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Johnson boasting about traumatising 50 vulnerable asylum seekers by notifying them they'll be shipped 4,000 miles away, while acknowledging he can't actually do it because of legal challenges, shows this is all about performative cruelty rather than practical policy #r4today 1/
It's sick and twisted. Are we seriously saying because a Ukrainian citizen gave up waiting for one of the mythological visas the government promised, and crossed the channel in a small boat instead, that they aren't a "genuine refugee"? Well, the same goes for everyone else. 2/
Shipping people thousands of miles away doesn't break up trafficking gangs. What the hell do you think happens next? The traffickers prey on them with promises of helping them return. You are creating a never ending supply of victims for them. A never ending trade in misery. 3/
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There has always been a question in my mind as to where sophistry met stupidity in Jacob Rees Mogg’s answers on Brexit

Listening to him today on #R4Today I realise I have been wrong.

For all the self assurance and well modulated tones his answers are entirely stupid
As the full scale of the Brexit disaster unfolds in the midst of our Cost of Living Crisis the haunting question is how has our system of accountability failed so comprehensively as to allow this gang of incompetent outlaws to wreak the harm they do
Johnson’s government is out of touch and out of ideas. Pumping out a succession of knee jerk announcements to appease their base and their media partners. Today’s is the hit on the Civil Service
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How many of them will join those already being incorrectly classed as adults by Home Office social workers? How many risk being sent to Rwanda or stuck in camps? The government rejected amendments to the #antirefugeebill which could have helped. #r4today…
Does the @ukhomeoffice think that increasing the inhumanity of the UK's asylum system will deter children seeking safety? Does @pritipatel think it will stop them trying to reach family members? Because anyone with half a braincell knows it won't.
We are already seeing separated children placed at more risk of trafficking and exploitation because of @ukhomeoffice policies. That's why organisations such as @Love146UK are fighting for child protection to the priority. Please support them today.!/Donati…
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The @ukhomeoffice has released its guidance and information relating to Rwanda and to say it is a hot mess is offensive to other hot messes. Ignores human rights abuses, dismisses the LGBTQ+ community and gender based violence and more. #r4today 1/… ImageImage
There are very real concerns regarding illegal detention, torture and forced disappearances Rwanda, hence why the UK receives Rwandan refugees, which the @ukhomeoffice breezes past in its analysis of the country. 2/ ImageImage
Sorry @ukhomeoffice what exactly is this? "We know of discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, but as we think it is mainly against trans individuals that's fine". Really embedding transphobia. Not to mention the de-facto criminalisation of the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. 3/ ImageImage
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I voted Green yesterday, and I'm happy with my decision.

Gains made by @LibDems & @TheGreenParty, while @UKLabour massively underperformed, sends a strong message that Starmer needs a #ProgressiveAlliance to be PM.

He won't listen though.

#r4today #bbcaq #LE2022
@LibDems @TheGreenParty @UKLabour This is what happens when you provide no meaningful opposition, have no policies, & no personality.

What is the point of @UKLabour?

#LE2022 #r4today #bbcaq

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So many specialists have been warning about this from the start and every time we have been told to be quiet or "what are the alternatives". The alternatives were always there if the government would have just invested in asylum mechanisms. #r4today 1/…
Instead though they have continued to fail to properly resource the existing mechanisms, mechanisms which have been shown to work, and relied on outsourcing protection to the public. Yeah, because that wasn't going to always create safeguarding risks like these. 2/
The benefit of investing in those mechanisms, which bring together local authorities, NGOS and experienced specialists is that they are then there to help everyone, so we can reduce use of hotels for Afghan refugees though. 3/
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Religious fundamentalists in the US are morally no different to the fascist fundamentalists of Islam.

The antediluvian and misogynist views of both are an affront to decency and liberal democracy.

#RoeVsWade #RoeVWade #ReproRights
"I don't care if you're a Christian. In fact, I will fight for you to have your religious liberty & practice your Christianity... I don't believe in Christianity which means that you don't get to dictate how I live my life based on your religion"
#RoeVsWade #RoevWade #ReproRights
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Look, as shocking as this may be to some, Priti Patel lied, a lot, on Parliament yesterday and was then backed up by MP's such as Andrea Leadsom who also lied. I know, I know, shocking to find out politicians lie, particularly about asylum seekers. 1/ #r4today
For years advocates have been putting forward workable policy suggestions to break the model of smuggling and trafficking gangs, easier access to asylum system, removing carrier liability fines, humanitarian visas etc etc, all of which cost less than the #RwandaMigrationPlan. 2/
What these plans have in common is that, unlike the government's proposals, these plans wouldn't actually place people at more risk of trafficking. They would also require the UK to, shock horror, provide asylum to people instead of trying to bring that number down to zero. 3/
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The joint statement by @pritipatel and @Vbiruta in the Times this morning is a masterclass in lying and disingenuity. Not only does it rehash the tired, and demonstrably false, "economic migrants" and "queue jumpers" line, it also shows neither knows what trafficking is. 1/
Absolutely nobody is being "advantaged" by being trafficked. It is also the height of hypocrisy to claim you care whilst pushing policies which are 100% guaranteed to benefit actual traffickers. 2/
Oh, and by the way @pritipatel, we have all been telling you for a very long time how to tackle both trafficking and smuggling, but you haven't listened because it would also involve actually providing safety for asylum seekers instead of dumping them elsewhere. 3/
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We aren't just talking about the UK here. Johnson wants his Rwandan forced transportation plan to be a "model" for other countries. Not only does that mean denying even more refugees their rights, it means developed nations deliberately avoiding providing safety. #r4today 1/
About 85% of the world's 26.6 million refugees are located in developing nations. Note the 26.6 million by the way. When the government talks of 80 million they're conflating refugees with "displaced individuals", majority of whom are internally displaced in their own country. 2/
If this "model", a model which has already been proven repeatedly not to actually work as a deterrent in Australia, were to be taken up it would effectively end the international refugee regime and show that developed nations had no moral authority. 3/…
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So details of the “Rwanda plan” seem hazy, even to the minister appearing on #r4today, but here are some questions the government would need to answer before it could possibly be viable. 1/
If the intention is to make people ask Rwanda for asylum (as opposed to asking the UK for asylum while physically in Rwanda), what evidence is there that Rwanda has a viable asylum system? Are there expert interviewers, decision-makers, judges? Are there lawyers? Interpreters? 2/
Does Rwanda respect the Refugee Convention in practice, including eg for vulnerable groups like LGBT+ applicants, whose entitlement to asylum was controversial even here until quite recently (and who still face issues of disbelief & discrimination)? 3/
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Why would refugees who are sent to be detained in Rwanda just shrug and stay put?

By the time you reach the Channel you have gone through Hell to reach safety in the UK. This plan is just about funnelling money back into a new smuggling route out of Rwanda. It’s sick. #r4today
In case anyone doubts it, it’s EXACTLY what’s happened since Israel signed a similar agreement w Rwanda in 2013.

Once sent to Rwanda, refugees were arbitrarily detained & beaten. They escaped with smugglers, faced trafficking & slavery on journeys to find safety at last #r4today
Read all about the outcome of Israeli offshoring efforts to Rwanda here.
This is just more desperate cruelty from Patel that will only be celebrated by international gangs of smugglers & traffickers.

It will not make refugees disappear. #r4today…
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While everyone is reading the stories splashed across the news about a deal with Rwanda to offshore asylum seekers, this is the question which needs to be asked. Asylum seekers don't normally know asylum law, so offshoring won't deter anyone. It will costs lives though. #r4today
The Australian model, as so lauded by the government has been shown not to work, be inordinately expensive, potentially violate laws, oh yes, and lead to deaths, and that is for a country where people have to travel further to reach it in the first place.…
Scarily, what has worked for Australia are "pushbacks". That's what's led to the drop in arrivals, pretty hard to seek asylum when you are dead. That's the thing, like offshoring, pushbacks kill, just more immediately. So, again, how many dead bodies are acceptable? #r4today
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🧵A rough timeline of Gaslighting on Children and Schools
April 2020 - April 2022

Triggered by this exchange between Deepti and Shamez

UK policy, SAGE,JCVI etc had generally relied on their own studies and data, international work rarely referenced in meeting minutes
2/ Initially some gov advisors claimed shutting schools could be detrimental as schools helped build up herd immunity

Then Lockdown came and the narrative became children less likely to be infected, less likely to transmit when infected
3/ This comes from a study by Russel Viner, then President of @RCPCHtweets

He selected studies, many not on covid and concluded children would have little impact on transmission, partially because of the thinking most ppl would get infected anyway
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#r4today "Cases appear to be peaking in children"

Herd immunity? Or is it that some areas have already started Easter holidays and lots of schools have gone to partial closures due to lack of staff?
Yesterday we had "more children back in school" claiming there was less covid absence, only problem with that is that absence increased, just illness logged as covid went down, due to sick kids being off but not tested
As you can see in this joint letter from the school leaders unions

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Matthew Taylor, CE NHS Confederation, #r4today just now.

"We don't have a living with COVID plan, we have a living without restrictions plan, which is completely different."

In a nutshell, from the front line.
To be clear, 200 people died of COVID yesterday because someone upstream in their infection chain thought "it's only the flu, and I want to get on with my old life." Ditto day before. Now that we don't have free rapid tests and mask mandates, it's even harder to be responsible.
What happens when you stop trying to hold back a highly infectious and harmful virus.
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Tomorrow MPs will vote, one by one, to take changes made in House of Lords back out of the #NationalityAndBordersBill which has rightly been called the #AntiRefugeeBill.
Here, in plain English, are some of the key changes that MPs will consider 🧵 #r4today
Lords voted to remove power for the Home Secretary to strip British nationals of citizenship without informing them of the fact.

Latest in a line of govts widening citizenship stripping powers.

Tomorrow, MPs are likely to vote this power back in. #citizenshipisaright #r4today
Lords voted to remove the power for refugees to be sent “offshore” before we have examined their claim for protection.

This is immediate deportation for almost all refugees, to camps where we’d pay to keep them indefinitely.

Tomorrow MPs are likely to vote it back in. #r4today
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So people can't even get visas to access the scheme. This is why, rather than cobbling together a hodgepodge plan which puts refugees at yet more risk, the government needs to treat this as an asylum situation and activate protection measures. 1/ #r4today…
Instead though they've continued to treat the Ukrainian war as an immigration situation which needs visas, as if people are choosing to come to UK for fun. Asylum and immigration systems are different and include different responses, that's why you can't use one for the other. 2/
Government needs to though, with its cack-handed attempt to privatise protection through #HomesForUkraine scheme. Treating Ukrainians as asylum seekers would show up what a dangerous, illegal, discriminatory and inhumane piece of legislation the #NationalityAndBordersBill is. 3/
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Thread: In theory, the new #HomesForUkraine scheme starts working today. As more information comes out the clearer it becomes how unsuitable and ill-prepared it is. Rather than alleviate concerns it has become nigh on inevitable that it will increase exploitation. 1/ #r4today
You can argue "Don't let perfect be the enemy of good", problem is this scheme is neither perfect nor good. If traffickers were to design something to maximize ways to exploit people it would potentially look like this, and it doesn't need to. We already have models which work 2/
Local authorities mechanisms already exist, and as shown in the past, could be activated to provide necessary protection and support through a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary approach, which would meet immediate safeguarding needs. 3/
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It's absolutely brilliant that there has been such a huge response from the British public to accommodate refugees, and it is truly disturbing that we are in a place where 44,000 could feasibly to do so without even being DBS checked. #r4today. 1/
Over a number of years the previous "community sponsorship scheme" took about 600 people, so you can't even use that as a basis to argue what will or won't happen with the government #HomesForUkraine scheme. What you can do is look at the evidence and worry about safeguarding. 2/
"Light touch" National approach in the immediacy means people are being properly vetted before they take Ukrainian citizens into their homes. By only later on down the line having more detailed local authority checks you all but guarantee people slipping through the cracks. 3/
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Thread: The government's latest scheme to help Ukrainian refugees raises quite a number of concerns and even more questions. Yes, the UK needs to do something, but this really doesn't seem like the answer based on the available information. 1/ #r4today
After calls for the UK to move quickly and waive visas it may seem strange to criticise the scheme. Waiving visas still, however, required that the government provide assistance and support for refugees. It was never about just saying "come in and sort yourselves out". 2/
The most significant risk is that increases the danger of refugees being exploited and even trafficked. We already see how a failure to provide proper specialist support puts, particularly children, at risk in hotels, this seems to multiply the issue. 3/…
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Thread: Conflicts are one of the main drivers of child trafficking. For years the UK government has conflated "trafficking", which can lead to long-term exploitation and "smuggling", which is predominantly transactional. 1/…
If the Government rejects amendments made by the House of Lords, the #nationalityandbordersbill will make it harder for trafficking survivors to come forward, by placing time limits on how long they have to present evidence and reveal the level of trauma they've been through. 2/
As the #Ukraine️ war continues we will see the tragic and inevitable rise of trafficking in the area, particularly with children. As it stands the UK government's proposed legislation would see them risk being treated as adults, disbelieved, and criminalised. 3/
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Thread: Refugees don't need visas. Under international refugee law they cannot be penalised for their manner of entry, which is just one way in which the government's proposals for #NationalityAndBordersBill would violate international law. It isn't so simple though. 1/ #r4today
You know all those stories you see about "small boat crossings"? The politicians and pundits who claim that anyone crossing the channel is an "economic migrant"? Yeah, now you see with the failure of the UK to support those fleeing the #UkraineRussianWar why it was never true. 2/
It doesn't matter where someone is fleeing, the basic reasons for trying to reach the UK remain the same, language and family/friendship ties. Most refugees do remain in their regions of origin, not always by choice, but some don't. 3/
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Mishal Hussein rightly sceptical: it took the govt more than 6 months to establish its resettlement scheme for Afghan refugees & still hasn’t brought anyone new to safety under it since, so how can we have faith when we see similar news of chaos & delays for Ukrainians? #r4today
Ben Wallace full of misleading bluster about the 600 or so Ukrainians currently stuck in Calais he says will have their visas processed soon…

This chaos is a direct result of the govt’s brutal approach to refugees: they should be able to travel without needing a visa. #r4today
What if a Ukrainian family gives up on this farce and gets onto a small boat alongside refugees from Sudan and Iraq and Afghanistan? Will the government finally listen and provide safe, regulated travel from Calais to the UK for people who wish to seek asylum then? #r4today
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