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Silent World War III. #Anon This is not nice. 👇This is not about winning a free car. Organizers use x and xx. Find them on IG, see them on the streets. Super charged cars, #MadMax style coming to Canada, USA, and a Country near you. #QAons #WWG1WGA #NASCAR #UnitedNotDivided 1776
Some player are #TheRock, #FreeMan #RyanRyan, #RyanGosling, Rust Valley Restorers, #MikeMyers and more. SP intentional. More players at the end. Who attended #Trudeau's State Dinner at the #WhiteHouse in 2016 with #Obama? Is there a silent war? #MadMaxFuryRoad #QAnon #QAnons
Win a free car or 50K cash? Looks violent?! An employment ad? Warn #FireDepartment. Locations might be:

👉1 #SanDiego 👉2 #UAE 👉3 #Texas 👉4 #Australia 5👉#BritishColumbia (#Tappen, #HyasLake, #PondLake).

#QAnons #QAnon #Countdown will update
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Shills for "The Future We Choose" - round up #2.

Not a coincidence. The majority of those promoting this book are both white & wealthy. #Ecological crisis will never be resolved by the ruling classes. It cannot be resolved within the same economic system that created it.
The Guardian rolls out the red carpet for "The Future We Choose". Par for the capitalist course.

As the former CEO of #WeMeanBusiness, recently appointed by the UK Govt as the High Level Climate Action Champion for UN climate talks, #COP26, of course Nigel Topping is excited.
"It's about human lives"

This anthropocentric ideology appears to be an infectious disease amongst the "enlightened eco-capitalists". It demonstrates that they are absolutely disconnected from the natural world.

#TheFutureTheyChoose will reboot the system destroying Earth.
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OK - The #CIA leaks case US v. Joshua Schulte is beginning now with opening statements. Inner City Press in writing opposed sealing and has covered the lead-up Now, we'll live-tweet the openings: thread
@MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @nycsouthpaw @jeffstone500 @maher275 @WashTimes @CyberScoopNews Programming note: Judge Crotty read the jury the standards rules of the road - don't use the Internet, please come in on time - but then announced a 15 minute break. Opening statements will be at 10:45 am. Thread will continue.
@MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @nycsouthpaw @jeffstone500 @maher275 @WashTimes @CyberScoopNews During the break, Joshua Schulte's lawyer Sabrina Shroff says while the length of her opening will depend on what Assistant US Attorney David Denton says first in his, she assumes hers will be seven to 10 minutes. #countdown
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They're still doing jury selection. But SDNY prosecutors have rolled in a shopping cart full of binders. #Countdown
In courtroom for US v. Avenatti, a prospective juror says he has connections with the legal field. He's summoned up for sidebar. Jury selected and openings today? UNclear
Now SDNY Judge Gardephe asks prospective jurors still in Courtroom 110 if any for them did any research, online or otherwise, yesterday or last night or today so far. He's asked if anyone would have a problem not doing podcasts during trial…
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Urging Calm Amidst Hysteria On #Turkey #Syria- 1- Without explicit green-light from #USA it will be a very limited (for show) maneuver; 2- This is being used here in #Turkey for temporary political gain (uniting the opposition with current admin); 3- #Russia also has put limits
Take in the macro picture (Forest instead of the trees): A major offensive by #Turkey is opposed by: #USA #Syria #Russia & #Iran. Only a brief limited muscle-flexing show is allowed. #GeopoliticalTheater
Here it is #Turkey “Still Preparing”. For the last 5 days, 1 minute they say “we are going in shortly, as in the next 24 hrs”, the next minute “we are preparing” or “we are waiting for XYZ ...”. The written on stone “Sep 30” deadline in #Syria expired 9 days and 11 hrs ago.
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1a. Feb 18 QAnon [not in order]: AG Barr Questions Mueller & Rosenstein about Russia Investigation.

Do you believe in coincidences?
Kitchen is HOT.

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#YouAreTheNews #GreatAwakening #PainComing #SpyGate
1b. Feb 18 QAnon: Q LINK:

AG Barr Questions Mueller & Rosenstein about Russia Investigation.


Do you believe in coincidences?
Kitchen is HOT.

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#YouAreTheNews #GreatAwakening #PainComing #SpyGate
2. Feb 18 Qanon to Anon >>5237651

Dead cat bounce.

Nothing can stop this.


#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #YouAreTheNews
#GreatAwakening #PainComing #TheStormIsUponUs #SpyGate
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1a. Fake News Attacks Continue, Why?…📁
FAKE NEWS attacks continue?
Ask yourself, why?
What happens when the news no longer reports FACTS?
What happens when the news no longer reports TRUTH?
Enemy of the people.
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So, I heard that NLC was threatening to go on strike. I knew the impact that was going to have on #StartUpSouth4 - especially re:guests flight. I called my wife and we prayed about it. Imagine how relieved we were to hear the news that a Nov. 6 date has been fixed?
I have my reservations about this impending strike but for now, I am savouring the joy of this not disrupting our year long work of having a great event in Owerri.
Thank you to everyone that left their busy schedule to attend #StartUpSouth4. To our guests and speakers, to our partners and sponsors, we are grateful! Special thanks to @Sterling_Bankng @BOINigeria @FordFoundation @irokotv @googledevs @facebook
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