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🧵1/21: Introducing @XIDAR_IDA Wallet, your all-in-one crypto management tool!

The Xidar Wallet is built on the #Radix and has its own $IDA token!

Let’s take a deeper look at the product! 🔎 Image
🧵2/21: 🌐 With Xidar Wallet, you can create or import multiple accounts using different seed phrases. Plus, you can create multiple addresses for each account while maintaining the same seed phrases. #XidarWallet #CryptoManagement
🧵3/21: 🔤 Keep your accounts organized by adding aliases to easily identify them. Similarly, you can add aliases to addresses, making it simpler to manage your transactions and holdings. #OrganizedCrypto #AliasManagement
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1/9 Hey, @MultiversX fam! 👋

Today, let's dive into one of the most useful projects on the web. Say hello to @EgldInfo, your go-to destination for a plethora of information about the MvX ecosystem. 🌐

#crypto #MultiversX #egld #informationhub Image
2/9 Once you land on their homepage, @EgldInfo greets you with a handy overview of the best token #swap spots. 🔄

💱 Discover the various prices across different #DEX platforms and find the most lucrative swaps right at your fingertips!

#cryptotips #egld
3/9 Take your experience to the next level!

Connect your wallet to and unlock personalized insights tailored to your specific position 📊

💼 Get a comprehensive overview of your holdings, transactions & more. A personal financial advisor in your pocket!
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The #SuiNetwork mainnet is nearing its launch.

Though the ecosystem is growing remarkably quickly, being in its early stages, TVL may be slow to catch up.

Here’s how SYNTHR is accelerating this 🧵🔽
The network uses Move - a revolutionary open-source programming language for developing smart contracts initially created by @Meta to power the Diem blockchain.

Several other blockchains, including @0LNetwork , @Aptos_Network , and @StarcoinSTC are building upon it.
In particular though, @SuiNetwork is designed to keep #Gas prices much more consistent (and low).

Its object-centric design also allows for independent transactions to be processed in any order, in effect making it highly scalable.
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Spot the #SWAP Image
Heres what it looks like in tradingview

(2) is it, but the way jPan throws around these currency exchanges is like a lion throwing around a rabbit

and when this happens?

pure chaos. Image
jPan is working hard to "fix the glitch"
Weaker dollar fixes all the things (and crushes volatility)

I bet we get a record # of #swaps before open Image
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1/3 How to #Swap $ADA for $BNB - A Quick Guide

#Crypto or #token swapping is a process that allows you to directly #convert one digital #currency to its equivalent #value in another.

$ADA & $BNB are both widely used cryptos ✅

Read more:…

Initially, both were developed for different purposes, but are now being used as a payment method for cross-border #transactions.

-> #ADA to #BNB Coin Swap.

There are two ways to do it in the #Kasta app:
1. Swap Feature
2. Easy Swap Engine

🔥 One of the best things about #crypto #swapping is being able to switch to a different #currency without an intermediary.

It’s #easy and with the right platform, can be extremely convenient.

Here's how to swap $ADA to $BNB ⬇️…
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🚀🔥 Exciting news, everyone! 🔥🚀

Our #swap interface just got a major upgrade! 🆕💻

🔝With faster multi-shard swaps, you can now swap your tokens and LP tokens in no time. No more waiting for slow transactions or getting stuck in a backlog. 🏃‍♂️💨 Image
💰Plus, we've added pricing in $ on the swap interface for every token or LP Token. This means you can see the value of your assets in real-time and make informed swap decisions. 💹💸
👀But that's not all! Did you know that you can create Liquidity directly from @QuantumXnetwork swap interface using only your $EGLD or $USDC? 🤯🌊
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Thread: This Week's New Protocols! (Jan 26th, 2023 Edition)


Greetings friends - here's all the new protocols we flagged over the last week!

If you find this helpful please RT! 🐸🫡

1/x Image
Disclaimer: We highlight every new protocol we find once when initially found, and again if/when it gets added to @DefiLlama or @DeBankDeFi :)

We also don't include NFT projects, or Tomb forks/meme tokens/etc.

Also these are NOT vetted in any way so DYOR!!!

Let's dive in!

New protocol called @VetmeToken. Twitter bio states “VetMe is a platform providing users with an escrow service; OTC DEX on the blockchain and a vetting service with KYC AI system.” h/t @Only1temmy:

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Crude is $3.24 away from the magic $70/bl to fill the SPR. Image
How did the CB's pull this off?

Look closely.... Image
Zoomed in a little... Image
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Because it's being gamed....

$svix/ $uvix…
My calculated vix (red) vs hyg(yellow,inverted) vs usdcad (light blue) vs the vix....

There is some serious math and currency games to keep vix low
plopping on oil (white)
theres a correlation btw vix and price of oil
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I'm buying a bag with $NORD

Products they are working on:


@Nord_Finance is a good defi starup with a supply of just 10,000,000 Nord. Now MC is only 1.1M. Some big news coming soon

#Defi #100xgem #NORD #swap

Allows optimizing returns through a multi-chain yield-farming mechanism for stable coin farming with the highest possible risk-adjusted returns. To maximize returns, the protocol employs the highest risk-adjusted APY's.

An inbuilt robo-advisory service designed to chalk out profitable and customized strategies for users to hold better positions based on their financial goals.
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🧵🐸 Thread continued:

All The New Protocols We Highlighted In The Last Week (part 2 of 2)

(will link back to first tweet at end of thread if you missed it!)

Something called @AestusRelay has officially launched on mainnet.

Twitter bio states “The Aestus MEV-Boost Relay on Ethereum.”

New protocol called @HadoukenFinance.

Twitter bio states “An integrated borrowing/lending platform and DEX on @NervosNetwork #Godwoken.”

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📣 #roadmap 2023 is on its way 🚆

➡️This week, let's focus on #staking v2

Grab a cup of coffee and let's go! ☕️🚀

#EGLD #P2P #swap #MultiversX #JEX ☄️
50% of the #fees collected on #JEXchange are distributed to $JEX stakers. 🤝

So far, we distributed more than 1500 #EGLD. 🤯

Details of the #tokens distributed for each #round:… 🚀
Each #round, about 10% of the #rewards were left unclaimed ("I forgot to claim" and "I forgot I staked some JEX" being the main reasons). 🤔

And at each round we observed #stakers entering the #pool just before the #reward period began, and benefit from all their rewards... 🙄
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Very unusual
i smell a #swap brewing Image
And I was rite...
This market is so broken i dont even know where to start.

Literally if you were trading, looked away for 1 sec, scratched your butt or anything - you got screwed unless you were somekind of delta neutral
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Bugün 2 + 2 Airdrop ihtimalini bir arada değerlendireceğimiz işlemler yapacağız.

Paltformlar : ChainHop & Odos
Wallet : M*tamask
Ağlar : Arbitrum & Optimisim
#flood 👇👇👇
İşlemlere Chainhop ile başlayacağız. ChainHop bir crossbridge platformu. Assetlerinizi farklı bir ağa swap yaparak transfer etme imkanı sunuyor. linkine gidip sağ üstten cüzdan bağlayarak başlayalım. Karşımıza gelen kısımdan ağ ve token seçimi yapacağız.
Ben Optimisim ağındaki bir miktar $ETH mi Arbitrum ağına geçirerek işlemlere başlıyorum. Seçimi yaptıktan sonra sağ kısımdan en düşük gas veya en az kayıpla geçiş seçeneklerinden istediğinizi seçebilirsiniz. Ben düşük gas ücretini seçim işlemi onaylıyorum. #Airdrops #bridge
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Les médias n'en parleront pas par peur de représailles: L'anonymat sur la #blockchain existe.

La Blockchain au service de la Chine, l'arrestation d'un #developpeur open-source, #MNBC... tant de raisons pour vouloir sa vie privée aujourd'hui 🧥

Regardons comment l'acquérir 👇 Image
[0-32] Ce thread est dispo en version longue sur mon medium, si vous préférez une version blog rendez vous ici 👇…
[1-32] La blockchain de Satoshi Nakamoto, inventeur du #Bitcoin, est pensée comme pseudonyme: tout le monde peut voir une adresse 0x 👓

Or, personne ne sait qui s’y cache physiquement tant que la personne n’est pas découverte 😉

C’est la magie de Bitcoin 💡
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pretty interesting what currencies are doing
I think dxy is rising(1) to attack oil (2) Image
And oil doesnt care Image
dont forget - oil production cuts begin in november
and oil = inflation

if oil ++ then inflation ++ and interest rates will have to ++…
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Everything is a currency

why do u see those huge overnite moves?

Here is an example - TSLA earnings met but there were some problems so stonk dropped.

But it dropped relative to YESTERDAYS currencies.


DXY is down a bit.

Notice what happened to the stonk relative to currency.
This morning, of course another #SWAP

The euro strengthened(1)
The dxy weakened (2)
I expect a pop in the indexes (3) on the open

its all currencies doing this

But keep an eye on the 30y (blue) its going up. Everything follows the 30y eventually. A swap coming to correct today
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#SWAP alert Image
with this swap, it looks like usdeur and usdgbp both weakened. Currency pairs - one side gets weak, other strong - USD will probably get strong. Not good for risk assets. Image
I will also suggest that dxy is funny instrument - member states can cut interest rates and dxy goes up, and member states can raise interest rates and dxy goes down - totally not intuitive.

CB's can play all kinds of games with currencies.

Many times its just a crap shoot Image
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分享一下我对于陌生概念快速学习的思路和方法 #web3 #学习 #Polkadot
其次能让大家对一些基础概念有所了解,比如 #区块链 #钱包 #dex #NFT #layer2 #swap 等,搜索时才能有的放矢,快速切入
顺便安利一下:2023年 #上行部落(是蔡叔@iloveponzi 发起的成长践行社群)仅剩最后3席;
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@telegram #scamalert please remove all of these #fruadulent accounts in detailed report and have already reported many of these to #notoscam quite some time ago. please take these actions as soon as possible. all necessary information is within. There is only one @ZooEcosystem
the only OFFICIAL @ZooEcosystem accounts are found on
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I am not saying these are correlated.

I am saying this is interesting

It looks to me that china is selling the f out of brit bonds.

Ok, now thats even more interesting

#1 points to a swap with GBP - everyone freaking out about a crash - no - this is intentional.

Brit pound is nuclear bom in the formula - notice its a mirror image of what GBP does (blue vs purple)

GBP moves HEAVILY influence formula.
What this means is if you were holding oil contracts in Pounds, oil price CRASHED bigly.

You will liquidate your position (or buy cause its now cheap) - im betting the liquidate after looking at the oil price move.
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In this thread I explain What and How different bebop is & what you should do to get whitelisted or be eligible for the possible future #Airdrops
🚨I will also giveaway 10 whitelist spots to the people who like/follow and RT this

🧵🕵️‍♂️⚡️🪂 Image
What is Bebop?
Bebop is a decentralized trading platform. They are on a mission to make superior trading products with efficient execution available to anyone. They work on making the most out of every exchange in #DeFi by trading two or more tokens in one go, efficiently. Image
Swap one-to-many and many-to-one

In addition to the familiar functionality of swapping one token for another, Bebop allows users to perform multiple token swaps all at the same time.
Swap one token for a portfolio of tokens or #swap several tokens for one 🔥🤯 Image
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I was helping a friend with some market stuff and i discovered something interesting -

Study this chart... this is how oil is crushed w/ monetary games...
👇🧵 Image
notice how CA30y dropped so much?
as the canadian 30y drops, oil responds... Image
notice the gap btw US30y and CA30y
usdcad got weaker relative to dollar Image
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- When I say zero cost it means the amount of money you still need to pay for the fees is less than 1% of the #airdrop you might get

- You probably have done these tasks before but its still gd idea to be a repeat user
#Alpha 🧵🕵️‍♂️⚡️🪂 Image
- I strongly recommend not going for airdrop #farming and staying a genuine user, you don't wanna lose #airdrops for being flagged as a #hunter
- I suggest doing at least 2-3 #transactions on each product and keeping it +1K dollars, repeat the steps till you reach that amount
- Most tasks are #Swaps and #Bridges so always changes the #network and even the #tokens you swap or bridge / The more network you do #transactions the better

- You can go from A to B then B to C .. C to D to the end OR A to C - C to F - F to B .... do it in random order✅
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