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To all of you who are new to the workforce… Congratulations!!! You have secured your first job.

But are you confused about how to best use your current salary? (1/n)

#salary #cashflow #payday #money
Most people complicate things. It is only natural when there are so many investment products to choose from. That need not be the case.

Here are some simple tips for someone just starting! (2/n)

#equity #fixedincome #gold #realestate
#1 Start Building an Emergency Fund

This should be your first priority. In case of emergencies, you shouldn't be left empty-handed.

Having 3-6 months of expenses set aside will be optimal. (3/n)

#emergencyfund #savings
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Update on the #FTX drama, which caused the yesterday's crash in crypto market 💥

How did FTX, the second biggest centralized exchange, almost died overnight and got acquired by @Binance?

Find out in this thread 👉
Most of the people think that this situation appeared out of thin air, However, it started years ago when @Binance became the early investor in FTX and obtained $2B in $FTT tokens. These were used for trading fees on FTX, as a part of the buyout.
In the meantime, FTX has become the second biggest centralized exchange, and partnering up with celebrities like Steph Curry and Tom Brady, which in turn helped FTX to attract a vast amount of retail investors.
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Having $30T of #debt (us gov) means each 1% increase ultimately adds $300b to the yearly interest expense. So ~3.3% rise in rates adds $1T of interest. US Gov already runs >$1T and when they trigger another recession it will be $2T in a hurry as #tax revenue falls
#Powell and the #fomc are bullshit boogeymen to people that understand the reality of the situation. They will print and print and print, because they must. Trillions of new dollars flooding into the real economy each year. The fomc will continue to grow its balance sheet
Ignore the noise and short term vol when these guys speak. Empty words. They are in a box and we all know what they will do to avoid bank failures and cascading debt defaults. They are cruelly shaking the tree and punishing the most vulnerable amongst us.
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@mattyglesias let's count crises, shall we? @dick_nixon might have done the same. @mattyglesias isn't good at recognizing crises (or much else), so let's *help*.

1. #capitalism has wrecked the usual equilibrium of the Earth's carbon cycle, causing a growing excess in atmospheric CO2.

@mattyglesias @dick_nixon 1a. #capitalism profits from turning solid forms of carbon (fuels) into gaseous CO2, and the ordinary mechanisms of Earth's climate and geology are not able to "fix" enough gaseous carbon in order to correct for the man-made imbalance. hence, #GlobalWarming is occurring.

@mattyglesias @dick_nixon 2. #capitalism is addicted to #debt and unearned income made from collection of perpetually accruing interest payments. capitalists like one thing: bank accounts whizzing ever upwards. infinitely accruing interest gives the *appearance* of infinitely increasing #money.

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Have you ever wondered how much you need to save for your retirement? Ever wonder if you will make it or fall short?

Over 600+ clients have benefited from our Financial Planning engagement!

Here are FIVE ways financial planning can help you! (1/13)

Before we begin, financial planning is a very personalised process. Every person's need is different. That is why we aim to craft tailor-made financial plans to meet each individual's needs. (2/13)

#financialplanning #personalfinance #savingstips
#1 Achieving Your Goals

Managing your finances in a way through which we can help you meet your goals is the crux of the planning process.

Proper planning can help you accomplish goals that you thought were far out of reach! (3/13)

#financialplanning #financialgoals
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🧵 Is the American Dream dead? - a tweetstorm

This is a brain dump of .@RaoulGMI's 30+ years of knowledge, how the world works, and how his macro framework fits into it all ⤵️
1/ There's no denying that we're in a mess!

By the Law of Unintended Consequences, every time we try to fix A, we create problems B, C, D, E, etc.

We hardly understand these new problems unless there's hindsight to connect the dots...

So, how the hell did we get here?

Let's start by looking at the peak of the #British Empire:

It was the world's largest realm. But as with every empire, trying to control so many people across the globe has its price & #debt weakened its structure...
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The requirement for #fiscalpolicy is to find the right balance between flexibility to respond to changing socioeconomic circumstances and the credibility to maintain control of #debt.



Rules-based policies matter for credibility as they impose both external and internal discipline, help ensure economic agents condition on the govt’s plans and allow us to understand progress relative to the plan, as we outlined in our research back in the spring of 2021 👆

We suggest five main proposals for a new #fiscalframework which seeks to address the current deficiencies:

1⃣ ▶️ The #Chancellor should set out a structured timetable for fiscal events and deliver a #Budget speech focused on the state of the economy and the

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Bonds are very simple #debt instruments, yet they
account for a whopping $120T market size globally and are being bridged to DeFi at a jaw-dropping speed.

A 🧵on everything you need to know about on-chain bonds and how to invest in them.

(Not Financial Advice.)
Warm-up: What is a bond?

A #bond is a debt instrument that allows the issuer (borrower) to raise money from investors (lenders) willing to lend them money for a certain amount of time.
Three main types of bonds are:

◦ Corporate bonds, issued by companies.
◦ Municipal bonds, issued by states and municipalities.
◦ Government (sovereign) bonds such as those issued by the U.S. Treasury or other forms of sovereign debt.
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So, @Jeremy_Hunt now did a full and welcome u-turn on the #minibudget2022. And they are starting to tackle another policy that needs fixing, the #EnergyPriceguarantee #EPG. Why should this happen? This is a story that can ultimately be summarised in these two pictures.... 1/..
On the left, we have a classic end-terrace house. On the right, well, you have a mansion. The big difference: energy consumption. The left needs around 15,000 kWh per year, the right one, at least 70,000 kWh. How does this compare to the average UK household? Well: 2/..
The graph highlights one thing: energy consumption is strongly increasing in household income. But even in the highest income group there is huge variation. 50% of households even in top income group consume less than half as much energy than the top 5% in this group. 3/..
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@MarinSanna #Polish trucks carried heavy foreign #warmachines on #Helsinki Ring I Oct 15 at 8:02 am
- According to a reader, there were six Polish trucks in the queue and they were heading east. The caravan that attracted attention was not known to the Helsinki police…
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Hi all!
It's a 10 minute warning on the start of #Democrat Congressional candidate in #PA01, @ashley_ehasz's #townhall on #ReproductiveFreedom and the role of Congress.

You can watch here:

We'll be live tweeting the whole thing!
If you attended the @ashley_ehasz #PA01 #townhall in person, you'd have seen this (#Antichoice #GOP extremist Brian Fitzpatrick) cardboard guy out front.

That's as close as any version of Fitz would get to a town hall. He sprints away from unscripted constituent contact!
In case you want a run down of the legislative goods on #GOP #Antichoice extremist Brian Fitzpatrick of #PA01, here's the rundown...

The TL;DR is that Brian Fitzpatrick has ALWAYS voted AGAINST #AbortionRights.

He's no moderate, don't drink the Kool-aid on that!
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1/12: YOUR GREED, OUR #DEATH: #ClimateDebt is killing us!
📢“We as a country and as a region did not start this war against nature. We did not provoke it. The war has come to us.” #DebtForClimate
2/12: The richest tenth is responsible for almost half of all carbon emissions…
… ‼️Whereas the poorest half are only responsible for a tenth of #emissions.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
3/12: The average #carbonfootprint of someone from the richest 1% of #humanity is 80 times the size of someone from the poorest half.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
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#PCE #Core #Inflation keeps rising.

Main indicator for the #FederalReserve when judging whether or not to continue raising #interestrates.

#Powell was quite clear in his speeches that they will continue raising "into pain" as long as price stability is not achieved.

By "into pain", they are primarily referring to their dual mandate of price stability (#inflation) and maximum #Employment.

But there is not much pain showing up in the job market.

Last weekly jobless claims hit a 5-month low.…
So to summarize, #TheFed has 2 jobs:
1. Reduce #inflation (not done)
2. Maximize #employment (done)

And they've been adamant about raising #rates until 1. is done, even at temporary setbacks to 2.

Unless they plan on pulling a #BoE, anything short of #75bps/#100bps is hopium.
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What really causes inflation? 🧵

[a thread for normies - like me]
2/ The problem with #inflation is that it's a very personal experience.

As I always say, the wallet is the most sensitive organ in the body, so my inflation might not be your inflation.

In fact, my inflation could be seen as #disinflation by you... (more on that later)
3/ Price inflation and monetary inflation have different definitions:

* For many.- #inflation is the increased prices paid for goods & services.

** To others.- it's a decline in the purchasing power of your #money.

*** In layman's terms.- Too much money chasing too few goods.
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Discussed with @SanaMaqboool and @FarrukhKPitafi on @WorldPTV the possibility of #debt relief for Pakistan subsequent to the devastating #floods as a result of climate change
Rather than rolling over Pakistan’s existing debt by one year, the debt needs to restructured such that repayments are pushed back by 10-15 years. Also rather than taking on new loans we should insist on grants. External debt sustainability has reached its limit
If we succeed in restructuring the debt profile and create fiscal space, we will have to embark on climate adaptation measures. This cannot be delayed any further and the future is upon us
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The US #DEBT bomb has finally been ignited.
People are sound asleep because fiscal conservatives have been warning about this for decades.
This time is different.
12 month interest exploding to over $700 billion, yields still sky high.
How will this get paid?
Anser below. Image
By issuing more debt!
And what will that do to the bond market?
Well, it will increase the offer side!
And what will that do to the yields?
Well, they will go higher!
And what will that do to interest on debt?
Well, it will go higher!
And how will this get paid?
Go back to line 1
The soft paper dollar will inflate until its again sizeably backed by hard assets.
Gold, Oil, Bitcoin.
Prices of these three will likely go through the roof.
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U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced a plan to wipe out some #student #debt. Up to 20 million borrowers will see their debt completely eliminated.
The debt cancellation is reserved for those who earn less than $125,000 per year or families who earn less than $250,000 per year.
The total amount of outstanding student debt in the U.S. reached $1.75 trillion by the end of 2021, according to the Federal Reserve.
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#AdaniGroup sheds ₹94,000 crore in value after a report says it’s ‘deeply over-leveraged’…

By @jainrounak
All the seven #AdaniGroup companies were hammered on the stock exchanges today after a CreditSights report outlined that it is ‘deeply over-leveraged.’

In the first half of trading today, Adani Group lost over ₹94,000 crore in value, with the top loser being #AdaniGreen.
#GautamAdani’s spectacular rise to the top of India’s richest man, is fueled by debt, the report said. Two years ago, his total wealth stood at a meagre $10 billion – in comparison to today when he is now worth $136 billion.…
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#CunningPlan #ToriesUnfitToGovern #CostOfLivingCrisis
What’s behind the Treasury idea that #GP’s should prescribe cash for those in #fuel poverty?
~ Richard Murphy…
/2 According to the Guardian ‘GPs could write prescriptions for money off energy bills for the most vulnerable under a plan drawn up by the Treasury’. Let’s just think about that for a moment. A thread….
/3 To provide a caveat, the #Treasury has not said Team #Truss has adopted this plan as yet, but it’s been put out as an idea for a reason, and it must exist, so what’s wrong with this proposal? #ToriesWrong #CostOfLivingCrisis
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The Power of The Dollar 🧵

[a thread for normies -like me]
Long periods of #dollar-strength often ended with massive financial dislocations like the Latin American #debt crisis of the 80s and the Asian crisis of the 90s.

Oppositely, long periods of a weakening dollar came with strong markets like between 2003-2007.

Although the #USdollar is not itself an asset, cash is.

The dollar is the most common currency in which assets are quoted and exchanged in #financialmarkets and the economy.

It's the world's reserve currency (for now at least...) 2/ 20
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What actually happens when women are denied abortions, a 🧵 from a @UCSF study:
1/4 Denying a woman an #abortion creates economic hardship + insecurity which lasts for years: Abortion denial lowers credit scores, increases #debt, bankruptcies+evictions…
2/4 Women turned away from getting an abortion are more likely to stay in contact with a violent partner, increasing their risk of murder. They are also more likely to raise the resulting child alone. #IPV #violence #domesticviolence
3/4 The financial wellbeing and development of living #children is negatively impacted when their mothers are denied abortion. Carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term is associated with poorer maternal bonding, such as feeling trapped, resenting the baby.
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In this little story I summarize how Covid, Supply Chain, Debt, Wages, Inflation, a Eecession, Insolvency and an aging population come together to form a common solution: Crypto Assets

1) ...
So much is happening in the world. War, High #inflation, Covid, #recession, insolvancy, a debt bubble and Supply Chain problems.

All of these causes have a large impact on the world economy and therefore on your portfolio, which makes it important to understand what is going on. Image
The main consequence:

An nation on the verge of collapse and a debt bubble around the world.

As Ray Dalio said

'A nation in its last effort of strength is hugely in debt, there are internal wealth disparities and printing money seems to many to be the solution, but it is not'. Image
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🇨🇳 President #XiJinping at #BRICS2022 #BRICSBusinessForum

Where is the world headed: Peace or War? Progress or Regression? Openness or Isolation? Cooperation or Confrontation? These are choices of the times that we are confronted with.

📖keynote speech↓…
First, we should embrace solidarity and coordination and jointly maintain world peace and stability. Hegemony, group politics and bloc confrontation bring no peace or security; they only lead to wars and conflicts.

The #UkraineCrisis is a wake-up call for all in the world. It reminds us that blind faith in the so-called “position of strength” and attempts to expand military alliances and seek one’s own security at the expense of others will only land oneself in a security dilemma.

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