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Economics Prof. @DenisonU; President @GISP_Tweets; @UMKCecon alum #JobGuarantee #GreenNewDeal #MMT #GlobalGND #MENA #Tunisia #Climate & #Colonial #Reparations
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May 20 4 tweets 2 min read
Always a pleasure speaking to Dimitris Dimitriadis at Byline Times. A great piece on Disaster Capitalism in Ukraine. My comments below 👇🏽
@Ddimitriadis_ @BylineTimes But Kaboub says that the ABCD traders are “gatekeepers” of a world order that continues to prevent the Global South from developing its own food sovereignty, while giving big producing countries and traders immense influence and leverage over prices.

May 10 4 tweets 2 min read
D’autres estiment que la problématique révèle des défaillances structurelles de l’économie tunisienne, à remettre en question, selon Fadhel Kaboub, professeur d’économie à l’université @DenisonU aux Etats-Unis. Il prône un programme de réformes, beaucoup plus orienté vers.... ... l’aide aux agriculteurs plutôt que la subvention vers les consommateurs « afin d’assurer une souveraineté alimentaire et d’équilibrer le recours à l’importation », la promotion des énergies renouvelables, « pour être une fois de plus, moins dépendant...
Jan 22 5 tweets 6 min read
#MMT #Thread on floating #FX
Flexible exchange rate policy is something a country grows into as it builds higher degrees of #resilience to external shocks via food/energy #sovereignty, high value-added industries & other institutional measures to fight #speculation #corruption.. and price gouging... So a higher degree of monetary sovereignty is something a country earns via strategic investments/regulations; it's not something you announce, float the currency, and hope for a miracle. All MMTers understand this.
Jul 24, 2021 5 tweets 5 min read
Four events that might be of interest to some of you. We'll discuss #SDGs #MMT #development #Law #PoliticalEconomy #Money #Debt #inflation #colonial #neocolonial #climate #reparations
RSVP links below. Join us! RSVP links:
1. TBA follow @rethinkecon
2. ysi.ineteconomics.org/project/60772c…
3. greeninstitute.ng/mmt
4. bit.ly/ClimateDebtand…
Dec 1, 2020 26 tweets 18 min read
We are live now! Join us at on #ESGX
#ESG #MMT #GreenJobs #PublicBanks #GND First off, #GISPfellow Amir Khaleghi presents the latest updates from the #GreenJobs report
Sep 17, 2020 7 tweets 8 min read
@tracyalloway @bronwynwilliams Come on Tracy, I know you are skeptical about MMT, which is fine/healthy in general but you should be better informed now than in March 2019 to RT your original post. Here is a quick thread:
1/ See Odd Lots with @tracyalloway & @TheStalwart: bloomberg.com/news/articles/… @tracyalloway @bronwynwilliams @TheStalwart 2/ My more recent framing of MMT in the Global South:
3/ A recent open letter on African Economic & Monetary Sovereignty signed by 100s of scholars/activists (many from the Global South): MES-Africa.org via @Mon_Sovereignty
Aug 2, 2020 7 tweets 6 min read
#MMT & #Inflation One more time for the people in the back (or without a search engine). #Thread
Read this @FTAlphaville piece by @stf18 @NathanTankus & @rohangrey: ftalphaville.ft.com/2019/03/01/155…
Here's my way of framing the conversation. 1/n If you've been in a coma for the last 12 years, you need to catch up on your central banking a bit:
"Fed has no reliable theory of inflation, says Tarullo" on.ft.com/3hXmj5N
May 9, 2020 6 tweets 5 min read
#MMT economists have been saying for decades that a #JobGuarantee is an automatic stabilizer. When the private sector is laying off millions of workers, the Federal government must step in as the employer of last resort. You take people as they are, where they are, and you do on-the-job paid training at a living wage & benefits for anyone ready, willing, and able to work. During a #pandemic, one of the most important jobs under the #JobGuarantee system is to #StayHome.
Nov 26, 2019 5 tweets 3 min read
I get asked questions like this all the time "Is #MMT consistent with a post-capitalist system? #Socislism? #Imperialism? XYZism?"
MMT is compatible with any political system. 1/n #MMT is an analytical approach that carefully estimates how much fiscal policy space a country has to meet its national priorities without causing #inflation. 2/n
Nov 3, 2019 6 tweets 4 min read
So if you have any doubt about this being a #ParadigmShift, check this out. A colleague from the humanities is teaching a social science class this semester. She decided to introduce her students to different theories about #money. 1/n Naturally (dare I say?), a basic intro to #MMT was in order. One of the sources was episode 2 of the @MMTpodcast by @christreilly (a comedian) & @PatriciaNPino (an engineer) discussing #MMT & #MonetarySovereignty. 2/n
Apr 16, 2019 6 tweets 8 min read
Ten #MMT tips to remember on #TaxDay:
1. Federal #taxes don't fund federal spending, so let's #decouple these two important tools.
2. Taxes offset #Government spending. 3. It's a matter of #logic: #dollars must be spent into existence (by the Gov) first, in order for us to use some of those $ to pay taxes
4. #Taxing for #revenue is for local states/municipalities, not the #sovereign issuer of the #currency.
Mar 14, 2019 10 tweets 3 min read
Hi @HeerJeet. Sorry, but you're way off on #MMT. Not necessarily your fault. It's been a well coordinated operation by mainstream forces to smear MMT and its progressive policy ideas, to misrepresent our views without citing a single MMT academic source. 1/n what do you expect when you invite non-MMT economists to explain something that they never bothered to research? The MMT literature is publicly available & is bulletproof. Asking readers to take ur word for it just because ur name is Summers/Rogoff/Krugman is not gonna do it 2/n