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Indian Muslims protesting against @EmmanuelMacron because he has spoken against Islamic terror after #Francebeheading & expects Muslims living in France to respect the secular French constitution raises a very important question.

What comes first to them - Religion or Nation
This is not the first time, Indian Muslims have shown solidarity with Muslims in other nations. They have been very vocal about Muslim causes around the world & opposed even #CAA that had nothing to do with them.

A thread on Ummah, Caliphate, Khilafat movement & Indian Muslims
Ummah means community. It is distinguished from shaʻb, which means a nation. Today It is a synonym for Ummat al-Islām, meaning the Islamic community and it is commonly used to mean the collective community of Muslim people across countries.
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फाइनेंशियल टाइम्स फ्रांस (FT) की पत्रकार मेहरीन खान ने 4 नवंबर को एक लेख में फ्रांस के राष्ट्रपति एमैंनुएल मैक्रों पर चुनावी उद्देश्यों के लिए फ्रांसीसी मुसलमानों को कलंकित करने और उनके प्रति भय और संदेह के माहौल को बढ़ावा देने का आरोप लगाया था।
#FranceBeheading Image
यह लेख शायद दो घंटे ही फाइनेंशियल टाइम्स वेबसाइट पे था; उसके बाद इस लेख को हटा दिया गया।
राष्ट्रपति महोदय ने उसी दिन फायनेंसियल टाइम्स को एक पत्र लिखकर अपना घोर विरोध दर्ज कराया।
यह एक अभूतपूर्व कदम है क्यो कि अभी तक G7 - यानि कि अति विकसित देशो के राष्ट्रप्रमुख समाचारपत्रों के लिए लेख लिखा करते थे; ना कि संपादक को पत्र।
मैक्रों ने लिखा कि वह इस लेख की "संदिग्ध गुणवत्ता" की चर्चा नहीं करेंगे और न ही उस "वैचारिक नींव"
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#Thread🚨: Post the beheading of #SamuelPaty, a French teacher on October 16, 2020, for showing his class caricatures of the #ProphetMohammed, BOOM has debunked misinformation being shared on Indian social media. 👇🏽(1/n) #FakeNews #France #BOOMFactCheck
An image of a group welcoming refugees in Kent, United Kingdom was shared falsely claiming that it showed Samuel Paty, the slain French teacher welcoming refugees a few years ago. (2/n) #FakeNews #France #SamuelPaty…
A nearly three-year-old clip showing protests and counter-protests against the decision to close a prayer hall in the Paris suburb of Clichy was revived falsely claiming it as a recent incident after the attack. (3/n) #FakeNews #France #SamuelPaty…
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#BREAKING | One person has died and several others have been injured in a knife attack in the French city of Nice…
#Update | Second person dies after knife attack in the French city of Nice…
#Update | Third person dies after knife attack in the French city of Nice…
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The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
What ya ! All that effort & we got caught out.
*bhaago bhaago*

*Next ?*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
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