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The scalability of a #zkRollup IS NOT limited by the prove.

I'm detecting some missunderstandings of how a zkRollup works.

Let me explain in this thread why the prover is not the limiting factor and what are the actual limitetions of zk ( and optimistic ) rollups. Image
The first step is keeping the network synchronised. This is not specific to a zkRollup, this is the same for any chain (L1, L2, .., L43, zk, optimistic, side-chain, etc)
Once you have one (or many) nodes syncronized, you need to build the proofs for all those batches ( we call a batch to an L2 block to distinguish it from the L1 blocks).
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#GR15 has already begun, the biggest funding event in #web3, GR15 runs until Sept 22
We support the projects we love and help to build and shape web3/if you haven't been following here is PART1

🧵🕵️⚡️ Image

#JediSwap is a fully composable and #permissionless #AMM that enables users to #swap assets and earn #yields on their assets instantly in a #gasless manner.

JediSwap is built on #StarkNet and is an entirely community-driven project. Image

ENS.Vision is a page, where you can bulk search and bulk register ENS #domain names. Our page provides a free, simple-to-use interface to find domains.

Their next goal is to create an exclusive #marketplace for #ENS
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1/11 It’s time for the 2nd 🧵listing the protocols that are applying for the Phase 1 grant of #Optimism and then maybe potential #Airdrops to #Optimsim users. If you would like to review the 1st thread, link is below:
2/11 @picklefinance : Request to distribute 200k $OP over 200 days, 90% Yes
Pickle Finance was the first yield aggregator to launch on Optimism. They plan to distribute $OP as a dual reward to their existing and new pools. They plan to issue new Jars key related to Uniswap V3.
3/11 @WardenSwap : Request to distribute 300k $OP, 52% Yes
Wardenswap is the real-time best rate #DEX aggregator using AI Power. 55% will be distributed to traders (20%), referral program (10%) and marketing (35%).
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Well well well. Looks like *Somebody's* coming across my information.

#Tether's adapted. They're not so stupid to print round numbers anymore.

Today's difference comes down to 116,169,231 USDT added to circulation compared to yesterday.

Super organic, right? Image
Aaaanyway. Thanks to their consistency - they've started printing every day at the same time - it's become possible to annualize the scam!

(keep in mind Tether's going exponential and the annualization would be linear)

You #bitcoin guys still think this won't have *ANY* impact? Image
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So I want to say something about the price, which many are reporting as the popping of a bubble. Let's start at the beginning: a lot of people bought a lot of stuff, with no idea of what it was, other than prices kept going up. That's pure speculation.
I still think $100 ether is a world-changing phenomena, because it means that hundreds or thousands of developers are funded to keep working indefinitely.… all that's coming together under the #Ethereum2 banner right now. But still, the price plunge.
The thing that worries me most is that people have lost sight of the actual job. I mean that very clearly and directly: what are we *doing* with all of this technology. What is it *fundamentally for*… well you've got to do some serious thinking to get there
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