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Interim strategic guidance of @POTUS on foreign policy will be posted to the @WhiteHouse website this afternoon, announces @PressSec. Image
Responding to a question on the withdrawal of the @neeratanden nomination to run #OMB, @PressSec says don't expect a replacement nominee to be named this week.
"The president is looking forward to finding a place for her in the administration," adds @PressSec of @neeratanden.
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Christopher Wray, director of the @FBI, sworn in to testify at US senate hearing on #CapitolSiege. Image
"The FBI is committed to seeing this through" no matter how many people or resources it takes, Wray tells senator. "I've been sounding the alarm on domestic terrorism" since he's been on the job and "it remains a top concern" and a "critical threat." Image
Situational report containing "raw, unverified" information prepared by @FBINorfolk ahead of #CapitolSiege was quickly disseminated and communicated by LEAP, e-mail and verbally to law enforcement, including US Capitol Police and @DCPoliceDept, according to Wray.
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Federal prosecutors mention a “working understanding” of an #OathKeepers “quick reaction force” stationed outside #DC, prepared with weapons, during the #CapitolSiege.…
Meanwhile, @FBI examining video that appears to show chemical irritant being sprayed on law enforcement personnel during the #CapitolSiege, reports @washingtonpost.…
Also: @nytimes reports the @FBI has pinpointed an assailant in its investigation into the death of USCP Officer Brian Sicknick, who was injured while fending off the pro-Trump mob during the #CapitolSiege and later died.…
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#Pennsylvania man arrested in connection with the #CapitolSiege after his mother posted on @Facebook that her son sat in the chair of @SpeakerPelosi.…
Meanwhile, the #CapitolSiege rioter known as the 'Doobie Smoker' is ordered to remain jailed.…
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"He will have more to say about actions being taken" in response to the #BurmaCoup at 13:00 EST (18:00 UTC) says @PressSec when asked if @POTUS will be announcing sanctions.
Also working with partners and allies on the right way to put pressure on the Myanmar military in wake of the #BurmaCoup, says @PressSec.
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1/ Bringing ashamed Trump supporters to the table. Lessons about violence prevention from my Northern Ireland discussion group. #Inauguration2021 #January6th #democracy #violentextremism
2/ Americans are at a pivotal moment "You have to re-humanize each other. If we had introduced better language at the start, we would not have descended into 30 years of violence & death." #January6th #CapitolSiege #PVE
3/ Our politics are septic. "you're at a crucial turning point. Language desperately matters. The Capitol mob committed violent attacks on behalf of others. If you are Trump-adjacent, your silence now gives them permission to carry on like this." #January6th #CapitolRiot
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Coup plot twist: A witness told the FBI a woman took Speaker Pelosi’s computer device during the Capitol siege intending to sell it to “a friend in Russia”—who planned to sell it to the SVR foreign intelligence agency. The witness said the transfer fell thru for unknown reasons.
UPDATE: Riley WILLIAMS has been arrested. She's the woman alleged in a plot to sell Pelosi's laptop to "a friend in Russia."

It should shock no one if Russian agents were involved in #CapitolSiege. Insurrection by "patriots" fed disinformation is a Kremlin specialty.
Hmm. This tweet about Riley WILLIAMS "in jail" has been deleted. Apparently only an arrest warrant has been issued, charging Williams with violent entry or disorderly conduct, and entering the restricted space of the Capitol (Per CNN). But Williams has NOT been arrested. Yet.
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Proud Boys heard Trump loud & clear: "The messages show the group repeatedly invoking President Trump’s rhetoric in the weeks leading to the Jan. 6 protest"—WSJ, after review of 1000s of posts on Parler, Telegram & Gab where the extremists rallied ppl to come to DC. #CapitolSiege
"On Parler, where the group’s official account had more than 340,000 followers before the platform went offline last week, Mr. Tarrio said…Proud Boys would be able to put a thousand “BOOTS ON THE GROUND” and "…in record numbers on Jan. 6.”
Flyer: POTUS WANTS YOU IN DC ON 1/06 Image
After Trump tweet to "be there, will be wild" about Jan. 6 rally, the Proud Boys Long Island chapter posted that Trump supporters have been “WAITING FOR THE GREEN LIGHT FROM THE PRESIDENT.”

“Everyone who said ‘Mr. President, just say when?’ He just did."

#TrumpTerroristCult Image
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He'll be "sparing no effort to get Americans vaccinated," says @JoeBiden in Wilmington, Delaware. Image
"Things will get worse before they get better," repeats @JoeBiden, speaking about the US toll from the #coronavirus pandemic. "Those who perish from this disease die weeks after exposure."
"I'm convinced we can get it done and this is a time to set big goals, to pursue them with courage and conviction because the health of the nation is literally at stake," says @JoeBiden. Image
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#CapitolSiege rioters wanted to "capture and assassinate" lawmakers, say prosecutors citing a note of the 'QAnon Shaman.'…
In the aftermath of an "attempted coup," says @MayorBowser, she asked various agencies to protect federal assets in #DC so @DCPoliceDept can focus on keeping the District safe.
There's no "direct evidence" of "kill capture teams" during the #CapitolSiege, says Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin in Washington, #DC.
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"We are committed to a safe inauguration," says @VP on visit to @fema. Image
James Murray, director of @SecretService, tells @VP there are more two dozen "subcommittees" for #BidenInaguruation security in cooperation with other agencies, included those focused on civil disturbances and crowd management. Image
"We are highly confident in our security plan" for the #BidenInauguration to prevent a repeat of an event like the #CapitolSiege, adds Murray. It will include "many, many thousands of law enforcement and National Guard."
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Those engaged in #CapitolSiege will be brought to justice, says @POTUS in new video.
No mention of #impeachment in @POTUS video.
He has "directed federal agencies to use all necessary resources to maintain order," says @POTUS in video.
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For a second time, President Donald John Trump is impeached by the House of Representatives. ImageImage
The House passed a single article of #impeachment accusing @POTUS of "incitement of insurrection" focused on his #January6th speech just prior to the #CapitolSiege.
Earlier today, @senatemajldr rejected @TheDemocrats call to convene the Senate in emergency session to begin an immediate #impeachment trial.
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Breaking: new bulletin from @FBI, @DHSgov, NCTC paints a horrifying pic of the threat environment. Domestic extremists “citing partisan political grievances will very likely pose the greatest domestic terrorism threats in 2021..." #Capitol #CapitolSiege
The breach of the "Capitol Building very likely will serve as a significant driver of violence...and the death of (#AshliBabbitt) very likely will serve to galvanize...(extremists) who adhere to QAnon conspiracy theories..."
"...Extremists and others may also perceive the event as a step toward achieving their initiatives, and consider the death of a perceived like-minded individual as an act of martyrdom..."
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New: @FBI issued an internal update Tues expanding on the threats to DC and state capitals in coming days. Doc includes chilling details from enforcement actions taken since the #CapitolSiege. @AaronKatersky
Doc mentions individual from Concord, NC, observed loading ammunition boxes and preparing “gear” to take to DC for an attack on the #Capitol planned for #InaugurationDay. “This individual stormed the #USCapitol last week and posted pictures on social media...
"...This individual, who is part of an identified group, claimed he hurt individuals during the storming of the US Capitol, and he will hurt anyone in his way. This individual possesses semi-automatic rifles, explosives, a gas mask, and bulletproof equipment.” #Ongoingthreats
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@bellingcat @kat65802891 @No_Nazis_Please I finally found the guy with the white shirt, 4 black stripes, blue face mask, who took the gas mask of the officer crushed between the door
@bellingcat @kat65802891 @No_Nazis_Please Adidas shirt with four stripes, very strange, I thought Adidas always has three stripes
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Questions being taken by @JoeBiden now.
"I've thought for a long, long time that President Trump wasn't fit to hold the job, that's why I ran," replies @JoeBiden when asked about #impeachment push against @realDonaldTrump.
His "number one concern," however "is to get the virus under control," adds @JoeBiden. "What the Congress decides to do is for them to decide."
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Acting Principal Asst. US Attorney Ken Kohl says @TheJusticeDept has charged a man in connection with entering the office of @SpeakerPelosi during the #CapitolSiege.
Other charges against the man from #Alabama are related to his alleged possession of Molotov cocktails and firearms found in his truck parked near the US Capitol.
Richard “Bigo” Barnett of #Alabama has been identified as part of a pro-@realDonaldTrump group, 2A NWA Stand and is a self-described "white nationalist" who used to be an emergency medical technician in #Tennessee. Image
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US Capitol Police officer has died following #CapitolSiege, reports @CNN.…
"Media reports regarding the death of a US Capitol Police (USCP) officer are not accurate," says @CapitolPolice.
"Although some officers were injured and hospitalized yesterday, no USCP officers have passed away."
"We ask that our officers’ and their families’ privacy be respected at this time," adds the statement. "Should a statement become necessary, the Department will issue one at the appropriate time."
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Violence of #CapitolSiege condemned "in the strongest possible terms," says @PressSec. "We grieve for the loss of life and those injured." Image
"Those who violent besieged the Capitol are the opposite of everything this administration stands for," says @PressSec.
Those in the building are working for a peaceful transfer of power, says @PressSec, who quickly departs podium without taking any questions from shouting reporters.
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"How could that happen 20 years after 9/11?" asks @LindseyGrahamSC of #CapitolSiege. "Anyone in charge of defending the Capitol failed in their duties."
"The mistake we made is when people tried to destroy the courthouse in Portland they weren't prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," says @LindseyGrahamSC.
"I'm calling for a joint task force to be assembled and spend all the time and money necessary to identify every person who breached the security of the Capitol," announces @LindseyGrahamSC.
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