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My ex - who had covid initially at the same time I did & also never recovered - was hospitalized several months ago with severe lymphopenia and opportunistic infections. He died early this morning. I am beyond shaken.
Many of you know I have also been dealing with persistent cd4 lymphopenia and opportunistic infections. We were both infected in February 2020 - long before vaccines existed, before the virus was officially documented in our city, and before masking had even been discussed.
He was a vietnam veteran that served this country like millions of others when drafted at 18. The final years of his life were spent on the streets - blocks from the largest VA hospital in the nation. Like us, there was no help for him.
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During his State of the Union Address, President #Biden announced his 4-part Unity Agenda. It includes “Supporting America’s Veterans and Their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors.”…) #veterans #SOTU #SOTU2023
Last year the #Biden Administration expanded benefits for #veterans, #caregivers & survivors. In 2022, @DeptVetAffairs processed an all-time record 1.7 million @VAVetBenefits claims & delivered $128 billion in earned benefits to 6.1 million veterans & survivors. #POTUS
Priorities include reducing #veteran #suicide with the following proposed actions:

•Support states and territories.
•Increase lethal means safety
•Expand outreach to #justice involved veterans.
•Expand Access to #Legal Support Services.
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NEW: “Task Force Butler” Veterans Share Skills to Track Far-Right Groups… Patriot Front masked fascists circled in a crowd with pixela
Unicorn Riot chatted with Kristofer Goldsmith, the founder of a nonprofit called the “Task Force Butler Institute” which is recruiting U.S. military veterans to monitor fascists and far-right hardliner movements around the country.
.@KrisGoldsmith85 & the group worked on tracking #PatriotFront neo-nazis on the ground at the January 21, 2022 March for Life in DC; by coincidence, Unicorn Riot released more than 400 gigabytes of leaked Patriot Front material during the same march.…
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How to act around #servicedogs from the wife of a #veteran
🧵: My husband served 2 tours in Afghanistan as a tank driver with the #CAF. He joined when he was only 17 and served for over 7 years. He has very severe #PTSD, we’ve been told by VA case managers that he has one of 1/13
the most severe cases in Canada by their disability standards.

My husband got a PTSD service dog after being on a waiting list for 6 years.

Before he got a service dog I had no idea the sorts of things both he and I would experience and how it was like to have one.

On a daily basis people try to touch his dog without asking.

People follow us around to watch them work. People stand too close. They stare. They take photos.

There are people who deliberately try to get his dog to misbehave by creating distractions. 3/13
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Hi all!
It's a 10 minute warning on the start of #Democrat Congressional candidate in #PA01, @ashley_ehasz's #townhall on #ReproductiveFreedom and the role of Congress.

You can watch here:

We'll be live tweeting the whole thing!
If you attended the @ashley_ehasz #PA01 #townhall in person, you'd have seen this (#Antichoice #GOP extremist Brian Fitzpatrick) cardboard guy out front.

That's as close as any version of Fitz would get to a town hall. He sprints away from unscripted constituent contact!
In case you want a run down of the legislative goods on #GOP #Antichoice extremist Brian Fitzpatrick of #PA01, here's the rundown...

The TL;DR is that Brian Fitzpatrick has ALWAYS voted AGAINST #AbortionRights.

He's no moderate, don't drink the Kool-aid on that!
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A self-titled group of “patriots” launched an effort to crank call ⁦@DeptVetAffairs⁩ Veterans Crisis Line & urged supporters to clog the line with calls complaining #veterans arrested for the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot are being mistreated in custody.…
On Monday, the group held a live-streamed vigil outside the VA’s National Capital Regional Office in Washington, D.C. A man who identified himself as “Justin Johnson” urged 1776 Restoration Movement supporters to they could help the cause by calling the #veterans crisis line.
“Justin Johnson” said: “So, you dial 988 – they made it easier than ever to call. So, you dial 988 & then you press 1.” He put his phone up to the camera to show people the number to call & said: “So, let them know that there is inhumane treatment going on at the D.C. jail.”
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1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
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If you live in the blue area of this map, we need you to vote in the Democratic Primary on August 2nd.

We need you to skip the statewide offices, our governor, SOS, and AG candidates are locked in anyway.

We need you to write in JOSEPH ALFONSO for US Congressional District 4. Image
If we fail to get 3,250 voters to do this, there will only be a Republican available on the 4th house district ballot, covering cities like #Kalamazoo, #BattleCreek, #BentonHarbor, #Holland, #Portage, #Saugatuck, #StJoseph, and #SouthHaven. That Republican is absolutely terrible.
Bill Huizenga represents the area of the district in the red square. His old gerrymandered district is in green. He's a no-name candidate in most of the district. He needs an opponent, especially one like Joseph Alfonso who is a Marine #veteran on the state plumbing board. ImageImage
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This is going to be a long thread.🧵 #Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost released BCI case files from an officer-involved shooting last year in #Parma. He touted “full transparency” from the @OhioAG’s office. @DaveYostOH redacted names of 3 #SWAT officers who fired their weapons.
In June 2021, Kevin Giesel was shot & killed by officers from the Southwest Enforcement Bureau (SEB) #SWAT team during a 10-hour standoff at his house in #Parma. Giesel was a 64-year-old #Vietnam #veteran. He got into a shootout with #police officers.…
To be clear, I am in no way questioning why officers used deadly force or why a grand jury declined to indict the #police officers. I’m questioning the @OhioAG’s lack of transparency at a time when confidence in law enforcement is at an all-time low both in #Ohio & nationwide.
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Crucial testimony from @DVASecretary Liz Cosson at Thursday's Veteran Suicide Royal Commission @roycommDVSRC hearing.

Unnecessary #auspol govt delays to URGENT LEGISLATIVE REFORM (ID'd in previous reviews) are contributing to the the HIGH #VETERAN SUICIDE RATE.

Thread ⬇️ 1/25
Background. Numerous media reports on the RC (& previously) have highlighted lengthy delays in @DVAAus claims processing times as a significant factor contributing to veteran suicides. Seriously injured/disabled veterans too oftem wait years for help. 2/25…
Chronic @DVAAus staff shortages have also for years been highlighted as a contributing factor, coupled with the federal govternment's over-reliance on expensive, inefficient, outsourced temporary labour hire. 3/25…
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A thread on how LNP skullduggery impacts the #veteran space. This scenario specifically impacts injured veterans, medically discharged with serious physical & mental injuries & is related to the invalidity benefit they receive once deemed unable to continue serving. 1/a number..
About 7-8 years ago veterans discovered that the @ATO & @CommSuperCorp had been "withholding" amounts and "taxing" injured veteran invalidity benefits incorrectly. The worst cases were being overtaxed such that fortnightly in the hand was $250-$350 less than it should be...
A small core group of veterans read/researched through over one thousand pages of linked pieces of legislation before deciding they were correct. They then began campaigning. They discovered they could request individual determinations from the ATO - they did...2/may..
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🧵In 2013 the @NYCCouncil wrote legislation & @MikeBloomberg signed into law the creation of a report (a Roadmap) for @NYC_SBS with recommendations to help #veteran owned businesses? This report came out in late 2014. Report here:…
The report concluded a program for #NYC to contract w/ veteran-owned businesses was not recommended because the # was too small.

@eric_ulrich held joint Council #Veterans hearings on supporting Veterans Small businesses in 2015 and 2017 & many testifyed that the #’s were wrong. Image
I wrote an article in @GothamGazette prior to the 2015 Council hearing:…

@CityAndStateNY followed up on this issue in 2018 with an article on how #NYC was EXPLORING how to better serve veteran business owners:…
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Jag har fått palliativ och livstidsförlängande vård i 1,5 år snart. Sjukvården och sjukvårdspersonalen har varit tillgänglig och fantastisk trots pandemi. Varma fina människor har tagit hand om mig och jag har känt mig prioriterad och priviligerad. Jag har hemsjukvård...
... i stor utsträckning och cytostatikabehandling på sjukhus. Bra tillgång till mediciner och behandlingar för hundratusentals kronor - allt från smärtlindrande till ångestdämpande och cytostatika, avancerad röntgen och täta blodprov.
Jag och familjen har tillgång till gratis samtalsstöd genom sjukvården och genom svenska kyrkan. Svensk vård är fantastisk.
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1/🧵 Imagine 2 people, madly in love & married 28 years, in an impossible situation, both lives on the line & separated by different hospitals. Then imagine 2 sets of #nurses & #doctors separately determined to overcome ⛰ of obstacles…
(shared w perm)

#MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
2/ Last night this is what happened…

NOTE: the family wants to share their story to offer a glimpse of love ❤️ on all levels

For 3 years, Mark took care of Sharon, his #bride, as she battled breast #cancer. It relentlessly spread to her bones. He never stopped giving.
3/ She could tell he was spent and getting sick himself. “Mark, let’s get you to the doctor!” “Not until you are well, Sharon.” He remained laser focused on her every need. As she became weaker, he took her to get admitted yesterday.

#marriage #life #caregivers
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so several times now in the last few days i have been told to just give up, lose the house, live on the streets and if in two years im still alive, my family is still alive, we can rebuild..that from trying to justify that advice not helping start and push fundraising to help us
not lose our home that my home husband served 12 years in two branches of our military just to get..our first real home...the only thing of any value we actually own..the endless daily emails and please and begging for anyone anywhere to care, to help get the word, to do the job
that they as elected officials on the local, state and federal levers were put in their position to do are for nothing as they only got me excuses and political blame passing from senators..and friday a bs response from a rep of one of the leading mortgage providers who made it
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1/4. Asking all White #Veterans to get on this page: thread.
Unless we police our own community, and rebrand “veteran” to exclude white supremacy, there is about to be a huge backlash on all #Veterans.

The public now increasingly see’s us all as Militant White Supremists.
2/4 The Solution?
1) Ostracize and shame, publicly, every #Veteran in your family and circle of friends who is a White Supremists. Be courageous: “out” even your White Supremists family members.

2)White Vets~ individually and collectively-should engage in a public and
3/4 protracted introspection of who we want to be as citizens, and develop an understanding of the lived experiences and culture of all #Veterans of color.

3) White #Veterans must use every tool at their disposal to elevate and validate the voices and experiences
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The #maga #trumptreason terrorists planned to overturn the electoral vote confirmation, plotted to kill Speaker Pelosi and Mike Pence , they stormed the Capitol and destroyed government property in a failed coup attempt, they killed a Capitol Police officer,
they brought confederate flags to the Capitol among many other abhorrent acts. This is pure domestic terrorism led and encouraged by #trump and people like @joshhawleymo & @sentedcruz & people like @repralphnorman in the House of Representatives.
#republicans #treason #thisisamerica
There will be no talks of healing until they all acknowledge Joe Biden won the election, denounce white supremacy and all of the terrorists and their enablers are charged accordingly. The confederate flag is no better than a swastika.
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#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠

As the #US rolls out the #Pfizer#BioNTech vaccine, let’s have a look... how’s your state doing? Share a 📷 or a thought/perspective as we battle back against the #coronavirus / #covid19? Thread.

First up. New York. Image
#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #Illinois

Doug Meyer, 38 respiratory therapist, airway manager @OSFHealthCare @PeoriaIllinois is among the 1st #Illinois healthcare workers to receive the #COVID19Vaccine. Ht @BlueRoomStream

#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #RhodeIsland

A Latino doctor, Dr. Christian Arbelaez, was the 1st person in Rhode Island to get the #COVID19 vaccine. Now he wants to be an example for his community.… @DanMcGowan reports. Image
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☞ WHILE #FirstNations still don't have clean drinking water;
☞ WITH nothing meaningful to stem the tide of #Veteran suicides;
☞ IN THE MIDST of an apocalyptic snowballing national debt threatening to bury our next generation

AND YET, ...

... a pledge by @JustinTrudeau of yet another humanitarian aid giveaway, ostensibly for #COVID19 🚧 BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, #UNSC🌐bid may be over, this is meant to bolster @Bill_Morneau's (taxpayer-funded) candidacy to head up #OECD. ImageImageImage
Liberals would have CDNs come to believe THIS not-so-subtle 'circled' statement.

Countless $Billions have been shovelled out the door of 2020, all amidst the fog and chaos of #COVID19 #pandemic - AND ALL WHILE, @PBO_DPB requests have been rebuffed.… Image
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🌪️#TrumpChaos Debate: A #Veteran's Take

1/7 Yes, of course you're right @JoeBiden. But WTH was that?!?

*Insert Trump Tornado emoji ---> 🌪️

I'm retired #Military, sir. USA & AF w/WH duty.
Well done. But know that I about crossed the 4th Wall here:

🌪️#TrumpChaos Debate: Vet's Take - 2/7
POTUS-elect #Biden: And speaking of my son & the way you talk about the military; the way you talk about them being losers & being suckers. My son was in Iraq-spent a year there. He got the Bronze Star. He got the Distinguished SVS Medal... Medals of Honor - RIP Major Biden
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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#WATCH: IAVA CEO @JeremyButler01 testifies before the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee on the Senate-passed Commander John Scott Hannon Mental Healthcare Improvement Act. Legislation that would #CombatSuicide & save #veteran lives. @SenateVA @SVACDems
“For nearly a decade, #IAVA & the veteran community has called for immediate action by our nation’s leaders to appropriately respond to the crisis of over 20 military & veterans dying every day by suicide.” @JeremyButler01
“In our latest Member Survey, a stunning 65% of #IAVA members reported service-connected PTSD & over half report anxiety (65%) or depression (56%). Additionally, 65% of IAVA members know a post-9/11 veteran who attempted suicide.” @JeremyButler01
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