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Voici une photo prise en 1942 à #Saint-Brévin, en Bretagne. La photo montre un moment jovial entre fascistes, après une action anti-juive menée dans le village.

Cette photo nous rappelle les moments les plus sombres de notre histoire.

Petit🧶sur la violence symbolique⏬ Image
2- En plusieurs pays européens, existent des lois qui interdisent tout une panoplie de symboles fascistes et néonazis dans l'espace public, vue leur charge symbolique et historique. Je vous invite à lire ce rapport suisse, sur la thématique :…
3- La sémiologie étudie les systèmes graphiques et les représentations mentales qui vont avec. La photo antérieur a été altérée. Cependant, les symboles utilisés samedi dernier à #SaintBrevin représentent des idées politiques propages par des régimes fascistes. Image
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1. Glorious St Anna Schaffer, intercessor for the handicapped, bedridden, and accident victims, plead for us.
#StAnnaSchaffer #DisabilityTwitter #Patron #Saint
2. You became disabled after an accident when boiling your employer’s laundry which left you severely burnt and scarred. Dear Saint, you were humble, pure and patient. Please obtain for me from our risen Jesus the request I make of you (mention your request).
3. Be kind to me for the greater glory of God, and I shall honour you and spread your devotion far and wide.
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1. St Elesbaan was king of the Axumite, who were a powerful 6th century nation, during the reign of Justin the Elder. The mildness and prudence of his government was a sensible
#StElesbaan #Oct27 #Saint #Christ #Christian
2. proof how great a blessing a people enjoy in a king who is free from inordinate passions and selfish views, to gratify which princes so often become tyrants.

This good king, however, was obliged to engage in a war. But his motives were justice and God's glory; and the
3. exaltation of both was the fruit of his victory.

Dunaan, a Jew who had usurped the sovereignty in Arabia Felix, persecuted the Christians.

The Emperor Justin the Elder engaged St Elesbaan to transport his forces into Arabia, and drive away the usurper Dunaan.
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Born in northern Italy in 1694, Paul Daneo lived at a time when many regarded Jesus as a great moral teacher but no more. After a brief time as a soldier, he turned to solitary prayer, developing a devotion to Christ’s passion...

#TEC #TheEveningChapel #Saint #SaintoftheDay
...Paul saw in the Lord’s passion a demonstration of God’s love for all people. In turn that devotion nurtured his compassion and supported a preaching ministry that touched the hearts of many listeners. He was known as one of the most popular preachers of his day,...
..both for his words and for his generous acts of mercy.

In 1720, Paul founded the Congregation of the Passion, whose members combined devotion to Christ’s passion with preaching to the poor,and rigorous penances...

#StJohnoftheCross #ThePassionist #Poverty #Chastity #Obedience
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1. St Canutus (Knut), king of Denmark, was natural son of Swein III. Denmark had received the Christian faith long before; some say in 826. Amidst the glory of his victories, St Canutus humbly prostrated himself
#StCanute #Denmark #Saint #Knud Image
2. at the foot of the crucifix, laying there his diadem, and offering himself and his kingdom to the King of kings.

After having provided for its peace and safety, he married Eltha, or Alice, daughter of Robert, earl of Flanders, by whom he had a pious son, St Charles.
3. When William the Conqueror had made himself master of England, Canutus sent forces to assist the vanquished; but he was betrayed by rebels. The king went to the church of St Alban; perceiving the danger that threatened his life, confessed his sins at the foot of the altar,
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1. St Oliver Plunket - Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland - was born at Loughcrew near Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland, 1629; he died 11 July, 1681. Ordained to the priesthood in 1654,
#StOliverPlunket #Ireland #SaintofTheDay Image
2. St Oliver was deputed by the Irish bishops to act as their representative in Rome. He was appointed to the primatial see of Armagh, and was consecrated, 30 November 1669, at Ghent, in Belgium, by the Bishop of Ghent.

In March, 1670 he entered on his apostolate in Armagh.
3. From the very outset he was most zealous in the exercise of the sacred ministry. Within three months he had administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to about 10,000 of the faithful. He opened schools, held frequent ordinations, celebrated two Provincial Synods,
#Irish #saint
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1C'est pourquoi,laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST,tendons à ce qui est #Parfait,sans poser de nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux œuvres mortes,[]»#AMEN,#Maranatha,#MerciJÉSUS


#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1 C'est pourquoi, laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST, *tendons* à ce qui est #Parfait, sans poser de #Nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux #œuvres #mortes,
2 de LA #Foi en DIEU, de LA #Doctrine des #Baptêmes, de L'#Imposition des mains, de LA #Résurrection des #morts, et du #Jugement éternel.

3 C'est ce que *nous ferons*, *si DIEU le permet*.
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3 Ils criaient l'un à l'autre, et disaient: #Saint, saint, saint est L'#ÉTERNEL des #Armées! toute la #Terre est pleine de SA #Gloire!
4[]»#AMEN, #Maranatha, #MerciJÉSUS!

#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Ésaïe6:2-4«2Des séraphins se tenaient au-dessus de LUI; ils avaient chacun six ailes; deux dont ils se couvraient la face, deux dont ils se couvraient les pieds, et deux dont ils se servaient pour voler.3[]4[].»#AMEN,#Maranatha,#MerciJÉSUS!
#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Ésaïe6:2-4«2[]3Ils criaient l'un à l'autre, et disaient: Saint, saint, saint est L'ÉTERNEL des armées! toute la terre est pleine de SA gloire! 4Les portes furent ébranlées dans leurs fondements par la voix qui retentissait, et la maison se remplit de fumée.»#AMEN
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Psaumes138:1-2«2Je me #Prosterne dans TON #Saint #Temple, et je #Célèbre TON Nom, à cause de TA #Bonté et de TA #Fidélité, car TA renommée s'est accrue par L'#Accomplissemen de TES promesses.»#AMEN, #MerciJÉSUS !

#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Psaumes138:1-2«1De David. Je te célèbre de tout mon cœur, je chante TES louanges en la présence de DIEU.»#AMEN, #MerciJÉSUS !

https://www.chretiennement. org
#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Psaumes138«1De David. Je te célèbre de tout mon cœur,je chante TES louanges en la présence de DIEU.2Je me prosterne dans TON Saint temple[]je célèbre TON nom,à cause de TA bonté et de TA fidélité,car TA renommée s'est accrue par l'accomplissemen de TES promesses.»
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Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Naso called "Sages and Saints". You can read it in full here: and download the accompanying Family Edition here: #ShabbatShalom Image
There is a remarkable insight from #Maimonides into the nature of the moral life as understood by #Judaism. What he saw is that there isn't a single model of the virtuous #life, but two, calling them respectively the way of the #saint (chassid) and the way of the #sage (chacham).
The saint is a person of extremes. Maimonides defines chessed as extreme behaviour – good behaviour, to be sure, but conduct in excess of what strict justice requires.
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@EricHolder has asked an important question:

#When was #America #ever #great?

I realize that there is a nearly unavoidable tendency to snort and spew one's coffee when they hear or read his question for the first time. But, honestly, isn't it worth the exercise to answer it?
So, @EricHolder, I'm going to do just that, and I'm going to ask my ragtag bag of followers and detractors to contribute as well.

I'm going to offer my evidence of moments of American greatness. And I'm going to ask those that read this thread to do the same.
But wait!

There's more!

I'm going to ask my detractors and antagonists (are you seeing this @fedupaton) to contribute as well, and will welcome from them both moments of greatness and moments of shame.
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