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๐Ÿ†•๐Ÿ“ฐNow finally out as @iza_bonn DP:

My paper on the impact of indoor #airquality on cognitive performance of #chess players! ๐Ÿญโ™Ÿ๏ธ (with @KunnSteffen @umsbe & #JuanPalacios @MIT)

Paper here:

Summary ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป(1/N)
We know that #airpollution is really bad for your #health.

Exposure to poor air quality may have harmful impacts on the ๐Ÿง .

Question: What are consequences for performance in complex cognitive tasks? (2/N)
We study the effect of air quality on cognitive performance using data from #chess tournaments. Why chess? โ™Ÿ๏ธ

Because it's a complex, cognitively demanding task with strong incentives, involving strategic decision making under time pressure. (3/N)
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Sindh EPA (SEPA) is the only EPA in Pakistan, which in 2016, quietly changed PM2.5 #AirPollution limits to x2 of Pak-EPA, while it is x3 WHO Standards.

When #LahoreSmog came, citizens took EPD to court, bec limits showed Air was #Unhealthy, but citizens in #Sindh can't do so...
It was done when Thar was being set-up by SECMC. WHO/PEPA limits mean SEPA could've been taken to court for Coal pollution.

Now #Sindh Gvt wants even more not accounting for $billions in health cost. This is blatant disregard Environment & Public Health.โ€ฆ
Also important to note that SEPA has not released #AirQuality reports since late 2018.


The monitoring is also only limited to #Karachi and last available reports show PM2.5 #AirPollution is at toxic levels!


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Thread: #LahoreSmog of previous years led to LHC forming a Commission to issue a report, so we already have basic info to tackle it.

Contrary to popular opinion that โ€œIndia does itโ€ which our politicians propogate, the Govt report points out 10 causes, not one!

The report points out, using Punjab Govt data, that Punjab has bad #AirQuality all year, which gets worse in Winter. The data shows that @EPD_Punjab knows this for a decade!

Analysis at COMSATS university, again using Govt data, pointed that throughout a year long period, Lahoreโ€™s air stayed above the legal limit and @EPD_Punjab did nothing! No advisory! No mitigation!

Punjab Env Quality Std (PEQS) sets limit at 15ug/m3 (orange line)

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With #AirQuality #AirPollution at unhealthy levels in the #BayArea region I thought it might be helpful to outline what it means, why you should care, and some tips on what you should be doing.๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡
Fine particulate matter or โ€œPM2.5โ€ are tiny particles suspended in the air that much smaller than the width of a human hair. When you breathe these particles enter your respiratory tract and end up in your lungs.
These last California wildfires have burned homes/buildings, as well as vegetation. That means the PM2.5 in the air most likely contains little bits of aerosolized electronics, rubber, plastic, asbestos, etc. That's what you could be breathing in. Nasty stuff!
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As a battle looms ahead, letโ€™s take a look back at where weโ€™ve been & why #CleanCarStandards are so important.

Once upon a time, CAโ€™s fight for #cleanercars emerged from a thick layer of yellowish gray #smog with a metallic taste & eye-stinging character...
When Governor Ronald Reagan signed the law creating CARB in 1968, California had been fighting the #smog monster for over 20 years with regulations to clean up tailpipe pollution
Governor Reagan fought hard to protect CAโ€™s authority to set its own #cleanercarstandards under the newly passed #CleanAirAct, signed by President Nixon a few years after LAโ€™s #smog made the cover of Time Magazine
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If you are interested in #AirPollution and health scroll down this thread #AirQuality #BreatheLife
#AirPollution is considered the most important environmental risk causing 1 in 8 premature deaths. That counts 6.5 million per year.
At least 80% of the world population is exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution. Lack of #AirQuality data could cause underestimations
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