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Do you know this Proud Boy?

We need your help identifying this South Florida Jan 6 insurrectionary and Proud Boy likely living in Broward County who fought with police and was filmed with a knife on Capitol grounds.

Help us find #MAGAMarlin. 🐟
“Get the knife! Get the knife!” 🎥

Body cam footage from Jan 6 captures #ProudBoy #MAGAMarlin having his knife confiscated by Capitol police during the rioting (yet they let him walk away). The audio includes him speaking, which may help in confirming his identity. #POYB #FAFO
In this shot of #MAGAMarlin after the rioting we can clearly see the empty knife holster on his belt.

Miami Proud Boy Gabriel Garcia #PBGarcia was revealed by his own text messages to have also brought a knife to the Capitol on Jan 6 “for offense.” ⚔️
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We’d like to introduce you to a #ProudBoy in #Greensboro #NC.

He's got a history of criminal violence, fraud, and theft.

He’s a proud #WhiteNationalist, who uses his retail biz to enable a career-long hobby of being a cyber predator.


This is Joseph aka Joey aka “Psycho” Maness.

Joey is about to find out that his “White Privilege” Card has been declined.

2/ Guy in a goatee and a red shirt with the 2nd ammendment text
Joey Maness is a proud Proud Boy. His Telegram bio reads: “Proud Western Chauvinist who refuses to apologize”.

Here are a number of unapologetic selfies he shared, sporting Proud Boy attire and memorabilia.

3/ Telegram screenshot, message from "L3g3nd": "Guy with a goatee and a black shirt, with a black cap on bacScreenshot from a Telegram profile.  Profile pic is a white
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Florida #ProudBoy degenerate and former police officer Nathaniel Tuck has been arrested #POYB #FAFO…
From Rookie of the Year to disgraced Proud Boy insurrectionist #POYB #FAFO Image
Like recently arrested Proud Boy Arthur Jackman, he is married to a police officer (for now). Lots of Proud Boys are getting divorced these days so we'll see what happens. #POYB #FAFO Image
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When I spoke w/@Lopez4Sheriff I asked him; During your campaign did you have any rumors, or smear attacks to face?

I asked b/c I suspect Lopez was seen as formidable threat to opponents. #MikeShirley #JoelGreenberg needed a Constitutional Officer on their team./1 @JeffWeinerOS
He thought back & realized he had. At the time he understood it coming from "far-left".
The rumor?

Lopez, who's in-laws are Chilean, faced w/the rumor that he was anti-immigrant.
Sound familiar?

Lopez offered to debate the group & quickly demonstrated they had been misled./2
Did #JacobEngls or another political operative working in the shadows for Greenberg & Shirley use on of their many alt-accts to intentionally mislead voters who would otherwise would have voted for Joe?

Did #MikeShirley push to run Lopez's campaign to sabotage it from inside?/3
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[BREAKING] #ProudBoy Ricky Willden has been indicted by a federal grand jury on *EIGHT COUNTS* #FAFO #POYB…
The indictment was handed down last week but filed under seal until he was arrested today. Expect more #ProudBoy trash to be arrested in the coming weeks.
His full name is Christopher Ricky Willden but #SeditionHunters know him as #GreenCanMan
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1/ “Happy Mushroom” founder & Syracuse NY #ProudBoy Matthew Greene, charged w/ conspiracy at #CapitolRiots said #Trump was “accelerant” who “preyed” & “incited” to assault cops w/ “incendiary” calls to “fight like hell” to thwart peaceful transition after elections 1/
2/ But govt cited #ProudBoys Greene buying “arsenal” AFTER returning to NY-1000’s of ammo rounds, war gear, gas masks, respirators, 1560 AK-47 rounds, & illegal AK-47 “Mr. Greene equipped himself for heightened violence” after the #CapitolRiots, the govt said Monday in court. 2/
3/ Greene broke NY state gun laws, bought an AR-15, fully loaded, detachable magazines, 2 unregistered handguns, a Colt semi-auto, a Smith & Wesson 9 mm semi-auto hidden in a secret drop-down shelf in a fake bookcase, $2,000 in ammo, 1,560 AK-47 rounds for a AK-47 never found 3/
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Syracuse, NY #ProudBoys Matthew Greene, arrested for conspiracy for his role at the #CapitolRiots, is a U.S. Army combat veteran & "Human Intelligence Analyst" who "led multiple combat operations" in Afghanistan involved "in the kill or capture of 10 High Valued Individuals" 1/ ImageImage
2/ #ProudBoys Matthew Greene deployed to Afghanistan w/ the 1-113 Cavalry, 2/34 Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Iowa Army National Guard in 2010/11. He also is "Chief Technical Officer at "Happy Mushroom" a "revolutionary art studio" that grows shrooms & produces gaming software Image
"Happy Mushroom LLC", founded to "produc(e) mushroom spawns", fired cofounder & #ProudBoy Matthew Green after his FBI arrest on #CapitolRiots conspiracy charges "We are extremely appalled Greene held beliefs so counter to what Happy Mushroom stands for”… ImageImageImage
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#BeanieGiant is ID'd as #ProudBoy Gregory Kevin Mullin of Roscoe, NY, who assaulted police barricades at #CapitolRiots & vowed to kill Biden "You won’t be laughing when We the People hang Biden & Harris in the streets...then we will come for Soros and the media" #SeditionHunters
2/ "January 6 is our D-Day...we can clean house...all federal politicians massive hangings and heads on pikes" Mullin, who also has ties to #OathKeepers, wrote on Dec 15 on his Parler account #SeditionHunters #ProudBoys #BeanieGiant 2/
Mullins has many social media accounts & doesn't hold back on his #ProudBoy & extremist affiliations. "Join! Go to ProudBoys page on Parler & find your local chapter. Either join or stay out of the way!" His FB page has PB logo as his avatar #SeditionHunters #BeanieGiant
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On November 17, 2019, #ProudBoy Joe Biggs posted to Instagram and Twitter that he was having dinner with Lindsay Graham and Donald Trump at Trump International in DC. From the group's early days even up to the present, #ProudBoys have several connections to GOP politicians. ImageImageImage
"Awaiting Trump to have dinner with us" Image
In a tweet from last night that has since been deleted, far-right propagandist Cassandra Fairbanks confirmed the dinner meeting. Image
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Katie Daviscourt of the pro-Trump student group Turning Point USA, long linked to white nationalists, is promoting conspiracy theories about 'ANTIFA' starting fires across California, Oregon + Washington. Local officials have de-bunked these claims.… Image
These far-Right conspiracy theories, much like similar hoaxes that 'ANTIFA' and #BlackLivesMatter were 'coming to suburbs,' are animating the actions of far-Right militia members, who today threatened two journalists they thought were 'ANTIFA.'…
#ProudBoy leader Joe Biggs was one of the key initiators of the hoax, helped spread disinfo on his website, 'The Biggs Report,' which falsely reported that antifascists were arrested for arson. This lie has been debunked by local law enforcement. ImageImage
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[Thread] Violence committed by #ProudBoys at #MAGA event in salem. Baseball bat to a head, smashed persons head on ground, Magen Marie pepper sprayed while on ground.Lie to cops and claim self-defense, cop says "I understand".Say they are tired of violence, but seem to love it
Proud boy admits on video of "splitting their wig" Then justified by blaming a killing in Portland on a person that has nothing to do with it. This is what makes them dangerous, if you oppose them you are their enemy.
Older man has his sign snatched from #MAGATrash, he strips, so they mace him and call him a pedophile. This is obvious projection when they make claims that being naked in public is synonymous with sexual attraction to kids.
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1/ A timeline re @SDSheriff & @SanDiegoPD's response to violence at #SanDiego protests beginning in summer 2017

July 2 2017: An "Impeachment Rally" at the County Admin Bldg. is disrupted by #ProudBoys as @SDSheriff Deputies stand back and watch, doing nothing to separate people
2/ Organizers meet w/@SDSheriff Gore to express concern over what appears to be gang violence

Response: it's not an "economic enterprise" so it's not considered "gang related."

Meanwhile: A group called "Bordertown Patriots" uses variation of @SDSheriff HQ address as their own
3/ Aug 12: Heather Heyer killed in Charlottesville

Complaint re:#ProudBoys filed with CLERB: Case 17-056. Witnesses at hearing note protesters are at increased risks of violence from #ProudBoys & others

Aug. 27: Proud Boys travel to Berkeley, are arrested for disorderly conduct
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[Thread] Be careful today. Far right violence and threat of violence on protesters is escalating. As was seen last Sat. and at protests in general, there are alot of new people to the scene. This is good that more people are coming out, but also means more behavior....
2)....that puts people at risk physically and legally, due to inexperience. This also leaves those that have more experience, with the responsibility to help those that don't really know what they are doing. Many don't know who these chuds are, just that they are racists...
3)....#bluelivesmurder chuds are now starting to join forces with the usual Fashy chuds. This means radicalization of more "moderate" conservatives to the #FarRight/#Fascism, just like we've seen happen over the last few years with #PatriotPrayer attendees...
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What #ProudBoy FOAK members were at #UniteTheRight. I have Kessler, Augustus Invictus, Enrique Tarrio, Sal Cipolla, Shane Reeves, Alex Ramos, Christopher Richie, Irvine Antillon and Trace Chiles. Who else? Who are these 3? @GoadGatsby @IGD_News @socialistdogmom @EmilyGorcenski ImageImageImage
Billy Sessions of the racist ass Hiiwaymen that has spoke at Patriot Prayer events, talking about him being at #UniteTheRight and making claims that white supremacists were not the cause of most the problems in Charlottesville.
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1)Another PPrB affiliate called me an informant after being released last night, and multiple others affiliated, validated the wild accusation as they walked by. He heckled me as I disengaged, saying "you gonna tell your daddy." The "snitch jacketing" has been pushed by....
2)...atleast 8 of them, and started with the actual snitch Mason Lake when I called him out after filming my car. Some Halo Space streamers jumped on with accusations about me following a #proudboy truck, that I drove out of the fed building, that I was on video talking to the..
3)...LRAD(ha, shows how ridiculous they are),that i assaulted a woman, that i jumped multiple people, and that I was on video saying "I don't care if people get gassed." All of these claims with no actual evidence. Last night I was accused of being an informant because I was..
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Far-Right brawlers linked to numerous assaults on members of the public and anti-racist protesters "Tiny" Toese and Joey Gibson are at the #CHAZ in #Seattle. Both have worked for years with neo-Nazis and white nationalists at various far-Right demonstrations. ImageImage
Here's Tiny calling into an Alt-Right show arguing that he is open to working with the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis as long as they can work together in attacking anti-fascists.
Tiny along with another #ProudBoy faced charges after attacking a random person walking on the street in #Portland after screaming pro-Trump slogans at them.
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With former #ProudBoy leader Augustus Invictus back in jail on domestic violence charges, we think it's a good time to release this clip of him + Richard Spencer attacking "libertarian" ideas + discussing their ambitions for a global white supremacist order born out of conquest.
For decades white nationalists and now the Alt-Right have presented themselves as "separatists" who simply want a "nation for every race." Cloaked in progressive language borrowed from national liberation struggles, this rhetoric hides a literally global ambition for white rule.
White supremacists like Augustus have also at times painted themselves as "libertarians," even though they state plainly that they completely reject these ideals.
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Leaders of the #ProudBoys are telling troops in the lead up to a far-Right rally in #Portland on August 17th, ironically against "domestic terrorism," to "tone down" threats of violence + murder on social media in wake of visit from the FBI. A thread.…
After a month of making clear + direct threats of violence + even murder against the public in #Portland, leaders of the #ProudBoys in #Florida are now urging those on the far-Right to "tone down" rhetoric online following a string of mass shootings. Organizer Joe Biggs explains:
#ProudBoys claim to be rallying in #Portland against "domestic terrorism" of antifascists, who have killed no one. Since Unite the Right, which the Proud Boys helped organize and attended, 73 people have been killed by white nationalists + the far-Right.…
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Like I said the other day- WE HAVE TO STAND UP TO THESE BULLIES. The msm is reporting this event as "Members of 'Proud Boys' hate group brutally attack protesters after NYC event, avoid arrest". Complete BS. Proud Boys return fire- NOT instigate.…
Here is what antifa did Thursday: The Metropolitan Republican Club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side was vandalized Thursday night with broken windows, spray-painted anarchy signs, and a threatening message that the “attack is merely a beginning.”…
Here is the note they left in their cowardly vandalization attack
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