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Financial spread betting is a saturated market and the competition among brokers is fierce, giving a great opportunity for spread bettors to shop around.
In this thread we look into providers and how to find a good deal.
#spreadbetting #brokers… Image
1. Range of Markets. Some brokers will offer over 10k different financial markets to choose from so make sure your chosen provider offers the markets you want to trade. Some accounts will offer a wide range of shares to trade whereas others might offer more fx pairs.
#forex #fx
2. Trading Platform. Most of the time spread betting comparison websites will list platforms offered by each broker, so at a glance you can select a provider who offers you the trading platform you're most comfortable with.
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#China stocks roar on, with #CSI300 up ~20% in little more than a week as (official) #margin debt climbs Y150bln to touch Y1.3 trillion - levels only seen in the peak months of 2015's madness.
Worth noting a rejection here could mean the Jan'19 formation is complete.
As the money floods into #China #equities, #bonds bear the brunt. Wealth Managers are the MOMO traders de jour "Our company's mixed products can have 60% allocations to #stock, but now we're at 70-80%. This is a normal phenomenon [sic]," said one.

This latest burst has also spared #CNY the ignominy of setting a new 12-year high above 7.18, instead pushing it briefly back through the talismanic 7.00 parity. Ergo, either locals are repatriating to get in on the action or Johnny Foreigner is being sucked into the move.
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1. Thread on some Enty blinds revealed… Robert Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell/Isabel and Christine Maxwell/Chiliad/Wirecard/North Korea/China/Jan Marsalek
2. Bryan Singer/Roland Emmerich/Kevin Spacey/David Arnold… #Enty #BryanSinger
3. Taylor Momsen/Naomi Campbell/Ghislaine Maxwell/Chris Cornell… #Naomi #Maxwell #ChrisCornell
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Forex trading... not again :)
Just saw 3 questions so decided to answer them here.
1. Should I use leverage?
2. Should I have multiple forex accounts with different brokers?
3. What is the best forex strategy?
So let's answer these 3 questions in this thread.
#forex #fx Image
Should I use leverage?
Just because it's there it doesn't mean you have to use it up. Leverage has its benefits and risks but you have to use it wisely. Don't use it to the max just because it's there as it'll end up in bad way.
Should I have multiple forex accounts with different brokers?
It depends on the amount of money you have and your trading style. You might want to trade on a few platforms to check them out. But if you're happy with your FX broker then NO.
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Evidence China Manipulates S+P
I've argued China bought dips 17 X from March Asian lows. Price action today same MO-> rally on little news, coincidentally rallies also. @WSJ concludes same. Asia Buys While U Sleep ImageImageImageImage
Why China Buys US Stocks
Aug 2015 Yuan Deval established a direct causal effect between weaker Yuan and weaker US stocks. Thru my career market participants would say that when when rolls over, correlations converge to 1 likely due to globalisation inter-connectivity. Thus Image
as china exported #COVID19 , global disconnectedness generated negative tail risks and blowback, opening China up on many front's. The negative export loop where exporting #COVID19 lead to a global pandemic and a collapse in its export's increasing Yuan / interdependence.
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People trying to draw analogies with the #GreatDepression, wartime, or 70s stagflation are missing the point IMHO 1/x
GD was a ‘sudden-stop’ shock which ended the credit-boom lending to Weimar as the Young Plan looked in jeopardy. Made worse by politics (war debts, etc), #protectionism (Smoot-Hawley), Hoover call to maintain wage-rates, #FX chaos (esp. when Brits left #gold standard) 2/x
The initial slump & ‘secondary (financial vicious cycle) depression’ then perpetuated by #NewDeal boondoggle vote-buying, #FDR capriciousness, & Brain Trust cranks. This was much more a post-#GFC parallel than today’s #ContaminoBay #lockdown 3/x
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1/5 A currency #crisis in 2018 opened the door for Turkey’s government to clamp down on financial markets in a way that turned inward the largest #economy in the Middle East, and spooked off foreign investors:… (thread)
2/5 President #Erdogan and his deputies say the measures, including tapping central bank legal reserves and regular #FX interventions, were needed to stabilize the #lira and boost growth – and they have had some success…
3/5 The investment impact in #Turkey has been dramatic: foreigners now hold only 8% of Turkish debt and mostly missed a once-a-decade bond rally, while non-residents sold a net $3.3 bln last year…
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Few common p.a pattern/movement
Pic 1 & 2:Bit clear p.a with define levels.
Pic 3 & 4:Personally i find these p.a bit difficult with few losers(blue zones)hitting our stop(red arrows)
Pic 5 & 6:Level about why/where price find reaction(trap majority)
Try to find these on live p.a
Trade Example from Pic 2 Movement:
As said earlier pic 2 p.a have clear define invalidation levels what/why $Eurusd did this week.
This trade not include for my twitter journal btw.
Another live trade example from pic 1 movement:
Define invalidation p.a levels with clean break in market structure after swept daily stops.
These type of movement keep repeating all you need practice your eyes to identify these movement in naked chart.
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1/ Thanks for voting.

First 5 minute of the new hour candle seem to have higher volatility according to initial research.

So I went down a level and checked 1min candles.

This is the aggregated result for 9 FX pairs+ #WTI + #XAUUSD for last 18 months.

2/ Despite ignoring outliers, you can see that in aggregate, first minute seems to have higher volatility than the rest.

Another interesting observation is that second highest volatile 1min candle is 16th min and third most volatile candle is 31st min.
3/ This was a bit surprising.

I mean... for markets as mature as #FX it is a big thing to have such a repetitive profile ... only thing which came to my mind was that despite trying to ignore extreme outliers, these minutes are still picking up effects of smaller risk events.
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Dec 1st Week Trade Thread:
Don't know about others but i have feelings this week #Fx will give some very nice setup🤞
$Dxy $Eurusd $Usdjpy $Usdchf
Some nice p.a in #Fx today
$Dxy expecting some bounce from here towards blue lines.
$Eurusd bit resistance here but if tomorrow london and ny push up more likely euro will test Nov month open will try to trade accordingly.
$Usdjpy looking for short entry if get some bounce.
Watching dxy ltf p.a closely here, if dxy bulls hold blue zone in NY season more likely will see little bounce for dollah
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Rabobank 1/4: Expectations that the Federal Reserve is on the brink of cutting interest rates combined with forecasts that the Fed funds rate could be significantly lower by the end of the last year have unsurprisingly knocked the USD in recent weeks.
Rabobank 2/4: That said, the outlook for the greenback is complicated by a number of other factors. Firstly other major central banks are also pursuing accommodative policy settings. This should dilute the impact of lower Fed rates on the USD.
Rabobank 3/4: Additionally, slowing world growth and geopolitical risks are likely to stymie appetite for risky emerging market assets. As long as confidence in EM is shaky, there is good reason to expect the USD to find solid support.
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The HMF stated that through the implementation of the ERGP developed in 2017 by President @MBuhari’s administration, the Nigerian economy has achieved 7 consecutive quarters of GDP growth since exiting recession. #FinMinNigeria #ERGP
According to HMF, GDP grew at an annual rate of 1.93% in 2018 compared to 0.82% in 2017 representing an overall increase of 1.11% year-on-year. #FinMinNigeria #GDP
As part of President @Mbuhari’s administrations successful effort to diversify the economy, and deepen non-oil economic performance, the HMF reported a non-oil GDP growth of 2.70% as at Q4 2018 representing a 0.38% increase in growth compared to Q3 2018. #FinMinNigeria #Revenue
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@Halsrethink @RemainSovereign @TFMetals @BullionStar @jameshenryand @michaellebowitz @dlacalle_IA @DA_Stockman @RonPaul @RonPaulInstitut @MarkTOByrne @MarkYusko @ErikSTownsend @AndrewBellBNN @realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs @Varneyco @MariaBartiromo @gatewaypundit @JeffSnider_AIP @TruthGundlach @epomboy @PaulCraigRobert @LanceRoberts @TheBubbleBubble @POTUS @TayTayLLP @ronanmanly @jimiuorio @MoneyMetals @stranahan When a central banker or economist mentions 'stimulus', they are talking about diluting the currency through debt currency issuance - to create REAL GROWTH.

This is the insanity & silly talk promoted by central bankers globally.

Nobody asks the question.

#centralbanking #gold
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@INETeconomics By a chance, the article saying #MMT "theorists ignore how their policies could hurt developing countries" places #Ukraine currency #hryvnia (notes of 20 hryvnia's) as its cover picture.

@INETeconomics Btw, another time when #MMT-related literature opted by a mere chance to associate itself with #Ukraine's currency was the book 'Can "It" Happen Again?' written by Hyman Minsky (2nd ed published in 2016).

This time there is a jar of coins 5 kopecks each (5 #копійок).

@INETeconomics I am #Ukrainian, having a 22-year experience in the Ukraine's financial sector (1995-2017) and working full-day jobs first as bank officer doing debts/credits and then as research economist. I worked in the banking sector as well as in the non-banking financial sector.

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In progress. Rancang trade anda.
Update progress.
Done close all position. Start trade from Thursday close position friday. Only 2 days.
Progress 2 acc.

See u next week chart.
#fx #trader #accbilis #learnfromzero #dreambigstartsmall

(berminat untuk invest pulangan 5%-10% setiap minggu? Minimum 500usd. Berminat ws 0123671658)
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Good thread on manipulation, though those are NOT "market maker's techniques" as @StartaleTV claims, but general manipulation methods available to all. Thread also confuses Market Makers with Funds, which are different things.
By the way, manipulation is over-rated. Investors and traders that lost money only have themselves to blame, and not "manipulation".
There are exceptions, where clients get taken advantage by market makers executing their orders. This is a great example.… #FX #Manipulation
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