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#CoronaVirusUpdates : India passes Brazil, now has world's second-highest cases. The number of deaths due to the covid-19 infection has reached 71,642. India has already been recording more number of fresh cases than #Brazil for the last few days.
India on Monday touched the grim distinction of recording the second most higest number of covid-19 cases globally.
India surpassed Brazil with 42,04,614 cases and is now behind the USA which has recorded 6.29 million covid-19 cases. Brazil has registered 4.14 million case.
India's covid-19 death toll breached the 71,000 mark as 1016 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, said the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday. @ICMRDELHI
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#coronavirus | #India overtakes #Brazil to become the second worst-hit #COVID19 nation… Image
#India just surpassed #Brazil in the number of total cases of coronavirus infections to become the second worst-hit #COVID19 nation after the US.

At present, India has 4,204,613 total coronavirus cases, of which 882,497 are active cases, according to Worldometer data.

#coronavirus #covid19 #CoronaVirusUpdates
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#covid19 | 5 States-Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu account for 62% of the total active cases in the country: @MoHFW_INDIA on #CoronaVirusUpdates
@MoHFW_INDIA India's #COVID19 Deaths per Million Population is also amongst the lowest in the World: Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA

#coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak
@MoHFW_INDIA “The number of recovered patients has outpaced the active cases (8,15,538) by more than 21.5 lakh. The recovered patients have increased to more than 3.6 times the active cases, as on date: @MoHFW_INDIA
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Nearly 4.8 Lakh Children Infected with #COVID19 in the US: Report…

(📸: IANS) Image
Nearly 480,000 children in the US have been infected with the novel coronavirus since the pandemic hit the country earlier this year, a new report has revealed.

#CoronaVirusUpdates #covid19 #coronavirusoutbreak #coronaviruspandemic
#covid19 | The report by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children's Hospital Association released on Monday said that while children represented only 9.5 percent of the overall caseload, a total of 476,439 kids have tested positive so far, reports Xinhua news agency.
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#5Grollout and power boost caused DNA/RNA damages, which is responsible for the body defending itself by secreting proteins.
- These proteins have been called #coronavirus by false #COVID RT-PCR test and the 'Chinese' #WHO
@KristaKiuru @VTTFinland Ali Harlin
#WHO: "At the present there is no direct evidence on the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infecting of respiratory viruses including #COVIDー19" @KristaKiuru @VTTFinland @mapetti @MTVUutiset @mika_salminen…
Face masks restrict the elimination of virus, RECIRCULATING the virus into the nasal/sinus and upper respiratory passages.
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Het 7-daags zwevend gemiddelde van nieuwe #coronavirus besmettingen in Nederland steeg:
Periode 10 juli-24 juli: van 51 naar 163
Periode 10 maart-24 maart: van 52 naar 551
En dat is dus het verschil !

#Covid_19 #COVID19NL #COVID19 #Corona #COVID__19 Image
Het 7-daags zwevend gemiddelde van nieuwe #Coronavirusnl infecties steeg in de periode:

10 juli-25 juli: van 51 naar 164
10 maart-25 maart: van 52 naar 623

De geldende maatregelen leiden nu dus tot een duidelijk #FlattentheCurve effect !


#COVID19 Image
Het 7-daags zwevend gemiddelde van nieuwe #Coronavirusnl infecties steeg in de periode:

10 juli-26 juli: van 51 naar 174
10 maart-26 maart: van 52 naar 710

Het #FlattenTheCurve effect zet dus door !


#Covid_19 #COVID19NL #coronavirus #COVID19 Image
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Special Analysis
"With unfettered #capitalism we inevitably find ourselves with the worst drugs, priced at the highest amounts, hoarded by those who need them the least."
by @LeeCamp… #Remdesivir #COVID__19 #CoronaVirusUpdates #CoronavirusPandemic #health
To make matter worse, #Remdesivir is a drug that “has had its development costs paid for, in large part, by independent donors like governments and ministries of #health in #China, the #WHO, and the #US #government.”
by @AlanRMacLeod… #COVID19 #Gilead
#Remdesivir, a drug used to treat #SARS and #Ebola, could be produced for just $0.93 per daily dose.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #COVID__19 #health #BigPharma #DRUGS #Covid19 #CoronaVirusUpdates
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Science is being censored for political reasons.

World renowned epidemiologist, Nobel Prize winners, and experts from around the world have opposed COVID19 lock-downs for months now.

A short thread with their quotes.

#coronavirus #covid19 #covid ImageImage
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6 mg Dex daily (up to 10 days) vs usual care

- 6425 = total patients randomized in study
- 2104 (32.7%) = patients randomized to Dex
- 4321 (67.2%) = patients allocated to usual care

#CoronaVirusUpdates #COVID19 #SARS_CoV_2
TY for HU @jeremyfaust!
28 day mortality rate:
- 454 (21.5%) of all patients allocated Dex (N= 2104) died
- 1065 (24.6%) of all patients allocated to usual care (N=4321) died

Dex reduced deaths by:
- 1/3 in patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation

#CoronaVirusUpdates #COVID19 #SARS_CoV_2

- 1/5 in patients receiving oxygen without mechanical ventilation

- Did not reduce mortality in patients not receiving respiratory support at randomization

#CoronaVirusUpdates #COVID19 #SARS_CoV_2
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An update on the #COVID19 confirmed cases in #India

# of days for 0-1L cases- 70+
# days for 1L-2L - 15 days
# days for 2L-3L - 10 days
# days for 3L-4L - 8 days

#MasksSaveLives #CoronaVirusUpdates

@nebuer42 @aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @AkshayMarathe

Plotting the moving average of new cases and new deaths due to #COVID19

#Gujarat again has a higher CFR. #Maharashtra also shows no signs of slowdown and CFR higher than the national ratio

The next 12 most affected states.

CFR is under control for most of these which is a good sign.

#Telangana has the highest CFR amongst these followed by #Punjab

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#Delhi #COVIDー19: #order
Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19 announced by Delhi Government in line with @MoHFW_INDIA Policy.
2/n #Discharge of 1. MILD or very mild/pre-symptomatic cases:
- after 10 days of symptom onset and no fever for 3 days.
- be no need for testing prior to discharge.
3/n #Discharge of 2.MODERATE cases
A. Patients whose symptoms resolve within 3 days & maintains saturation above 95% for next 4 days without oxygen.
Be discharged 10 days after symptoms:
• Absence of fever without antipyretics 
• Resolution of breathlessnes
• No oxygen need
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"-60,490 #COVID19 patients have so far recovered.

-Recovery rate has now gone up to 41.61%"

@MoHFW_INDIA "Our fatality rate is amongst the lowest in the world at 2.87% from 3.3%": Lav Agarwal, Union Health Ministry Joint Secretary

@MoHFW_INDIA "Till the time we do not have a valid vaccine, we use a social vaccine in the form of #SocialDistanacing": Lav Agarwal, Union Health Ministry Joint Secretary

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I had a discussion with Hon Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri @OfficeofUT regarding current #Covid_19 situation in state & the challenges faced by the administration & preventive measures to provide relief to various sections. I have conveyed my suggestions on following topics.
The next academic year will be delayed due to the situation of #Covid_19 and lockdown. As a result, the number of students & teachers will decline. The income of educational institutions & technological institutions is likely to get adversely affected.
Some educational institutions are likely to collapse or close down due to financial losses. A study group or committee should be appointed to take timely measures to ensure that students,teachers & educational institutions are not harmed & process of education is not disrupted.
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@ndmaindia directs Ministries/ Departments of Government of India, State Governments and State Authorities to continue the lockdown measures up to 31st May 2020.

#LockdownExtended for the fourth time in nation.

#lockdownextension #Lockdown4

#LockdownExtended till 31st May 2020.

MHA issues order on #lockdownextension with guidelines and national directives.

New guidelines will come into effect from 18.05.2020.


#lockdownindia #IndiaFightsCorona #Lockdown4
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Yesterday, 3/5/20, 2676 confirm Corona infected cases were identified. This is highest detection in a single day.

My concern here is - Even after 40 days of LockDown if there is a growing rate in cases, then LockDown might not be the answer for India.

This question is important because LockDown has been extended twice now. And it doesn't seem like only LockDown can contain the virus.

This question on LockDown will stare at us more cruelly on 17th May .. when, the number of cases in India will Equal the cases in China.

Some people have been repeatedly saying that - The Curve has Flattened. Well, gentleman, A Flat Curve means you have ONLY postponed the date of your infection. You are yet not safe from infection.

The vaccine is ofcourse not there, the only thing we can do is test more.

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کامران خان صاحب کیمطابق
2018 عمران خانصاحب کراچی نے آپکو اور پی ٹی آئی کو ووٹ دیا پی پی پی کو نہیں کل لاک ڈاؤن کا فیصلہ کرتے ہوئے کراچی کا مقدمہ لڑیں کراچی جیسا لاک ڈاؤن پاکستان کیا دنیا کے کسی بڑے شہر میں نہیں کاروبا ر بند، انڈسٹریز بند،فوڈ ڈیلیوری بند، حد ہے بیکریز بھی بند
کامران خان صاحب کیمطابق عمران خانصاحب کراچی نے آپکو اور پی ٹی آئی کو ووٹ دیا پی پی پی کو نہیں کل لاک ڈاؤن کا فیصلہ کرتے ہوئے کراچی کا مقدمہ لڑیں کراچی جیسا لاک ڈاؤن پاکستان کیا دنیا کے کسی بڑے شہر میں نہیں کاروبا ر بند، انڈسٹریز بند،فوڈ ڈیلیوری بند
Maulana Taqi Usmani’s monetary interest led to his removal , Read 👇… and Watch 👉 Mufti Muneeb 👇
#Covid_19 #lockdownpakistan #WeStandWith_MuftiMuneeb
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SPECIAL REPORT: Despite the #Trump administration’s incompetent handling of the pandemic 58 percent of the public blamed #China for the spread of the #coronavirus within the #UnitedStates; only 42 percent blaming their own government.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
50 percent of Americans wanted Trump to get “tough” with #China, compared to 17 percent who favored a softer approach.
According to the Harris poll, it is working. “Blame China” could turn into calls to “bomb China” sooner than we think.
#CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdates
Another driver of anti-Chinese sentiment has been the media. Even when #China does something unquestionably positive, such as donate planeloads of medical equipment to European countries, CNN presented it as a scheming Beijing merely trying to “deflect blame” and “curry favor.”
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➡️503 people have recovered/discharged
➡️6412 total confirmed positive cases so far
➡️199 deaths reported so far
➡️678 new positive cases & 33 deaths reported ( in last 24 hours) : @MoHFW_INDIA

Via @PIB_India

@DDNewslive @ICMRDELHI @airnewsalerts

Health Ministry has announced #COVID19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Package of 15,000 crore, to fight #COVID19: @MoHFW_INDIA


@PMOIndia @PrakashJavdekar @DDNewslive @airnewsalerts @drharshvardhan

Via @PIB_India

Under this package, states will be supported in upgradation of medical infrastructure, setting up of dedicated #COVID19 Hospitals, upgradation of testing facilities, supply of logistics such as PPE, training of health workers : @MoHFW_INDIA

Via @PIB_India
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#CoronaVirusUpdates #Thailand #โควิค19 #coronavirus #COVID19
1 of the patients who died is a #French national
The number of new cases fell rather significantly from yesterday's new cases of 111. ImageImageImageImage
59 #medical staff in #Thailand have been infected with #coronavirus #COVID19 #โควิค19. Officials urge all to be honest travel history & potential exposure to virus or risk infecting healthcare personnel. #Bangkok with 1,242 cases & #Phuket 161 cases remain top infection locations ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand says for Wednesday, April 8 alone,1,204 people have been arrested for flouting the curfew. 1,221 people were found to have left their homes during the curfew period without proper reasons. The daily nightly #curfew was imposed since April 3 between 10pm & 4am ImageImageImage
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Today, @HoustonHealth is reporting 60 new #COVID19 cases. We are saddened to report a 12th death. An African-American woman in her 60s with underlying health conditions. 8 of 12 fatalities are African-American. #CoronaVirusUpdates
The number of ICU beds as of April 7:

33% occupied non COVID-19
25% occupied with #COVIDー19

42% ICU available without surge
80% ICU beds already planned for surge

Our Houston City Parks will remain open. If people do not engage in #socialdistancing, our park rangers have the discretion to shut them down.

If you go to a park and can not engage in social distancing, please go to another park. #CoronaVirusUpdates
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A friend has just been released from Mbagathi hospital 👏👏She is now free of #coronavirus
So People, this is a happy me and a salute to health workers in Kenya.. This is why:
She had some symptoms and went for a test.
She was told the results will take some time and was told to check the next day.... So she got up the next day and went to work the following day. Meanwhile, her results came out positive and the guys called in a team from @MOH_Kenya
While at work, she started getting calls from strange numbers... They introduced themselves, asked where she was and asked her to stay put (She says they were really nice on phone). They did not tell her why they were looking for her though
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