 🧵#bcpoli
First a rewind to 2019: we were told that the Climate Change Accountability Act would "enhance the transparency and accountability of reporting" "by increasing the frequency and specificity of the information required to be reported to the Legislature and to British Columbians"
Fast forward to 2022 and we are told that same act doesn’t actually impose any “standards of adequacy” on climate plans – they don’t even need to tell us whether we’re on track to meet targets or not.🤔
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Let’s talk about union advocacy & politics.

How much does the government party-in-power affect unions? Turns out, a lot.
Case in point, Ontario Fed of Labour vs. BC Fed of Labour, on #COVID19. @OFLabour @bcfed

Worker safety ought to be forefront. Let’s see…

A thread🧵
2/ Ontario Fed of Labour has researched & advocated for #COVIDisAirborne policies for workers for 2 years now.

Check out their website. Posted in early June, 2021!

“Follow the science. Enforce the law. Protect workers.”
First words? #COVIDisAirborne!!…
3/ More from @OFLabour on #COVIDisAirborne safety:

06/21“But it’s not about, ‘We told you so’. It’s about, we told you to protect workers from potential airborne transmission of COVID-19. Why haven’t you listened to so many voices, including the labour movement for over a yr?”
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The IPCC Report states that “shifts to public transport can enhance health, employment, and can elicit energy security and deliver equity.”

I commend the @bcndp for promoting a greener future by enabling transit-oriented development through #Bill16 1/ #bcpoli #Transit
Bill 16, the Transportation Amendment Act, grants the BC Transportation Financing Authority the ability to acquire and improve land that supports the development of #housing and amenities near transit stations. Known as Transit-oriented developments (TOD). 2/ #bcpoli #Transit
TODs can include: childcare centres, shops and commercial services, schools and healthcare centres, educational facilities, public gathering spaces, and recreation centres. These developments are fundamental, particularly among intersecting crises. 3/ #bcpoli #Transit
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Our 15th briefing is today at noon!

If someone in your household catches Covid, is it inevitable that you'll be infected too? No! Experts discuss how to avoid it.

We will livetweet the briefing here. Please join us. #bcpoli
Starting now! Welcome to our 15th briefing. Please follow along! #bcpoli
Dr. @DrFiliatrault of @Protect_BC is introducing "Covid in the House: Protect Your Loved Ones" and is making a land acknowledgment. First guest today is a professional mechanical engineer @joeyfox85, with a decade of HVAC experience & is a school board engineer. #bcpoli
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Today I asked @adriandix about this story. @brish_ti writes “it is impossible to figure out how the virus is affecting hospitalizations in real time.” 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
People on Vancouver Island are already dealing with a severe family doctor shortage, hours long waits for walk-in clinics, and now hospitals are considering renting hotel rooms for rehabilitation patients. 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
I asked the Minister - can he assure people that they won’t be turned away when they are in need of health care? As a mother and a daughter, it is frightening to think my loved ones might not get the care they need. 3/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
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A Reminder Here 👇... and Thread 'Action' YOU Can Take, Below:

#Canadian government agency wants to redefine the word "WOMAN"!

#cdnpoli #bcpoli .../.2
Use this letter🧵as a template.
You can copy/amend/add to/use as is!
Email to:

To Whom It May Concern:
With regard to your recent EDSC post on an active federal consultation.../3
3) regarding Canada’s Employment Equity Act, I am writing with extreme concern about the possible redefinition of an identified group within your policy framework: that of the category of ‘Women.’
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🧵 Legacy outlets have dropped the ball in their reporting on the role and authority of band councils vs. hereditary leadership at #Wetsuweten. The result has been rampant misunderstanding of core facts of this conflict, fueled by vested interests pushing bad info. 🧵 #bcpoli
Tl;dr According to the Supreme Court of Canada and the governments of BC and Canada, the Wet’suwet’en hereditary leadership hold rights and title to their unceded territory. Not the band councils, who the pipeline company has signed agreements with. This is as settled as it gets.
I don’t want to downplay the legitimate divisions in the community over this pipeline, or neglect to mention that the reserves the band councils control are where many Wet’suwet’en live. But according to Canadian *and* Wet’suwet’en law, hereditary chiefs control the territory.
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