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Live In Abeokuta Or Ibadan And Get To Work In Lagos Conveniently — NRC

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has said that there are possibilities for residents of Abeokuta or Ibadan to now work in Lagos with the new standard gauge rail line.
The Lagos Railway District Manager, Mr Jerry Oche, made the assertion in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos said that the nearly completed Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge would open lots of opportunities for various communities within the railway corridors.
This is a huge opportunity, many people will prefer to live in Abeokuta and work in Lagos due to the speed and timeliness of the new train.
According to him, when completed will travel at 150km per hour and Lagos-Ibadan is 156km journey through the standard gauge.
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আমি ভারতীয়। আমি বাঙালি।
I'm Indian. I'm Bangali.
I'm at ease with Hindi.
Some Bengalis forget to their limitless shame that Bengal had no place for Bengali refugees and chased them out from Marichjhapi. They found shelter in MP, a Hindi-speaking State. Shove your fake nativism.
Foul-mouthed Bengali supra-nationalist (look up the meaning) cretins have no recall how Hindi-speaking States and 'Punjabi'-speaking Punjab in particular voluntarily gave up their share of rice to be diverted to Bengal during PL 480 decades because ভেতো Bongs couldn't eat wheat.
These cretins with addled minds who preach & promote anti-Hindi hate are unmindful of the fact that tens of thousands of ablebodied young Bengalis migrate from West Bengal every year looking for jobs and a better life in 'Hindi'-speaking States which happily embrace the migrants.
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So yesterday, Madam @obyezeks was caught again with wrong information as touching #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria, when she deliberately dished out a FALSE data & claimed it's from @nigerianstat
Well, she's in the Presidential race, so expect more LIES from her also.
Almost every politician now talks about #UnemploymentRate and #JobLoss under Buhari administration.
So let's check a little bit how this SUDDENLY became a topic.
When did this #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate hit NIGERIANS?
Did this suddenly happen after PMB took over in 2015?
You will notice that even Ben Murray Bruce who took Bank loan of N11 Billion (2005) from Union Bank that led to #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria also has been talking LOUD about the same MENACE he was part of those who caused o....
LISTEN again, Ben Bruce was part them!
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1 of 5) This emerging uranium cartel is forming as a confederacy with no allegiance to any State or Rule of Law. It is evolving from globalists for the benefit of globalists7

@christianllamar @4AllSoulKind @RealMichaelGuy @DJLugoff
2 of 7) The goal of this cartel is to exercise future international control of uranium resources and processes.

As is often the case, the answer is found within the question:
3 of 7) “Why is there an investigation of collusion between Russia, Donald Trump and the Trump campaign when there is smoking gun evidence of collusion and more between Russian and other foreign assets, Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation?”
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"A key part of Nazi ideology was to define the enemy and those who posed a threat to the so-called “Aryan” race.". In India too, sangh parivar is busy with propaganda defining the enemy~non Hindus, opponents of hindutva & supporters of secular diverse India.
"The use of  propaganda and laws to define the enemy as a cohesive group was a key factor in achieving the goals of the Nazi regime" #NewIndia we see same type of propaganda against Muslims&Christians..religious identity used to attack Indian citizens…
"Nazi propaganda was essential in promoting the myth of the “national community” and identifying who should be excluded."
Sangh Parivar propaganda is similar.hindi Hindu Hindustan agenda. Muslims,Christians r outsiders acc to RSS..even though they are all 100%native to the land.
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#NRCAssam It's surprising (actually it isn't) to see a tome of opinion seeking to justify illegal migration into Assam. Isn't Assam a part of India? Illegal migration into Assam impllies illegal migration into India too (1/n)
There was an obnoxious piece of legislation Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act enacted in the 1980s. The name of law itself --Illegal Migrants-- recgonised the enormity of the problem more than three decades ago (2/n)
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I heard @AmitShah say those not on #NRCAssam are ‘ghuspaith’ or infiltrators. My cousin a top Guwahti doctor , her mother, my uncle in Tezpur are all now branded that?? This despite giving all papers. What mental torture
They are of course Bengalis and not assamese. Is that the issue?
All those saying just produce papers, those not on list HAD shown papers!! My family is sick of being pushed around. Some left assam when ulfa threats happened, will that happen again? #NRC
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One dead baby & we'll shift the entire debate from 40 lakh illegal Bangladeshis in Assam to compassion & Idea of India.
We'll convert those illegal Bangladeshis to refugees of 1971 war.
Illegal Bangladeshi's will riot, burn Assam. LEFT will paint d rioters as scared & marginalized. B'desh has 16 cr ppl. Now it is exporting M's out to make other Islamic caliphates. Assam & Bengal is next. Idea of India stands for Islamization of India.#NRCAssam
40 Lakh voters of Congress have been found out to be illegal Bangladeshis. #NRCAssam
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VILE. @MamataOfficial's govt drafts new rules for University teachers, SEVERELY curtailing their freedom of speech & expression.

Little to no outrage by the media. It appears their fascism-sensing antennae can be withdrawn at will. (h/t @CW_dynastycrook)…
The figure for Kerala is 82.1%. For Gujarat it is 50.4%.

Well-done, West Bengal and @MamataOfficial. Magnificent achievement. Credit where due.
20,076 seats in the Bengal Panchayat Polls have gone UNCONTESTED. That's 34% of total seats. Allegations of BRUTAL violence, torture, and now rape, are rife.

Bengal has been run over. This is a blitzkrieg without the Panzer regiment. Resistance is futile.…
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