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People with #CommunicationDisability Striving, Thriving and Surviving as Technology Advances. Selected slides for my Keynote at @ASSBI1 Conference today #ASSBI2022 "Getting on with the business of living." #TBI #DigitalTech #DigitalAutonomy
1 - Can't include this level of detail in my 30 mins but lots of researchers have informed this presentation, you can see many of them here. #ASSBI2022 THANK YOU for your captivating work in #VR, #AR, #SmartSpeakers, and 3D food printing.
3 - Remember this model, based on a systematic review of 95 studies led by @LissBEE_CPSP for her #SLPhD encompassing all types of communication technology for people with #TBI. A useful model to reflect upon as you hear about advancing technologies (There are others). #ASSBI2022
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Proud to announce the final paper of my dissertation is out @ASHAJournals 🎉

Here, we aimed to assess longitudinal performance in language and other cognitive domains important for academic success in young adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) participating in intensive rehab Image
22 young adults with ABI (#stroke, traumatic brain injury (#TBI), tumor, encephalitis) attended ≥ 12-week semester of the Intensive Cognitive and Communication Rehabilitation program. The program (lectures, individual therapy, tech. training), was held 6 hours/day, 4 days/week. Image
14 young adults with ABI served as deferred treatment/usual care control participants. All participants demonstrated language and/or other cognitive impairment on a standardized assessment battery (WAB, RBANS, SCCAN, DCT) administered before/after each semester.
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El catedrático argentino Alejandro Olmos @papelesdealejo ingresó a la @CorteConstEcu recusación contra Juez Hernán Salgado y Jueza Teresa Nuques para que se excusen (aparten) de la Causa 2-18-IC clave para #GuillermoLasso en su ambición...
de saquear al país. Para esto el banquero-Presidente necesitaba regresar al #Ecuador al nefasto #CIADI @icsid que de momento lo ha conseguido y que estamos luchando en la @CorteConstEcu para revertir esta infamia junto con 15 organizaciones de...
lucha social + Andrés Arauz @ecuarauz y 9 asambleístas de la @BancadaUNESec (9 de 47), 9 de 137 asambleístas.
Al parecer a las transnacionales no les es suficiente esto y ahora exigen que se anule (re-interprete) el Art. 422 de la Constitución porque..
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It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and i'd like to talk about the role of #SLT in mental health for people with #TBI and #FND. I could speak specifically to the role of SLT in mental health settings as i've previously worked in many but i want to focus on my current client groups
Increasing insight in #TBI recovery can negatively impact mood. Mood and emotions are definitely the remit of neuropsychology but all in the MDT can adapt to support confidence, self esteem and mood 1/n
I use as a basis for my video work with my clients with #TBI and #FND as the focus is on all the super stuff my clients are already doing. VIG has a strong evidence base, and we know clients learn best in a positive environment 2/n
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@US_FDA approved the #Qcollar jugular compression device to "protect athletes' brains during head impacts."

This decision was based on VERY FLAWED DATA and does NOT demonstrate the safety or effectiveness of the Q-collar.

Read detailed thread⬇️

Here is the text from the @FDADeviceInfo press release.

If you don't understand the highly nuanced #MRI technique known as DTI, these results sound straightforward and convincing.

THEY ARE NOT. Don't be fooled by these numbers!🤔

I will dissect these in the thread below. Image

"No significant changes" is based AVERAGE response, not individual.

First, an easy-to-understand analogy below.

If half the sample experiences an increase and half experiences a decrease, they can cancel each other out to falsely suggest "no change" when one does exists! Image
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Here is the #PedsICU #BestOf2020 collection.
Jointly chosen by @Dr_Hari_Krishna @sgdambrauskas @miguelrrMD
Pubmed collection 40 articles:…
Infographic (clickable PDF) in English:
#PedsCICU #NeuroPICU
The #Bestof2020 #PedsICU pubmed collection will also be available in the FREE #PICCHub app (sponsored by @PICSociety) as the latest monthly #PICUJournalwatch collection:
Download links: Android:…
.@sgdambrauskas and @MiguelrrMD will be simultaneously sharing their thoughts about the #PedsICU #Bestof2020 collection in a tweetorial.
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2020 has been extraordinary.

But we wanted to share the 10 reasons we are proud of 2020 by the S-Lab research group of @PICU_BCH & @BacrUob @unibirmingham

AND to say a HUGE 'thank you' to everyone who has made this possible #teamscience #PedsICU #2020
1)In the last 12 months we have built up a team of Neuro-critical care, resuscitation science, early rehabilitation and COVID19/PIMS-TS researchers for in Birmingham to improve the lives of critically unwell children. Currently called the S(cholefield)-Lab pending a better name!
2)In 2020 we watched our early career researchers shine

Hussin Albargi @AlBaRqi14 (PhD student: paediatric prehospital cardiac arrest)
Mirjam Kool @mirjam_kool (ACF – post-arrest #TTM Intra-arrest physiological monitoring @ILCOR) & 1st publication!
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Yeah, remember when #CaptainBoneSpurs said being repeatedly bombed deaf and senseless, or being blasted 30 feet in the air with regularity, isn't really an injury, even if it does make you completely deaf, leave your ears ringing forever, give you #PTSD & #TraumaticBrainInjury.
BTW there's really no such thing as 'mild' #TraumaticBrainInjury. It's a horrific insult for them to call #TBI mild. It's life-changing, but not in a good way. #TrumpHatesOurMilitary #SuckersAndLosers #TrumpHatesOurTroops #VoteVets #Vote! #JoeBiden!…
“I heard they had headaches and a couple of other things. I can report it is not very serious,” Trump said

#HeadacheGate #TrumpHatesOurMilitary #TrumpHatesOurTroops He didn't serve because he didn't want to get that 'headache'. #SuckersAndLosers!…
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@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems At this juncture, it’s clear to explain
an old saw from Mike Parson’s campaign:
random rural yard signs to
applaud Mike’s designs to
continue his post-Greitens reign.
In this specimen Parson would take in
uninformed voters in County Macon. 1/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems The reality, though: far more grim
as school districts may soon sink, not swim
in each piteous scene
of a mass quarantine as
new cases exceed counties’ brim.
Yet the venue’s the same:
still in Macon. Why no
mask mandate? Parson’s mistaken.
2/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems Yes; thank goodness the
National Guard, unlike Mike,
at this moment works hard
citizens to protect.
Parson’s lies we reject,
evidenced by his COVID scorecard.
Folks still ask: why no #MaskUp
mandate? Parson’s post outweighs
the #ShowMe State.

🔥 #mogov 🗳️
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THREAD - Today’s THE day.
With no graduation ceremonies in sight, I’m getting Mr8 & Mr9 to help me celebrate my #PhD conferral today!
We made a #TwitterMind themed #SLPhD bonnet (featuring brain & blue bird), a ceremonial mace & the boys made me a certificate #FirstGenPhD PhD bonnet made of black velvet, with gold tassels and featuBrain made from brown fabric and ropeYellow certificate with red tassle saying 'congrats mum'Gold upcycled craft mace
And we all dressed the part 🎓🧑🏽‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓🧑🏽‍🎓
Mr8 felt it was imperative I wear the bonnet to drop them off at school… 🤣🥰🤘🏽 Smiling woman wearing PhD bonnet (featuring a brain and birdMr9 and Mr8 wearing black gowns, mortar board hats and holdiA woman and two boys smiling at the camera wearing their PhD
A huge shout out to my epic #SLPhD supervisory team @BronwynHemsley @LeanneTogher @s_palm @stephendann, my @UTS_GSH colleagues, and my wonderful thesis examiners 🤗
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@UWMedicine we have delivered cognitive-behavioral, psychoeducational, & mindfulness-based interventions for pain, fatigue, and depression via #Telehealth. Sharing tips we have learned along the way...
Over the past 10 yrs, we have conducted multiple RCTs, using telephone & videoconference (groups and 1:1) to deliver our study interventions because of our geography.

Due to #COVID19, we are now moving most of our clinic patients to #Telehealth visits to protect the health of patients, staff, & providers. Many of you are likely doing the same. Here are a few more pointers. @APA @APADiv22 @APADivision38
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Today at Davos, the conference for billionaires + others, Trump dismissed traumatic brain injuries (#TBI) sustained by US soldiers in Iraq as not “serious,” and referred to them as “headaches.”

But here’s the thing — they ARE really, really serious.

Why do we say that?

Here’s some of @txtianmiller’s reporting from a *literal* decade ago:
@txtianmiller Even mild TBI can be devastating.

Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, problems w/ memory + reasoning.

Once troops come home, they can have trouble driving a car down the street or comprehending their children’s homework.

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Unreal. The five-time draft dodger who literally said that *avoiding STDs* was his “personal Vietnam” thinks that it’s not “serious” that U.S. troops might have suffered traumatic brain injuries when Iran responded to his #Soleimani strike.… (1/5)
This man has no respect for the sacrifices our servicemembers make for our country—he simply has no sense of decency. (2/5)
From @TheBushCenter: #TBI “is an injury to the brain due to external forces which disrupt the brain’s functioning. The disruption may be temporary with full recovery, or there may be long-lasting, even permanent injury to brain tissue”… (3/5)
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⚡️With America locked in a global face-off w Iran, @PaulRieckhoff breaks down the latest w his trademark independence, experience, & humor. In Ep41, we approach the enormous stress of this precarious time in history w light, not heat. & @mazdackrassi:🎙⚡️ Image
⚡️Episode41 goes deep into the human side of the Iran/US relationship with one of the most successful Iran-American business and cultural leaders in America. @kanyewest called him “a visionary”. Meet @MazdackRassi:🇺🇸 🇮🇷🎙⚡️ Image
“@mazdackrassi, what makes you angry?” The powerful, fun and inspiring conversation with @PaulRieckhoff is at now. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. #IYNAYNPA
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🚨Junto a @Dr_Hari_Krishna hicimos selección 🇬🇧🇪🇸de mejores artículos 📑 2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣ en #PedsICU para @PICJournalWatch

Comparte y comenta!
#Tweetorial acompañante

Lista PDF👉…
Infográfico clickeable👉…
@Dr_Hari_Krishna @PICJournalWatch @Nopanaden @curso_vm @miguelrdgzrubio @LA_Rednetwork @WFPICCS @SapnaKmd @jramonfernandez @PedCritCareMed @ChrisCarrollMD @pccm_doc 3/ La colección es incompleta. Muchos buenos estudios han sido publicados durante 2019. Ayúdanos a completarla y comparte tus ideas!

Surely this colection is incomplete. Many good studies have been published during the past 2019. Feel free to share with us!

#PedsICU #BestOf2019
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For those interested in key @UNC documents related to #TBI research, academic fraud, LD/ADHD, athlete rights, etc., including those featured in @TheAthletic piece, I will post them in this thread.
@UNC @TheAthletic The email from Dr. Thomas Gualtieri discussing the 61% LD/ADHD prevalence among incoming FB/WBB athletes in 2 incoming cohorts.
@UNC @TheAthletic Email from former UNC FB player Michael Paulus discussing "all the facets and corruption" that Mary W (whom UNC has continued to attack) tried to correct.
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Cuidados de Segundo Nivel en #TBI

Abro hilo, iniciamos y abierto los comentarios👩‍💻👨‍💻

#PedsICU #EduMed #MedEd
Cuarto hilo de #TBI enfocado a los casos Severos por Escala de Coma de Glasgow. Te sugerimos leer los hilos previos para continuar la temática (Abordaje prehospitalario y Urgencias, Cuidados Basales y Terapias de Primer Nivel)
Iniciamos comentándote que todas las terapias de segundo nivel "cuentan con mayor cantidad de efectos adversos", por lo que debes estar preparado para tratar estos efectos y saber como solucionarlos (te cobrarán factura). Una vez mencionando esto, iniciamos.
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Does the woodpecker-inspired #Qcollar protect the brain & prevent #concussion?

Take 3 minutes to read this fully referenced thread presenting evidence that a jugular compression collar is unlikely to keep athletes safe

Please SHARE, help inform others!

The #Qcollar is based on the idea that jugular compression increases blood in the brain to create a "bubble wrap" effect, which prevents the it from bouncing around inside the skull.

According to the company, this mechanism is found in Nature.

From the company's promotional video, the device is justified based on reducing brain "slosh" by:

1) Replicating the animal adaptations (see 18:00 in video)
3) Replicating effects of "higher altitude" exposure (see 21:57, again at 36:00)
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Traumatismo Craneoencefálico

Abro hilo, iniciamos, y abierto a tus comentarios

Iniciamos con Abordaje Prehospitalario e Inicial en el TCE (parte 1/2)

Ayúdame a difundir @eduk_salud @aline_zarate @dralexgiles @Afedokmate1 @GMonraz @GabiOrtz
Todos los órganos son importantes, pero uno de ellos está procesando esta información, abrió la 👩‍💻 , desbloqueó el 📱, se despidió de sus seres queridos en la mañana.
Si nos falla un órgano, podemos suplantarlo, y seguimos siendo nosotros mismos. Pero si falla el 🧠, eso cambia.
El TCE lo definimos como una lesión estructural cerebral resultado de una fuerza física externa transmitida a la cabeza que interrumpe la arquitectura y función normal del cerebro.
Este hilo, nos vamos a enfocar al TCE severo.
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A thread about Gary Bettman, the NHL & how the league of denial used Todd Ewen’s case to cast doubt on a link between repeated brain injuries and CTE

Thank you to @rwesthead for covering the concussion hearing in depth

#NHL #FridayReads #CTE…
2/ The widow of Todd Ewen sued the National Hockey League on Tuesday, claiming the #NHL cynically exploited a botched analysis of her husband’s brain, which later tested positive for #CTE

Even in death, former players are not safe

#FridayFeeIing #TBI…
3/ “Unbeknownst to Kelli Ewen, Dr Lili-Naz Hazrati served as an expert witness for the #NHL in multidistrict litigation...”

"Had [Dr. Hazrati] disclosed her conflicts of interest, Kelli would never have sent Todd's brain to her” Ewen said

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Traumatismo Craneoencefálico Severo 🧠 #TCE

Abro hilo, iniciamos 👨‍💻 y abierto los comentarios

A propósito de la publicación del @PedCritCareMed

@MarianaPediatra @FOAMexico @CantillMauricio @FOAMedMX @FranLoachamin @PatologCritica @ecameselle @RobustosMD @naidxielli 🔁
90 artículos contribuyeron a la evidencia, 68 describían protocolos aplicados para el manejo

Documento intencionado a uniformar la práctica clínica y mejorar desenlace, intentando motivarla innovación y búsqueda en áeras donde la evidencia es escasa
Objetivo del algoritmo es su utilidad en el manejo general en #PedsICU en el TBI severo así como aspectos específicos

La #CT valora la extensión de la lesión cerebral y la necesidad potencial de intervención quirúrgica

El monitoreo de #ICP para guiar la terapia de la ICP y #CPP
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This is thoughtful thread from @SteveFainaru and underscores many of the issues raised in our @TheLancetNeuro Correspondence

In essence, the discussion on #CTE has been polarised as:
- #CTE is fully defined disease, its recognition at autopsy is a simple 'yes' or 'no' decision and prevalence is know to be high
- any other view = #CTE denier = in league with sport

No middle ground
So, when >60 international experts note that the answer to many of the most important questions in #CTE is 'we don't know', and that this uncertainty should be acknowledged in reporting, the assumption is the authors must represent Option 2 and this is #CTE denial

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