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In today's CV Conf, there was a segment where 45 kept saying 10, 10, 10...Coded Q1010, #10 crumbs for markers/days activated. What went down today, Schumann. Then I see this..."PAIN" Tweets ✅ for start of [dark] purge, physical/etheric. #EnoughIsEnough #WinThisWar #GodSpeed
Oh SR is back on but this was causing me to feel nauseous all day... #GetReady #Rest_Integrate_Anchor #444GatewayMission
Roll-out 👍🙏🇺🇸
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Thread about abuse of young female activists:

This latest disgusting attack on @GretaThunberg is proof that some people will stop at nothing to try to bring young women down.

This violent misogyny is unacceptable, & unfortunately not rare. It must end.…
Adults, do you understand how often it is that young women activists get horrible messages & attacks from grown men?

It’s time we speak out about this!

Young womxn activists, if you feel comfortable sharing, comment below if you have faced any inappropriate attacks by adults.
I don’t like to talk about this but with the recent show of violence against #GretaThurnberg I need to talk about it so we as a society can stop this behavior.

Sometimes I get social media messages by men talking about how they would like to see me and Greta raped & killed.
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45 dropping crumbs on flu shots killing ~360k over the past 10 yrs, #FluShotsCabalAgenda21 #EndEvilVaccine #PurgingCDC #TrustTheQTeam
Good one 45 on the boom-boom after u win the re-election. 😂💙👍🏼
Q+ made CDC central stage today, part of the plan? I’m sure we all know CDC have been a Nazi/cabal controlled agency for decades. It’s time to really purge all the minions who have hurt our kids with their vaccines leading to all kinds of illness/deaths. #EnoughIsEnough
Read 5 tweets… #EnoughIsEnough Together we march this Saturday from 13-16.00. @RightProtest #Brits2020 #HoldThemToAccount Do you care about #climate & #democracy & #Judiciary & #racism & #inequality & #NotInMyName & #Fascism
Enough devastating droughts,
floods and storms.
Enough of police clamping down on peaceful protesters.
Enough fires decimating wildlife and homes from the UK to the USA, Australia to Amazon & Africa.
Enough of being labelled extremists for standing up for each other.
Enough racism. Enough
Enough of the media controlling our story.
Enough government failure.

More courage.
More collaboration.
More love.

Movements, individuals, organisations, families and communities are marching together in resistance and solidarity THIS SATURDAY
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #metoo #enoughisenough #silencebreakers

I think it's important 2 let people know that approaching survivors 2 hear their stories re-victimizes them/us. We can brace ourselves 2 tell our stories in order 2 help others-but not everyone deserves 2 be told
It is also important when approaching ANYONE to talk, to share, to unload to ask if that person has the "bandwidth" and/or the "time" before engaging them with an emotionally charged conversation. Not everyone is ready to have these at the drop of a hat.
It's wonderful to be supportive of each other - but being supportive means respecting each other's space.

Knowing where the boundaries are. And if you're unsure - asking is always better than assuming.
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The fight against #LabourAntisemitism is the ugliest thing I've ever been involved with.
Its torn me to strips and affected every aspect of my life for 4 years.
To see @jeremycorbyn crushed is bringing me bittersweet joy, but I wont forget.
Those that stood silent, I wont forget.
Those that lied, I wont forget.
Those that tried to crush my voice, I wont forget.
Those that accused me of every evil deed I've lived my life to fight, oh boy I wont forget.
I am not a racist.
To remember is a duty.
It's a duty for every single Jew that was terrified, every single Jew that packed a bag on Dec 12 and every single Jew that felt the cold grip of antisemitism threaten their place in OUR country.
We must stand together, and we must hold those responsible to account.
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@realDonaldTrump 3839
The New Way Forward Act protects the illegal aliens that commit crime, such as; molesting children, rape, manslaughter, etc.
4400 words, as long as the Constitution of the US 🤔
@realDonaldTrump 3838
Q !!
Feb 7 2020 00:04:23 (EST) NEW
Control over the media has kept people in the dark.
Media controls and programs people's minds.
DS controls the media
DS keeps people blind
DS has divided our Republic into race, religion, class & political affiliation.
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1/23/20 trial thread #EnjoyTheShow 🤣
Dagen nails it!
Lindsey wants to know! Everyone should want to know! #TheMoreYouKnow
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8 students turned up pregnant in one of our @OfficialNELPRO project schools this term, 6 of ‘em 🤰🏽for boys in high schools. Some volunteer teachers will teach them but they will write exams with the class.

We ensured, the 6 boys will attend classes with them.
The African continent has the highest adolescent pregnancy rates in the world, according to the United Nations. Every year, thousands of girls become 🤰🏽 at the time when they should be learning and they face many social and financial barriers to continuing with formal education.
The 6 boys will not only attend classes (after school alongside these girls) they will do their most essential chores ie selling, school grounds work and learning a skill alongside them in the mornings when others are in class.

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You who claim to know Christ, denying His power and Word, attacking other Christians, are a disgrace! Your hatred and vitriol toward those beautiful #Iranian people, who are fighting for their lives, country, and way of life, is beyond me. You are defaming the name of Christ!
Furthermore, you claim the name of Christ as Christians to gain followers. I noticed that my first week on twitter. You disgust me! I've seen people out in droves tonight bashing everything and everyone. Unfollow me. I want nothing to do with your hate and defaming Christ's name!
...And, you are attacking those who actually know the truth! "Claiming to know God, but denying the power thereof..." You are just like the Sadducees and Pharisees. Hypocrites! God is warning you NOT to defame His name anymore! The gig is up! You're also bashing the Truth!
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“Rep. Maloney is a leader, in her committee, in her caucus, in her community & on gun safety. It’s this steady leadership that’s sorely needed in Washington & why we’re proud to endorse her for re-election in 2020.” - President @KrisB_Brown

Thank you, @bradybuzz! #EndGunViolence
.@bradybuzz has been on the front lines of fighting gun violence for almost thirty years - and I cannot thank them enough for this endorsement, or their support for common sense gun safety reforms. Their work is saving lives and I am proud to be a part of it. #EndGunViolence
@bradybuzz Sign here to tell Mitch McConnell - we need a vote on common sense gun laws passed by the house - NOW. #EndGunViolence #EnoughIsEnough #GunControlNow…
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The level of impunity perpetrated by those criminals called SARS can't be curbed by @segalink alone. At this point, we all must agree that we need all hands on deck to fight this monsters.

There is a Need for a new Movement to #EndSARS .

The @PoliceNG and @NigeriaPolice should know that when the people is left with no more option than to take laws into their hands even the strongest force will be made to bow. Must the leadership open their eyes till we get to this level?
Why must people who are paid to protect us be the one to continually endanger our lives? Must we continue to live in fear because we are citizens? this impunity is taken too far and I repeat, we as citizens might be forced to fight for ourselves against this Monsters #TickTock
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A few thoughts on @gidonsaar, but first PM Netanyahu:

1) I have great respect for PM Netanyahu and believe he has made an indelible contribution to Israel’s security, our diplomatic achievements & economic strength. I also believe he has been unfairly treated by the media.
2. But at some point, every leader must recognize that the party (and country for that matter), are bigger than they are.

Whereas for many years it was BiBi who brought the Likud to power, it is now also BiBi who is the one holding them (and the Right) from power.
3. Yes, PM Netanyahu is also entitled to full presumption of innocence, but at same time, cannot devote his full attention to his duties as Prime Minister, while also fighting these very grave charges.
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No longer safe to walk down the street? THE GREAT AWAKENING.
Q 1574
Micah 2:1-3
Vs 3: But this is what the Lord says, "I will reward your evil with evil. You won't be able to escape! After I am through with you, none of you will ever again walk proudly in the streets." #QAnon
And... Someone else no longer able to proudly walk the streets? Good on this Patriot! Patriot calls out Joe Biden at rally over #Ukraine
#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸💥🎄
#Biden #Schiff
#EnoughIsEnough #QAnon
#GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon #TRUMP2020Landside #GodWins
And...#3 Abigail Spanberger gets called out by angry constituents about trying to impeach Trump. By golly, we have a pattern going here. Precedent? This IS #TheGreatAwakening!
At some point the streets (for them) will not be safe. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MAGA
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I was praying w/ a patriot over the phone last night. At the first point where the Lord spoke, this is what I saw Him literally speak from His heaven exactly this way:
Exactly this way, including the hashtag. I was blown away! I'm so grateful, Lord. RT #
Whose plan do you think this is? There was more the Lord spoke to me and showed me during this time of great fellowship. I saw exactly where #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide is. I was blown away again. I felt the Spirit of God in a way I never had before. I saw what I'd never seen.

How does Q know? Prophecy. Q knows the Lord well.
Futures proves past.
#Qanon #WWG1WGA #KAG 🇺🇸 #EnoughIsEnough
#FactsMatter #Jesus #Pray
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Today and tomorrow we will be looking at #policies in workplace and how different sectors are attempting to address #GBV and sexual harassment in workplaces and #protecting women workers' #rights

#16DaysofActivism2019 #ILOendGBV
ESCOM, #Malawi power utility company, created a Gender and Social Inclusion unit. It also developed/implemented policies to ensure a zero tolerance to sexual harassment and discrimination in the company.…

#16DaysofActivism2019 #ILOendGBV
Nien Hsing Textile company has partnered with #Lesotho based #unions and women's rights orgs to launch a program to prevent #SGBV in their garment factories, which employs more than 10,000 workers.…

#16Days #ILOendGBV
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Bessborough children were buried in unmarked graves as late as 1990…


Tuam mother and baby home 'chamber of horrors'…


At Least 227 Slaughtered Children Found at World's Largest Child Sacrifice Site in Peru…

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@abc7marccr @ABC7 I do not understand why news media needs to publish screenshots of the actual text messages.

@abc7marccr @abc7 effectively doxed a Saugus High School student. I realize that was not the intent, but including these screenshots was not necessary to tell the story.
@abc7marccr @ABC7 .@abc7marcc and @abc7 MUST DELETE the Tweet at the head of this string!

Have you learned nothing from #SandyHook and what those subhumans at InfoWars did to the victims and their families?!
@abc7marccr @ABC7 NO response yet from either @ABC7 nor @abc7marcc.

They must be too busy counting clicks to care that they doxed a #SaugusHS student in their rush to publish insufficiently redacted text messages.

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We all must begin to question anomalies. We must break the shackles of keeping quiet so as not to be called disrespectful. The older a person is the more good governance should be expected. Governance is about accountability & transparency not respect
I thought it was a joke until I went to the handle of Yemi Osinbajo @ProfOsinbajo
That a farm started in 2017 with a loan of 1.5m is now worth 1bn. TWO YEARS!
My question is how?
1.5m loan to start a farm to the farm having 1bn worth. I had to ask if coca leaves was what they planted. @retsonbiz did a thread to from #OccupyNASS to doing an audio defense of Buhari to being called by @Laurestar for a meeting which became the catalyst #QuestionsForOsinbajo
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In my years in the @FBI we were told that anything done on our @FBI issued devices was not only discoverable but also considered records. There’s a warning that is on the device when you sign on, at least there was when I was in.
Typical @FBI FOIA lying being done here. These text messages are kept by the carrier, probably Verizon Wireless. I used to be able to sign onto Verizon Wireless and review and print out text messages. @SenRonJohnson @TomFitton @SaraCarterDC
If this was a trial and these texts were requested in discovery, @FBI would have to retrieve each and every one. @SidneyPowell1 I have seen it done. In my case, #McCabe’s communications etc are still subject to preservation starting in 2012. @Barnes_Law
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😂🤣😂🤣🤣One Day We shall speak on the evolution of a single client law firm that suddenly became a megalomaniac overnight. ‘Proxies’ happeneth to them all. Nothing is hidden under heaven. He who loves untruths will soon be lost in the labyrinth of his lithany of lies. ⏰
Let me say this categorically for it has to be said and someone has to make it clear. There is no connection or semblance of association of the word INTEGRITY with @ProfOsinbajo & @MBuhari. You say what you can’t put into action. The only consistent thing is your love for lies.
Only the brain damaged will sing the praises of economic gormandizers and rule of law subjugators, abusing the power of the state to perpetuate themselves in office. The blatant show of irresponsibility & lack of accountability prove they are the most corrupt duo in our history!
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The second day of the #freeIran rally in front of the building of #UNGA,
The Iranians call for #RegimeChange in #Iran and pledge to support Iranian resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi
#WeSupportMEK #NoImpunity4Mullahs
Hundreds of participants in the #FreeIran rally appealed to delegations attending the United Nations #UNGA74, Call to #RegimeChange in #Iran by the Iranian people and resistance.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs @USAdarFarsi @secpompeo
Rajavi Yes, Mullahs No, they are terrorist the must go
The adherent of the Iranian Resistance & opponents of the dictatorship of religious mullahs in #Iran have sent anti-government slogans to delegations attending at #UNGA
#FreeIran Rally-#NewYork
#WeSupportMEK #IranRegimeChange
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Just been accosted by Labour Party Marxists' Anne McShane outside a pub. She wanted to know if I was proud of myself. #LabourConference2019 #Lab19
She accused me of assisting a witchhunt against the Labour left, which will be due to my calling out antisemitism, something I'd always regarded as a duty for socialists. I replied that I was ashamed I'd ever been involved in a group that was now facilitating antisemitism.
And that she should be ashamed too. LPM is a front for the CPGB, a group that didn't used to obsess about anti-Zionism but has done that these last few years, spawning Labour Against the Witchhunt and presenting all concerns about antisemitism as some sort of Zionist conspiracy.
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1) Dear @Viacom,

I have begun reaching out to national DV groups in an effort to address your filming and hiding Domestic Violence for years; for silencing the victims and rewarding the perpetrators.

Myself and many others are also in the process of creating a mass targeted campaign in which will be contacting all sponsors who are currently supporting your TM franchises.

It's time to stop rewarding the physical and emotional abuse. You are filming in front of children and to the nation something that is not only extremely irresponsible, but illegal.
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