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"In March 2023 the #Forest #Conservation Amendment bill was plaed before the LokSabha. Ms Prakriti Srivastava,IFS (PCCF #Kerala) & I jointly wrote a submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee, link provided at the end of the (long) thread. 1/n
highlighting the imp pts:
Fundamental changes in the proposed bill:
a)Limits the scope & ambit of the original FCA (1980), removing crucial safeguards from a vast majority of India's #biodiverse rich #forests, thereby opens the floodgates for diversion for other uses
b) Undoes many provisions of the existing #ForestConservationAct; c) dilutes the 202/1996 #SupremeCourt ‘Godavarman’ #judgement, overturns its #conservation gains
(d) facilitates privatisation of forests to create plantations
e) shifts focus from conservation of forests to 3/n
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When a #FreightTrain carrying toxic chemicals derailed near #EastPalestine, #Ohio, bursting into flame and sending up clouds of poisonous vinyl chloride smoke and gas, our immediate concerns were for the people in harm's way and the train's crew:… 1/ A locomotive steaming away ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Those immediate concerns were soon joined by broader worries: that the entire rail industry presented a systematic danger, and the Ohio #derailment was a symptom of a much deeper pathology that endangered anyone who lives near one of the rail corridors that crisscross the US. 3/
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absolutely mad that Mbappé has scored more goals than anyone in World Cup final history at the age of 23 and that, despite the loss last night, is already a World Cup winner. what a player.
I don’t even think Mbappé was the best #FRA player last night (big ups Kolo Muani) but his ability to be decisive even when not playing well is terrifying and recalls peak Cristiano. except he’s been at this level since he was 17. 😭
look, Mbappé is 23. it’s impossible to know where he’ll fall when it’s all said and done. but he’s started at a ridiculous pace and while he’ll never be as complete as Messi, he could forge his own path into the pantheon all the same.

probably needs to leave PSG tho. #FRA
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फाइनल का रोमांच

फुटबॉल विश्वकप का फाइनल बिल्कुल फाइनल जैसा रहा। जिस रोमांच की आशा लेकर दर्शक फाइनल मैच देखता है वो रोमांच इस फाइनल में देखने को मिला हालांकि पहले 78वें मिनट तक ऐसा कुछ नहीं था।

#FIFAWorldCup #ARGFRA #Messi𓃵 #leomessi
पहले 78वें मिनट तक मैच अर्जेंटीना की ओर झुका रहा और एक साधारण सा मैच खेला जा रहा। लेकिन मैच के 79वें मिनट से सबकुछ बदल गया। मैच ने जब करवट बदली तो मैस्सी के प्रशंसकों को भी सिर पकड़ने के लिए विवश होना पड़ा।

#FIFAWorldCup #ARGFRA #Messi𓃵 #LionelMessi𓃵
इसके बाद मैच में वो सबकुछ हुआ जिसे देखने के लिए हजारों दर्शक स्टेडियम पहुंचे थे, जिसे देखने के लिए विश्व भर के करोड़ों लोग अपने-अपने टीवी सेटों या मोबाइल से चिपके हुए थे।

#FIFAWorldCup #ARGFRA #ArgentinaVsFrance #Messi𓃵 #leomessi
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“Ladies & Gentlemen, this your Captain speaking. I am happy to inform you that #Argentina have just won the #WorldCup

Argentinians celebrate at 30,000 feet aboard an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight from Buenos Aires to Madrid #WorldCupFinal
(via @AeroportoD)
“Everything I know about morality & the obligations of men I owe to football” (Camus)

Football teaches us about team work, courage & fair play but most importantly it teaches us that some things are more important than winning. #WorldCupFinal #Arg  #fra 
The lessons offered by football extend beyond the pitch

They teach us about individual & collective responsibility

Just as there are universally accepted rules of football, so there are universal human rights #WorldCup #WorldCupFinal #Argentina #Messi𓃵…
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Penalties in the #FIFAWorldCup Final 🔥

It doesn't get bigger than this!

Mbappe scores the first penalty!

#FRA: ✅
Messi scores!

#FRA: ✅
#ARG: ✅
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#FRA have switched to a back three. Dembélé and Theo wing-backs.
meanwhile #ARG going old-school 4-4-fuckin'-2.
and THAT is why Dembélé at wingback is a risky proposition.
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#AHORA 🔵 Empezó a rodar la ilusión: Argentina juega contra Francia la final de #Qatar2022. Image
🔵⚽️ El partido está demorado a los 10 minutos del primer tiempo por falta contra el arquero francés: Argentina y Francia empatan 0 a 0.
🔵⚽️ Gran jugada de Argentina, Di María lo tuvo y se fue por arriba: el partido sigue 0 a 0 en #Qatar2022

🇦🇷 ¡Vamos Selección!
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1/ “Everything I know about morality & the obligations of men I owe to football” (Camus)

Football teaches us about team work, courage & fair play but most importantly it teaches us that some things are more important than winning #WorldCupFinal #Arg #fra
2/. The lessons offered by football extend beyond the pitch

They teach us about individual & collective responsibility

Just as there are universally accepted rules of football, so there are universal human rights & freedoms governing how we should behave…
3/. Just as the rules of football ensure fairness on the pitch, so human rights law governs behaviour globally

But the rules need to be applied equally

Referees - like @amnesty - can blow the whistle on visible foul play - but systemic injustices remain!
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¿Cómo juega Francia? Análisis del equipo de Deschamps. Posicionamientos con y sin pelota, Griezmann, Mbappé, Tchouaméni, los espacios y las claves en donde #ARG debe prestar atención, y en dónde puede hacer daño. Algo de lo que veremos mañana. Image
Francia compartió el Grupo D junto a #AUS (4-1), #DIN (2-1) y #TUN (0-1). Después venció a #POL (3-1) en octavos, a #ENG (2-1) en cuartos, y a #MAR (2-0) en semis. Ganó 5 partidos y perdió 1. 13 goles a favor y 5 en contra. Image
Datos a tener en cuenta para contextualizar:

Más goles:
- Mbappé (5)
- Giroud (4)
- Theo (1)

- Griezmann (3)
- Mbappé (2)
- Theo (2)

Chances creadas
- Griezmann (8)
- Dembéle (3)
- Mbappé (2) Image
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Un aspecto que #ARG debe tener en cuenta vs #FRA en la final: la zona de Theo Hernández.

Sobre todo en el partido ante Inglaterra, el equipo de Deschamps sufrió cuando su lateral tuvo que cubrir su zona, ya sea al hacer persecusiones o por ser atraído y dejar libre su espalda. ImageImageImageImage
Francia tuvo jugadas en las que ese espacio libre a la espalda del lateral casi le costó caro, tanto ante Inglaterra como contra Marruecos.

Algún rival aprovechaba para romper detrás de él, ya que antes había tocado con un apoyo en la banda y logró atraer al defensor francés. ImageImageImageImage
Incluso, en los duelos también se vio superado.

Por ejemplo, Dinamarca utilizó el recurso de fijarlo por dentro y liberar el costado. Luego, en el 1 vs. 1, hubo alguna jugada en la que no pudo cortar el ataque.

Como hemos visto, Hernández puede ser desbordado de varias formas. ImageImageImageImage
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#FRA 2-0 #MAR

🏆 Les Bleus pelearán ante Argentina por su segundo Mundial seguido.

👏 Honor a los Leones del Atlas.
#FRA sacó a relucir su talento defensivo. Lloris, Koundé, Upmecano, Konaté y Tchouaméni parecieron infranqueables. Por si eso fuese poco, Griezmann estuvo un día más inmenso en esa faceta.
Los galos fueron muy verticales cada vez que robaron el balón, especialmente en la primera parte. Sim embargo, el tempranero gol de Theo Hernandez no hundió ni mucho menos a #MAR, que miró a #FRA a los ojos hasta el gol de Kolo Muani, que sentenció el partido.
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US is "all in on Africa's future," @POTUS tells #USAfricaLeadersSummit. Image
At #USAfricaLeadersSummit, @POTUS says US committed to improving #Africa infrastructure. Image
More than $15 billion in new business deals announced by US companies with #Africa, according to @POTUS. Image
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WC Quarter-Final Team Profiles

I was generating post-match reports since the beginning of the tournament. @FPL_Chase came up with the idea of compiling that data to map team profiles. With the help of two amazing people (@FPL_Jan and @FPLEchidna) we generated some reports.
For each team, a visualization of clustered progressive pass and carry paths is given. 'Progressive' refers to moves that increase chance of scoring a goal, measured by 'Expected Threat'. It is hard to generalize attacking patterns in a World Cup due to limited number of games.
We are providing raw data along with some comments. We listed top providers and receivers for each pass cluster, and top players for carry clusters. Numbers next to player names show the total Expected Threat generated in that cluster by the player.
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Mbappé, um assombro #CopaDoMundoFIFA
Aquela combinação mortal que a gente via no Ronaldo Fenômeno no auge: velocidade e habilidade, força e inteligência. Que jogador! #CopaDoMundoFIFA
Como corre o time francês para recuperar bola. Não tem como sustentar esse ritmo por muito tempo (OK, 5 substituições). Jogo bom #CopaDoMundoFIFA
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#FIFAWorldCup #Qatar2022

The defending champions take on Poland in the Round of 16!

🏟️:Al Thumama Stadium

#FRA: Lloris, Kounde, Varane, Upamecano, Theo Hernandez, Tchouameni, Rabiot, Dembele, Griezmann, Mbappe, Giroud
#POL: Szczesny, Bereszynski, Glik, Kiwior, Cash, Sebastian Szymanski, Krychowiak, Frankowski, Zielinski, Kaminski, Lewandowski

#FIFAWorldCup #Qatar2022

Olivier Giroud gets the ball rolling. France kicking from left to right in their blue and white home kit. Poland dressed in their primary colors as well.


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A partir de este sábado, inicia la fase final de #Qatar2022 ¿Qué equipo pasará en cada partido de octavos de final? El primero es #NED vs #USA, desde las 12.
#ARG y #AUS se enfrentarán a partir de las 16. El ganador jugará contra el vencedor de #NED-#USA ¿Cuál pasará a cuartos?
#FRA y #POL abrirán el domingo de octavos de final a las 12 ¿Cuál pasará a cuartos?
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#A380 #Boeing #Airbus #avgeek - The world's largest passenger plane, the wide-body two-story Airbus A380, entered service with @SingaporeAir in Oct. 2007. 254 built through 2021 when production ended. @Emirates bought ~half. 1/ @Sylvia70485099
2/ I love Boeing B-747s, but the A380 feels even bigger and statelier despite the decidedly awkward proportions in these glamor shots. :) The project started as the A3XX in the mid-1990s. Surprisingly, neither was the first double-decker passenger liner.
3/ The A380's major components come from across Germany, England and Spain (and elsewhere?) with final assembly in #Toulouse, France, long a big French assembly hub. This collaboration has always been part of the multinational Airbus company's model.
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Thread. Let's see what this #Eurovision brings.
Laura Pausini is amazing as always.
It's a whole album by Laura Pauisini. #Eurovision
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Here we go! #Eurovision
That was rather beautiful. #GivePeaceAChance #Eurovision
Oh she's not quite managed to get her yellow mac fastened there. Tricky things. #Eurovision
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Risk Management is not just about producing tons of reports that nobody wants to read in the office.
I am very angry to note that most of the #ERM/Risk Desks just produce day-end reports, which end up in the dustbin.
Risk Dept. should not be a tick the box function.
what is the point of preparing #VaR Reports, when the fund manager does not understand basic probability?
There is no point in hiring a world-class hard science PhD to do risk management work at financial institutions or elsewhere, if the board members have zero numeracy and data science skillsets, the staff in front and back offices have poor technical and academic backgrounds, etc
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Il padre di Antonio #Martino, Gaetano Min Esteri anni'50 ha sabotato nel 1956 il tentativo di #Mattei e del Pres Rep #Gronchi di stabilire un alleanza antimperialista nel Med insieme al Pres #USA #Eisenhower dopo il suo intervento contro la spedizione coloniale #UK-#FRA a Suez Image
Gronchi scrisse una lettera al Pres USA Eisenhower su suggerimento di Mattei e Martino impedì che quella lettera venisse mai spedita..
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Not happened yet, but I will be very surprised if Russian tanks are not on Ukrainian territory by the morning. Initially in Donbas territories.

A few more made up "atrocities" or staged attacks will be broadcast by 21st century Lord Haw Haws and then a hot war on the frontline.
My guess is #Ukraine's forces are likely to be pushed back beyond the current frontline, which has been frozen for years. I doubt it will extend to Odesa, Kharkiv or even Mariupol' yet.
It will be symbolic advance, a few small villages, maybe Slovyansk.
I've not been wrong so far
President @ZelenskyyUa is to address the nation

#StandWithUkraine #Ukraine
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