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While the J6C focuses on Trump, it’s clear that

a) his is not the only vector,
b) the self-coup continues and
c) we’re getting played off by #SCOTUS pushing buttons.

Here’s a #BigPicture reconstruction of old, and current #history
By ⁦…
We are choked with news but starved of #history
- Will Durant

Keep in mind, history is made at every moment in time. It is not a mere thing of the past. Making history is what shapes your future.
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1/ $AXXA Although the #Tweet front is #quiet, $AXXA has been working on yet another #NewDeal for several months which would expand our range of #TechnologyPlatforms.

#BigPicture: #Platforms are key to $AXXA ‘s #RevenueGrowth and #AssetDiversification #strategies.
2/ $AXXA ‘s management team seeks to acquire technologies that can be #repurposed in order to generate new revenue streams. Repurposed #technology may not even be used in the same #sector or #market it was originally developed for.
3/ #AXXAInvest was one example:…

$AXXA combined its #CurrencyExchange, #AI, and #Blockchain technologies, into one new #SoftwarePlatform $AXXA
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🚨🚨🚨BREAKING: clarity on how broker dealers should handle non-custodial digital asset securities transactions on ATS. 🚨🚨🚨 THREAD coming atcha /1
/1 since the Joint Staff Statement (July 8, 2019) which addressed BD custody & handling of trades of digital asset securities (…) which emphasized consumer protection, it has not been clear how transactions on ATS should be conducted:
/2 The Joint Statement did not make clear how BDs should conduct these trades. Today's letter provides no action relief (i.e. if you do this specific thing, the SEC will not enforce against you) for a specific process flow for digital asset securities transactions by BDs
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Tonight we have a special installment of #MitoMonday as @ClaireBensard hosts a #Tweetorial on her recent paper in @CellMetabolism #LateNightWithTheRutterLab
Can a specific metabolic program provoke a cell to become a cancer cell? Focusing mainly on glucose, with some thoughts on fatty acids, and glutamine, we tested the uncoupling of glycolysis and glucose oxidation to induce the transformation from stem cell to cancer cell. 2/
Long ago, Otto Warburg observed that cancer cells perform aerobic glycolysis, but we didn’t know how a cell could control flux from cytosolic glycolysis to mitochondrial glucose oxidation until the transporter was identified… #MPC 3/
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Yes, Genius, that's what #1A says.
AND you can't make laws to stop Americans from using our #1A.
And ALSO, you can't make laws to support one side - Especially FOREIGN Countries.
Traitors under the Constitutional definition!
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Clinton News Network says this about @jimmy_dore?!!
@CNN has peddled every nonsense conspiracy theory out there since decades.
Hey, how about Iraq WMDs? Jimmy should've peddled THAT to be a "legitimate news" channel🙄
Who r these clowns?! IDK because I already #BoycottMSM
The Guardian went after @ian56789. That's for Syria info too.
This looks like an attempt to increase #Censorship of all Social Media...
YouTube, Twitter, FB...
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