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1/ Unleashing the Power of Assets Monetization: How @PhotonsHedge Utilizes Games and Blockchain to Drive Investment Potential. 💰🎮

In an era where gaming and blockchain converge, we strive to ensure our investors capitalize on this lucrative innovation.

🧵A Thread
2/ Our investors are introduced to notable gaming projects like @AxieInfinity, @decentraland, and @TheSandboxGame on the blockchain network that enables players to own and monetize their in-game assets, recorded on the blockchain which becomes valuable digital properties.💎💰
@AxieInfinity @decentraland @TheSandboxGame 3/ Unlike traditional games, building games on decentralized systems, such as a blockchain, gives our investors a much more rewarding experience and @PhotoHedge’s in-depth knowledge of GameFI validates its readiness to support truly decentralized gaming. 💻⛓️
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Hey😉, Are you a gaming enthusiast searching for a vibrant and engaging gaming community?

Look no further than @rushbhub!

Let's discover what makes @rushbhub so special.

BTW, You might wanna put your seat belt on..😁

LFG🔥🚀🚀🚀⚡🔥☄ Image
♦️What is RushB Hub?

@rushbhub is a blockchain-based platform that enables gamers to trade in-game items without intermediaries.

As the first decentralized marketplace for Esports gamers, it offers fast, easy, and secure trading.
Accordingly, it appears to solve outstanding problems and provide solutions when applying more Blockchain technology, with the following main features:

🎮1. Marketplace: This is a prominent feature and one of the strengths of RushB Hub.
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It's time to update the ecosystem, as well as the long-awaited launch of our website 🔥 Well, get ready because there are indeed many projects 🧵

You can sort them, find official sources, and a description for each one through this link - ♻️

#layerzero Image
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Get ready for a seismic shift in the #blockchain landscape with #Verus' #PBaaS release on May 21st!

While its solutions may be complex, taking the time to understand them will be well worth it. 1/x

#crypto #evolution 🧵👇
@MikeToutonghi and his incredible knowledge and great ideals, combined with @Jl777News and @lyonsnicholas1, make this project something special. As ex-VP of Microsoft and founder of .NET, he created the internet of values to address the vulnerabilities of the current internet 2/x
#Verus has won the #Fidelity Inspiration Award, but it's not well-known in the media. This award underlines the genius of this project. 3/x…
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Are you looking to expand your NFT payment options? We have the solution!

You should really consider accepting various currencies on your MINT PAGE or through your marketplace Buy Now buttons like #ETH #BNB #POLY #AVAX & more to increase growth and appeal to your customer base.
Don't limit yourself and your community's potential by swimming in the same pool of customers every day. Diversify your payment options and reach a broader audience.
If your #marketplace supports multiple chains, but you silo payment methods for each chain, you risk losing out on potential revenue from customers who want the #NFT but don't want to bridge or learn.
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🔥 The newest hype in the #crypto space: #ordinal #NFTs

#Minted directly on the #Bitcoin #blockchain! 🎨

💰 Learn how this multi-billion dollar #token is offering greater security, transparency, and use cases🧵👇

Also, it's best to sub to our TG…
1/10 🚀 #OrdinalNFTs are the latest hype in the #crypto space! Unlike classic #NFTs which rely on #token standards like #ERC721, ordinal NFTs are #minted directly on the #Bitcoin #blockchain. This offers greater permanence and immutability on the distributed #ledger.
2/10 🎨 With #ordinalNFTs, users can inscribe digital art, profile pictures, videos, audios, and images directly onto #satoshis (the smallest unit of #Bitcoin). This means no need for additional #sidechains, L2 solutions, or #tokens! #cryptoart
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#India's #startup ecosystem raised $455 million across 24 deals last week (Jan.16-21,'23) with #fintech #unicorn PhonePe turning decacorn at $12 billion valuation.
#StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #funding #Entrepreneurship #innovation #Motivation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $126 million off 16 deals last week (Jan.23-28,'23) across #cybersecurity, #deeptech, #energy, #gaming, #logistics, #SaaS, etc. with total #funding for Jan.'23 crossing $1 billion. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #inspiration #Thread India's startup ecosystem's funding round up for the last week and also for the January month + an inspirational quote stating that your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $49 million off 12 deals last week (Jan.30-Feb.4,'23) across #EVs, #freight, #manufacturing, etc. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #leadership #founders #Entrepreneurship #MondayMotivation #inspiration #innovation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
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(1/6) Hi everyone! This is the thirteenth (13th) update on this final stage of the evolution of Profit Sharing 2.0 and the first of the year 2023! This first quarter will be full of news for #Zignaly and #ProfitSharing 2.0. 🤩🥳
Read more below🧵
(2/6) Today, we will start contacting the biggest services in the #marketplace in order to start coordinating the migration of their services to PS 2. So if you’re a trader, you can schedule your migration through email, where all instructions have already been sent to you! 🎯💪🏻
(3/6) We are also integrating the possibility for traders to create customized #APIs for their #ProfitSharing 2.0 services directly from the new interface, without the need for us to do it for them. ⚒️🤝🏼
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How Web3 can revolutionize E-commerce 🛍️

Web3 is a revolutionary technology that will change the way we do e-commerce. It will make transactions faster, more secure, and easier to track.

Thread 🧵

#ecommerce #web3 #ecommercestore #cryptostore #cryptomarketplace #marketplace Image
- With Web3, users will be able to purchase goods and services without needing to use a third-party intermediary or a centralized server.

- This will mean that transactions are faster and more secure, as users will no longer need to trust a third party to process their payments
Additionally, users will be able to more easily track the progress of their orders and payments. This will help reduce fraud and make transactions more transparent.

- Web3 can also make transactions more convenient for users.
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(1/7) 📢 📢 The ninth (9th) update on this final stage of the #evolution of #ProfitSharing 2.0 is here! 📅 📅

Read it out loud: We have officially started #migrating services from the current version to ProfitSharing 2.0! 💪✨ 🙌
(2/7) We have begun with some #services from the list that have a small number of #followers, and we will be #migrating more and more services as the days go by. ⚙️ 💪
(3/7) Currently, we'll not publicly share access to the whole #community, only the followers of those services that we are #migrating will receive access, and they will do it by #email. This way, those investors will be able to continue to manage their #portfolios correctly✨📈
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(1/6) We announced our Private Beta Launch of #ProfitSharing 2.0 in AMA yesterday! 📅

Hello #everyone; this is the seventh update on this final stage of the evolution of #PS2.0. Last week we announced Closed Beta & have continued moving in the same direction this week. 📢 Image
(2/6) We gave ambassadors and veteran users access, and we have started selecting users from the waiting list. It is amazing how many users have signed up for the waiting list. 🤯

From #Zignaly, we want to thank all of them for their confidence and interest in using PS 2.0! 💪
(3/6) During this week, we have been able to define the internal processes to start the migration of services from PS 1 to PS2.0.

We are already doing internal tests. ✨ Soon, we will contact the first traders to coordinate migrating their services to #ProfitSharing 2.0. ⌚
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Hello #everyone! This is the 6th update on the final stage of the evolution of #Zignaly’s #ProfitSharing 2.0. This week we have an important #announcement to make! But first, I would like to share something about the new Profit Sharing interface we are working on. (1/10) Image
The initial version of #PS2.0 that we will release is finished from the back end, but the UI still has basic functions, while the full version comes later. That way, we can launch the most needed functionalities without delaying the whole deployment. (2/10)
Profit Sharing 2.0 is a massive update and includes most of the requests from our Zignaly community in the last 2 years, so we still have a lot to add - and, we will keep doing that! (3/10)
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VideoOsint: Conocer el perfil comercial de usuario y obtener todas sus publicaciones (realizadas en el Marketplace de #Facebook), a través de técnicas de #WebScrapping con herramienta #Osint #SellerFB #Socmint #Github #Perú #AnalistaOsint
en entorno #Windows
🧵¿Hilo? 🧵
Cuando la herramienta es utilizada con #KaliLinux, nos crea un archivo en formato .TXT en la misma carpeta de la herramienta #SellerFB, con la información encontrada, para ser trabajada posteriormente:
FIN/FIN ImageImage
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#GR15 has already begun, the biggest funding event in #web3, GR15 runs until Sept 22
We support the projects we love and help to build and shape web3/if you haven't been following here is PART1

🧵🕵️⚡️ Image

#JediSwap is a fully composable and #permissionless #AMM that enables users to #swap assets and earn #yields on their assets instantly in a #gasless manner.

JediSwap is built on #StarkNet and is an entirely community-driven project. Image

ENS.Vision is a page, where you can bulk search and bulk register ENS #domain names. Our page provides a free, simple-to-use interface to find domains.

Their next goal is to create an exclusive #marketplace for #ENS
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V3.0 NFT Marketplace is now live on on the #fantom network. Let's go through all the amazing features in this Twitter thread! Full details can be seen on medium… #ftm #nfts #marketplace 1/24
Non-custodial Listing: The community spoke and PaintSwap listened. The default state for all sales is now non-custodial! This means you hold your NFT while it’s listed! 2/24
NFT Vaults: Each user can generate their own vault which allows them to hold NFTs & fNFTs in a custodial state more information can be found here… 3/24
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As always patience is tested in these markets & that also applies to #VLRM... everyone wants the #GSX approval done yesterday. But as with everything the best things come to those wait & remain patient. Purchasing the #Gibraltar Stock Exchange is a a major deal by any standards!
But these things take time, that's the reality especially when governments see these assets as very important for their financial sector stability & growth. Both @RPoulden & @FrontierFinance want this wrapped up quickly in order to move onto the next phase of there global plan.
Myself and all LTHs are in this for the major re-rate, it will happen IMHO - sooner than people think!The eventual plan is to create a multi billion global exchange. But as with anything it has to be done right first time and this involves working hand in hand with the GIB Gov.
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👩‍💻Vous avez manqué notre dernier article de blog “#Banque & #Assurance : 3 bonnes raisons d’ouvrir une #marketplace #B2B” ?

Voici un résumé sous forme de thread ! ⬇️ Image
👉 La digitalisation du secteur bancaire est une réalité, en témoignent les nouveaux acteurs 100% digital comme @shine_tools et les changements de comportements des consommateurs ! Image
💡 Les banques proposent aujourd’hui de nombreux services non bancaires, pour se positionner en tant que “Bank-as-a-Service” grâce au #cloud et aux #APIs, qui permettent d’intégrer à l’offre initiale celle d’autres acteurs de la chaîne financière. Image
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Hilo de por qué no recomiendo poner a la venta sus #bicis y NADA, a través de Marketplace de #Facebook o #Segundamano, y si lo van a hacer. Tengan muchísimo cuidado con la 🐀🐀🐀

Este modus operandi lo he visto, escuchado y testificado en más de 3 ocasiones .

Abro hilo 🧵
La situación económica de María la obligó a poner a la venta su bellísima bicicleta a través #marketplace de #Facebook, con su corazón 💔roto pero con la esperanza de venderla rápido... y así fue🙄

Esta es su bella #bici (igualita a la mía, por cierto) Image
En el instante en que terminó de hacer el alta de la #bici comenzó a recibir mensajes de personas interesadas. La primera le dijo que le encantaba, pero que pagaría con transferencia a la entrega, María lo bateó y el comprador se "ofendió" diciendo, "si tú no confías, yo menos"
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[#THREAD] @StepApp_ , un concurrent sérieux pour @Stepnofficial ?

Aujourd'hui je vous invite à venir découvrir un projet qui fait couler de l'encre depuis quelques jours, StepApp.

Il s'agit d'un #MoveToEarn qui s'oppose au très connu StepN !

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes Image

StepApp est un projet qui s'inscrit dans la #Fitness Finance (#FitFi).

Il s'agit d'un nouveau type de finance décentralisée qui s'appuie sur l'univers du sport pour proposer des rendements plus ou moins élevés.

Les plus connus actuellement sont StepN et @genopets . Image
Là où StepN repose essentiellement sur la dépense de points d'énergie au travers de la marche et de la course, StepApp propose de gamifier ces disciplines.

On parle donc de compléter des quêtes et missions ou de lancer des challenges à ses amis. Image
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Aujourd’hui c’est le #Snapshot pour l’attribution des tickets de #Bhero, le Launchpad de @BlackHatNetwork  !

J’ai décidé de vous présenter différents #Launchpad qui sont (ou vont être) lancés sur la #Blockchain @ElondNetwork 👀

⬇️⬇️ #ESDT Image
#Launchpad : BHero
Projets incubés : #Crypto / #NFT
Conditions : Stake $EGLD & $BHAT

Lancé par la team @MGStaking via @BlackHatNetwork, il accompagne de jeunes projets dans leur formation, développement et financement.

Je l'ai déjà présenté ici 👇

Comme #BHero, il s'agit d'une plateforme de #Launchpad, créée sur @ElrondNetwork.

🔸Cette Plateforme a pour but de mettre en lumière des projets #early pour leur permettre de lever des fonds & aux investisseurs d'investir dans les 1ères phases d'un projet. ImageImage
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Geçen yıl @komunitecomtr’ye üye olup dijital üreticiler arasına adım attım. Doktorum yani bambaşka bir yerden geliyorum🤗 Üreticiler tatlı ve destekleyici ama adeta aralarında başka bir dil konuşuyorlar😂Bu floodda mini-sözlüğümü paylaşıyorum🥳 (gülmeyelim arkadaşlar)
@Notion Sayısız sevdalısı olan bir not alma/organizasyon uygulaması ama aslında çok daha fazlası, bir defter gibi aslında ama herşeye şekillendirilebilir. @BarisOzcan ‘ın da favorilerinden detayını ondan dinleyin. #notiontwt
Dijital ürününüzü @NotionHQ üzerinden hazırlayabilirsiniz, veya sadece Notion şablonu filan oluşturup, böyle böyle yolunuzu bulabilirsiniz. Twitter’da tatlı bir toplulukları var, hep siyah beyaz resimleri var😂Yıllardır ücretli evernote kullanan ben de Notion’a transfer oldum🤩
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🗞️❗BREAKING NEWS 🧀 📰 @GameStop annonce le lancement de sa Marketplace #NFT pour le deuxième trimestre 2022 👀
👇 Plus d'infos 👇 Image
Malgré les résultats financiers mitigés de @GameStop au quatrième trimestre, le détaillant de jeux vidéo a annoncé que sa #marketplace NFT devrait être lancée "d'ici la fin du deuxième trimestre de l'exercice 2022", soit avant le 30 juin.
Des indices ont dévoilé l'intérêt de @GameStop pour les #NFT. Au printemps 2021 émergeaient les premiers rapports d’une campagne de recrutement centrée sur la #blockchain. Un teaser de mai a également montré que le projet serait construit sur Ethereum, sans plus de précisions.
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#Thread : 1 an de #Crypto 📉📈🎂

Aujourd'hui, je vais vous raconter une histoire, celle de ma vie d'investisseur depuis maintenant 1 an ! À travers cette série de tweets, j'aimerais vous conter mon aventure, en espérant que cela en inspire plus d'un ! RT appréciés les bg ! 🙏🔥
Tout commence le 27 Janvier 2021, après une énième vidéo #TikTok (oui, vous pouvez me juger) de moonboy parlant de son #shitcoin préf, bref je décide d'investir pour la toute première fois de ma vie dans le #Bitcoin et l'#Ethereum ! 100$ dans l'un et 100$ dans l'autre ! #BTC #ETH
Rapidement, je vois le #BTC grimper et je rajoutes donc de l'argent petit à petit ... Je m'éduque sur le sujet des #cryptos, du #Bitcoin, sur l'art d'investir en général et je lis des livres qui me font changer ma vision de l'argent ! Je rejoins alors un groupe #Facebook ...
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