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Dec 2 18 tweets 18 min read
This mornings rant is dedicated to all the folks doing #community designed policy. I see MANY ppl talk about this in #copolitics & very FEW tangibly do it successfully.

Join me in yesterdays presentation to @DePaulU students & some good local examples - a 🧵
Whether it’s small p or big P #policy how we design initiatives, how we write bills, how we engage testifiers, how we build coalitions & organize - can perpetuate inequities we’re trying to disrupt. #copilitics

white supremacy cultural characteristics love policy & advocacy
We’ve got incredible #leaders that stray away from white supremacy cultural characteristics in advocacy & lead with #integrity

Like the @ColoradoSPC @elephant_circle @S2SSisters @9to5Colorado @DenverTaskForce#community designed #leadership & #policy [great CO give list]
While it’s really cool to talk about #community #engagement [truly the term is now a buzz word in non-profit & development] building the pipelines for making engagement reciprocal & meaningful is what’s actually need.

That’s invisible work that’s not sexy & only the best do it.
This is why - those of us working towards a more #equitable world know that #LeadershipDevelopment has to be working right along side #policy - if they are separate, we perpetuate the way we’ve done it.

Some org examples of doing this well: @NewEraColorado @colorlatina
Building that pipeline means shifting the culture of #philanthropy & reminding them how relationships need to be funded with our community first (build trust). We’ve seen successful examples of this led by: @9to5Colorado @ColoradoFiscal @AFDCCoalition @colorlatina @RaiseColorado
The most #joyous successes that I’ve been a part of at #coleg & #colorado state Capitol have been working on coalitions that build people power. We’ve done that in ✨ #coalitions #ballotmeasures #bills #implementation & more - some bill examples: HB21-193, HB21-1311/12, SB21-199
When we break #policy processes down to #community members it’s actually okay to not get nerdy and instead keep it real basic - cause ppl intuitively know what their communities tend to care about & what solutions will remedy their issues. Sometimes I talk about policy like so:
The harm that I see commonly happening between agencies, non-profit service providers & community - is we rarely dismantle the machine that is regurgitating the problem. Even w/ community engagement plans & your monthly stipend - ppl aren’t allowed to disrupt power. #copolitics
I promise there are those of us 🙋‍♀️ who write or advocate for thorough power shifting through community engagement plans [literally written into state bills] to give community power more teeth - but it’s rare. #copolitics shout out to @ColoradoKidsOrg

Recent example HB22-1259
But there are also institutions, non-profits & agencies that will not amplify #working family voice in #copolitics & are truly TERRIFIED at the #power we yield when we congregate.

A way we can tell an advocate in the field is committed to community power & equitable process - is they’ll walk in the other direction when they sense they are being asked to lend their #workingfamily power to something that doesn’t #value their time

I’m still learning.
I’ve watched the twitch & adversity that agency & non profit leadership have when we really build in the power to change things - or bake in equity so that we have to look in the mirror - it’s a specific twitch & it’s not [obviously] just from white leadership. #copolitics
A way to tell quickly if an organization might be harmful to your #workingfamily power - do they value intragenerational space? Are they making space for your kids? Do they care your basic needs are met before they extract your knowledge? #copolitics
Building pipelines to advance #progressive issues [ask more me more my thoughts on the use of that word] has to always include #leadership pipelines - our best #movements continue to show us that & of-course many leaders of color throughout history have told us that.
@UnrollHelper por favor ✨
to be clear - this photo above is of me and my son at the luncheon for @WFColorado - I have loved working with them, they fund really incredible community led initiatives across the state and here in Denver Metro. They are a great example of centralizing #workingfamily power.
Side note 👆🏼 - @pricetoya & @karlitaggg are two incredible local role models of implementing long term-visionary programming of #communityleadership into policy processes & development. That’s them at @colorlatina ‘s LIPS event in 2019. #ColoradoGivesDay plug 4 COLOR ❤️

• • •

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Dec 2
It was awesome to give a presentation w/ my friends at the reciprocity collective {who do outreach w/ #unhoused folks in #denver} to a students from ⁦@DePaulU⁩ on #policy #advocacy & what it can look like when you center #communitypower #copolitics@ProgressNowCO
There’s a beautiful thing that happens when we build policy with people most impacted, & leaders who understand social determinants of health, & students, & direct service providers. #copolitics #denverliving shout out to Amanda Orta - who runs programming for COVIVO #policy
Chicago has very similar niche #housing issues as #Denver - a group of parents from south side built policy development w/ #workingparents in Denver last yr - we convened it, it’s awesome to see parents & young ppl advocating for complex housing issues. In their communities.
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Dec 1
This mornings rant is for ppl that keep losing ppl.

Or, ppl that keep losing ppl & there never seems to be time to process all the death, or for the people that constantly live in grief since they were young cause people are always dying.

And for Olivia E. #mourning #death
Olivia passed away the other day. Some sent me a screen shot on a story about someone saying goodbye. Apparently it happened last week.

Like all of us I rush to her social media “no way” I think. Looking for an obituary cause we live far from home now. #Minneapolis
My mind floods - which isn’t about Olivia - it’s about losing many friends and chosen family to these common killers 1) fetanyl 2) suicide 3) homicide.

My bias tells me it’s surely 1 of the 3. B/c I’ve lost more ppl to the top 2 - around 15-20 to be exact. #suicide #fetanyl
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Nov 30
Thankful to see Gianna Horton from the Denver Justice Project & @intrfthalliance and their great questions to the candidates for the Independent Monitor position.

Have you heard of the candidates?


They are going in. #denverliving #copolitics
Shara Smith coming through @intrfthalliance with some great questions:

“What do you believe is the role of the independent monitor of ensuring the safety of marginalized groups? “
Candidate Liz Castle says we should have police & law enforcement make better connections to communities, not all communities are the same and need different approaches.

Mary Opler is speaking about #ClubQ & how hate crimes have sky rocketed, that Denver can do more.
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Oct 27
This mornings rant will be about sexual assault, how to support your friends, where to get help, how lonely it is, how prevalent it is and how common it will be when ppl walk away.

I was assaulted recently. Unfortunately this is coming out on social media. Here goes. #trauma
What is really unfortunate is that those of us who have a history with trauma can often have unpredictable responses to another traumatic event. Our nervous systems are pretty shot once we’ve experienced a lot.
#PTSD survivors specifically have a low stress tolerance.
This is why you check on your ‘strong friends’ - which I probably am in every friendship.

It’s honestly embarrassing when you realize your stress threshold is so thin that just can’t handle stress you could before. You makes you feel really bad.

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Oct 21
This morning’s rant will be about Prop 121, how important it is that #workingfamilies understand our role in #taxpolicy and fighting for #fairtax to reach #economicsecurity

CO’s flat income tax rate means the wealthy always pay less in taxes than me & probs you #copolitics
First of all, this is a great ballot guide if you care about economic security and recovery. @BellPolicy nerds out on this stud so we don’t have to. They have produced tons of data throughout the years to show us what it means to thrive or struggle in Denver, & CO.
First, it is a #VOTE NO on prop 121 ya’ll, let’s get into it:

This prop would lower income taxes across the board. But it isn’t what you think it is. We can’t afford to lower taxes, we have to make #fairtax possible by finding ways to make them #equitable
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Oct 20
Todays early morning rant is that Denver needs to vote YES 🗳 on ⁦@NEWRDenver

We are evicting #families & #eviction rates were already high & impacting young mothers of color the most. #copolitics

Talk to your neighbors about NEWR instagram.com/stories/kaylaq…
We know young mothers of color have bee evicted more then any other population and the more kids you have the higher risk of eviction you have. Vote 🗳 yes on #newr @NEWRDenver #vote #copolitics

Arapaho, Adams and Denver have all been hit bad with #eviction but #aurora is hit hard. Arapaho & Adams county has devastating rates pre-Covid. #copolitics YES ON 305
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