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“We will never forget that when the United States was attacked our @NATO allies had our back.” Twenty-nine together are stronger than one alone, #NeverForget #StrongerWithAllies
@NATO was the answer seventy years ago… and it is still the answer today,” #neverforget our allies that stood shoulder to shoulder on this #911Anniversary. #StrongerWithAllies
The @NATO alliance faces threats from within and without, #911Anniversary is a time to remember the 3,000 friends we lost, and the ones that came to America’s aid that fateful morning, #Neverforget #StrongerWithAllies
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1/ If u want to see the long arc of white supremacist terrorism & our nation's nonchalance about it, u can start with 9/11 & something that happened that day. Remember, prior to 9/11 the biggest recent single day act of terror on our soil had been OKC in 95...
2/ I say "recent" single day act bc there were larger or at least equal scale terror acts we often forget (Greenwood District in Tulsa in 1921, Sand Creek Massacre etc)...but anyway, as of 9/11 OKC was the most recent. Anyway, within a few hours of the attacks on 9/11...
3/ ...white supremacists were celebrating online. Neo-Nazi Billy Roper posted on a chat board that he wished "our people" had the "testicular fortitude" to do something like that. Others agreed. Even as they celebrated, no one cared about white racists IN AMERICA doing so...
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Building 7 was evacuated between 9:00 and 9:30 am on morning of September 11 2001
#remember911 #September11 #WednesdayWisdom
On the day of September 11 was used to cover $240 Billion of Crimes within 50 years prior
September 11
#remember911 #September11 #WednesdayWisdom @madmandave1011
Destroying Evidence in Buildings 6, 7, and 1. #Remembering911 #remember911 #WednesdayWisdom #911Anniversary
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“Is there an honorable non-violent means towards mourning and remembering who and what we loved?”

For #911Anniversary, I share this from poet June Jordan’s a keynote at Barnard in November 2001 about the attacks.
Keynote: Some of us did not die.

In examining how those who survived can best honour those killed, Jordan quotes Holocaust survivor Elly Gross: “I guess it was my destiny to live...To live means you owe something big to those whose lives are taken away from them” #911Anniversary
June Jordan urges resisting a “rally Around Caesar”and instead “rally around an emergency/militant reconstruction of a secular democracy consecrated to the equality of each and every living one of us.” #911Anniversary
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Will Trump play the video clip of his TV interview on the morning of 9/11?

Trump KNOWS the buildings couldn't have been brought down by jet fuel.
It must have been done by a Controlled Demolition with explosives in the buildings

#NeverForget the buildings fell too fast for a Pancake Collapse.
They fell at near Free Fall speed, which means that ALL resistance must have been taken away.

This can only be done with a Controlled Demolition, blowing out all supports.
Why did the buildings suddenly explode?

Why did First Responders report hearing explosions?

The buildings were brought down with a Controlled Demolition using some kind of explosives, that had previously been placed in the buildings.

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As we reach another anniversary of 9/11, I'm proud to present you here with a war story that is both old and new. Let me explain. 1/…
In 2010, I was a 29-year-old journalist in my third year of covering the military. I’d been at @MarineTimes since January 2008, and I hadn’t yet seen U.S. troops in combat.

That would change, abruptly and violently. 2/
@Marinetimes That spring, I set out to visit Marja, Afghanistan, which was then one of the major efforts for the U.S. military.

I traveled with Tom Brown, a veteran war photographer who also happens to be married to the great @cbudoffbrown. 3/
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New Thread
I am Redoing my Older Thread For People to see the Truth Behind 911. And Why we are Still being Attacked 18 years later. #240BillionCovert
History that lead up to how 911 Started
#Bush41 #Qanon
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q…
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q The Original Thread I made on 911 and Bushes Involvement along with Iran-Contra, Iran Nuke, Barrick Gold, Enron, Black Eagle, "Boris Yeltsin", GS, Israel, RM, Senator Tower, Bronfman, NXVIM, & more…
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q What If I was to tell you 911 events is not done with us yet? They want their $240 Billion Dollars they lost in Tower 2. ... Big Names
911 Conspiracy No More the Real Truth behind why 911 #240Billion
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We also know planes did not take down the world trade center buildings #NeverForget911 🧬
Major University Study Finds "Fire Did Not Bring Down Tower 7 On 9/11"…
#QAnon #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
3,160 Architects & Engineers who are calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center
#NeverForget 😢

#NeverForget911 #WorldTradeCenter #911neverforget #911Attacks #911Anniversary #September11 #NeverForgetAmerica
I will #Neverforget #September11 in NYC- by 3pm all you could see was darkness, smoke, dust and paper😢
It's time for the truth to be told
The New Pearl Harbor - Best 911 Documentary

#NeverForget911 #911neverforget #911Attacks #911Anniversary #September11
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1.) One of the things that many of us have forgotten about #Sept11, 2001 was the BOLO on the White Van from Urban Moving Systems that was witnesses say were individuals dancing & giving each other high fives as they took pictures of the Destruction of #TwinTowers
2.) @JohnMassaria filed a #FOIA request with the #FBI on this event & recieved 6 FBI FOIA reports & the police report from the East Rutherford Police Dept.
3.) In the #FBI FOIA Request, the East Rutherford Police had been on the look out for a 2000 White Chevrolet Van that was possibly carrying explosives!…
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Apparently the only thing @Google wants to remember today is everyone’s personal information. Ironically 9/11 paved the way for mass collection but $GOOG has everything they need now, no need to pretend they care #NeverForget
At least Greece knows it’s the first day of school @GoogleDoodles and teachers day in Argentina, both way more important than something silly like #911Anniversary
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On #September11th Remember the innocent people of #Chile & the #Terrorist attack the #US under #Nixon & #Kissinger perpetrated against their elected Socialist President #SalvadorAllende.CIA backed the Military Coup of General Augusto Pinochet. Thread #NeverForget911 #NeverForget
Allende and his people were killed in the Presidential Palace after Pinochet's Jets bombed the palace. After that, the Army with American advisers started hunting down Liberals, Moderates, Communists, Anarchists, even random bohemian kids in the country where tortured in American
created Concentration Camps. Pinochet was just one of many Dictatorship trained by the School of the Americas (SOA) an Organization the US military uses to train Right Wing Terrorist groups in Latin America as well as would be dictators.
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No one will say this, but on #911Anniversary, #NeverForget that we are still in two wars in #Afghanistan and #Iraq that were begun because of that horrific attack on our country.

These are the longest wars in US history.

2M Americans have been wounded. Thousands have died.
The sacrifices made by the same men and women, over and over, the same members of our volunteer army, have continued through three presidencies.

We never talk about it.

Not even on #911Day.

#NeverForget these men and women are trapped in unending war because of 9/11.
#NeverForget on this #911Anniversary that the folks in Washington do not care about our military or their families.

They have refused care for the men and women fighting these endless 9/11 wars 17 years later. Thousands of vets are homeless.

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What do we know about 9/11?

The Twin Towers collapsed at or near Free Fall Speed which can only happen with a controlled demolition…
What do we know about 9/11?

The US government received multiple prior warnings of an imminent major terrorist attack involving aircraft, but did absolutely nothing to stop it.
Donald Trump on the morning of 9/11: The buildings were incredibly strong, planes or jet fuel didn't bring them down.

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1. This is a friend of mine from college. #HisNameWasMarkBingham He was the rugby player on #Flight93 We were waiting for him as he was the best man in one of my best friend’s wedding. Like the rest of America, I watched in disbelief as the #FakeNews spewed sh*t about (contd...)
2. What was being said about Mark. He was an awesome human being, fearless and honest. He realized something was not right on 9/11 and was part of the reason the flight came down in the wrong place as it was intended to do more damage by the cabal. Truths long hidden ..
3. As we anxiously waited and could hear Mark’s voice placing that fateful call to his mother from Flight 93, we couldn’t believe the towers were under attack. A bunch of bright graduate students at the time, many of us didn’t buy the #fakenews even back in 2001.
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QDrops For September 11, 2018

9/11 Edition

Today we remember those taken away from us on that

crisp September morning on 9/11/01. 17 years later & the

real terrorist are still at large. When will we see justice?






Where Is The Plane?
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