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🚨#Seditionist Audrey Ann Southard—#Florida singer & vocal coach—used her soprano at the #TrumpInsurrection to scream at cops that they should “tell f**king Pelosi we’re coming for her! F**king traitorous c**ts, we’re coming! We’re coming for all of you!”…
‼️Just prior to storming the Capitol, #Seditionist Southard posted a now-deleted live video to Facebook: “We’re standing in front of the Capitol building, ready to take it. It’s gonna be fun.”

Clear premeditation. ARREST HER NOW.🤬

@lauferlaw #TrumpInsurrection #Sedition
While pushing a wooden pole with an American flag against an officer’s torso, Southard yelled: “Bulls**t! They’re going to feel us!We’re pushing through. Boys, ready to go again?” she shouted before yelling at an officer, “last breath or last bullet, what’s it going to be?”🤬
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This thread is against attempts to 1) downplay the danger of a coup and/or 2) argue that Trump's Twitter ban is actually what we should be worried about. All posts are directly lifted from today's WSWS perspective, linked at the end.

The claims being made by various pseudo-left tendencies that the seriousness of the events in Washington should not be exaggerated, that it is wrong to refer to a coup, are dangerously complacent.
Jacobin magazine, which is affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, argues against “social media posts and liberal magazines of record [that] immediately characterized the rampage as a coup.”
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🔥CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TO OVERTHROW THE ELECTION 🗳 Months ahead of the #CapitolRiots Trump and his minions gutted the DHS threat assessment group that would normally send info and Intel to law enforcement on threats like the #CoupAttempt ⚠️…
🚨At least two critical intelligence-gathering programs were essentially shuttered, and the office's routine of issuing planning bulletins to police in advance of major public events was all but terminated. GOAL: Burn Down The Administrative State🔥
Something Evil This Way Comes. “Somebody on the inside was “complicit.” #CapitolBuilding…...
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🔥I relied on MY OWN intelligence that violence was imminent- I observed online forums along with the plans to kidnap @GovWhitmer and burn down the Michigan Capitol 🔥THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR ME.
💥Remember this? Trump’s radicalized terrorists just changed the targets and the location. #CoupAttempt…
I relied on @realDonaldTrump’s Tweet threats for Intel. He’s projected his plans for years👇
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I read this article, with its tales of Senators and staff barricading themselves in offices, waiting out the violence and destruction.

And I just keep thinking about zip ties.

Specifically, these. I saw this picture floating through Twitter yesterday and each time it filled me with dread.

That's... a hell of a look. And a literal fistful of zip ties. What exactly was he planning to do with those?

They literally erected a gallows, with noose, that close to the building.

And we had Mr Zip-Ties in there, hoping railings and looking for all the world like he's conducting a search.

With a GALLOWS outside.

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Hey, @Facebook , why are u allowing this domestic terrorist, who participated in breaching our nations Capital (as shown in video below), to continue hosting page(s) on ur svc as "realbakedalaska" & possibly more (priv. pg's et al)!?
WUA, @DHSgov ? He been arrested yet??????????? Him an ALL his comerades who went with/in the vid???
Hey, @tiktok_us , you going to allow him to remain on your svc, too (see video above!😡) ???
#DomesticTerrorism ImageImageImageImage
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Big FYI to the media (and everyone else)👇🏽

Y’all should know better by now but with the #CoupAttempt we’ve seen far too many of these statements, so here’s an informational thread 🧵 on why this is problematic.
1) The use of this term is not only outdated, but factually incorrect. Much like the use of “underdeveloped” countries.

“Underdevelopment isn’t a stage of development, it’s a consequence,” as Eduardo Galeano writes in his book, The Open Veins of Latin America -> a must read 📖
For 5 centuries European colonizers and U.S. corporations, have plundered the Global South’s abundant natural resources in order to extract & enrich “1st world” foreign interests AND fueling migration north due to economic and social/political violence in the south.
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Let’s talk about #BobbyPiton #RogerStonesGrifters
Teamed up with @Colin8or for a little deep dive. #QAnonsense and #CoupAttempt #Sycophantic

Shady Investment Advisor who might need some funds. $195k -ish #TheArtOfTheGrift…
So how does someone connected to Roger Stone pay his debts? Well, a favorite is through crowdfunding. Like the “Just In Case: Audit the Vote” fundraiser Created: 5 Dec 2020 requesting $250k but raised only $3200 so far. 
(Piton Damage Due: $195k)…
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Who's in on the #CoupAttempt?

#Michigan state GOP and national GOP (Ronna McDaniel) ask state board of canvassers not to certify on Monday.…
2. Their letter directly targets #WayneCounty (ie trying to cast doubt on hundreds of thousands of Black voters).
3. As @DNBethLeBlanc reports: "Affidavits filed in suits seeking to stop the Wayne County canvass...alleged barriers to poll challengers and irregularities...Elections officials have rebutted the claims, and a Wayne County judge and state Court of Appeals panel have agreed."
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