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💚Seven years. Seven years ago it was a Friday afternoon & spring break was starting for my #school. Seven years ago I left the school where I #taught kindergarten for 18yrs & headed to my mom's house for a girls trip to Mexico. I didn't realize that would be... Con’t
2. (C pinned)
my last time at my school. Seven years ago as I excitedly drove to my mom's, a car came out of no where totaling mine with me inside causing a Brain Stem Injury.


It was the most frightening time of my life.
3. Seven years seems like a long time ago but not to me. The battles I've fought these past seven years since my car accident have been difficult but have taught me so many lessons about life.
No one truly knows what tomorrow will bring. I've learned who my friends & family are.
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@UWMedicine we have delivered cognitive-behavioral, psychoeducational, & mindfulness-based interventions for pain, fatigue, and depression via #Telehealth. Sharing tips we have learned along the way...
Over the past 10 yrs, we have conducted multiple RCTs, using telephone & videoconference (groups and 1:1) to deliver our study interventions because of our geography.

Due to #COVID19, we are now moving most of our clinic patients to #Telehealth visits to protect the health of patients, staff, & providers. Many of you are likely doing the same. Here are a few more pointers. @APA @APADiv22 @APADivision38
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Today at Davos, the conference for billionaires + others, Trump dismissed traumatic brain injuries (#TBI) sustained by US soldiers in Iraq as not “serious,” and referred to them as “headaches.”

But here’s the thing — they ARE really, really serious.

Why do we say that?

Here’s some of @txtianmiller’s reporting from a *literal* decade ago:
@txtianmiller Even mild TBI can be devastating.

Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, problems w/ memory + reasoning.

Once troops come home, they can have trouble driving a car down the street or comprehending their children’s homework.

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🚨Junto a @Dr_Hari_Krishna hicimos selección 🇬🇧🇪🇸de mejores artículos 📑 2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣ en #PedsICU para @PICJournalWatch

Comparte y comenta!
#Tweetorial acompañante

Lista PDF👉…
Infográfico clickeable👉…
@Dr_Hari_Krishna @PICJournalWatch @Nopanaden @curso_vm @miguelrdgzrubio @LA_Rednetwork @WFPICCS @SapnaKmd @jramonfernandez @PedCritCareMed @ChrisCarrollMD @pccm_doc 3/ La colección es incompleta. Muchos buenos estudios han sido publicados durante 2019. Ayúdanos a completarla y comparte tus ideas!

Surely this colection is incomplete. Many good studies have been published during the past 2019. Feel free to share with us!

#PedsICU #BestOf2019
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For those interested in key @UNC documents related to #TBI research, academic fraud, LD/ADHD, athlete rights, etc., including those featured in @TheAthletic piece, I will post them in this thread.
@UNC @TheAthletic The email from Dr. Thomas Gualtieri discussing the 61% LD/ADHD prevalence among incoming FB/WBB athletes in 2 incoming cohorts.
@UNC @TheAthletic Email from former UNC FB player Michael Paulus discussing "all the facets and corruption" that Mary W (whom UNC has continued to attack) tried to correct.
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Cuidados de Segundo Nivel en #TBI

Abro hilo, iniciamos y abierto los comentarios👩‍💻👨‍💻

#PedsICU #EduMed #MedEd
Cuarto hilo de #TBI enfocado a los casos Severos por Escala de Coma de Glasgow. Te sugerimos leer los hilos previos para continuar la temática (Abordaje prehospitalario y Urgencias, Cuidados Basales y Terapias de Primer Nivel)
Iniciamos comentándote que todas las terapias de segundo nivel "cuentan con mayor cantidad de efectos adversos", por lo que debes estar preparado para tratar estos efectos y saber como solucionarlos (te cobrarán factura). Una vez mencionando esto, iniciamos.
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Does the woodpecker-inspired #Qcollar protect the brain & prevent #concussion?

Take 3 minutes to read this fully referenced thread presenting evidence that a jugular compression collar is unlikely to keep athletes safe

Please SHARE, help inform others!

The #Qcollar is based on the idea that jugular compression increases blood in the brain to create a "bubble wrap" effect, which prevents the it from bouncing around inside the skull.

According to the company, this mechanism is found in Nature.

From the company's promotional video, the device is justified based on reducing brain "slosh" by:

1) Replicating the animal adaptations (see 18:00 in video)
3) Replicating effects of "higher altitude" exposure (see 21:57, again at 36:00)
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Traumatismo Craneoencefálico

Abro hilo, iniciamos, y abierto a tus comentarios

Iniciamos con Abordaje Prehospitalario e Inicial en el TCE (parte 1/2)

Ayúdame a difundir @eduk_salud @aline_zarate @dralexgiles @Afedokmate1 @GMonraz @GabiOrtz
Todos los órganos son importantes, pero uno de ellos está procesando esta información, abrió la 👩‍💻 , desbloqueó el 📱, se despidió de sus seres queridos en la mañana.
Si nos falla un órgano, podemos suplantarlo, y seguimos siendo nosotros mismos. Pero si falla el 🧠, eso cambia.
El TCE lo definimos como una lesión estructural cerebral resultado de una fuerza física externa transmitida a la cabeza que interrumpe la arquitectura y función normal del cerebro.
Este hilo, nos vamos a enfocar al TCE severo.
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A thread about Gary Bettman, the NHL & how the league of denial used Todd Ewen’s case to cast doubt on a link between repeated brain injuries and CTE

Thank you to @rwesthead for covering the concussion hearing in depth

#NHL #FridayReads #CTE…
2/ The widow of Todd Ewen sued the National Hockey League on Tuesday, claiming the #NHL cynically exploited a botched analysis of her husband’s brain, which later tested positive for #CTE

Even in death, former players are not safe

#FridayFeeIing #TBI…
3/ “Unbeknownst to Kelli Ewen, Dr Lili-Naz Hazrati served as an expert witness for the #NHL in multidistrict litigation...”

"Had [Dr. Hazrati] disclosed her conflicts of interest, Kelli would never have sent Todd's brain to her” Ewen said

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About 10 years ago, I was walking home from a slow-pitch baseball game and party with my team. I was a bit drunk, so I walked instead of driving. On the way home I was mugged from behind and woke up in the Rockyview Hospital in #YYC, with a #TBI #concussion. (1 of 13)
I've had multiple concussions from athletics. Football, hockey, rugby & skiing, plus ran over by a car, not once but twice. (think Super Dave Osborne) plus what I have learned since, repeated mildTBIs from the sports. Likely result, I have #CTE. I get worse each year, not better.
Here is what is happening now. I retired from my business some years ago and stopped working completely, 3.5 years ago. I have other progressive diseases besides #CTE, like #COPD #Arthritis #Cancer and more. It is a heavy load and crippling my abilities.
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Traumatismo Craneoencefálico Severo 🧠 #TCE

Abro hilo, iniciamos 👨‍💻 y abierto los comentarios

A propósito de la publicación del @PedCritCareMed

@MarianaPediatra @FOAMexico @CantillMauricio @FOAMedMX @FranLoachamin @PatologCritica @ecameselle @RobustosMD @naidxielli 🔁
90 artículos contribuyeron a la evidencia, 68 describían protocolos aplicados para el manejo

Documento intencionado a uniformar la práctica clínica y mejorar desenlace, intentando motivarla innovación y búsqueda en áeras donde la evidencia es escasa
Objetivo del algoritmo es su utilidad en el manejo general en #PedsICU en el TBI severo así como aspectos específicos

La #CT valora la extensión de la lesión cerebral y la necesidad potencial de intervención quirúrgica

El monitoreo de #ICP para guiar la terapia de la ICP y #CPP
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This is thoughtful thread from @SteveFainaru and underscores many of the issues raised in our @TheLancetNeuro Correspondence

In essence, the discussion on #CTE has been polarised as:
- #CTE is fully defined disease, its recognition at autopsy is a simple 'yes' or 'no' decision and prevalence is know to be high
- any other view = #CTE denier = in league with sport

No middle ground
So, when >60 international experts note that the answer to many of the most important questions in #CTE is 'we don't know', and that this uncertainty should be acknowledged in reporting, the assumption is the authors must represent Option 2 and this is #CTE denial

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This isn't a one-off. I played football at the university level. When you get a concussion, they don't send you to a neurologist, they send you to a musculoskeletal physician that specializes in sports injuries, who by their own admission have no idea when it comes to the brain.
Apart from that, they still use the ImPACT Test, or similar models that are quite simply garbage. I've been faking my way through these stupid tests since I was 14, players botch them intentionally to lower their baseline and hasten their return to play after a concussion.
It's well known that this happens, nobody talks about it, have to keep the players on the field. After suffering two concussions in two months, with symptoms still lingering today after four months, I should have been sent to someone who knows what they're talking about.
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With the opt in/out date deadline on Jan 18th 4 the @NHL #concussion lawsuit I wanted to revisit this breakdown from @SheillaDingus on the red flags of the settlement:

1/ A potential life & death situation is noted, in which the #NHL says “live or die...…
we don’t care, just don’t ask us for any money.” Players are instructed to file a claim from the Additional Payment Fund—if they live long enough

2/ The NHL control of testing procedure immediately drew a red flag. It is notable that the cost of testing is NOT included....
in the total value of the settlement but is instead an uncapped fund under COMPLETE control of the NHL

It seems odd that no one to my knowledge has reported this

“In the big picture the cost of these exams is de minimus, particularly when the NHL is in control of these exams”
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Colin Campbell, the long-time disciplinarian — now the senior executive vice-president of hockey operations with the @NHL — is shown in correspondence to term anti-violence advocates alternately as “greenpeace pukes” & “tree huggers”

#SundayMorning #SundayFunday #SundayThoughts
2/ In a 2009 email to @TSN_Sports & Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) Campbell seeks counsel in an apparent desire to help remove fighting from the game: “I hated fighting . . . had to do it though . . . particularly in the 70’s, but it is stupid.”
3/ And then, four years later, in an email to fellow TSN correspondent Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) Colin Campbell writes he is, in fact, “for fighting.”
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1/Bettman was consistent in answering the many questions in his deposition: Because there is no medical or scientific certainty, he said, there is no reason to warn @NHL players about the risks of #CTE Nor is there reason, even after the premature…
2/in recent years of several #NHL “enforcers” such as Bob Probert , Wade Belak, Rick Rypien, Derek Boogaard & Steve Montador to look for a link between fighting in hockey & brain injuries. “I think the sample has been too small,” Bettman said... #tbi…
3/when asked about the players who died “I would respectfully suggest that, as tragic and as unfortunate as it is, there isn’t even enough circumstantial evidence to draw any conclusions.” Asked whether he had ever spoken to family members of these players…
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1/ This is an anecdote that describes seeing & riding a punch in boxing. When a boxer sees the hit coming, they are trained to brace for it appropriately. They ride the hit @NHL #tbi…
2/ So take the 2 anecdotes I just posted together. If you don’t see the hit, you’re at greater risk for injury. If you are able to see the hit and are conditioned to take hits safely, you are less likely to get injured. This is a corner stone to what @clarkjf is trying to do.
3/ Improve vision and processing to react faster/better and body/brain/neck strength and conditioning to take hits safely. I’m sure you know that if you deliver a hit, your body is ready for it and puts energy into the other person’s body. If you know you’re going to be hit you..
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Study on soccer. It shows that females who close their eyes during a header & are not seeing a hit coming may be at greater risk for #concussion So if you don’t see the hit, are not prepared for it, you may be at greater risk for being injured #TBI #nhl…
I am implementing Vision Training into @TPDHockey I train 1300 kids every week. They will all be getting a baseline test & vision training twice a week to better expand their peripheral vision to better prepare them for hits they wouldn’t see coming prior to this type of training
The anecdotes I will be posting the next couple hours/days are from @clarkjf
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1/ If u have played the game the way I have, this clip is not that difficult to break down. Notice Wilson’s right skate before or at the initial point of contact. It is leaving the ice intentionally, which means he thrusts his body into an upward direction, which is towards the
2/ head of Reese. If we look at the left skate during the point of contact, Wilson is rising up onto his toe, as if he is trying to jump, hence the reason he ended up sitting on the dasher of his own bench after the hit. It is clear that Reese sees Wilson coming but that has very
3/ little to do with the fact that Wilson clearly makes contact with the head/jaw of Reese, in direct result of jumping and thrusting his body in an upward motion. Bc of this, we have a human being who may get the right diagnosis of a #concussion yet will he receive the treatment
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