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1/ As if the #opioid crisis and the pending #ONhealth ED collapse weren’t enough, @OntariosDoctors section on Addiction Medicine warning OAT clinics across Ontario could see service disruptions as of Dec 1, 2022 (ironically #internationalaids day)
2/ At issue is the implementation of the new virtual care codes which will slash fees for video consultations with new patients— patients in rural or remote areas without access to specialists are likely to be most impacted. #onpoli #onhealth
3/The irony is that #mentalhealth in #ontario was pioneering in establishing the virtual care capacity that got us through #covid. Many community-based #buprenorphine programs in rural and remote areas operated virtually prior to the pandemic, increasing #accessibility to OAT.
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hi! I’m a firm believer in knocking every door, but I realize that right now, that could mean putting your own safety at risk! here are a couple of tips I do before knocking a packet of #rural doors:
1. Call through your list first. I realize that many of the reasons you’re probably knocking these doors are because rural voter data #sucks, BUT sometimes you’ll get lucky. It’s a great way to tell someone you’re going to come by, or figure out ahead of time who is HOSTILE.
2. RESPECT no trespassing signs. These are different than “no solicitor” signs. No trespassing folks are likely to meet you at the door with a shot gun. And don’t u dare trying to go around someone’s locked gate. Leave the lit on it! - don’t do something stupid.
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Tonight I'm out & about with @SussexRuralCops PC King @sussex_police
Patrolling #Heritage & #Rural assets, meeting the local community including this very inquisitive cat !
More to follow #OneTeam
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Sadly evidence of unexplained ground disturbance, within one of the holes a ring pull.
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The launch of Rural Partners Network (RPN) last week capped a busy 6+ weeks of action on rural policy, marked by welcome & increased attention to federal support for rural prosperity by a diverse set of policymakers. #RuralMatters #DoRightByRural

Let's review:🧵1/
RPA would create a WH Office of Rural Prosperity to coordinate across federal gov’t, led by a
Chief Rural Advisor. It would also form a Rural Prosperity Council w cabinet heads & mandate the creation of a (sorely needed) #NationalRuralStrategy. 3/…
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I came to #China with a smile, an open mind and heart, and left my ‘conditioning’ and pre-conceptions behind.. I’m still smiling. Best move I ever made. Never looked back. I’ve felt warmth, hospitality, kindness and camaraderie every single day. 🥰🥰🥰…
For the record: Nobody pays me for my words, thoughts or feelings, opinion or cogitations. I speak from my love for the people of China - for #China and sometimes I speak against the relentless moronic parroted propaganda against a country that is now my homeland... ctd:… and keeps me + over 1.4 billion other people safe, free and happy. A country that genuinely has the best interests of it’s people as core reason for being. A country that will be a genuine friend to all countries that seek friendship. This is #China #Truth
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And others.

"Need to effectively utilize #CNMs has never been greater," says Kohl from

Finding a supervising provider may prove difficult.
Body of evidence has consistently shown that although these barriers do not improve care.
"Time to follow the economics and evidence and remove supervision of practice"

Notes that team based care is the "future of #healthcare in the US"
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China publishes key rural policy document for 2022 - Xinhua
#China #rural
China to ensure grain production and supply of important agricultural products and ensure annual grain output stable at more than 1.3 trillion catties: Xinhua
#China #rural
China to stabilize long-term support policies for pig production, stabilize basic production capacity, and prevent large fluctuations in production: Xinhua
#China #rural #pork
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Rural organizing story time: I was driving home tonight with my friend Noah in the car with me and we were discussing the number of speeding tickets I’ve gotten. Now, I fully admit — I’ve had a good number lol. I was in the middle of arguing the point of because I’m on the road…
…more organizing in rural places, I’ve had more speeding tickets. And then…that got me me thinking. About the one time I was rural organizing, I was pulled over, but I DIDN’T receive a ticket. And Noah looked at me and he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you tell that one.”
So I told him of the time of when a cop didn’t give me a speeding ticket on my way home from a day of field organizing.

Sometimes folks often think i only see the good side of rural organizing! But that’s not always true. Rural organizing is — a lot.

There was a day in Iowa…
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Got the best email from the Neighbor-2-Neighbor Rural Organizing Committee in Orange County! While Orange Co. is known for progressive hubs like Chapel Hill + Carboro, there’s more to that county!

I’m excited to join them tomorrow to discuss #rural organizing in red precincts.🧵 ImageImage
Too often, as a party, we write off rural precincts in urban counties. But in 2022 and beyond, we’re fighting for every vote in every precinct across North Carolina. I need #rural democrats to hear, see, and believe that this is possible and a worthwhile fight in our hometowns.
So I’m excited to share Person County’s message and our little story of hope — because for so long our county party didn’t get involved with local races. In 2021, we changed that. And in 2022 — we do it again.
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FM @nsitharaman begins her #Budget2022-23 speech by expressing empathy to those who suffered during the pandemic

Says India's growth estimated to be at 9.2%, highest among all large economies

#AatmaNirbharBharatKaBudget Image
Production Linked Incentive(PLI) Scheme for achieving #AatmaNirbharBharat has received excellent response, with potential to create 60 lakh new jobs and additional production of 30 lakh crore during next 5 yrs: FM @nsitharaman

#AatmaNirbharBharatKaBudget #Budget2022 @makeinindia Image

#Budget2022-23 reiterates focus on public investment to modernize infrastructure over the medium term

PM @GatiShakti will pull forward the economy and will lead to more jobs and opportunities for the youth: FM @nsitharaman

#AatmaNirbharBharatKaBudget Image
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You’ve heard us tweet and talk for a while now about our project on #rural-serving institutions (#RSIs), & today is the day we finally release our work. We have spent the last year pouring over data, reading existing research, & talking to a number of stakeholders to guide us. 🧵
We embarked on this work because the existing means to talk about institutions that serve #rural populations rely entirely on identifying institutions that are located in rural places, leaving out #RSIs that are located outside of places formally identified as "rural."
To do so, we created a five-factor score based on measures of geography, population, & degrees awarded in specific fields of unique #rural importance. Each institution has an RSI score between 0-4 and those with an above-average RSI score were deemed to be #RSIs.
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What India (#TSDSI) has done in #5G? What is #5Gi? It has largely escaped main stream media attention in India. We focus so poorly on our scientific achievements 😀. Here is a Thread-
@AshwiniVaishnaw @PrinSciAdvGoI @GoI_MeitY @DoT_India @TSDSI_India @PBNS_India @TRAI
1. ITU defined the requirements of IMT 2020- official ITU name of 5G. Rural enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) configuration focused on intersite distance of 1.7 Km & 120/500 km/hour speed of vehicles - a speed unthinkable in rural India😀. A requirement unsuitable for #India.
2. #TSDSI's Low Mobility Large Cell (LMLC) focuses on low speeds such as 3/30 Km/hour for pedestrian and vehicles and intersite distance of 6 Km to address Indian scenario. .
@TSDSI_India @DoT_India @GoI_MeitY @TRAI
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Excited to share my new #study with my colleague Toshiaki Yoshida @to4akiyo4da at @NUPoliSci! We measured strong negative #policy feedback effects of #nuclearpower plants on the overall #socialcapital of cities that host them! Key policy insights for #energy. Tweetorial below!
@to4akiyo4da and I asked, does adopting #nuclearpower strength or weaken cities' civil society? NPPs promised to improve #rural economies, but led to mixed outcomes in Japan (eg. @dojin_tw's article How about civil society?
To measure strength of #civilsociety, we used 4 proxies for social cohesion/#socialcapital: total migration (do people stay or leave?), crime rates (strong norms or not?), voter turnout (are they invested?), winning party vote (strong linking ties to govt or not?)
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@narendramodi 18.11.21 [Writ Petition(s)(Civil) No(s).1240/21] Hon'ble SC dismissed writ petition filed by students seeking urgent directions to conduct Class X & XII #CBSE & #ICSE Term I exams in hybrid manner. #Omicron arrived post 18.11.21. Therefore, exams should be online.
#Children should not be made to suffer because of #Omicron. Centre and States must cancel all #offline #exams forthwith. As a nation, we cannot take such a massive risk & play with the lives of our children. Online prelims are done, marks should be part of board marksheet.
Children belong to households that have either lost family members due to #Covid19 or members who suffer from #comorbidities & cannot be vaccinated. #Omicron shouldn't be taken lightly. Save our children. Protect our children. Cancel all #offline #exams immediately.
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C'est le nouveau Sesame & c’est presque une habitude, feuilletons ensemble le sommaire de ce beau #10 (déjà). De la Lituanie à la cancel culture chez les insectes en passant par les vautours, les lynx et les antibiotiques et le Care, pas de quoi s’ennuyer ! Vous venez ?  ⤵️⤵️
D'abord Antanas Maziliauskas nous explique qu’en Lituanie, ministères de l’env. et de l’agri s'entendent & financent la mise en place de systèmes de drainages intelligents. Pour ⤵️le lessivage des sols et faire progresser les rendements… #Bruitsdefond…
Quand il se rend à @Jardiland Sergio Dalla Bernardina en peut s’empêcher de penser au plumard d’Ulysse et aux Husky de Perpignan… Parce que parfois on achète surtout l’histoire des autres… #Bruitsdefond…
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As @POTUS signs the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (aka Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal), a quick thread on what it *might* mean for Texas. There could be a lot more funding coming from the #BuildBackBetter package but here’s a look at what’s already passed
#txenergy #txlege
For each section, I have applied 9% of national funding to Texas. BUT, and this should be a question asked of all candidates in 2022, some of these funds are distributed through grants, not formulas.

If Texas doesn’t apply, our tax $ go to other states.
#txlege #txenergy 2/
One part I’ll be watching closely is the $5b in grid resilience funds, $1b per year, half to utilities, half to states. That’s $45m per year for 5 years for Texas to improve grid resilience *if* Texas policymakers pursue it. And another $45m/yr for Tx utilities. #txlege
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52/ru My view: "All farm subsidies must eventually be #integrated into a direct cash transfer (#DCT) system, which delivers subsidy directly into the mobile wallet of every farmer, farm laborer & farm household!"…
54/ru #Rural #Agricultural: Does Rule of law matter to #LIMPs? Regulatory framework for land:…
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Today, @EnergyCommerce is considering the #BuildBackBetter Act, legislation that makes historic investments in #maternalhealth including some of @ACOG’s top priorities and #CLC asks. @ACOG enthusiastically supports the following policies within the bill. 1/
The legislation includes @RepRobinKelly #MOMMAsAct mandate that states extend postpartum #Medicaid coverage to 1 year after the end of pregnancy, as recommended by @ACOG & other maternal health experts. The data are clear that this policy will improve outcomes & save lives. 2 /
This means that every indiv. who relies on Medicaid for pregnancy-related care will have coverage in the critical postpartum period to see their primary care clinicians & be referred to specialists, incl. for cardiac & mental health, as needed to address their health concerns. 3/
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What is the state of clean cooking #energyaccess in #India?

Based on #IRES2020, our study found that:
➡️Over 70% per cent of Indian households use #LPG as their primary cooking fuel
➡️85% have #LPG connections
➡️54% continue to use traditional solid fuels

Read more 👇 Image
How has #LPGPriceHike affected consumption?
84% of households using traditional #solidfuels with #LPG cited high prices of LPG refills as a reason for stacking fuels. LPG prices have risen by 40% over the last 1 year.
#PressRelease: Image
80% non-users cite the inability to afford #LPG – either bcz of connection cost or recurring expense on #fuel – as the reason for not having an #LPGconnection.
Using traditional solid fuels for cooking increases exposure to indoor #airpollution for such households.
#LPGPriceHike Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/01/2021…
"The Unthinkable Has Become Possible" - Germany Faces A Political Revolution In 4 Weeks…

#germany #PartisanPolitics
Probability and rationality — trickier than most people think…

#probability #rationality #heuristics #judgement
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As of June 2021, India’s #COVID19 death rate could be 6.8-7.9 times higher than the official ~290 deaths/mn popn, shows a preprint by @YRDeshmukh, @countthedead, @h_tejas, @paulnovosad, @AditiBhowmick18 et al. Follow the thread to know more:
The discrepancy btwn the estimated current death rate & expected death rate as per trends in the past yrs is called ‘excess mortality’. 8 states had 22% excess mortality in the 1st #Covid19 wave and 46% excess mortality in the 2nd, compared to 2015-19
The study uses data on deaths from India's civil registration system, a @TeamCVOTER survey and govt data from public health facilities to estimate excess deaths
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"The Dry" could have been just another murder mystery film, but what made it interesting was how it weaved in the #ecological crisis in #Australia - #bushfires & #droughts - with the social crisis in #rural farming communities & small towns.
The swirling dust devils, the dried up #rivers & creeks, correlates with a societal collapse. The washing of a car with waste #water, the red crud that emerges out of shower heads, all narrating how a #rain starved society has hit its #ecological limit.
It is also about the decline of the farming community in #Australia. A telling comment in the film - an old #farmer worrying about how his #land will be tilled after he is gone: "Farms with no people. Imagine that. No need for towns. No need for any of us."
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We’re just starting our National Rural Business Summit on #COVID19 vaccines!

It’s not too late to join Gov. Dirk Kempthorne and @SecVislack for this timely conversation:…
.@TheCOVIDCollab Co-Chair & Former Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne: “Instead of talking about vaccine hesitancy, we should talk about vaccine confidence. We need to tell why we’re confident that these vaccines are working and safe“
“To once again get all our children back in school, we need more citizens vaccinated or we run the risk of another year of virtual education,” Gov. Kempthorne says. “Today’s summit is not just about talking — it’s acting” to vaccinate #rural America. #healthaction
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Excerpts from "'America’s Post-Pandemic Geography' - Covid-19 is transforming all types of communities, from big cities to suburbs to rural areas" - from the Summer 2021 Issue of @CityJournal - by @Richard_Florida & @joelkotkin. A #Thread.

The article →…
1. "The #Pandemic will pass...But in geographic terms, today’s Covid-precipitated crises may well prove to be the most transformative event that #America has experienced since the great migration to the suburbs after World War II."
2. "....centrifugal forces pull some people out of #Cities: families seek more #Affordable space, backyards, and access to better schools. With the wider scope of choice that #RemoteWork affords, some are casting their nets wider and moving farther afield..."
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