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More GE19 Nerd analysis. A short thread about representation:
Under our corrupt, undemocratic electoral system for HoC MPs, only 9 can possibly claim a true mandate to represent their constituency.

7 @UKLabour & 2 @Conservatives MPs received the votes of >50% of the registered electorate in their respective constituencies.
The 2 Tories are Mark Francois (50.5%) & John Whittingdale (50.1%). Neither, currently holds a ministerial post so, is not at he heart of our govโ€™t.
None of the PM, Chancellor, Secretaries of State, Ministers, junior Ministers holds a mandate from their constituency electorate.
Francois is the Chair of the ERG so does wield some power in influencing the govโ€™t.
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I think the Tories/UKIP have a PR campaign running.

Their agenda is to engage anti Tory campaigns, make division over #ProportionalRepresentation, Labour, Lib Dems etc then split any opposition to the Tories to enable them to win.

It's very sophisticated. Looks like Emerdata.
The same #ToryCultureWars attack.. just in - movement.

We need to vet organisations to make sure they have no UKIP/RW roots like a number of #FBPPR groups I've seen

The litmus test is this: If they refuse to support #ToriesOut if they don't get PR pledges, it's UKIP / #FarRight
Like all effective #ToryCultureWars, they start with hijacking a worthy cause.

Our existing existing voting system of FPTP had been compromised by Tories and manipulated by redrawing constituency boundaries

However, Tories aren't supporting PR to make votes count, but to divide
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Now we can see the #BrexitReality of #BrexitBritain with food shortages and petrol and energy prices rising,..

..we need to unite with Voters who were lied to and tricked into this #ToryBrexitDisaster.

If we get together to end the Conservative Party, it's Game Over for Tories.
Happy #FollowBackFriday!

Lets network to fix this food & petrol shortage, energy price rise #ToryBrexitDisaster. If you are:

#GTTO #ToriesOut #JohnsonOut #ProgressiveAlliance #FBPE #RejoinEU #FBNHS #FBPPR

Follow me, I follow back

+ I'm building a group of volunteers @GOV2UK
You see opposition? I see Allies! We are going to unite and turn this #ToryBrexitDisaster around. All for one goal: #ToriesOut - Tory support is all smoke and mirrors, this is what really happened ๐Ÿ‘‡
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Nominate your Tweets of the Week

Nominate your best anti-Brexit/anti-Tory tweet of the week. People can nominate their own tweets. Tweets will be ranked according to how many times they were nominated.โ€ฆ

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This is a great idea from Alison and I I hope she doesn't mind me stealing it. I will do my first #TweetsOfTheWeek this weekend & this will be the first on it.

#FollowBackFriday #FBFriday #FBF #FollowFriday #FF #FBPE #FollowBackProEU #FBproEU #FBPEGlobal #FBPA #FBPPR #FBNHS #FBR
I will create a Google Form where people can nominate their best anti-Brexit/anti-Tory tweets of the week. People will be able to nominate their own tweets. Tweets will be ranked according to how many times they were nominated.
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I have no words for this little conspiracy group ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Except they are directly trying to damage an anti-Tory campaign... ..This is what the Tories will do - try to infiltrate a campaign and divide it to destroy it. These people could just be idiots... taking no chances.

Nobody is funding me.. why do they think somebody is funding me? ๐Ÿคฃ

..and if someone was funding me, wouldn't I lie and say someone else was funding me?

Not detectives, these guys.. #ToryEnablers
But they are directly threatening your campaign to stop Tories...

"I will haunt you"

Why? Why wouldn't these guys be trying to get #PR? Instead of haunting me? Just because I don't want to talk to them?


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#RNLI Tower Appeal - Help Build A Lifesaving Landmark @RNLI

'For those in peril on the sea'

I grew up in London so this is close to my heart.โ€ฆ
Tower lifeboat crew, based on the Thames, are the #UK's busiest. Help us to build them a new station that's fit for the future - and you'll be helping to keep #London people safe.
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Economic and and social change have shattered Labour's working-class support base. The old politics is not coming back. If the opposition want to win then they must join in a Progressive Alliance and commit to Proportional Representation. #FBPA #FBPPRโ€ฆ
FPTP made a fair bit of sense in a society divided on class lines, when the two main parties had to battle over the political middle ground. But class politics is dead, and in a fragmented society FPTP makes no sense. PR and cooperation are required for a diverse society.
The idea that economics directly drives politics, whether of the Marxist variety in which economics drives class structures and politics, or the centre-left variety in which people respond rationally to economic policies and conditions, is naive.
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If you would like to advertise or know a good cause to promote on my tweets DM me.
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#Hive $Hive
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Deindustrialisation has shattered Labour's working class support base, and left millions of people in a confusing and fragmented society open to the Tory propaganda of tribal nationalism and culture wars. How can the opposition respond? #FBPA #FBPPRโ€ฆ
In the middle of the last century the Labour movement was deeply embedded in stable working class communities. The Tories were a mass membership party serving the middle class and hundreds of thousands of British businesses.
Since the middle of the last century the working and middle classes have crumbled as political forces. Now we have an 18th century style of politics in which the political and media minions of a sociopathic fragment of the super-rich manipulate a fragmented electorate.
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Recent polls reinforce the message that we need a Progressive Alliance. With a divided opposition the Tories would almost certainly win a Parliamentary majority, whereas a united opposition would gain a clear victory.

#FBPA Follow Back #ProgressiveAlliance
A Progressive Alliance must not look like a cynical electoral manipulation devised by the party leaders. It has to emerge out of debate within and outside the parties. That's why the Compass campaign in Labour, LibDems and Greens is vital. @Neal_Compass
It must be clear that a Progressive Alliance is about defending and strengthening our democracy, and pitting our values like truth, honesty, fairness, justice, cooperation and care against the populist rightโ€™s offering of lies, corruption, manipulation, fear, hatred and division
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Dear all,
We at Chesham and Amersham - ForwardTogether (@chilterns4) have set up #facebook pages for supporters of a #ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance to meet/talk/organise. We have started with marginal constituencies, plus where we were asked to do so. #FBPA #FBPPR (1)
Please do join these pages, if you live in these areas or nearby! Please also let us know (message me or @chilterns4) if you would like us to set up a page in your constituency or area.

#ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance (2)
Below is our current list of pages that have been set up (not all in alphabetical order - apologies).
You can find them by searching Facebook by [Constituency name]-ForwardTogether

Please share!

Here we go!

#ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance #FBPA #FBPPR(3)
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1. Polite notice:
Unfollow me, block me, but donโ€™t troll me just because you canโ€™t โ€˜winโ€™ an argument with me.

I donโ€™t use this forum to win arguments. I come here to debate and become more informed. And, sometimes, just to engage in idle banter with friends.
2. I have been on Twitter for many years but only become more active over the last couple of years because of the desperate circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, I am vocal and passionate and sometimes I might use hyperboles and emotive language.
3. But, I try to back up everything I say with evidence from reliable and factual sources. I may not get it right every time, thatโ€™s the point of debating. So please donโ€™t get offended if I produce some facts that ride roughshod over your point of view or personal prejudices.
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193 new #Followback accounts have been added for #FBPE #FBR #FBPA #FBPPR #FBNHS.

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People have asked me about my #Top1000 list and how it is calculated so I thought I would do a thread about it.

I have been doing this list for over 10 years since I joined Twitter in April 2009 as I wanted a way to grow my followers and also reward engagement.

It started as a #Top500 list but a few years ago I changed it to a #Top1000 list.

I don't determine where people are in the list as it is based on people engaging with with my tweets over a 7 day period since my last list update.

I award Engagement Points for different activities as follows:

Retweets 9 points.
Replies 6 points.
Likes 3 points.

I accumulate the totals for each person in a file and I have an Excel Spreadsheet and VB Macros to produce the list. It also builds the blog post and tweets.

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This is a #FollowFriday tweet for the following hashtags:


Happy Midsummer "Hyvรครค juhannusta"

#FF #FollowBackFriday #FBFriday #FBF #Donation

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GE 2022/3 scenario. No PR (most likely). Poor take-up of tactical voting (unfair to put burden on voters). High risk of frame-breaking right wing Tory govt. Parties must build #ProgressiveAlliance platform mobilising entire progressive ecosystem. Demand one now
#ProgressiveAlliance is necessary for winning. Parties must be responsible. But if we here on Twitter and in our communities don't show them there is a fierce hunger for #DemocraticAlliance, parties think they have done enough by supporting PR and tactical voting.
We here really do have an incredibly important role to play. By uniting on Twitter around a #ProgressiveAlliance in the 2022/3 GE, we unite also in the real world. Come together. Be the change.
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Giving this more thought. Since the opposing parties lack a parliamentary majority, how will they secure PR? Whilst debates on PR go back & forth, we get closer to a 2022/3 General Election
In the next GE, we must remove from power the people who have stolen the #conservative party. We will likely not have PR to help us. So we need to start building now a #ProgressiveAlliance. Goes beyond tactical voting. Makes choice easier for the voter
So, parties must resist temptation to channel demand for #ProgressiveAlliance into debates about PR & tactical voting. We need something more inventive. A platform for #DemocraticAlliance . A natural home for our votes
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What is a #ProgressiveAlliance ? It is the strategic answer to the meta-threat the people who have stolen the #Conservative party present to our democracy. To the freedom, power and solidarity we need to pursue all other progressive policy objectives.
There may be other strategies - such as tactical voting. But these put too great a burden on the voter. And gets the parties off the hook - they don't need to do anything. The parties must take back responsibility. They must serve their core public purpose of giving us voice.
It is not fair to keep asking the voter to shoulder the risks of perpetually losing parties. The task of the voter (especially under #FPTP) needs to be made easier with a binary choice - and it is the job of the opposing parties to provide one.
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Hello Twitter Friends,

As we absorb and reflect on the Cummings evidence. A thread asking - How can we, together, create #ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance?

If you can, do please enrich the discussion with your experiences and ideas. Send Tweets & Messages

Here goes:
(1) The political parties need our support to come to the table, to start their talks. Let's identify and dismantle their barriers to doing so.
(2) Operationally, PA might consist of:
1. Shared values - inc. conservatives who feel politically homeless
2. Committed party leaders
3. Mobilised network of local groups
4. Climate of goodwill & joint purpose
5. Orchestrating entity to hold whole lot together

Please refine
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