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"Empathy is about finding the humanity in each other." - Oprah Winfrey

Empathy is not a weakness or vulnerability; it's a strength that allows us to connect deeply and authentically with others.

#BeKindAlways #YouMatter #BeKind #Inspireyourself #Retweet #RT #SaturdayMotivation
Empathy is the magic key that allows us to open the door to someone else's world and truly understand their hopes, dreams, and struggles.
Through empathy, we not only unlock the door to understanding, but we also find the key to building bridges of connection and fostering a sense of belonging.
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Well, it appears that, since people really are like sheep, are manipulated, spell bound, indoctrinated and just as the Bible says, asleep to truth, & their selfish egotistical self centered & desire only to "return to being entertained" instead of awakening to truth...

And I'm talking about the remainder % who saw the spark but once the arc flash had diminished & they could see around them the world's offerings they quickly filled their eyes with desires of the flesh, put their heads down and started grazing again.

Ergo, for the sake that none should parish but all are given every opportunity to "#WAKEUP" the show will continue to the great finally of the scare event. 😱

To those who are fully awake and doing/done your part in the #GreatAwakening operation thank you! Well done!

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10th house related matters in astrology
In astrology, the 10th house is commonly referred to as the house of career, status, and reputation. It is associated with one's public image, professional achievements, and overall contribution to society.

Here are some of the matters related to the 10th house in astrology:
Career: The 10th house is closely related to one's career and profession. It indicates the type of work or career that would bring success and recognition to an individual.
Ambition: The 10th house is also associated with one's ambition and desire for success. It shows the level of determination and hard work that an individual is willing to put in to achieve their goals.
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Let's talk of the most common Lemon Varieties in the 🌎

- Eureka Lemon

They fruit almost year-round.Fruits are large and thin skinned with minimal seeds and very juicy with a true sour lemon taste. The trees are almost thornless and grow up to 5m tall
#SaturdayMotivation ImageImageImageImage
Experience pure Orchard greatness and quality for your money 💵 when you get to order your Lemon 🍋 and other fruits seedlings from the best plugs in 254

We deliver countywide within 24 to 48 hrs
Let's talk

Click this link to message us on WhatsApp:… Image
Meyer Lemon
They are not pure Lemons but a cross between lemon and oranges that originated from China. They have sweet, thin-skinned fruits that are smaller and more round than regular lemons. The trees have small thorns or are nearly thornless and grow 2 - 3 metres tall.
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In 2003, Kamal Kishore Mandal, a resident of Bhagalpur, was forced to take up a job as a night guard in Munger, Bihar, due to financial constraints. Image
A month later, on deputation, Mandal was sent to the Ambedkar Thought and Social Work department (Post Graduate) at the Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University (TMBU). After five years, his post was changed to peon.
Mandal asked the university for permission to continue his education and completed his MA (Ambedkar Thought and Social Work), followed by a PhD in 2019. By then, he had also cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) for the lectureship.
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The spirit of #Tlawmngaihna is the bedrock around which the Mizo social life revolves.
And there's so much that the rest of the world can learn from this inspiring way of life >>⁠ Image
(3/7) Image
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One of the very few times I have agreed with a Tory, @Jeremy_Hunt said earlier "Time is of the essence" in relation to those with #infectedblood so @Michael_Ellis1 please hurry up with the suggested interim payment

A friend of ours and his brother, both haemophilliacs received
#infectedblood his brother sadly died a few years later as a result, our friend has survived thanks to medical breakthroughs and with the love of his family he leads as much a normal life as possible, but this life has presented him with many challenges both mentally & physically
but he has miraculously and heroically beaten those challenges and thankfully continues to do so.
So if you are with me, our friend, the survivors and the bereaved families please like, RT and share this tweet so all those affected can at least acheive some sort of "justice"
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தொண்டர் இருவருக்கு அன்னை அருள்வாக்கு கூறினாள்வரவர உங்கள் மனதில் பக்தி குறைந்து வருகிறதடா மகனே. கஷ்டம் வருகிற போது தான் விழுந்து விழுந்து மந்திரம் படிக்கிறீர்கள் மற்ற நேரங்களில் அம்மாவின் நினைப்பு உறுதிப்படவில்லை .இந்த இடி மின்னல் பத்தி உதவாது என்றாள் அன்னை.
மழைக்கால சூழ்நிலை உருவாகி அப்போது தான் இடி இடிக்கிறது மின்னல் மின்னுகிறது அதுபோல துன்பம் வருவதற்கான சூழ்நிலைகளில் மட்டுமே சிலர் 108 1008 மந்திரங்களை படித்து வழிபடுகிறார்கள் கோயிலுக்கு ஓடிவந்து அங்கபிரதட்சணம் வருகிறார்கள் கோவில் தொண்டுகளில் கலந்து கொள்கிறார்கள்.
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A #Blissful #SaturdayMotivation read from #OmSakthi #Whatsapp Group

அன்னைக்கு அயராமல் தொண்டு செய்யும் அன்பர் ஒருவர் .தாயே உனக்கு அதிகமாக தொண்டு செய்பவனுக்குத்தான் அடிக்கடி வேலை வைக்கிறாய். சோதனை வைக்கிறாய். நீ எதைச் சொன்னாலும் தலையாட்டி கொண்டு சில பேர் போய்விடுகின்றனர்.
உன் கட்டளையை சிரமேற்கொண்டு செய்யமாட்டேன் என்கிறார்கள். அப்படிப்பட்டவர்களை நீ ஒன்றும் கேட்க மாட்டேன் என்கிறாயே? என்று முறையிட்டார். அந்த அன்பரின் மனக்குமுறலை கேட்ட அன்னை கூறினாள்.
என்ன செய்வது மகனே இதுவரை சுளைகளையே விழுங்கிக் கொண்டு வந்தாய் .தோலை அப்புறமாக எடுத்து எறிந்து இருக்க வேண்டும். அதனை செய்யாமல் தோலையும் சிறுகச்சிறுக சேர்த்துக் கொண்டே வந்தாய்.
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Join us for the Seminar.

Topic: STRESS and Its Management Image
What is stress?

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand.
#Stress #SaturdayMotivation #Health

Psychosocial stress is a particular relationship between the person and the environment, this is by over taxing or target exceeding his or her resources and endangering his or her well-being.

#Stress #SaturdayMotivation #Health #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha

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We are live.

Personal Development Seminar

Topic: Dream it, Work it, Get it.

Speaker: Isaac O. Fatola (A Project Manager and E-Payment Specialist)

A dream implies having a vision of what/how tomorrow should look like. The setting of goals to shape, colour and build one's tomorrow as an individual, a people, a firm or a nation. - @fatolaisaac1 #SaturdayMotivation #Success #ThinkBigSundayWithMarsha

Also, dreams are energies that flow from the mind and the heart of those that believe in the possibilities of the occurrence of the unseen but envisioned reality. They are the beginning of all realities. - @fatolaisaac1 #Motivational #Success #ThinkBigSundayWithMarsha

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When Valmiki completed his Ramayana, Narada wasn't impressed. 'It is good, but Hanuman's is better', he said.

'Hanuman has written the Ramayana too!', Valmiki didn't like this at all, and wondered whose Ramayana was better.

So he set out to find Hanuman.

In Kadali-vana, grove of plantains, he found Ramayana inscribed on seven broad leaves of a banana tree.

He read it and found it to be perfect. The most exquisite choice of grammar and vocabulary, metre and melody. He couldn't help himself. He started to cry.

'Is it so bad?' asked Hanuman
'No, it is so good', said Valmiki
'Then why are you crying?' asked Hanuman.

'Because after reading your Ramayana no one will read my Ramayana,' replied Valmiki.

Hearing this Hanuman simply tore up the seven banana leaves stating
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This is hard to write but it is true for many. What I’m about to say is a harsh reality of what people go through.

What I am about to say is also the reason why a lot of people don’t ask for help.

People do not ask for help because of the fears and stigmas that exist.

Here Is Something to think about,

What if you were a #singleparent with a #child

You work full time for $15.00/hr

You take home roughly $960.00 per paycheck (bi-weekly after taxes)

#singleparent #parenting #Blessed #grateful #calgary #calgarylife #alberta #yyc

Your bills per month:

$1,000 or more for rent
$150 or more for cable/internet
$250 or more for utilities
$150 per month for car insurance

So let’s do the math

You bring home about
$1,920.00 a month

Your bills average about $1,500(give or take)

@GrannyGTArp @BallerGearCA
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We are at a local superstore and we are needing Calgary’s help.

We are filling the last items needed for the special medical food hamper for this senior family. Can anyone help with this?

#Help #YYCCC #YEG #YEGCC #foodie #Food #hampers #HelpNeeded
The reason this is a unique hamper is because the senior gentleman we are helping is terminal and has severe dietary restrictions that have been set by his doctor

We have worked with his doctor to provide what he needs to be comfortable as he possibly can be.
#SocialGood #BeGood
If anyone can help please donate. Our donation info is 👇🏼




(Click Donate)

@Hell_Berta @EveryAlbertan @GrannyGTArp @grantfuhr @MarkCherrington @ChristinaNDP #YYC #YEG #MEDTwitter #Calgary #Alberta
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12 ways on how to improve your Attraction to women. Thread.

#women #AustrianGP #SaturdayMotivation Image
1. Have a goal/Mission.
Find yourself a passion that means everything to you. Not your 9-5 , it can be restoring art to fixing electronic to your own business. Just have that and focus your time to it. Yes. That is your number 1 priority. She will like you for that.
2. Exercise
Your body is capable of many things. She will notice that you are trying to get yourself to look better, and the upside is you will look better, also be able to perform other tasks effortlessly. So go ahead treat your body well by working out.
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This is a huge mistake to confront China in their neighborhood. Why is our military doing overseas? Did anyone question this? My gut tells me just about most people are brainwashed to believe this is patriotic. No, it's another suicide…
...all the wars under this 14th Amendment political system. Under the republican form of governments & the Constitutional Federal prior to this system. Our military is design for SELF DEFENSE against threat FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC and our Navy is to remain standing...
... FOREIGN INVADERS. Our service men & women have no idea they are working for a totalitarian system & scarfing their lives for a f*cking corporation that is the United States. All the people follow me & especially for a while know the real enemy is the Totalitarian system.
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A true #SaturdayMorningHustle key to success is not just focusing on the big items, but the small stuff too. Committing to making every aspect of a business process the best it can be is essential to earning and keeping great clients/customers.
Attention to detail (or lack of) will show how serious you take your business, your audience and the process. Don't mess everything up at the point of conversion by letting those small efforts, small cost details slide. Pay attention and show you care. #SaturdayMorningHustle
It's Saturday, I'm in the office so it must be the #SaturdayMorningHustle. Listen to the podcast while your competition is still sleeping.
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#SaturdayMorningHustle Sometimes you need to do something different. Change things up, end predictable routines and challenge yourself, your team or your business model. Experimentation (via the 80/20 rule) and pattern interrupt are great ways to make sure you, your team...
or your organization isn't sleepwalking through your most important processes. The reset has so many advantages. Get out of your comfort zone. Let's talk about it.⠀

It's Saturday, I'm in the office so it must be the #SaturdayMorningHustle​.
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Spirituality and Science behind Amavasya/No moon/New moon day. #Meditation
"Amavasya is a day when one can become easily aware of, ‘What is me n what is not me,’ n from there on, the journey from untruth to truth begins" .. #Sadhguru
There are several spiritual effects of Amavasya on human n human behavior as an individual tends to act restlessly n become ill-tempered n irritable which depicts the signs of lunacy.
The word lunacy even has been originated from the word moon or luna.
Amavasya has colossal effects on human and human behavior in general. On the day of Amavasya, it is believed that the subconscious mind becomes vulnerable.
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Tamarillo is commonly know as Tree 🍅 Tomato Tree .

There are various tree tomato varieties which are mostly distinguished by their color.

Red fruits variety– mostly used for fresh market fruit due to their appealing color

#agriculture #SaturdayMotivation #MasculinitySaturday
Yellow fruits variety– these fruits have a superior flavor and hence good for preserving.

Dark-red or Black variety-the fruits are large and of higher quality.

Get tree 🍅 Tomato seedlings delivered to your home town within 24 hours .

Click on…
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Any policy enforcer imposes statutes & codes, phyiscally assult/murder a fellow countryman is Treason and Sedition.

Policy enforcers violate their own Federal Statutes 24/7.

Look up these statutes 👇
United States Code, Title 18 § 241 Conspiracy against rights.
United States Code, Title 18 §242 Deprivation of rights under color of law.

Policy enforcers for example when they pull you over & and issue you a fine violate the 4th Amendment & the 5th Amendment-due process.
According to a Supreme Court ruling police have no constitutional duty to protect us.

It is our natural right to defend ourselves against ANYONE!
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Experiences with Maha Periyava:
“Did you see the Pallava’s timeclock in Mahabalipuram?”

I have had His darshan right from my childhood. Once when I went to see Him after I became an archaeologist, He asked me, “What is your profession?”
I replied that I was involved in the archaelogical studies of our temples.

“Have you been to Mahabalipuram? Can you tell me what you observed there?” He asked me.

“I saw the Pandavas’ chariot, Mahishasuramardhini etc there.”

“That place also has Pallavas’ clock, have you
seen it there?” He asked me!

I assumed that Periyava was teasing me and hence I responded, “Periyava, how come the Pallavas had timepieces in their olden days?”

“It is there, it is there…! Try to see it when you go there next time”, He replied emphatically!

When I went to
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1/ You are not to blame for the things that happened in your life but you are 100% responsible for them.

You didn’t pick your parents, how & where you raised. Your circumstances were given to you. Some of us were given a bad hand.

But you CAN be an agent of change in your life
2/ The Calvary is not coming. Be the Hero in your own story.

Honestly assess where you are. Make an intelligent plan & take micro-steps out. Take a course, read a book, get fitter, stronger, wiser.

Assess your circle. Do they lift you up or pull you down? Look at your shared
3/ history. Have their cheered you on always critiqued you? If they are negative, minimise time.

Have faith. Some days it will feel like nothing is changing but keep going. Good things take time to grow. Be 0.1% better each day.

Each step will take you further
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Story of Mahaperiya -
We also need to restore the name of River Purna - which is called in the name of stooge 'Periyar" now

One day a very reputed Geologist happened to visit Kanchipuram to have darshan of Mahaswamigal.
After enquiring about his family
Swamigal asked him if he would do Him a favour. The geologist was overwhelmed he wondered what it was that he, a mere mortal could help the Saakshaat Deivam with. He immediately agreed. Mahaperiya asked him if he knew about Kaladi.
He replied even as a young child
he knew that it was the birth place of Adi Shankaracharyar
Periyava then told him that the river Purna ran through that place and that Shankarar's mother used to bathe in it every day. He then requested him to arrange for a diver
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