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Mega Thread in English on police violence in the USA.
1/3 of all the people killed by a stranger in the USA are actually killed by a police officer

In March and April of 2020 (during quarantine) the police killed as many people as they did in March and April of 2019 even though people were in their homes and there was a historic
decrease in crime. Despite that the police killed the same number of people at the same rate.

2019 was the first year ever where black people were more afraid of being killed by police than community violence

In Minneapolis (where George Floyd was murdered) black people have 13
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PA Council Meeting about to start!

Check out for tonight’s agenda items, how to listen in, and how to provide your input to the Council.

Live tweet thread to follow here.

Meeting called to order!

Mayor Fine asks to "adjourn our meeting in honor of those who suffer from the wildfire and our first responders."

Now starting with Oral Communications (public comment on non-agenda items).
Only one public comment 🗣:

Steven Lee strongly urges Council to take action on the CEDAW resolution that the Human Relations Commission recommended unanimously over 2 years ago.
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A Council meeting in 4 Acts.

*The special city council meeting on policing recap*

Narrator: We're telling a story tonight so hold your applause until the end, please!
Act I:
Sacramento is dangerous. - Daniel Hahn & Rick Jennings
But we have no idea why? - Entire Council & Police Department
And there's no way to prevent it right? - Entire Council & Sac PD
Yeah, that sounds right, so go with it. - Entire Council & Sac PD
Act I cont'd:
Police are all good by me. - Rick, Jeff Harris and Angelique Ashby
Their job is hard. - Jeff Harris
Like really hard. - Angelique Ashby

Act II
It sucks we can't give Police COVID-19 money. - Rick & Angelique
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Today I took @SanDiegoPD to task over a response to a homeless person I witnessed in my neighborhood. I thought the level of response to be over-the-top. Their response was cheeky, and in turn so was mine. But probably neither is helpful. 1/
Fact is, nerves are frayed wrt how anyone should view these interactions. That is true for Black Americans who have suffered under implicit bias and explicit racism. It's true of anyone who has wondered why we deploy police to handle situations like the one I witnessed today. 2/
In our city, @SanDiegoPD is close, if not in full support of #8CantWait. That's to be applauded. It's also not a point where anyone should be content to rest on their laurels; it doesn't absolve past and recent actions. I suspect they know this. 3/
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NEW: #8ToAbolition - We talk to @theAfroLegalise, @rachelkuo, @EliToYou, @SultanReina and @micahherskind about the new abolitionist platform that they created along with their comrades in response to the police preservationist platform #8CantWait. …… ImageImage
We talk to these creators about developing an abolitionist response to a reformist platform. How abolitionists understand the trajectories of "reform" vs "non-reformist reform," & how #8ToAbolition might be useful for organizers in their specific cities …… ImageImage
#8ToAbolition's @theAfroLegalise also shares how years of struggle within the @Mvmnt4BlkLives on abolition, helped bring about this moment where people are looking to abolitionist solutions to the deep rooted issue of state violence against Black people …… ImageImage
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On the Road with Abolition: Assessing Our Steps Along the Way is starting. @haymarketbooks is live streaming here:

ft. @prisonculture @deanspade & @C_Resistance
K Agbebiyi Ervin Woods & Kamau Walton
"Police is discretion or the expression of state power ...
police do not enforce the law and are not accountable to it " @prisonculture #DefundThePolice
Three questions cited by @prisonculture to ask when police reforms are introduced to see if they move us towards abolition or not:

1. Does it reduce police funding?
2. Does it reduce the scale of police?
3. Does it delink the police from questions of safety?

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What we need most right now is for @JohnCooper4Nash and Chief Anderson to jointly lead an immersive conversation about what real public safety is in Nashville.

And it should have some clear goals. It should deal with challenging data and expect to agree to meaningful reforms.
Specifically and especially, that means publicly grappling with the troubling data revealed by the @gideonsarmyutd "Driving While Black" report:

It means grappling with that data having been reinforced by the @policingproject:…
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#8CantWait now has an apology online including a link to though no one from Campaign Zero has contacted us. I didn’t wanna make a thread but now I am.
This is not how you do apologies. To issue a public statement with no notification and to not reach out to us, is performative and also reeks of manipulation.
But also the apology and @deray ‘s words CONTINUE to pretend that reform is on the path to abolition despite 1000s of people’s pleas for him to understand that it is NOT.
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Many good proposals to improve policing policies have been offered over the past week that should be enacted. But material change is harder than just changing laws or words in the employee handbook. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” is true in most orgs, including PDs. 1/8
The #8cantwait campaign claims that enacting the slate of reforms “can decrease police violence by 72% (versus having none of these policies).” I'm skeptical it's this easy. Enacting policies without culture change is helpful but limited. 2/8
After Laquan McDonald shooting, the DOJ sent a team in to investigate the Chicago PD. A member of that team later told me Chicago had better policies than his last department. The problem wasn't the policies; it was that officers weren’t following the policies on the streets. 3/8
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“Police should stop strangling people” is a pretty basic starting point... ImageImage
US leaders should #REJECT8CantWait.

This is no time for minor fixes.

The US needs meaningful change to ensure police are held to account & reduce the police footprint, investing saved resources into services to address structural racism.… Image
“The #8CantWait policing program is so superficial as to be meaningless. It allows mayors and police chiefs to say they’re doing something without actually making the changes that are needed.” - @JRaphling @hrw
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“The end goal of these reforms is not to create better, friendlier, or more community-oriented police or prisons. Instead, we hope to build toward a society without police or prisons, where communities are equipped to provide for their safety & wellbeing”
1. Defund the police:
-Reject any proposed expansion to police budgets.
- Prohibit private-public innovation schemes that profit from temporary technological fixes to systemic problems of police abuse and violence.
- Reduce the power of police unions
2. Demilitarize Communities

- Disarm law enforcement officers, including the police and private security.

- End the militarization of Black and brown neighborhoods
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Campaign Zero is an organization that is pushing for greater police accountability and reduced police violence, using data-driven and statistically-proven methods. #8CantWait is a series of common-sense reforms that have been proven to reduce police violence AND crime rates.

What I raise this week won't make a huge difference. But this is something small I can do. I may only ever be able to do small things, but if I keep doing the small things and combine those with the small things from others, we can make a REAL difference. It's not about

being an individual hero - none of us are going to SOLVE the problem of police violence and institutional racism by ourselves. But that doesn't mean we can stay silent and inactive. Doing something small in support is FAR better than staying silent and complicit.
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I've been thinking a lot about #BlackLivesMatter and everything going on right now. I've felt hurt and powerless, wanting to do something about this injustice, but feeling like nothing I do will be enough.

But that's DUMB. It's like saying "my vote won't swing an election."

One of the things that keeps us from doing the little things that we NEED to do to effect change is that self-defeating philosophy: "I can't change it myself, therefore it can't be changed."

But changes are never brought about by single people. There may be leaders, but

individual voices joined together as one are what creates real change. And we can't join our voices together if we don't speak up as individuals.

So I'm going to do something. This week, any money earned by my Twitch channel is going directly to #CampaignZero and #8CantWait
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Abolition can’t wait. Building off the work of Black feminist theorists and abolitionist organizers, we’re putting forward 8 actionable steps to move us closer to a world without prisons or police. #8ToAbolition Image
In response to the #8CantWait reformist co-optation of decades of Black feminist abolitionist work, a group of abolitionists has compiled this list of demands. #8ToAbolition

Read about their 8 demands here:
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Two+ months since I wrote this. Where are we now? A (long) thread about protest, statues, events as transformations of structures. Plus #MMT and regime change!!…
Thinking about the protests and two other things I saw on here last week:
1) huge marches didn’t prevent Iraq War;
2) Do we know what would satisfy the protesters?
(plus, of course, the French Revolution)
3/ Iraq (or Brexit) marches are not good analogies, I think. Those were attempts to sway small group of national lawmakers, get them to NOT do something planned. When invasion/Brexit happened anyway, protests had “failed.”
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In response to the #8CantWait reformist co-optation of decades of Black feminist abolitionist work, a group of abolitionists has compiled this list of demands. #8ToAbolition
We honor the work of abolitionists who have come before us, and those who organize now. A better world is possible. The #8CantWait campaign co-opts the abolitionist label toward reformist ends and erases the work and theorizing of Black women. We need #8ToAbolition
State violence isn’t a problem of “bad apple” cops; it’s systemic. #8CantWait doesn’t move us closer to safety!

We need #8toAbolition

Check out:
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After the terrible events of The Doctor Falls, Bill & Nardole are trying to keep their spirits up...

⭐️ THE BEST OF DAYS by @StevenWMoffat


Starring @Pearlie_mack @RealMattLucas
Music @murraygold
Visuals: John Smith VFX
Creative Supervisor @rtalalay
#DoctorWhoLockdown has raised thousands for the @FilmTVCharity.

On this occasion, we want to support #BlackLivesMatter initiatives in the UK and the US.

If you enjoyed THE BEST OF DAYS please consider donating to one of the following organisations chosen by @Pearlie_mack...
The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement in the UK. Donate here...
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Samuel did the main study underlying the #8cantwait policies, the subject of much debate lately. I wanted to see if his results could be replicated.

Spoiler: in cities with 0-2 of the policies, you're 44% more likely to be shot by police than in cities with 6-8 of them.
I'm replicating, not reproducing, so I'm intentionally not doing what he did. He did a binomial regression for each policy compared to police shootings from 01-JAN-2015 to 15-JUL-2016. I'm doing a hazard ratio for 01-JAN-2018 to 05-JUN-2020. Different data, different analysis. /2
The only part I relied on Samuel / 8cantwait for is their list of the current policies in place. He is quite right: this info is very difficult to obtain. Most departments do not make it easy. I have no reason to doubt their info. Here's an example. /3
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I’ve seen some questions about #8cantwait and the data so I want to clarify the research and intention behind the campaign. Here’s my response. (1/x)
I got into this work in 2014 to collect, analyze and utilize data as a tool to end police violence. To honor the demand - stop killing us. That, first and foremost, is what I use to evaluate impact - will a policy or strategy make progress towards that goal or not?
The effort to get cities across the country to enact more restrictive use of force policies is a limited, targeted campaign informed by 40 years of research concluding that more restrictive policies reduce killings by police and save lives.…
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Why you should NOT support #8cantwait.

A thread of threads.

Criticisms of the data behind the policies, the policies themselves, and the people & organization behind it.
1) On the data, Emma says in this thread that "the methodology is very flawed"

2) More on the data: "The estimated effect (72%) is based on only 6.5 months of data and a weak correlation."

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If you’ve followed me >5 mins you can guess that I diverge ideologically from the framing presented by #8cantwait. But what social scientists #onhere have also pointed out, which I’d like to boost, is the disturbing level of what I’d call methodological malfeasance in the paper.
I’m a qualitative researcher but I did take advanced statistical methods during my doctoral program at Harvard (shoutout Prof Willett!) and after convos w/friends, the report raises an obvious question—why so many cities with many of these policies, but awful police?
I begin with this question because a lot of people in our country receive a poor mathematical education and PoC are often marginalized in these classrooms. many folks have a math "allergy." when they hear something is data-driven, they're like, well, okay.
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Want to take action for good?

Here are things you can do today to make our world better.

Please retweet. My reach isn’t very big.



Call your mayor, city council, or similar group and demand changes to police policy.

Here’s what to talk about:

#8cantwait is a set of eight policy changes to decrease police violence by 72%.

Ask about each one.

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I've seen a few social scientists share the #8CantWait social media campaign in recent days. From their website: "Data proves that together these eight policies can decrease police killings by 72%." A dramatic statement, to be sure. Curious where it comes from?
This entire campaign appears to point back to a single paper by Sam Sinyangwe (2016). Please take a look at this. Conversations about working vs. peer-reviewed papers aside, this analysis simply does not meet any rigorous standard of causal inference:…
After identifying some statistically significant correlations (p<0.05), the PDF reaches its striking conclusion: "Police departments that implement all eight use of force policies would kill 72% fewer people on average than departments with none of these policies in place."
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adding to some of the already great critique of #8cantwait: the whole "data-driven reforms" shtick has always been bullshit. clean, objective, and racially unbiased data is a fucking myth. adding a technological veneer to policing is manipulative and ultimately cop propaganda.
“Police are not simply end users of big data, they generate the information that big data programs rely upon. Crime, disorder are not natural phenomena, [they] have to be observed, noticed, acted upon, collected, categorized, and recorded" - "Feeding the Machine", Elizabeth Joh
"The veneer of science and technology, algorithms and data processing, hot spots, and math that give the Stalker State the power, justification, and supposed right to predict, to pathologize, and to criminalize whole communities" - Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
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