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Feb 22 11 tweets 7 min read
True, but there is a fine line between friendly advice and #Information #Warfare. My friends advise me privately and politely, not criticise me on social media, or give me advice on TV interviews! Those who did the latter are no longer my friends 🤡.
#PIP says: “We 😍🥰😘🐕🐩🦮”
3/pip #PIP: “The concept of “Friendship” in IR has been the bane of Indian foreign policy; Indians get emotionally committed to it, while great powers use it as an instrument of moral/intellectual coercion!” Asymmetric tests of “logical consistency” are another tool of coercion
4/pip Few cntrys have full understanding or strategic empathy for LMIC India, which has faced two declared enemies, both nuclear powers, which have collaborated in nuclear-missile proliferation, and have repeatedly attacked India through conventional & unconventional means(70yrs)
5/pip Sadly our own intellectuals & media, instead of explaining our situation to the World, take pride in propagating the West’s #moral #lectures, highlighting every minor #logical #inconsistency in Indian policy (but not of others) & every ltl mis-step of Indian foreign policy
6/pip India will surely modify its foreign policy as world changes, but not because of (self serving) lectures from West's hypocritical moral police or the orders of US (factless) intellectual GloboCops
7/pip #HBYN Though it was pretty clear that Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons,I never criticised USA for invading Iraq(as punishment for invading Kuwait). What I vociferously criticised was t incredibly stupid dissolution of the Bath party, Iraqi army, police & admin after victory
8/pip People who have never condemned Pakistan (in UN/USA) for its 50yrs of #Grey #War against India, want India to explicitly condemn Russia for its 50 day #Grey #War against Ukraine! The double standards don’t surprise those who survived colonialism (or neo-colonialism)
9/pip Given that Ukrainian crisis has revealed 100s of India experts, #PIP “advises GOI to sub-contract, thru a competitive tender, (1) Definition of India’s national interests, (2) Defn of Foreign & National security policy for achieving (1), & (3) Defence of Indian territory🤡”
10/pip #Realism #HBYN Those upset by India’s refusal to criticise Russia at the UN, should recall that #GOI never criticised #USA’s disasterous 2021 exit from Afghanistan, despite a previously expressed view that US exit from Afghanistan would be terrible for Afghans & the region
11/pip Since World War II, there is only one country that stood up to a #tyrant (instrumental in killing ~million people & raping ~1/2 mi women), despite threats from two nuclear powers. 99% of the World doesn’t know (🙈🙉🙊) or care who it was. Why should we care about #tyranny?

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Feb 21
#Hypocrisy is the best policy in a #unipolar #world, but it wont work in the “multipolar transition” to a “#Tripolar #World with a #multipolar rim”!
The “#Bipolar #World with a #Multipolar #Rim,” is already here. The Russian conflict with Ukraine, wont change this. #High #Tech #Decoupling & #partial #economic #decoupling from China is a necessary for survival of free market, open democracies.
2/hwo The #Hypocritical #World #Order(#HWO): “The very people who want pragmatism on #Afghanistan, don’t want pragmatism on #Myanmar
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Jan 24
Which is the greater military power: #PRC with 60,000 troops massed on India’s border(for ~2 years) or #RF with 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine border(for ~ 2 months)?
2/rus #Russian massing of troops around Ukraine is not just a message to #USA and #Europe, but also to #China and #India, not to write off its Military power & ability to use it; even though Russia’s economic power is now much less than that of USA, EU, China, India.🧐🤔
3/rus The #Russian’s have learned from the #PRC aggression against India in 2020, which rapidly lost credibility after Galwan. They have done everything to ensure that the threat of invasion is credible enough to achieve their coercive objectives without fighting.
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Nov 18, 2021
Progress on restoring April 2020 status quo ante in Ladakh, was interrupted by IA thwarting 2 aggressive PLA patrols across LOC & Xi's fear of ultra-nationalist reaction (before elevation to top pantheon of CCP), resumes. 60% probability of PLA, Hot-spring withdrawal, by Dec 31
3/pla Traditionally #PLA #Creeping #Acquisition has been attempted between the dotted lines(👇🏼). Since August 2020 all such attempts have been #successfully #resisted. All reported construction is in areas under PLA control for decades(ie btwn top line & next dotted line)
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Oct 1, 2021
#India-#US bilateral military ties will continue to broaden and deepen, based on the overlap of national security interests!
2/indus #Inda-#US B2B is critical to long term cooperation in defence production and weapons development:
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Oct 1, 2021
An efficient #GST with high boyancy, needs uniform 15% rate on 3/4th of Goods & services, exemption(0%) on basic food, drugs, health services & education(~1/10 of G&S), & higher rates (avg 30% inclusive of cess) on cigarettes & Autos(~1/10th). Drop higher revenue/rate obsession
2/gst The #GSTcouncil's obsession with immediate revenue raising by increasing rates, is damaging macro economy, by negatively impacting MSME/informal employment, income & consumption, and doing long term damage to inclusive growth and sustained higher revenues for development
3/gst Though in normal circumstances I recommend revenue neutral reform, in current depressed environment, revenue negative reform of GST is preferable to revenue positive GST reform, because it will provide a demand stimulus which will quickly recover the short term revenue loss
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Sep 27, 2021
52/ru My view: "All farm subsidies must eventually be #integrated into a direct cash transfer (#DCT) system, which delivers subsidy directly into the mobile wallet of every farmer, farm laborer & farm household!"…
54/ru #Rural #Agricultural: Does Rule of law matter to #LIMPs? Regulatory framework for land:…
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