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When we read the scriptures (by the way, I’m on my 8th different Bible version, reading the Bible back-to-back in the last One Year. And I’m still reading), the Word comes alive by the power of Holy Spirit!

Records of OT scriptures are usually prelude to the real deal in NT
I’ve always wondered why Joseph and Mary would have to escape to Egypt with Jesus Christ – God in human flesh in order to avoid Him being killed by the usurper Caesar Augustus turned Herod

Why? Jesus Christ is God! He could have just supernaturally wiped out every obstacle to
His earthly purpose – including Herod!

The escape to Egypt however, is to retrace the steps of the Exodus (OT Israelites in exile)

So, Jesus Christ left Egypt for the land that God had promised to Israel! (can you see the scriptures?)

Indeed, Jesus would be the Israel God
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Jesus Christ speaking about the worth/value of being a ChristKind, uses this illustration/parable below:
“Heaven’s kingdom realm can be illustrated like this:”
“A person discovered that there was hidden treasure in a field. Upon finding it, he hid it again. Because of uncovering
such treasure, he was overjoyed and sold all that he possessed to buy the entire field just so he could have the treasure”
Above parable describes me – Bro Samuel Tope-Ojo’s current position as a ChristKind
I’ve actually searched for the Truth (Christ) for so long before Christ
found me Himself and brings me into Himself by the power of Holy Spirit
In my years of this search for the Truth, religion failed me. Doctrines failed me. Denominations failed me. Philosophy failed me.
They all only helped in pushing me to an utter position of exasperation
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The sum total of life is Christ

Without Christ, life makes no sense nor meaning

Christ is the Gospel and the Gospel is about giving. Giving is living

Whenever Jesus Christ shows up, He doesn’t just preach the Gospel

He’s either healing the sick, opening eyes/ears of the
blind/deaf, delivering the oppressed of devil, making resources available, raising the dead or even feeding the multitudes

We don't lack what we distribute. We only lack what we don't give out

When we give money, encouraging words or help others to feel good about themselves,
it lifts them and the giver out of defeat, discouragement

Giving propels us to victory

I – Bro Samuel Tope-Ojo am a Giver! I am blessed to be blessing to all

I have received the power of the kingdom of God freely by the power of Holy Spirit, so freely I dispense eternal
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It’s exactly a year ago that I commenced my ChristKind journey in God’s Kingdom. Glory!!!
I’ve been filled with Holy Spirit prior to May 2020 but I was yet to start walking and working in the Supernatural, preaching Christ
The very first time I’ll call up someone on phone to pray
for him/her (can’t remember again now), was during the covid lockdown in year 2020
My legs almost would not hold me, I was practically shaking like jelly fish silently hoping the call would not go through, so I could relax
Fortunately, the person picked the call at almost the
last ring!
I remember I practically mumbled through the 2 or 3 sentences of prayer of healing within seconds and ended the call. The person confirmed his/her instant healing afterwards to the glory of God!
How has the journey been in one year?
I can only summarize it this way:
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When you are full of Holy Spirit, the Word (logos) comes alive when you read

Holy Spirit gives you deeper understanding, He even teach you the Word

Apostle John in the opening Word of his Gospel gave an account that reach back to a time before Genesis 1:1
He tells us that “In the beginning,” – before God created the heavens and the earth, the Word (Greek word logos) existed!

This Apostle pointed to something that existed before eternity past, farther back than our finite minds can conceive

Before the earth, before the planets
and stars, before light or darkness, matter or time – in a beginning that never really had a beginning, the Word (logos) was already existing!

The Word (logos) had no “starting point.”

Eternally existing, the Word (logos) was with God and the Word (logos) was God
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Who is Jesus?

For most people even amongst the Christians, there’s challenge correlating Jesus of history and the Christ of Christian faith together

Many opinions also surround the person and works of Jesus Christ

Jesus speaking in the scriptures says: ‘even though you do not
believe me, believe the works (that I do), that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father’

Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish Supreme Court in ancient days came to see Jesus under the cover of the night. Nicodemus wanted to ‘know’ more of Jesus
that all of a sudden is making nonsense of all their hard-held beliefs

In John 3:10, Jesus called him “the teacher of Israel” (Now pay attention to this. Jesus didn’t call Nicodemus “a teacher of Israel” – suggesting Nicodemus was perhaps the most intelligent, best known or the
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There is a pattern of ministrations that Holy Spirit (my SuperAlly) has been bringing to me lately

Believers that are losing consciousness of their identity as “sons of the Most-High, God’s representatives on earth”

And this is as a result of life issues/challenges they are

For the umpteenth time my dear brethren, you need entrench the following infallible Truth about you, very deliberately in your consciousness:

•In this life, you are created in God’s Image and Likeness
•You are created to take Dominion – Reign and Rule over the earth
(all other creatures of God)
•You are created as God’s representative on earth!

You can only worry and sincerely be bothered if you are yet to come home to Christ (like the prodigal son), accepting Him as your Lord and Savior and be filled with Holy Spirit
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There is one of the hymns we used to sing that’s making better meaning to me now, that I am full of Holy Spirit (Oh Sweet Holy Spirit.. there’s a way He makes Word come alive!)

The chorus of the hymn goes thus:

O, the children of the Lord have a right to shout and sing
For the
way is growing bright, and our souls are on the wings;
We are going by and by to the palace of the King!
Glory to God, Hallelujah!

As Christians – lovers of God, we walk on the highway of light, and our way shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day
We are not deterred by any distraction on the way. We are too focused on Christ, full of Holy Spirit, serving God!

We have the name of Jesus and must be confident in it, using the name for Signs, Wonders and Miracles.

Christians who do not preach the Gospel (Christ) are not
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Dear family, kindly permit me please, to express my sincere and hearth-felt appreciation with this testimony (a bit long pls), to also proof that Holy Spirit is VERY REAL in the lives of us ChristKinds. And please note that in this world, we are indeed the Supernatural Advantage!
I will not be silent, I will always worship and praise our God. For the Testimony of Jesus, is the Spirit of Prophecy!

Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

GSWMI/PSSBC were powerfully and gracefully present
with me as ‘we go marry my son’s wife from Ikeduru kingdom of Imo state’ (Now, if you know, you know..) at Sokoto.

Ably led by my revered teacher – Brother in Jeans and T-Shirt (GSW), GSWMI/PSSBC team include my Dean of Studies – CoZ (Bro David Sowemimo), Sis @Pssbc-Dr Lolade
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The Bible, talking about Jesus says: “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”

Consequence of this is that every Christian (born again) has become “the righteousness of God”
We are Righteous and not sin-conscious/sinner! (Now religion and doctrines will not let you know this…)

How do we attain Salvation? Just by 2 simple steps: Believe (Faith) and Confess Jesus Christ. (Refer Romans 10)

So, Faith is the Most Critical Factor in the life of every
Christian. For without Faith, we cannot please God. (Refer Hebrews 11)

If by Faith (believe) and my confession I get saved, then also by Faith, I accept my new reality as the Righteousness of God. (And in fact, as basis of every of my interactions with God)
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The ‘Newness’ of life that comes with accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is simply out of this world. (Sincerely).

When we are filled with Holy Spirit and are led by Him, we transform to Supernatural being with ability of Christ and even more! (Now you just try Him!) Image
Since I came into Christ, I’ve been working and walking the Supernatural very effortlessly with obvious evidences – something I had erroneous belief was only limited to ‘super-anointed’ ‘upper-class’ ‘erujeje (awesome)’ ‘ministers’…
Now, my Word, in the name of Jesus, is Life and is Spirit unto everyone and every element I speak unto.

For I carry within me, ‘Jesus without borders – Holy Spirit’! and I have become the Supernatural Advantage to our world! Hallelujah!!!
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There was a season in my life that I was in utter turmoil

Restless and exhausted; troubles met me at every turn

Outwardly I faced conflicts and inwardly emotional turmoil every single day and for years

As a promoted senior management staff of a Tier-1 Nigerian bank,
with chauffer driven brand new 4-wheel-drive official car at a time and for years; I was always in distress in spite of my seeming ‘flashy’ appearances

Many a times, I’ll be moved to want to jump on the 3ML bridge into the lagoon, commit suicide and end it all..
I was under the oppression of sin (was engaged in some extramarital affairs! yes – affairs thinking that would ease the tension on me…)

Religion couldn’t help me! I was in earnest search of peace, it remained elusive..

Then Christ found me! And at November 2019 GSWMI NoG,
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Many years ago before I got married, I would wake up in tongues at odd hours of the night and start interceding.

With my eyes closed, I’ll begin to see houses in the area and by revelation begin to call out issues in that house and praying for them.

It lasted an hour each time.
I remember when I got married, the same thing started happening.

I would see like a locator pin on the house, see a name and like a scroll showing the challenge(s) of that person or family or sometimes even the house.

The Holy Spirit would tell me of things planted there.
On one such occasion, there was a house in the vicinity that was known to just swallow up destinies.

It was the cheapest house there and had a strange broom strung by the entrance.

It was dirty with a foreboding shadow of darkness - the woman who owned it sold ėkó.
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Every man has a story. Our stories are what makes us human. The stories that interest me the most are those in which the Holy Spirit changes the course of one’s life.

I recall his story.

A new party had finally taken over the political sphere of the country.
There was so much jubilation but with it came a witch-hunt on those who were enjoying the dividends of the previous administration.

EFCC didn’t waste time. His accounts were frozen and he was invited and grilled.

His passport was seized.
Things took a downward spiral and life became difficult.

His wife had to get several loans to assist where necessary and that took a toll on her.

An assistant branch manager who still took Tricycle to work daily. The children had to change schools.
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Some incredibly keen insights from Timothy J. Schmaltz as to goings-on in the Church; universal (catholic) not only Roman. From 2017 but maybe clearer now even #CatholicTwitter #ChristianTwitter #Advent…
A great meditation for times of streamed virtual eucharist at home.

An Old Irish poem on pilgrimmage to Rome, scribbled by a monk /copyist in the margins of a manuscript. Paraphrased. If you haven't met the crucified and risen lord at home you wont find him there, Rome or host
Couldn't find the Old Irish. Translation by Kuno Meyer (1911)


To go to Rome is much of trouble, little of profit:The King whom thou seekest here, Unless thou bring Him with thee, thou wilt not find
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1. By purgatory, no more is meant than a middle state of souls; viz., of purgation from sin by temporary chastisements, or a punishment of some sin inflicted after
#AllSoulsDay #purgatory
2. death, which is not eternal.

As to the place, manner, or kind of these sufferings, nothing has been defined by the Church,it is interwoven with the fundamental articles of the Christian faith.

For, as eternal torments are the portion of all souls which
#faith #Christian
3. depart this life under the guilt of mortal sin, and everlasting bliss of those who die in a state of grace, so it is an obvious consequence that among the latter, many souls may be defiled with lesser stains, and cannot enter immediately into the joy of the Lord.

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1. The Church in this great festival honours all the saints. It is an image of that eternal great feast which God himself continually celebrates in heaven with all his saints, whom we humbly join in praising his adorable goodness
#AllSaintsDay #AllSaints
2. for all his mercies.

In this and all other festivals of the saints, God is the only object of supreme worship.

To what an immense height of immortal glory has he raised the saints! and by what means? His grace conducted them by humility, patience, charity, and penance,
3. through ignominies, torments, pains, sorrows, mortifications, and temptations to joy and bliss, by the cross to their crowns.

And casting their crowns before his throne they give to him all the glory of their triumphs. "His gifts alone in us he crowns."

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1. St Elesbaan was king of the Axumite, who were a powerful 6th century nation, during the reign of Justin the Elder. The mildness and prudence of his government was a sensible
#StElesbaan #Oct27 #Saint #Christ #Christian
2. proof how great a blessing a people enjoy in a king who is free from inordinate passions and selfish views, to gratify which princes so often become tyrants.

This good king, however, was obliged to engage in a war. But his motives were justice and God's glory; and the
3. exaltation of both was the fruit of his victory.

Dunaan, a Jew who had usurped the sovereignty in Arabia Felix, persecuted the Christians.

The Emperor Justin the Elder engaged St Elesbaan to transport his forces into Arabia, and drive away the usurper Dunaan.
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1. When the pagan Saxons laid waste our island from sea to sea, many of its old British inhabitants fled. Ursula and companions seem to have left Britain about that time
#StUrsula #Oct12 #Christianity #History #SaintOfTheDay
2. for the Castle Brittenburgh on the Rhine and to have met a glorious death in defence of their virginity from the army of the Huns, which in the fifth age plundered that country, and carried fire and the sword wherever they came.

#Huns #Saxons #UK #England #Christiantwitter
3. Sigebert’s Chronicle places their martyrdom in 453.

They were buried at Cologne, where, according to the custom of those early ages, a great church was built over their tombs, which was very famous in 643, when St Cunibert was chosen archbishop in it. #Cologne #StCunibert
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Our Lady of Fatima said on October 13, 1917, the day of the great Miracle of the Sun, ‘People must amend their lives #Fatima #Fatima103 #FatimasNextJob
2. and ask pardon for their sins. They must not continue to offend Our Lord, Who is already deeply offended.’

The Holy Bible tells us that ‘He was wounded for our iniquities, He was bruised for our sins’ (Isaiah 53:3). St Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church, says that each one of
3. us can truly say the if I sinned just one sin less, then Jesus would have less to suffer in His Passion and Death.

The Blessed Virgin then tells us that we must pray because she knows, and the Catholic Church teaches, that without the grace of God no one can
#Bible #grace
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Think often of Heaven, and of that eternal procession, in which the Lamb of God is attended by the angelic hosts, and by the elect, ransomed by his redeeming Blood. Strive to number and to recognise those friends of yours whom you hope to find
2. among this illustrious Family of the eldest-born of the Lord, and let your heart be lifted up with joy at the thought that you, too, will one day join in those blessed ranks.

Yes, live as much as possible in this delightful hope, which is as much a precept as a virtue.
3. True it is, indeed, we are not perfect; but the Gospel teaches us that the Lord summons to the feast, yea, urgently, even the poor, the infirm, the blind, the lame,

#SundayMass #SundayVibes #JesusChrist #religion #Christian #Christians #CatholicTwitter #Christiantwitter
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And when Jesus passed from thence, he saw a man sitting in the custom house, named Matthew; and he saith to him: Follow me. And he arose up and followed him. (Mt9:9-13 #HolyMass #Sep21 #Gospel #StMatthew) ~ Douay Rheims #Bible #JesusChrist #Jesus #BibleVerse #Christian Image
2. And it came to pass as he was sitting at meat in the house, behold many publicans and sinners came, and sat down with Jesus and his disciples.

And the Pharisees..said..: Why doth your master eat with publicans and sinners? (Mt9:9-13) DR #Bible #Jesus #Christian #JesusChrist
3. But Jesus hearing it, said: They that are in health need not a physician, but they that are ill. (Mt9:12)
#Bible #BibleStudy #Christian #religion #BibleDaily #BibleVerseForToday #Bibleツアー #BibleVerses #Christianity #ChristiansOnTwitter #CatholicTwitter #Christiantwitter
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1. St Cyprian was born in Carthage in 210, and became its bishop in 249. At a time of fierce persecution, he encouraged his people, and by word and example led them to understand
#StCorneliusAndStCyprian #Sep16 #EarlyChurch Image
2. and witness to the faith. He was martyred in 258. Cornelius became Bishop of Rome in 251, was exiled by Emperor Gallus, and died in exile in 253.

#Christianity #Christians #Christian #Pope #StCornelius #ChristiansOnTwitter #CatholicTwitter #Christiantwitter

God our Father,
in SS. Cornelius and Cyprian
you have given your people an inspiring example
of dedication to the pastoral ministry
and constant witness to Christ in their suffering.
May their prayers and faith give us courage
to work for the unity of your Church.
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1. Our Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ is the spiritual King of our souls; and it is by the love and spirit of his cross that he must reign in them. By this happy instrument he has rescued
#ExaltationoftheHolyCross Image
2. from the power of sin, and conquered death and hell.

But do not our sloth and malice still hold out against him? Have the boundless excess of his love, and the omnipotent power of his grace, yet triumphed over our hearts? Is his holy cross planted there? does it daily grow
3. and spread itself in our affections?

The spirit of the cross, or of Christ crucified, is the spirit of that perfect humility, meekness, charity, patience, and all other virtues, which he preaches to us by his cross. So long as self-love, pride, sensuality, or impatience
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