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Why are @LibDems scared of the General election? As they can get up to 58 seats, have a bigger voice and reduce the Tory majority, hold a key in the next hung Parliament? @joswinson shared a top table with Cameron in the national interest & lost her seat as a result. @DavidLammy
The @LibDems have conned so many.

Yet again.

“Bollox to Brexit”, they squealed.

But now we know: rather than stopping Brexit they will enable the hardest of all possible Tory Brexits.

The party of betrayal then. The party of betrayal now. Nothing has changed.

The Lib Dems would rather let No-Deal Brexit happen and make political bank off of blaming Corbyn for it than work with Corbyn to prevent it from happening.

They sole identifier at this point - being the party of Remain - is something they're not even willing to fight for in it
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You think @bbcnews isn't biased. Had the misfortune to listen to @BBCWorldatOne this afternoon. This is how they reported the #BreconByelection 1/
First of all they spun it as a good news story for the Tories. Yes you heard me. This isn't the Tory HQ. This is #bbcwato and @bbcnews spinning a Tory narrative 2/
They then play a clip of @JamesCleverly spinning it as a Labour disaster from the #r4today 3/
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As #newsnight investigates puberty blockers, a reminder that Susie Green, CEO of trans kids, and lottery funded, charity Mermaids, last year tweeted that we should give more of these drugs to children & not be bothered if they become sterilised - or even if they're actually trans
#newsnight found that suicidal thoughts among young people INCREASED when they were given puberty blockers. The whole 'a trans child is better than a dead child' argument is even more mendacious than the bogus 40+% attempted suicide rate figures for trans kids
Children are supposedly given puberty blockers to give them time to decide if they want to take sex change hormones or not. #Newsnight finds 100% of kids at GIDS who took them went on to take hormones. GIDS admits it doesn't know the reasons for this statistical anomaly
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Why is it that I, a lay person with no medical qualifications, seem to know more about the treatment of young people with gender dysphoria than Paul Jenkins the Chief Executive of @TaviAndPort ?
Listen to his ignorance on #r4today
07:21 - 07:29…
@TaviAndPort Let's pick apart his performance...
He describes The Tavistock as 'safe, caring and thoughtful'.
It's not safe - girls are having unnecessary mastectomies and irreversible hormone treatments which many will regret later.
@TaviAndPort It's not caring. If they cared, more use would be made of talking therapies. The watchful waiting period would be longer and filled with exploration. The medical pathway would be a far smaller percentage of cases. Detransition would be encouraged and supported.
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My #tftd:

Tory members: who are the people deciding on the future of Britain?

They want the death penalty, they're climate change deniers and they're racists.


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight #PMQs #bbcaq
@LBC Tory members: who are the people deciding on the future of Britain?

They are also massive Islamophobes, obvs


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight #PMQs #bbcaq
@LBC Tory members: who are the people deciding on the future of Britain?

Many are hard right Brexit Party and UKIP entryists.


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight #PMQs #bbcaq #ToryLeadership
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After the #MetPolice tried & failed to frame me & after ex #MetPoliceUK turned private investigators @Surelock_ tried & failed to frame me & my mum, attempt number 3 was #EE & #UKMail. I had never used @EE but they made me their customer

#SwitchtoO2 #o2 #Vodafone #Three #LBC
#EE said I had ordered mobile phones & sim cards & #UKMail said they had delivered them to me (with me showing my passport) at home. I did neither. I didn't order any mobiles & I didn't receive any mobiles. It was a complete stitch up

#dontbuythesun #c4news #r4today #itvnews
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Peach Juice, social media, Boris, Fukushima, trade leverage & diplomacy - from 2017.... as part of a joint PM statement with some positive words on doing a post Brexit trade deal, Government promised to lobby to lift restrictions on Fukushima foodstuffs within the EU... #r4today
Lobbying EU to lift Fukushima food bans was written in to this the joint declaration on Prosperity Cooperation signed by May & Abe as the basis for the Trade and Investment Working Group- as was a “smooth and orderly” Brexit...
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Jeremy Hunt goes for Boris Johnson on Brexit #r4today:

“Boris voted against Theresa May’s deal, then for Theresa May’s deal. I’ve been completely consistent.”
Gloves off. Hunt also attacks Johnson for hiding from the media. “We can only have that debate if the frontrunner in this campaigner is a little bit braver...what would Churchill say if someone who wants to be PM of the UK was hiding away from the media?”
Hunt confirmed he’s definitely taking part in Sunday’s TV debate.
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V odd this “race to be PM” from afar - tax plans that won’t pass this Parliament, Brexit “plans” that won’t pass Parliament, promise not to have GE - promises being made to tiny selectorate that aren’t in hands of winner to deliver...

It’s like a unicorn Grand National.
Actually, probably more like a unicorn Grand National without dope tests... Narco-cism
Hancock missed a trick there - I thought he was going to say - "you heard about the cat that can solve Brexit - I am that cat". #r4today
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11. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
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Struck by Gove telling #r4today giving people a #FinalSay is undemocratic as it’s “a route to frustrate Brexit”. So, he thinks it at least possible there’s no CURRENT majority behind Brexit but asking people is somehow LESS democratic than pushing it through against their wishes.
It’s a huge flaw in the Brexit thesis. You cannot claim to respect the will of the people, when your entire focus over three years has been to prevent people from ever expressing their will again. Respecting voters’ views MUST include respecting the fact that those views evolve.
The 2016 EUref provided no mandate for a specific Brexit. The 2017 GE provided no mandate for a specific Brexit. MPs have provided no mandate for a specific Brexit.

So, where does Gove derive his mandate for a specific Brexit? His subjective interpretation. That’s not democracy.
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Thread - I have tried to stay out of the debate on an amnesty for soldiers who served in NI. But Lord Dannatt’s comments on #r4today that allegations against soldiers were fully investigated ‘at the time’ is not accurate in many cases, esp in the 1970s, and should be discussed.
The Royal Military Police made clear in a subsequent 1973 memorandum that until the end of 1972 neither they nor the RUC collected evidence for criminal investigation purposes - except in the most egregious, unavoidably self-evident cases.
It is worth quoting from the 1973 Royal Military Police Memorandum: ‘With both the RMP and RUC sympathetic towards the soldier, who after all was doing an incredibly difficult job, he was highly unlikely to make a statement incriminating himself..’.
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There was a time in this country, not that long ago, when in order for an ordinary member of the public to be given a national broadcast platform, they had to have achieved something extraordinary, be clearly equipped to do so or have an informed insight to offer.

@lbc @bbc5live
That was a time when broadcasters took their responsibilities seriously. When informing, educating, and entertaining were qualitative measures of their key objectives rather than outrage and controversy delivered for clicks & ££.

@lbc @bbc5live @talkRADIO #r4today @JeremyVineOn5
Now the most racist, most ignorant, most stupid people go to the front of the queue. The mantra is that everyone has an opinion, and therefore everyone deserves & must be given the opportunity to "have a voice" and to "be heard"

@lbc @bbc5live @talkRADIO
@JeremyVineOn5 #r4today
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Brextremists constantly bang on about how impt it is for the UK to Leave the EU because it was a Tory party manifesto promise. What is true for Brexit, must presumably be true for other Tory manifesto promises, so let's see how they've done.
@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today
@LBC Page 15 of the Tory manifesto promised "effective" regulation of industry and markets and that govt would save £9bn through cutting two regulations for every new one created.


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
@LBC Page 17 of the Tory manifesto promised to regulate tax advisory firms to reduce extreme tax avoidance, increase transparency and reduce "misuse of trusts".


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
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Guests on #r4Today

•Peter Mandelson - New Labour relic
•Liz Truss - Conservative
•Ken Clarke - Conservative

It's a good job we have Twitter to call out Conservative MP's & to get Labours message out far and wide. Because the people we pay at the BBC certainly won't do it.
Guests on the BBC's #VictoriaLIVE

•Richard Harrington - Conservative

•John Barron - Conservative

•Heidi Allen -Ex Conservative now CHUK
Guests on BBC's #PoliticsLive

•Fraser Nelson - Spectator

•Emily Thornberry - Labour

•Margot James - Conservatives

•Jonathan Powell - Former Blair advisor

•Steve Baker -Conservatives
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The "revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU" petition (topped 6 million signatures yesterday - yay!) will get debated today, but only in Westminster Hall. Nevertheless, if you want to watch proceedings, they should be streamed online from 4:30pm. #r4today…
It will be interesting to see who stands up to speak in the debate, and whether they use the "cover" provided by it to decloak when it comes to supporting revocation. But indicative vote day 2 is taking place in the HOC so MPs face lots of distractions.
And if for some astonishing reason this is the first you're hearing of the petition, you can add your name to it at the link below. The Government have already responded to it negatively, but that doesn't mean it's not having an impact on individual MPs.…
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Barry Gardiner just directly argued against Labour Party Conference Policy.

He said that the public shouldn't be voting on the government's deal, even though conference policy literally says to campaign to let the public vote on the government's deal. #R4today
Seriously. Just shut him up. I don't want to have to keep attacking. It's TWO ***** DAYS from the scheduled Brexit day so
A) Labour should be speaking with one voice
B) Labour conference policy lays out what the voice should be saying now!
"Barry Gardiner"
To those of you saying "the policy doesn't say that"
READ YOUR OWN POLICY! It explains why the government's deal should be put to the people. It's even quite flippant about that fact. It basically says "if the government's so sure it's what people want..."…
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Brexiters always reverently quote Sir John Curtice, to say opinion has not changed. Will they quote him today? "Had a second referendum been held last month, 55 per cent would vote in favour of Remain. There must surely now be doubts that leaving is still the will of the people.”
This was his conclusion looking at the huge British Attitudes Survey from last month, as reported on #r4today. I suspect the shift will be more pronounced after this month’s shenanigans.
And just to save you some inane “polls were wrong before the referendum” tweets, while polls have a margin of error predicting any given answer, they are significantly more reliable at tracking *movement* on a question that has been asked consistently over time from a sample.
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An incomplete list of Leave campaign electoral crimes:

1 Nov 2018: LeaveEu & Arron Banks referred to Natl crime Agency. NCA is to investigate allegations of multiple criminal offences by Banks & his unofficial leave campaign in the EUref

@LBC @mrjamesob
@LBC @mrjamesob 11 May 2018 LeaveEu fined £70k by electoral commission for breaches of election law and CEO Liz Bilney referred to police
@LBC @mrjamesob 19 March 2019: VoteLeave fined £40,000 for sending 200k unsolicited text messages during the 2016 EU referendum campaign.
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Way back in 1975, the UK had a first go at figuring out if they wanted to stay in the European community (Common market), a friend shared with me the original literature (a chose your own adventure thread)
The UK had a plan in mind which was the New deal in Britain. Harold Wilson had a lot to say about this new deal, housewives and farmers got a lot of focus here. This was the general advice from the government at the time
Will we lose our sovereignty or will our current mates down commonwealth road like it? Look! Some facts!!
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Neatly illustrates the problem with #r4today - it's not an isolated incident, but a daily occurrence. Somebody will come on (usually pro-Brexit) and lie, lie, lie, until the airwaves crackle. But are they held to account? Are they ever! Facts, unlike opinions, don't have 2 sides.
The height of Nelson's column doesn't change based on your political leanings, neither does the chemical composition of water. The reality around us is filled with things that should be beyond doubt. And decades of stats tell us that US food is less safe - period, end of story.
Thing is, what the politicians don't say (because it's so politically toxic) is that it's the poorest who will suffer most. So long as food *labelling* laws are strong, those with means will be able to avoid US products. Those who can't will be forced to face the consequences.
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My timeline is full of fellow Remainers desperate to believe Labour's latest BS this morning. Corbyn is going to let you down. Really. 1/

What will happen is this: Labour will back the Cooper-Letwin amendment on Wednesday, and claim (wrongly) that this takes no deal off the table. It doesn't. It kicks the can a short way down the road. 2/
Then, on 11 March, Labour will table its own version of the Kyle-Wilson amendment, saying it can't support the original because it "would be wrong to back a Tory Brexit". The groundwork is already being laid for this approach. 3/
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My #tftd:

John Oliver has done a Brexit update, and it is utterly damning.

Part 1: Everyone's talking about Brexit


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight
@LBC Part 2: Explaining the English border in Ireland problem


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight
@LBC Part 3: What happens if there is a #NoDealBrexit?


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive #newsnight
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Two right-wing think tanks in a row on #r4today this morning - the Institute of Economic Affairs followed by the Adam Smith Institute. No left-wing balance.

It's time the BBC stopped treating these ideologues as 'neutral' experts
Can you imagine the @CLASSthinktank going on followed by @NEF with no corresponding right-wing balance?
Yesterday a new 'student group' linked to the US far right was invited on the BBC to promote their cause, despite totally lacking a base (other than some rich donors). BBC called them a 'grassroots group' without evidence
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