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A Delhi Court (Karkardooma Court) is likely to resume hearing arguments on the bail plea of #UmarKhalid, accused in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case connected to #DelhiRiots. Image
Senior Advocate Trideep Pais has concluded his arguments on the plea whereas Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad is set to begin his submissions on behalf of the state. Read what happening previously:…
SPP Prasad requests the matter to be taken up at 12.30 pm.
Court checks with defense counsel.
Pais: I am just here for this hearing. I just want the hearing to start.
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मुसलमान #मोदी से क्यों नफरत करते है?

सबसे पहले भारत मे इस्लाम और मुसलमानों की कार्यप्रणाली पर बात करते हैं।

मुसलमानों का कंट्रोल मस्जिदों से होता है, जिसका मुखिया एक मौलाना होता है। देश की सभी मस्जिदों का कंट्रोल दिल्ली की जामा मस्जिद से होता है जिसके मुखिया को शाही (1/16)
इमाम कहा जाता है।

कोई भी सूचना देश के मुसलमानों तक पहुंचानी हो तो जामा मस्जिद का शाही इमाम उसे सभी राज्यों की मुख्य मस्जिद तक पहुंचाता है। राज्यों की मुख्य मस्जिद से जिलों की मुख्य मस्जिदों तक और फिर बाकी की सभी मस्जिदों तक वो सन्देश पहुचता है और वहाँ से शुक्रवार को (2/16)
जुम्मे की नमाज़ के बाद वो सन्देश सभी मुसलमानों तक पहुंचाया जाता है।

इसका एक ताजा उदाहरण अभी आपने देखा होगा कि दिल्ली में मुसलमानों का 100 प्रतिशत वोट केजरीवाल को पड़ा।

इसी तरह CAA का विरोध हो या भारत को इस्लामिक मुल्क बनाने की रणनीति हो या लव जिहाद में हिन्दू लड़कियों (3/16)
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#WatchtheState: Our weekly update on patterns of state violence in #India.

Here's a quick review of reported instances of #stateviolence. @project_polis

Follow the thread for more: 👇
Human rights activist Khurram Parvez sent to 3-week judicial custody, shifted to Tihar jail. #Kashmir…
"In #Kashmir, the draconian #UAPA terror law has become a lethal weapon to silence and intimidate: anyone can be arrested and disappeared indefinitely without any formal records." @suchitrav & @kiccovich:… via @project_polis
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Chronic Chronology since 2014 LS Polls:-Success Formula & Political Espionage’s r the Key Factor to diminish One & Inflated another. One’PK’made Big & Sent Out made to Accept as the Top Strategists,wt an agenda to Eliminate Congress,Meticulously executed. Who is the HERO? #2024?
My understanding of Indian Politics since 1989 as a @nsui Ldr till date almost 30yrs @RahulGandhi had lost the game before the elections in 2019! Pl recap what all burning issues during 2018 #Demonetisation #GST #TripleTalaq #Article370 #CAA #NRC #PriceRise Etc.Still @RSSorg WON.
Post 2019 WIN the Arrogance of Power which was at its Peak for Ruling BJP as they Bull Dozed everything & anything which the Govt felt they are Right as instructed by RW Bosses. Meanwhile their Nominee & chela was given the Task to ensure BJP is made the Formidable Opposition.
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Adv Tanveer Ahmed Mir rebuts Prosecution's arguments against #SharjeelImam who has sought bail in a case connected to #DelhiRiots before Delhi Court. "Sole indictment on the speech. Incumbent duty upon all of us to look at the speech... If it incident violence"
Mir argues in a case of #Sedition against Imam. On #NRC, Mir argues ultimately his client's speech talks about advocating of a policy like... "In a university if we don't debate public policies, where do we debate?" #sharjeel_imam #CAA_NRC #DelhiRiots
Mir: This is a criminal court. We don't go by inferences. I am not denying my speech. For the speech to fall under #Sedition... My friend can't have discretion to add his own thoughts and inferences. #sharjeel_imam #DelhiRiots
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#DelhiCourt hearing bail application of #SharjeelImam in relation to the alleged inflammatory speeches made during the protests against #CAA and #NRC at two universities.
In the previous hearing Adv Tanveer Ahmed Mir appearing for Imam had concludes his arguments.…
matter being heard before ASJ Amitabh Rawat.

#DelhiRiots #SharjeelImam #UAPA #DelhiCourt
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Delhi Court fixes Sharjeel Imam's bail hearing at 12 noon today. #delhiriots
Court assembles.
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JNU student Sharjeel Imam's counsel Tanveer Ahmed Mir seeks bail for him in a #Sedition case: No part of speech, called for any kind of violence to be initiated. Nothing on record that could be said to have incited violence. #DelhiRiots
Mir: Fundamental right to protest, chakka jam, bring country to standstill.. cannot be act of #Sedition
Mir relies on a Supreme Court judgment to deal with the "highest allegation" against Imam regarding his purported statement that 'northeast should be separated from India' #DelhiRiots
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#DelhiCourt to hear bail plea of Sharjeel Imam in relation to the alleged inflammatory speeches made during the protests against #CAA and #NRC at two universities.

#Sharjeelimam Image
Hearing begins

Adv Tanveer Ahmed Mir appearing for Sharjeel begins his arguements.

The speech conveys is that you go for chakka jam so that people are not able to cross over. Fundamentally the right to protest and blockade cannot be equal to sedition.

#sharjeel #UAPA
Mir- I would like to put forth Some judicial precedents which can assist this court to come to a conclusion whether the petitioner is entitled to bail.

#Sharjeel #UAPA #DelhiCourt
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LAOT brings to you a comprehensive reading list about all that has been said after the #retirement of Justice Rohinton Nariman from the SC on August 12 '21. Many acknowledge his contribution to Human Rights jurisprudence, others say his track record is not unblemished. Read more:
1. The overview: Mihir R writing for @scobserver presents a statistical overview of J. Nariman’s tenure. This shows…
2. "Nariman: A Legacy" @IJaising writing for @TheLeaflet_in, giving an overview of J. Nariman’s ‘stellar’ career, focusing on his landmark judgments and his commitment to liberty, while also touching upon the controversies.…
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Wat een krachtig tweeluik had kunnen zijn mist, door gebrek aan duiding, deel van zijn effect. Een kort 🧵

#nrc #overgewicht #obesitas #preventie #bariatrie…
@ashatenbroeke maakt belangrijke punten tav #stigmatisering en maatschappelijke toegankelijkheid, maar gaat hier veel te ver in het bagataliseren van de relatie tussen gewicht en gezondheid. De gezondheidsrisico’s van #overgewicht vallen niet te ontkennen.
@DokterJanneke legt terecht de nadruk op #preventie, maar gaat voorbij aan de de dieper liggende oorzaken van #obesitas (bv. #kansenongelijkheid). Daarnaast lijkt haar activisme weinig plaats te laten voor nuance tav stigma, emotie en mogelijkheden van mensen met #overgewicht
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वो हिन्दू जो मोदी, योगी या भाजपा से नफरत करते है, वो लोग 2 मिनट का समय निकाल कर ध्यान से पढ़ें.....और आत्ममंथन करें ।।

1. जैसे ही UP में दुकाने सील होने लगी और जिहादीओ की संपत्तिया जब्त होने लगी, UP पूरी तरह शान्त दिख रही है..
लातो के भूत बातों से नही सिर्फ लातो से ही मानते...
2. आपको ये साबिद नही करना है कि हिंदुस्तान आपके बाप का है। आपको ये prove ये करना है कि आपका बाप हिंदुस्तानी है...

3. पाकिस्तान ज़िन्दाबाद के नारे लगानेवाले पाकिस्तान जाने के नाम पर बिदक क्यों जाते है, वहां जाते क्यों नहीं???
4. कभी सुना है कि कांग्रेस से नाराज होकर मुसलमानों ने BJP प्रत्याशी को जिता दिया? ये कीड़ा सिर्फ हिन्दुओं को ही काटता है !

5. वास्तव मे तुम "हिंदू" तभी कहलाओगे, जब "हिंदू" शब्द सुनकर तुम्हारी रगों मे "विद्युत तरंग" दौड़ जायेगा - स्वामी विवेकानंद। #UnitedHindu
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Supreme Court to hear a plea challenging the legislative competence of diverse State Assemblies in adopting 'Resolutions' against central statutes like CAA and farm laws which fall under the Union List of the Seventh Schedule
The plea states the Legislative actions of four different State Legislative Assemblies of Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab and West Bengal have infringed Fundamental Rights of all Indian citizens
Senior Adv Soumya Chakroborty: I was asked to look at Arnab Goswami case and the Legislative competence bit. Article 194(2) provides the constitutional embargo.

CJI: We have nothing to do with liability of members
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1. Kort draadje. Het artikel in de #NRC omtrent de escapades van #DionGraus @realDionGraus zijn voor 90% oud nieuws. Mocht dit leiden tot strafrechterlijk vervolging, dan wacht ik het juridische oordeel af. Zo hoort het in mijn optiek in ons NL bestel... #PVV #Wilders
2. Tenminste schetst het artikel de morele standaard van #DionGraus . Daar valt bijzonder veel op aan te merken - sterker nog: te verwerpen.
3. Zorgelijk - ook voor #PVV aanhangers - zijn tenminste twee issues: ten eerste de poging van #Wilders dit met een grap af te doen. In de regel is er dan veel meer aan de orde... @nrc Image
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Lodged complaint at #FCRA desk @HMOIndia to cancel for #FCRAViolation by @HAQCRC NGO which is illegally using foreign donations to propagate #Hinduphobic bias hiding behind facade of child rights, sought detail inquiry to find out its role in campaign against #Assam #NRC (Cont.) Image
While publishing report with @QuillFoundation on "Butalising Innocence" on @Uppolice' so called brutalities on minors it went on bashing @myogiadityanath Govt but didn't utter a word against those misusing kids in anti #CAA_NRC protest, thus own agenda exposed! Hypocrisy! (Cont.) Image
Quill Foundation suspected to b proxy group funded by @HAQCRC n have venomous #Hinduphobes like PB Savant, @HRLNIndia head Justice Hospet Suresh, Kolse Patil, @harsh_mander, #DelhiRiots suspect @Apoorvanand__ Saba Naqvi as board members. It's extended hate front of HAQ (Cont.) ImageImageImageImage
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எத்தனை எத்தனை திருப்புமுனைகள்!! எத்தனை எத்தனை வடைகள்.

#திட்டகமிஷன் ஒழிப்பு. இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

#பிரீமியர்_சுவேதா டிரெயின் அறிமுகம் இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

தனி #இரயில்வேபட்ஜெட் ஒழிப்பு. இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.
#பெட்ரோல்_டீசல் தினசரி விலை நிர்ணயம். இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்

#விவசாய_மானியம் ரத்து. இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

#உரம்_விலை ஏற்றம். இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

#ரூபாய்_நோட்டு தடை. இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.
#GST. இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

#பட்டேல்சிலை. இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

#புல்லட் டிரெயின். இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

#CAA-#NPR -#NRC. இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

#தனியார்_டிரெயின். இந்தியாவில் திருப்புமுனை ஏற்படுத்தும்.
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Never Forget never Forgive
Real Face of Anti #CAA #NRC protests:
- Slogans:
1. La i' lah'a ill'all'a 'h.
2. H'indu'on Se Azadi.
3. K'afiro'n Se Azadi.
4. H'indut'va Ki K'abar Khudegi, AMU Ki Chaati Par.
5. Bas Naam Rahega A'll 'ah Ka
6. Pakistan Jindabad.
- Banners: (1/5)
1. I am Babari.
2. F'uck OM H'indut'va (ॐ was drawn like Nazi symbol).
3. Free 'Kashmir'.
- Teams:
1. Pak & ISI Moles.
2. Radical PFI & SIMI Terrorists.
3. Urban M'aoists.
4. Congress, Left, TMC, SP, AAP, AIMIM, DMK goons.
5. AMU, Jamia, JNU & Jadhavpur miscreants. (2/5)
6. NSUI, DYFI, SFI goons.
7. AIMPLB & Radical I'sl 'amist's.
- Media:
1. Selective Coverage & Debates.
2. Unrelated Placards.
3. Fake News & Story.
4. Promoted Social Media Feeds.
- Actions:
1. Vandalized Trains & Stations.
2. Burned Buses, Cars & Motorcycles. (3/5)
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One year!

Impossible to not look back and see what was going through my mind then.

And more importantly whether my acts since then has justified my own decision.

Have to thank twitter here. August 2019 TL gives me a glimpse to my own thoughts back then. Long thread. 1/n
September was a month of taking questions and finding answers. Key learning was that dismissing questions that we found senseless is how we reached here.

Ranging from what about Kashmiri Pandits to didn't you resign because you were about to be fired for misconduct. 2/n
September was also the first month of what was to be an incessant travel. Had a belief that it is important to have a conversation on what we are doing in Kashmir not with just those in Delhi, but to people of the country at large. It was also a month of feeling helpless. 3/n
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Some important, but valid questions arise as I reflect upon the protests that happened in opposition to #CAA all over the country. Collating my thoughts as a thread and sharing it. The questions are open for anyone to answer. (1/N)
@sakthi_ind93 @Swamy39 @MaridhasAnswers
The #CAA guarantees to instantly provide Citizenship to all persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who entered India before 31st Dec, 2014. There are 30K+ such immediate beneficiaries who will now be granted Indian Citizenship. (2/N)
Now, questions are raised by few senior MPs and politicians about why Muslims have been excluded. Obvious reasons include:

1. Out of the 30k people who are awaiting Indian #citizenship for many years, there are Hindus, Sikhs, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist and Christians. (3/N)
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#ReadingSession - #Thread on "Report of the Task Force on an IT Strategy for PDS and an implementable solution for the direct transfer of subsidy for Food and Kerosene" - Oct 2011 aka #NandanPDSTaskForce which first mooted the idea of #PDSN. It is important to understand #ONORC
The report is here -…

Before dwelling in - Note the title - Czar didn't like 'commitees' and hence called whatever he was part of, as - task force - Though no task was done!
Members of committee - All ex-officio secretaries, except 2 from the illegal executive body UIDAI. This was basically done by "#Aadhaar lobby".

May 2020 -… - Nandan funded media calling 'Anti Aadhaar lobby' in NAC stalled it in UPA era.
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☪️ Message to Youth to read Holy Quran in Holy Month of Ramazan, Youth is updated to social media, youth is learned, advised to read atleast 1 verse daily to get 100 rewards from the Almighty @asadowaisi @aimim_national #RamazanMessage #BattelOfBadr #PeaceMessage #YaumUlFurqaan
☪️ Message to perform good deeds in this holy month, then on the day of mehshar, Allah will order his Angels to bestow his blessings with food and water as reward. @asadowaisi @aimim_national #RamazanMessage #BattelOfBadr #PeaceMessage #YaumUlFurqaan
☪️ Advised the youth to keep yourself pious, be away from bad deeds, utilize the holy days, spend much time in prayers and astaghfar, this is the month of repentance and ask forgiveness. @asadowaisi @aimim_national #RamazanMessage #BattelOfBadr #PeaceMessage #YaumUlFurqaan
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On this #AprilFoolsDay, recounting some instances from #Parliament which had us fooled in the last one year:

1. Delaying discussing #FinanceBill for almost a week and then passing it without discussion in #LokSabha, because #Parliament had to be shut due to #COVID outbreak
2. On last day of curtailed #BdgetSession in #RajyaSabha, 7 Money Bills were returned in 5 hours, with 2 Appropriation Bills and all 154 clauses and 5 schedules of Finance Bill put to vote together without any discussion and cleared in 5 minutes

3. Sending #DataProtection Bill to specially constituted Joint Parliament Committee headed by a BJP MP instead of already existing Standing Committee headed by an Opposition MP

#AprilFoolsDay instances from #Parliament
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