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A partir de las 09:00 sigue en directo la 50ª Jornada sobre sensibilización y prevención de los malos tratos a #PersonasMayores

#EnDirecto desde👉

#Jornada #Formacion Image
¡Comienza la jornada!

En directo👉

#MayoresUDP Image
"Las administraciones deben colaborar para mejorar la calidad de vida de las Personas Mayores" señala en la apertura Marta Barreiro secretaria territorial de la @Xunta en #Lugo. "En Galicia somos pioneros en tener una Cátedra de Edadismo, impulsada por la @uvigo"

#MayoresUDP Image
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Nature is on emergency mode. World Environment Day is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world. We are excited to share our Milaap documentary poster with you on World Environment Day (5th June, 2023) Image
Milaap releases in June 2023, the documentary film will feature women and the stories of their lives being impacted due to negligent urban planning and its consequences to the river and the sea.
Produced by Marvi Mazhar, Abuzar Madhu and @mzohaibkazi , the short documentary aims to talk about environmental degradation, land rights, human / non-human epistemologies through poems, songs, and inherited knowledge.
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🔛 DAY 2 of the final #SHERPAconference is here! 🙌

And we start with @occs13 and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys welcoming attendees and introducing the agenda of the day. Image
🌄 Mario Milouchev from @EUAgri is opening the second and final day of the final #SHERPAconference thanking the many platforms engaging in the project and implementing the #RuralVision.

🗣️ "It’s time to think outside of the box" Image
🎯 It’s time to discuss participatory budgeting and how #SHERPA can contribute with recommendations for future #rural policy. Our project coordinator Olivier and Elodie from @Ecorys are setting the scene.

Stay tuned! 👂 Image
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🚨 Today is the day!⚡️ARE YOU READY?

At 14.00 (CET) 🕑 we’ll kick start our final #SHERPAconference in Brussels at @EU_CoR!

If you couldn't make it and want to know what our speakers are saying, join us with the hashtag #SHERPAconference.


DM of #RegionalDevelopment @EU_CoR member @radim_srsen, Mayor of Dolní Studénky 🇨🇿 welcomes the #SHERPAconference attendees. He highlights the added value of projects like #SHERPA to bring together policy, science and society for better rural policies. Image
Now it's the turn of the coordination team! 😊

📢 Olivier Chartier and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys open the #SHERPAconference presenting general information on the project, its methods, MAPs and, of course, the objectives and results achieved so far. Image
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A summary thread from the great Emergency Medicine Australasia issue I finally read on the plane; @EMAJournal #foamed

Thom study in EMA: patients with unstable cervical #fractures can sit (29%), walk (63%), lack midline tenderness (27%), and have delayed presentation (20%).
@EMAJournal #emergencymedicine

surf injuries were mostly lower c-spine

NEXUS underperformed compared to Canadian C-spine.

#drowning and cervical CTs are not inextricably linked: don't automatically image unless signs of axial loading/very specific concerns
@EMAJournal [my $0.02 on immobilising (virtually) anyone prehospitally: cervical immobilisation is a myth: collars don't actually immobilise, and 'immobilisation' doesn't actually prevent neurological *does* however harm (eg aspiration and other harms)]
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The mother land and food
जिस इलाक़े में आप रहते है
या जहां आपके माँ बाप दादा दादी रहते थे वहाँ क्या उगता है आप वो खाइए ना
आपका शरीर उसी के हिसाब से ढला है सैकडो सालों से हर अनाज का एक क्षेत्र होता है जहां वो आसानी से उगाया जाता है उसमे नुक़सान कम होता है बीमारिया कम लगती है ।
ऐसा ही आपके शरीर के साथ है यहाँ आप रहते है जो जलवायू है आपको ये प्रकर्ति से मिला है वही सबसे बेहतरीन है ।
आप के खान पान आप की डीएनए से रिलेटेड होता है ,यही वजह है की अगर साउथ वाला कानपुर में भी आएगा तो उसे ईडली, ढोसा ढूंढेगा और बंगाली राजस्थान में भी होगा तो उसे
चावल मछली चाहिए होती है ,अगर आप अपने मदरलैंड,और उधर उगने वाले अनाजो ,फलों सब्जियों के अनुसार खान पान रखते है तो काफी हद तक स्वस्थ रहेंगे ।
बीमारी या मजबूरी की बात अलग है
नारियल,केला साउथ इंडिया का मुख्य भोजन पानी है क्योंकि समुंदर किनारे रहने से शरीर में पानी की कमी हो जाती है
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Big crowd at the home of @NC_Governor for the bill signing for #medicaidexpansion Cooper acknowledges efforts of advocates for the past decade in pushing for the policy. Image
Senate leader @SenatorBerger speaking now, “we see this as an opportunity to chipping away at rules the limit access to care” #ncga Image
#nchouse Speaker Tim Moore says “this has been a long day in coming” touts #medicaid transformation that made the program #mco driven.
#ncga cites the money that will cone in to provide more services to #rural providers, will be a “generational change”
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Highlights from the keynote address made by Mr. Deepak Bagla, Managing Director & CEO of Invest India at the Standard Chartered Treasury Leadership Forum 2023.

A thread! (1/n)

#India #economy #GDP #highlights #thread
India is going through the most unprecedented transformation of human history in the free world today. (2/n)

#india #economy
This is the first time in the history of India’s 5000 years of existence, that the 3 pillars are going through a rapid transformation at the same point in time.

The 3 Pillars:
- Economic
- Social
- Political (3/n)

#india #economy #social #political
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Next up is @VeyseyMartin @Flinders.
The problem: selection into medical school worsens inequality and perpetuates lack of #diversity. #IMS2023
How can we do better with selection into medical school? Pathways, Gateway programs, contextual admission.
Quotas and bonded places have lower success.
@martinveysey #IMS2023
How do we keep doctors in #rural communities? Rural exposure, decentralised teaching and longitudinal placements. @martinveysey #IMS2023
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So I spoke with the Health Care Authority of West Virginia who approves certificates of need in our state. A 🧵 by #folkreporter @folkreporters 1/
I spoke with Timothy Adkins, the interim director of the Certificate of Need program. He clarified the CON program for me, as it pertains to #obgyntwitter in West Virginia. 2/
If an ambulatory care center aka hospital or hospital affiliated clinic exists in your community, that entity DOES NOT need to apply for a CON to add #obgyntwitter care to it's existing facility. 3/
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@AlibabaGroup announced a 125 million yuan ($18 million) donation to equip each of #China's more than 600,000 village clinics with two finger-clamp #oximeters, effectively achieving full coverage in rural areas against #COVID, said official account of Alibaba on Weibo🧵1/12
The donation was made under the direction of China's Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs, Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, & the National Health Commission (NHC), said the account on Saturday. 2/12
The Chinese government issued a general plan on Dec. 30 to strengthen #COVID epidemic prevention & control in #rural areas, said an official in a press conference on Saturday. 3/12
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🚲Le #vélo, une solution de mobilité du quotidien pour les séniors ?
Dans ce #thread, je vous explique en quoi le préjugé selon lequel le vélo serait excluant pour nos aînés, est sans fondement ; et comment développer l’usage du 2 roues chez les +60 ans.
📜Au menu :

1⃣Comprendre la mobilité des séniors
2⃣Enjeux et opportunités du vélo pour les séniors
3⃣Quelles actions pour des mobilités actives inclusives
4⃣Quel matériel : les principaux vélos adaptés
5⃣Quels partenaires et financements

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Is India's Consumption is Booming or Bombing ? keep updating the thread with Nuggets ...
Kantar's FMCG Pulse report .. April-Aug 2022.
Average MONTHLY sales of FMCG packs were 19.2 bn, or 62 packs/household, from Apr-Aug 2022
vs PRE-COVID: Average MONTHLY sales of FMCG packs 15 billion or 51 packs/household => 20% Increase in VOLUME

BUT #DEVIL lies in the #detail
packs bought pre-pandemic weighed 438 grams on average, the size has shrunk to just 309 grams now amid soaring inflation .... thats a 30% reduction in Volume/Pack...

In Other Words, CONSUMPTION per household in FMCG is Down 15% .... Cant recall such a BAD SCENARIO in 35 yrs..
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आमदार @abitkar_prakash @PrakashAbitkar साहेब दरवर्षी न चुकता सणाच्या शुभेच्छा संदेश पाठवतात. पण आपल्याला सांगू इच्छितो की उत्तूर् आजरा आंबोली रस्त्याची जी चाळण झाली आहे त्यातून नागरिक जिवंत वाचले तर नक्कीच दिवाळी शुभ होईल. आपल्याला दिवाळीच्या शुभेच्छा.
मागच्या प्रवाशांनी सीटबेल्ट, बाईक वर हेल्मेट नसेल तर आम्हाला आर्थिक भुर्दंड करणारे कायदे करणारे आपण @OfficeOfNG @nitin_gadkari रस्त्यामुळे आमच्या कण्याचा भुगा होत आहे. अश्या परिस्थितीत आपण मंत्री अधिकारी आमदार यांना कुठला दंड लवाल? की आम्हीच आमचा मेरदंड झिजवून दंड भरत राहावं
फक्त भकास राजकीय व्यवस्थेत जन्माला आलो म्हणून? आपल्या सारख्या निष्क्रिय व्यवस्थेमुळ भारतात जन्म मिळणं हे आमच्या पूर्वजन्मीच पाप वाटत आहे. @mrhasanmushrif मडीलगे उत्तुर् आपल्या मतदासंघात येत असावे. साधारण ३० वर्षांपूर्वी जसे रस्ते होते तसाच हा रस्ता आहे. निवणुका आल्या की रस्ते
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A continuación, viene un hilo [🧵] sobre la #automatización del trabajo, los #robots y una serie de #ideas💡a tomar en cuenta ➡️... Image
Probablemente, te preguntarás, ¿Por qué la #automatización del #trabajo 🦾ha llamado tu atención?

¿Es acaso debido a las películas de #Terminator, o tal vez, #Robocop, #WALL·E o Nueve de #ShaneAcker? ⬇️
La verdad es que, todo esto se deriva de una muy particular #pasión por no morirme de hambre 😂 en un #mundo 🌎 cada vez más #competitivo, automatizado y #tecnológico. ⬇️ Image
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1/ As if the #opioid crisis and the pending #ONhealth ED collapse weren’t enough, @OntariosDoctors section on Addiction Medicine warning OAT clinics across Ontario could see service disruptions as of Dec 1, 2022 (ironically #internationalaids day)
2/ At issue is the implementation of the new virtual care codes which will slash fees for video consultations with new patients— patients in rural or remote areas without access to specialists are likely to be most impacted. #onpoli #onhealth
3/The irony is that #mentalhealth in #ontario was pioneering in establishing the virtual care capacity that got us through #covid. Many community-based #buprenorphine programs in rural and remote areas operated virtually prior to the pandemic, increasing #accessibility to OAT.
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hi! I’m a firm believer in knocking every door, but I realize that right now, that could mean putting your own safety at risk! here are a couple of tips I do before knocking a packet of #rural doors:
1. Call through your list first. I realize that many of the reasons you’re probably knocking these doors are because rural voter data #sucks, BUT sometimes you’ll get lucky. It’s a great way to tell someone you’re going to come by, or figure out ahead of time who is HOSTILE.
2. RESPECT no trespassing signs. These are different than “no solicitor” signs. No trespassing folks are likely to meet you at the door with a shot gun. And don’t u dare trying to go around someone’s locked gate. Leave the lit on it! - don’t do something stupid.
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Tonight I'm out & about with @SussexRuralCops PC King @sussex_police
Patrolling #Heritage & #Rural assets, meeting the local community including this very inquisitive cat !
More to follow #OneTeam
Tweet 1/2 👇
Sadly evidence of unexplained ground disturbance, within one of the holes a ring pull.
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The launch of Rural Partners Network (RPN) last week capped a busy 6+ weeks of action on rural policy, marked by welcome & increased attention to federal support for rural prosperity by a diverse set of policymakers. #RuralMatters #DoRightByRural

Let's review:🧵1/
RPA would create a WH Office of Rural Prosperity to coordinate across federal gov’t, led by a
Chief Rural Advisor. It would also form a Rural Prosperity Council w cabinet heads & mandate the creation of a (sorely needed) #NationalRuralStrategy. 3/…
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And others.

"Need to effectively utilize #CNMs has never been greater," says Kohl from

Finding a supervising provider may prove difficult.
Body of evidence has consistently shown that although these barriers do not improve care.
"Time to follow the economics and evidence and remove supervision of practice"

Notes that team based care is the "future of #healthcare in the US"
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China publishes key rural policy document for 2022 - Xinhua
#China #rural
China to ensure grain production and supply of important agricultural products and ensure annual grain output stable at more than 1.3 trillion catties: Xinhua
#China #rural
China to stabilize long-term support policies for pig production, stabilize basic production capacity, and prevent large fluctuations in production: Xinhua
#China #rural #pork
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Rural organizing story time: I was driving home tonight with my friend Noah in the car with me and we were discussing the number of speeding tickets I’ve gotten. Now, I fully admit — I’ve had a good number lol. I was in the middle of arguing the point of because I’m on the road…
…more organizing in rural places, I’ve had more speeding tickets. And then…that got me me thinking. About the one time I was rural organizing, I was pulled over, but I DIDN’T receive a ticket. And Noah looked at me and he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you tell that one.”
So I told him of the time of when a cop didn’t give me a speeding ticket on my way home from a day of field organizing.

Sometimes folks often think i only see the good side of rural organizing! But that’s not always true. Rural organizing is — a lot.

There was a day in Iowa…
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Got the best email from the Neighbor-2-Neighbor Rural Organizing Committee in Orange County! While Orange Co. is known for progressive hubs like Chapel Hill + Carboro, there’s more to that county!

I’m excited to join them tomorrow to discuss #rural organizing in red precincts.🧵 ImageImage
Too often, as a party, we write off rural precincts in urban counties. But in 2022 and beyond, we’re fighting for every vote in every precinct across North Carolina. I need #rural democrats to hear, see, and believe that this is possible and a worthwhile fight in our hometowns.
So I’m excited to share Person County’s message and our little story of hope — because for so long our county party didn’t get involved with local races. In 2021, we changed that. And in 2022 — we do it again.
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FM @nsitharaman begins her #Budget2022-23 speech by expressing empathy to those who suffered during the pandemic

Says India's growth estimated to be at 9.2%, highest among all large economies

#AatmaNirbharBharatKaBudget Image
Production Linked Incentive(PLI) Scheme for achieving #AatmaNirbharBharat has received excellent response, with potential to create 60 lakh new jobs and additional production of 30 lakh crore during next 5 yrs: FM @nsitharaman

#AatmaNirbharBharatKaBudget #Budget2022 @makeinindia Image

#Budget2022-23 reiterates focus on public investment to modernize infrastructure over the medium term

PM @GatiShakti will pull forward the economy and will lead to more jobs and opportunities for the youth: FM @nsitharaman

#AatmaNirbharBharatKaBudget Image
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