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A BIG COVER-UP surrounding the name "MEGA" has been going on and so far, to my knowledge only two other people have noticed.

A group named "Mega" appears to be buying all the photographs of Epstein related news stories that have not yet been scrubbed.
MEGA, if you all remember is the name of the billionaire's group founded by Leslie Wexner and Bronfman. It consists of 50 (not 20 as reported) but 50 of the world's wealthiest men. The group is focused on Jewish "philanthropy."
"MEGA" is also the name of the covert spy Israel had in the United States whose code name was leaked in an intercepted call of two mossad agents by the FBI in 1997.
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ICYMI: Anneke Lucas Sold By Her Mother in Belgium At Age 6 To #ChildTrafficking Network - From 6-11 Years Old She Endured #ChildSexualAbuse By Rich & Powerful Men of Great Influence▫️

@POTUS @TraffickStop @gatewaypundit #TraffickStop
Decades of #CoverUps Being Uncovered▫️
Elite #ChildSexualPredator Ring Victim Details Sickening Abuse At Hands of Cabal, Including Other Children Being Traumatized & Forced To Wound & Kill Other Children In Order To Control Them For Life▫️……
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2001: #Mueller gives strange sweetheart deal to David Asimov, in one of the biggest child porn busts in Bay Area history. Soon after, #Mueller made head of FBI.
2007: #Mueller gives sweetheart deal to kiddie molester #Epstein; in 2011, #Mueller gets extension as FBI Director.
“The FBI, under Robert Mueller, let #ChildSexualPredator Jeffrey Epstein off with a weak plea deal...Dozens of young girls accused him of assaulting them...Maybe Mueller should have gone after Epstein as hard as he went after our President” @charliekirk11

@POTUS @GenFlynn @FBI
Robert Mueller Investigated Paul Manafort For Working With Victor Yanukovych In 2013. Mueller also worked with Yanukovych in 2013.
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Attn: AG Barr #WeThePeople R 4 #accountability ⚖️

@Comey Illegally Took President Trump’s Classified @FBI Files & Leaked Them To The Press▫️ OIG Recommended DOJ Charges Against Andrew McCabe But DOJ Refused To Press Charges▫️

@realDonaldTrump @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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@mkraju @jaketapper @SenatorRomney @MittRomney @axios Saturday, June 1st at 8PM the entire #MuellerReport will be read aloud by 100+ artists, activists, and citizens. Long Island City #muellerlive #MuellerTime
If you want to read & follow along or miss this event see tweets above for links for both
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.@TheDemocrats @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SpeakerPelosi @tedlieu @SenSchumer @SenWarren @RepAdamSchiff @RepMaxineWaters @RepCummings: The longer you allow Trump & @GOP to remain unchallenged w/o publicly releasing evidence of their crimes/corruption, the more you endanger us.
By "us" I mean not only the nation, the Republic, the Constitution, or all citizens: by "us" I mean the nation and the world. You't allow this corruption to continue. You *must* act now to publicly expose the corruption by ALL those who are #ComplicitAccomplices to #TrumpTreason.
To date, @realDonaldTrump has publicly lied over 10,000 times. @senatemajldr has seriously undermined the right & proper functioning of government to undermine checks & balances, to protect Trump from Constitutionally defined oversight, to obstruct investigations, & to facilitate
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Pope Francis defrocks former #CardinalTheodoreMcCarrick, #archbishop of #Washington over sex abuse…
Punishment for the archbishop who was an influential fundraiser for the church, was announced 5 days before #Francis is set to lead a gathering of bishops from around the 🌍to help the church grapple with the crisis of #SexAbuse by #clergy systematic #CoverUps by #ChurchHierarchy
The decades-long scandals have shaken the faith of many Catholics and threatened Francis’ papacy.
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Michigan Health Chief facing 15 yrs in jail over Flint water crisis… Can #Minnesota get the same scruitiny 4 their #HHS #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #MedicalKidnap #ElderAbuse #EstateFraud epidemic & #GovMarkDayton's strategic appointments #CoverUps
Obama was part of the conspiracy & also a master in #coverup appts. Feds from the Obama admin’s EPA engaged in what can only be described as a criminal conspiracy 2 conceal the dire health threat to residents of Flint, Michigan from its toxic water supply.…
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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Grand Forks #NorthDakota murder-suicide, mom & 3 kids! I don't believe it for a second... School name, coincidence? I think not!!! #Freemason #symbolismwillbetheirdownfall #ThesePeopleAreSick… via @pioneerpress @jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
The sir name of her children, leaves little to the (woke) imagination. These #Occult families are generational, they indoctrinate their own children & murder suicide by firearm, is their MO. Just check out the symbolism of the dates🙄 The mothers handler more than not, a Talmage
Another red flag. There's a history of collusion with North Dakota and Polk County Minnesota related to Child Trafficking, and violent crimes associated with the #Coverups😏…👈
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