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🔴Thread: Understanding Doval Doctrine

With the military and technological advancement, the concept of mutually assured destruction has become an almost obsolete idea. In the 21st century, we are witnessing something different, a new kind of warfare that is Hybrid Warfare.
It is a multi-pronged approach that is employed to harm the enemy to the maximum at all levels, be it economically, politically, diplomatically, ideologically or in any other form. India, under its National Security Advisor (NSA), #AjitDoval...,
...has geared up for Hybrid War against #Pakistan and #China. Doval confirmed India's strategy of Hybrid Warfare in a lecture at a university when he said that India should be exploiting Pakistan’s weaknesses, harming and exploiting it at all levels...
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One more down!
IC 814 hijacker (1999) ZAHOOR MISTRY (marked in pic) shot down by 2 men in Karachi.
Mastermind of the hikacking, brother in law of Masood Azhar (who ws released in 1999) was killed in #BalakotStrike 2019.

During IC814 hijacking ep, Ajit Doval ws d negotiator.
Infact it is believed in 1994 #AjitDoval and his team had accidentally stumbled upon Masood Azhar in Anantnag, Kashmir. He ws incarcerated! What followed was a few kidnappings, killings and finally the Hijack. Masood Azhar still roams free!
The mastermind, the man who executed the hijacking, was Yusuf Azhar.
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Thread !
Happy birthday ajit doval sir

•born on 20 Jan 1945 , pauri garwal in house of Maj. G.n. doval
•completed school in Ajmer military school and did MA in economics from Agra university .
•cleared UPSC in his first attempt, IPS
•joined as ASP in kottyam in 1968.
•just after 1.5 years of his service , on 28 Dec 1971 was sent to control hindu-muslim riots in thalaserry(kunnur.
•In just 2 days he recovered looted items from rioters and arrested culprits.
•In 1972 , Jan he was sent to IB,delhi on deputation.
•In 70s as mizo insurgency
Rising ,1 IGP alongwith 1 IPS were killed by MNF So no one was ready to go to Mizoram .
•just after 2 months of his marriage , he voluntarily go to mizoram.
• MNF insurgency where Laldenga's army was holding the Indian state to ransom, he penetrated the MNF .
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AJIT DOVAL ! INDIAS ANSWER TO JAMES BOND. Where that one is REEL, this one is REAL & far far far better than reel one !
Ajit Kumar Doval was born in 1945 in a village Pauri, Uttrakhand.Although not much is known about his family, Ajit Doval completed his schooling from Ajmer Military School and graduated with an MA in Economics from University of Agra in 1967.
He was later honoured with honorary doctorates from Agra University in December 2017 and Kumaun University in May 2018.
Ajit Doval qualified the civil services in the year 1968 and became an IPS officer of the Kerala cadre.
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Mehul Choksi with bloodshot eye&bruised body detained in dominica
May hv gone on a date with his GF to domimica&got arrested- PM of Antigua,
Abducted&tortured for few days- Choksi's lawyer.
So what can it be?
Special ops hotstar? This was special ops all star
Thread ImageImage
Choksi secured citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in Nov2017 under its Citizenship by Investment Programme&fled there in 1st week of Jan 2018.
Soon after PNB scam executed by choksi&his nephew Nirav Modi came to light&CBI investigation ordered,but Modi&choksi had fled by then
Soon India located choksi residing in Antigua.
31/7/18,Indian government delivered an extradition request to the Antigua government, beginning the process of getting him back.Process of extradition was long one as Choksi had already engaged legal representative.
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Thread-Vacine drama
Why US banned raw material export to India 1st?
Why now suddenly they agreed to help?
Man behind it- #NarendraModi, a leader who knows how to,Silently. The one who perform best under pressure&is master of diplomacy.
Since start of India's #VaccinationDrive ,India was emerging a global leader in #VaccineDiplomacy .
India under its Vaccine Maitri campaign started shipping its Made in India #CovishieldVaccine to world.
Till now India has provided its vaccine to more than 90 countries.
B4 Covid-19 vaccines were developed,India supplied some 100 countries with hydroxychloroquine& paracetamol,and sent pharmaceuticals,test kits&other equipment to around 90 countries.India was emerging as global pharmaceutical powerhouse&#Modiji as powerfull leader.
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कैप्टन अमरिंदर सिंह,कोंग्रेस खेमे का एक वो नाम है जो कभी चर्चा में नही आता,ना इनके लिए हमारी मीडिया कोई प्रोग्राम बनाती है,ना सोशल मीडिया पर इनकी बातें होती है,भक्त समाज भी कैप्टन के लिए कुछ नही लिखता,,
कैप्टन चुपचाप रहकर अपना काम करते रहते है,इसी लिए उन्हें ना प्रचार चाहिए ना विज्ञापन,,ऐसा देश के लोगो का मानना है***?😂😥

पर वास्तव में ऐसा है नही,,
कैप्टन अमरिंदर,कोंग्रेस का एक ऐसा पंछी है जो कभी कोंग्रेस को जुकते नही देख सकता,,आज मोदी आने के बाद कोंग्रेस खत्म होने की कदार पर पहुच चुकी है,जिसके कारण कैप्टन अब अपना मौन रोल छोड़कर, एक्शन रोल में आ गए है**
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India's National Security Advisor #AjitDoval meets US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (@SecPompeo) in Delhi…
@SecPompeo India and US hold third edition of 2+2 talks amid tensions with #China

#IndiaUS #AjitDoval @rajnathsingh @SecPompeo @EsperDoD…
@SecPompeo @rajnathsingh @EsperDoD #IndiaUS | India signs landmark military pact with the US to make its drones and missiles more accurate…

By @pabsgill
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#ChinaIndiaFaceoff (1/a)
My Request Plz stop trending #100chinese & #ChinaPushedBack or #ChinaThrownOut it is humiliating
(a) Past 67 yrs China Playing Similar Strategy, coming 2 steps going 1 step backward.
(b) In the last 3 Months, China Has done similar tactics
#ChinaIndiaFaceoff (1/b)
(c) after 1st round, Bilateral agreement PLZ didn't went back.
(d) After 2nd round, #galwanclash
(e) If China is for Bilateral agreement, Why it waited for #AjitDoval's assurance even after #Modi's stern message?
#ChinaIndiaFaceoff (1/c)
(f) Why India agreed to create a buffer zone? Buffer zone on which LAC?
(g) Why PM said there was no intrusion? Why he went #Ladakh & assured for FIRM {Sic} stance, When Ajit Doval can do miracles?
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From the core of My heart I say, today #प्रयागराज_हत्याकांड & #IndiaChinaBorder 2 News quietus my faith in @PMOIndia, @DefenceMinIndia & @HMOIndia
it won't restore till I get answer;
(a) Why India agreed to Withdraw its forward posts
(b) Why So many Killings of Brahmins In UP ImageImage
See the Difference btwn Languages & Emphasises;
that's Why I Lost my Faith;
(a) For India, the Disengagement process is 1st priority whereas China put its sovereignty & Territorial Integrity at first Place.
(b) China Is decisive on its approach, India at its SOFT.
#AjitDoval ImageImageImage
Dear @PMOIndia @DrSJaishankar @DefenceMinIndia Look our foolishness, Chinese know how to make this Bilateral pullback as successful propaganda to inch their self.
We said they have not encroached,
Saying India Pulling back from its own forward post
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Not a single incident post 2300 hours on 25.2.2020. We said discussion after Holi, so that no flare up again. and let police carry out investigation so that facts can emerge. So that peace remains in Delhi: Home Minister @AmitShah in Lok Sabha. Therefore sought discussion on 11th
In Lok Sabha @AmitShah seeks `protection' (संरक्षण) of Speaker @ombirlakota to be able to make his statement. Shah praises @DelhiPolice for handling riots in an area where population is 20 lakh. Population of #Delhi 1.70 crore. Police kept riots restricted to 12 police stn areas.
Violence in Delhi remained restricted to 36 hours. 1400 hours on 24th Feb to 2300 hours on 25th Feb. @DelhiPolice did not let violence spread beyond 12 police station areas (in parts of east Delhi): @AmitShah in Lok Sabha clarifies he did not go to #TajMahal w/ @realDonaldTrump.
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The Popular Front of India (PFI) is an extremist & militant Islamic fundamentalist organisation in India formed as a successor to National Development Front (NDF) in 2006.
PFI claims to work in cooperation with human rights activists towards curbing human rights violation in the nation, but in reality they campaigns for Muslim Reservation. Been fooling all in the name of minority rights.
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Vivek Doval appears before ACMM Samar Vishal in connection with his defamation case against The Caravan and Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh. Court to record statement of Doval's witnesses today.

#VivekDoval #TheCaravan #JairamRamesh

@thecaravanindia @Jairam_Ramesh
Vivek Doval begins making his statement before Court under oath. Informs Court that he is a UK citizen as well as an overseas citizen of India.

#VivekDoval #TheCaravan #JairamRamesh

@thecaravanindia @Jairam_Ramesh
Doval further informs that he pursued his B.Sc and M.Sc from London School of Economics. He also obtained CFA from CFA Institute, Charlottesville, USA.

#VivekDoval #TheCaravan #JairamRamesh

@thecaravanindia @Jairam_Ramesh
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