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The Queen's Speech contains laws that will remove your rights

Boris Johnson & the Conservatives are set to limit your freedom & control you. You must take this very seriously

We need to get together right now. Left or Right

Please Read & RT This Thread For Democracy🙏 👇

The new powers of arrest in the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill mean you cannot protest whatever Boris Johnson does next

It will be illegal with up to 10 years in Prison for being "serious annoyance", which all protests are by definition🤦‍♂️…

Tax Evasion will be legalised for the Super Rich #ToryDonors in the National Insurance Contributions Bill.

They will avoid contributing to Tax, damaging the #NHS and increasing your income taxes.

Remember, you will not be able to protest this👆…

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"Hitler won mass support between 1928 and 1930 because a major economic crisis had driven Germany into a deep depression: Banks crashed, businesses folded, and millions lost their jobs. Hitler offered voters a vision of a better future, one he contrasted with the policies of

the parties that had plunged the country into crisis in the first place.

In May of 1928, he’d been a political nobody, with the Nazis gaining less than 3 percent of the vote in national elections. But in the elections held in July 1932, they won 37 percent of the vote - and

six months later, Hitler was in power"

You need

a) Economic Crisis
b) Alternative

If there isn't a problem, create one

At that point, they can take over full control of what was a democracy

So if the Conservatives are the ones destroying the economy.. who are the 3%ers?

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1/ The Tories were once a democratic party serving millions of middle class people and hundreds of thousands of British businesses. Now the Tory elite serves only itself and its super-rich backers - neither of these groups cares for democracy.
#FBPA #ProgressiveAlliance
2/ Like the Republican elite, the Tory elite and their kleptocratic media allies and paymasters have learnt that they can manipulate poorly educated voters through crude appeals to their fears and prejudices. The 2019 election results clearly reveal this.
3/ This politics of manipulation means the Tory elite and their kleptocratic paymasters no longer have to worry about actually benefiting the people who vote for them. All that is required is an endless supply of crude, emotive theatrics and slogans.
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Please retweet if you want the opposition parties to cooperate in the next General Election in order to get the Tories out.

#FBPA = Follow Back Progressive Alliance
The political system and media are already hugely biased towards the Tories. If they win another election they will so distort our political system that the UK will in effect become a one party state. That's why a #ProgressiveAlliance is so necessary.
A #ProgressiveAlliance will not fall into our laps. Labour requires a rule change to make it possible, and Labour's byzantine decision-making process and powerful vested interests, I'm sure including Len McCluskey, will make getting agreement to a PA a massive struggle.
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1/ If the Tories win the next election they will so distort our political system that opposition parties won't be able to win power. Brexit was just the first step in the dismantling of British democracy. That's why we must have a Progressive Alliance.
2/ I am not saying the Tories are plotting to destroy democracy. It's rather that the Tory elite has no care for democracy. It serves only itself and its super-rich paymasters. Whenever democracy or the law become a nuisance it naturally acts to weaken them.
3/ The process of dismantling democracy has already got to the point where the Labour leadership is pretty much cowering under the table out of fear of a media dominated by offshore billionaires, and a Tory BBC. That's the behaviour of a party in a Putinist managed democracy.
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Please retweet if you want the opposition parties to cooperate in the next General Election in order to get the Tories out.

If you support this campaign, please put #FBPA (Follow Back Progressive Alliance) in your Twitter names.
Compass is organising a campaign for a Progressive Alliance backed by MPs including Clive Lewis, Layla Moran and Caroline Lucas. There are Compass groups in Labour, LibDems and Greens.
The next government must rebuild our broken democracy. We need electoral reform and legislation to push (as far as can be done) big money out of politics. We need a much stronger Electoral Commission. There must be a clampdown on political lies, media reform, and plenty more.
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1/ Legal checks on government power are to be eroded. Voter suppression is arriving, the right to protest is being curbed, critical TV is being cancelled, while hard-right TV is being funded by super-rich kleptocrats. This is how democracy dies.
#ProgressiveAlliance #FBPA
2/ If the Tories win the next election the UK will become a Putinist sham democracy, a DINO (Democracy in Name Only), in which one party always wins. Trump's stupid Capitol coup failed. The Tory kleptofascist creeping coup is succeeding all too well.
#ProgressiveAlliance #FBPA
3/ If the opposition parties don't engage in electoral cooperation, they will almost certainly lose the next election, and we will lose what remains of our democracy. It is a simple as that. It's a Progressive Alliance or democracy dies.

#FBPA Follow Back Progressive Alliance
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1/37 How Freeports/Charter Cities work- The Latvian example- a worrying precedent for the UK's introduction of this model. #FBPE #FBPA On 9 December 2019, under its Magnitsky Act, the US announced sanctions against several entities and individuals globally, including Latvian
2/37 oligarch Aivars Lembergs.
3/37 Lembergs is also the mayor of the freeport city of Ventspils in north-eastern Latvia and is suspected of several crimes including fraud and money laundering. He was investigated by Latvia's Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (Korupcijas novēršanas un apkarošanas
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1/27 Thread on Russian links to the Tories, using the example of #Temerko and how they work #FBPA #FBPE . In 2005, Mikhail Khodorkovsky – who until 2003 had been one of the richest men in Russia – sat staring through the bars of a cage in a Russian court like a circus tiger.
2/27 His Yukos oil firm had been seized by the Russian Government and broken up, and he was accused, implausibly, of ordering several murders. Alexander Temerko, the vice president of Yukos, fled to the UK that year to avoid the loss of his liberty and perhaps his life.
3/27 Fourteen years later, Temerko has risen through the ranks of British society. He was a regular confidante of Boris Johnson when, as Foreign Secretary, he was plotting to overthrow the then Prime Minister Theresa May. As a British citizen and a member of the Leaders’ Group of
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1/10 Here is just one example of a contract, which I researched for Byline Times, to illustrate why I believe procurement in the UK requires more scrutiny.
2/10 #FBPA Lord Deighton was appointed PPE Tsar on 19 April 2020
3/10 A contract linked to his new role was awarded to Chanzo Limited on 20 April- - small value 300k but crucial because its about staffing his PPE team- procedure listed as "other" (no competitive tender ?)
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